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Kercheville & Co Inc

15750 W Ih 10
San Antonio, TX 78249
(210) 694-5000
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One black man wrote that he saw the billboard and stopped by with his daugher at 4:50 pm to confront the person responsbible for the billboard, and was called into Joe B. Kerchevi...


These morons are utilizing their billboard to spread their ignorant views of the war and self-serving opinion on healthcare, immigration and politics in general. If you are in th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/24/2012

I happen to love each sign....Freedom of Speech is just that FREEDOM...People have to realize if your going to dish bull crap to America be ready for a response from everyone who isn't sleeping at the polls...Yes, Bush made mistakes but who hasn't and if you feel that OBAMA is the best that America has to offer well I guess everyone has got it right ...America is headed to a downfall and there is no turning back once you hit send. So America think about what you do before you do, as many Jewish people thought that things would change in Germany before Hitler did show his true colors. Shame that we have so many followers and less and less true LEADERS. more

One Black Man's Account -- Totally True 8/16/2011

One black man wrote that he saw the billboard and stopped by with his daugher at 4:50 pm to confront the person responsbible for the billboard, and was called into Joe B. Kercheville's office for a 30 minute conversation that won him over. Other posters have questioned the veracity of this account. I worked for Joe B. Kerceville 20 years ago and I know this account is true. \r \r Joe was / is extremely busy and successful, but I noticed that he always met with drop-in salespeople, etc., even when he was not interested in their products. He explained to me that if someone took the trouble to come meet with him that he would meet with them. This is one of his guiding principles. Thus, I know the story is 100% true. \r \r The other aspects of the story also ring true as I can confirm that Joe B. is a truly great man who loves this country and treats people well and forthrightly. more

Patriot Sets Example For All Of Us 9/9/2010

Joe Kercheville & Co is an inspiration to all true Americans in this trying time. The current govt in power is destroying the fundemental's that made this country strong. The fearlessness of his patriotic messages on his company's sign at 1604 & IH10 W are a daily inspiration to me and others that believe in what this country stands for and reminds us that freedom is not free. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JOE - MANY MORE STAND BEHIND YOU THAN AGAINST YOU!!!!! more

Service to customers and the country 8/3/2010

I always find it interesting that shallow people try to intimidate through coersion because their intellect has no depth. As the saying �A mile wide and a quater inch deep�. I commend and support his stand for Amwerica. Not the few who are elitist or their minions but Staning for All of America. Take heart in knowing that loveres of freedom and liberty stand with you as you proudly defy the bullies who would try to shout you down. more

Great Firm, Great Minds 7/30/2010

They have been a great help at navigating the financial environment. We agree with his political sentiments and believe he is doing a great service for the people by keeping us focused at what is happening in the country.\r Being informed and being current is important. Their marketing is their own and with it will draw a lot more people to their firm, with whom share similar beliefs. There is no need to lable a company a ""hater"" or ""racist"" based on a billboard sign that was not promoting either race or hate towards anything.\r \r -Ray Wilkinson more

Free Speech! 7/30/2010

I have had an account with Kercheville & Co. through my employer for several years. Communication has always been prompt and professional. They have given me good advice and have improved my earnings. \r \r Free speech in America allows Kercheville to put up this sign. Unfortunately, it probably is true. Please America, do your own research, don't listen to everything the mainstream news tells you. Listen to fair and balanced news! Pray to God for our nation! God Bless America and Keep Her From Harm! Pros: Great Sign! more

Brilliant Marketing! 7/30/2010

Several people have commented on the sign being used for this company as being racist or hateful. I think it's ridiculous to accuse someone who is speaking his mind and being truthfull about his beliefs would be attacked because of it. If you consider that a person who posts his beliefs and frustrations on a sign is appealing to the thousands of other folks out there who would be potential customers then I think it was a brilliant move. Besides who wouldn't want to have customers who think the way you do, you will definitely take care of them better if you like them and believe the way they do. The only people being unAmerican are those that would call him racist or hateful for disagreeing with the failed policies of this administration. I would definitely do business with a company that has the conviction to post the messages he has. Pros: Honest to a fault more

The Truth About Kercheville & Co 7/30/2010

I have been a client with Kercheville & Co for over 5 years now and to say the least, the experience over there has been a delight. Everyone there, all the way up to Mr. Kercheville, take pride in representing their clients the right way.\r \r To come on here and bad mouth a person or persons that you dont even know is careless. What makes our Country so much better than others is that we are not persecuted for sharing our thoughts. Mr. Kercheville has been a tremedous success in his field and he has seen what certain government policies can do to us financially. Some of his ideas are spot on, but I am sure he will be the first to tell you that there are some that are not.\r \r So what if you dont agree with his thoughts. That is what they are, his thoughts and it is his right to display them on his property. Just like any of us can sit on here and express our views or stab a political sign in the ground.\r \r However, get the facts straight before you rip on peoples beliefs and agendas. Kercheville & Co. is a great group of people and to call them a ""HATE"" group is beyond ridiculous. Pros: Classy People more

One Black Man's Experience with Kercheville & Co 7/29/2010

After seeing the message ""Bankrupt America? YES WE CAN!"" on the Kercheville & Co Billboard. \r My young daughter asked do they hate President Obama?\r I said I don't know let's find out? So I exited the freeway and we walked up to the front desk at 4:50pm thinking there's no way anyone is going to see us this close to 5pm without an appointment. \r I sternly told the secretary I want to see the person responsible for those messages! Out comes Mr. Kercheville himself, he looks me straight in the eye with no fear, shook my hand an said, ""I'm Responsible"" (at 6'2"" and 280lbs I'm already impressed) \r He invited me and my daughter back to his private office and spent 30mins at the end of his long day talking with us. \r Believe me, I know Racism. I've experienced Racism first hand in my life many times. Joe Kercheville is no Racist, PERIOD! If he were I'd have no problem trashing his company all over the net! Joe Kercheville is not part of any hate group! \r Stop trying to destroy him personally because you disagree with him politically. Don't like his messages, then don't invest your money with him! \r Joe Kercheville is an extremely rare American Citizen that I quickly came to admire. He actually has the guts to put his business on the line to exercise his free speech rights. \r Does he vehemently disagree with the direction our Nation is headed under President Obama? YES! \r Does that mean he HATES the President personally? Absolutely NOT! \r I would suggest that those who hate his messages should rejoyce that you still live in one of the last places on earth where a Private Citizen can publicly disagree with Govt officials without being thrown in prison or worse! \r I may not agree with every message posted, but I'd fight and die for Joe's right to post those messages. As well as any American's right to disagree with Mr. Kercheville's messages. Without Free Speech America is dead... more

No Comprised Convictions 7/29/2010

They are being slandered as spreaders of hate, when in reality they are exposing truth. Funny...when Bush was president, it was called freedom of speech. Pros: They have the courage to display truth more

I have had great experience with Kercheville 7/29/2010

I have had my accounts with Kercheville for years and found the staff professional and responsive. As for the messages on the sign, I am even more impressed that Kercheville stands up for capitalism, free markets, limited government, and Constitutionality. Without these values, America would not be the great country it is. I challenge more businesses to show the courage to publicly take a stand in favor of these values. This would incline me to do business with them. Keep up the good work, Joe. Pros: Attention to my accounts; courage of his convictions more

WARNING-Political HATE GROUP 7/28/2010

These morons are utilizing their billboard to spread their ignorant views of the war and self-serving opinion on healthcare, immigration and politics in general. If you are in the business of promoting a service that is representative of our capitalistic society, why in the world would you take your time to INSULT potential customers with hateful messages? Their billboard is used only to Promote Politically-charged Hate Messages, which should be a RED-FLAG for anyone conisdering their services. Cons: Opinionated, Egotistical, Self-Centered more

Suspect to just plain useless 11/20/2007

These guys are horrible. I see maybe one car out there---ever. They are more interested in pillaging big money by selling small specialty stock ideas. In addition, they use that darn big lights advertising board to show the number of deaths in the Iraq war. I mean, no matter your opinion, who would do this. What ethical person would do this in a city with multiple military bases and thousands of soldiers. this guy has no conscious. I used to know a few guys a few years ago that worked there. They both left - said it was horrendous. I haven't dealt with them in years. But, I would complete a THOROUGH due diligence before going forward. more

To pricey for such bad service. 6/26/2007

One of the last straight commissioned based firms in town. But the stock trading fees are way overpriced for the lack of service received. Good luck trying to get a broker to call you with a stock idea, since I only saw two of them left at the firm. Ten years ago this firm was great, but now I don't know what's happened. And when I did finally leave the firm, because of lack of interest I received from my broker, they slapped me with a $135 transfer out and closing fee. There are plenty of firms in this town that do much better work than Kercheville. Pros: Indepedent Firm Cons: Lack of resources, High Fees, Lack of service more
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