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Kerbey Lane - 46 Reviews - 2700 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (512) 445-4451

Kerbey Lane

2700 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 445-4451
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I'm obsessed with the pancakes here! I of course do buy their pancake mix at the grocery store also but...


If Kerbey Lane would pay attention to the simple things, their food and service would improve dramatically. The blueberry wheat pancakes had WAY too many blueberries in them (cou...

beware food poisoning 11/13/2011

There was a long wait to get in, after seeing our waitress, take three trips and 15 minutes to get the original drink order correct, somehow she couldn't quite get the coffee to the actual cup, wierd, she kept saying oh I forgot the coffee again, I understood that it was the glacial pace of service and not an overwhelming volumn of people that was the root cause of the long wait. We waited 50 minutes for our food to be served, it was ice cold, how do you cook eggs and manage to serve them ice cold, did they put them in the frig for a while. Sanitation is an issue here, the place was full of flies, very annoying and some concern for food that is left to sit out for 50 minutes. I took one bite of the eggs and asked for the manager. He showed no concern and offered to redo the order, they where still ice cold to touch when he brought them back, I asked him if he would eat them and he said no. Bad sign, we left, within 30 minutes I had Nausea. I don't know why the owner isn't concerned about this, the last positive reviews where in 2008, something is very wrong here, avoid this place. more

Cold Food, Bad Service 11/13/2011

I had heard Kerbey's had really good pancakes, so I went. It was busy, which I thought was a good sign. We waited 50 minutes to be seated, then waited 45 minutes for our food. Our food was cold, and look old like it had been sitting on the counter for a long time. We talked to the manager, who apologized but said they were busy. As if being busy was a good excuse to serve cold food. We allowed him to remake our food, which amazingly came out in less than 5 minutes. Our tacos were warm, but my husband's migas were cold, not luke warm, they were COLD. And my pancakes, well were the worst I've ever had. I will never eat there again. more

All Reputation, no reward 1/18/2011

My girlfriend and I moved to Austin six months prior to our finally trying out Kerbey Lane. Many friends and acquaintances had recommended we try it out now that we live in Austin. The reputation goes way past the experience in my opinion. We decided to try it on a whim after a long road trip home. We were exhausted, so thought it was best to take our food to-go. We placed our order at 7:19 PM. We received the order at nearly 8:00 PM. We were already annoyed upon finally receiving our order in an unacceptable time regardless of whether dine-in or to-go. We gave KL the benefit of the doubt considering they still had a mild wait when we arrived. I assumed the kitchen was just in the weeds(maybe caught off guard by a late rush) and sh*t happens. We paid and I foolishly gave the server that took our order a four dollar tip(given I know how much depending on the kindness of others to earn a living really blows) on an eighteen dollar bill. Upon arriving home, we discovered our food appeared to have been under a heat lamp for the better part of the forty minutes we waited. That being said, one would think despite its awful heatlamp abused appearance, it would have been luke warm at the very least. Nope, it was as if someone had put it in the fridge after making sure it looked forgotten and inedible. All of the side items that were described as going with our entrees were also absent. I was exhausted from a four hour drive, so I thought against calling the restaurant at eight thirty at night. I sent a very basic complaint with all the points listed above(without the disgust) in a message to KL. I would have(at the very least) expected an apology from corporate if anything. They don't care. Not a word. For all of you that claim what a wonderful staple of culinary culture this is for Austin, WHY? Service is infuriating at best, food is forgettable at best, and they could care less if they make any bad impression on new potential customers. I don't get it. No restaurant survives with such blatant indifference to customers. Since so many are so loyal to such a local ""staple"", I can only warn you not to order food to-go from the location at 13435 Hwy 183 N Ste. 415. I cannot in good faith recommend the calloused idiot who took our to-go order for dine-in or to-go service. Her name was ""Victoria"" as printed on our receipt. Not impressed Kerbey Lane. Never again. Word of mouth and first impressions counts for a lot, regardless of reputation. more

Good Diner and Variety 12/31/2010

I'm obsessed with the pancakes here! I of course do buy their pancake mix at the grocery store also but... more

Good Diner and Variety 12/31/2010

russingirl Provided by Partner
I'm obsessed with the pancakes here! I of course do buy their pancake mix at the grocery store also but whenever I come, I get the gingerbread stac... more

Good Food Anytime 4/22/2009

This 24 hour cafe has a wide selection of food. Known for their delicious, fluffy pancakes, they also have... more

Good Food Anytime 4/22/2009

brandi317 Provided by Partner
This 24 hour cafe has a wide selection of food. Known for their delicious, fluffy pancakes, they also have a wide variety of savory dishes. I like ... more

Worst Service in Austin 3/1/2009

My girlfriend and I have eaten at the Kerby Lane on South Lamar (both picked up and dined in) around 5 times now. I personally don't even like the food there, but my girlfriend does, so I'm forced to go along. Both times we have eaten at the restaurant the wait has been over an hour and a half long and on both occasions we were passed over by others that had shown up after us. On the first occasion the waitress got my order wrong and on the second occasion my girlfriend's order was wrong. Since then we decided to only get to-go orders from the restaurant. We've actually only made it out of there once with our food. The last 2 times we've gone to pick up our orders the food was not ready in the amount of time we were told with the latest occasion being today. The host told me the food would be ready in 15 minutes. I arrived at the restaurant after about 20 minutes and the food wasn't ready. I ended up waiting inside the crowded restaurant for 45 minutes!! At this time I was fed up and told the host to forget it and walked out. \r \r Also, while waiting, a blind woman asked one of the hosts (tall, skinny guy with long hair) if he would help walk her to the restroom. He obliged and did so. Upon returning, he and the other host (red haired gay guy) proceeded to make fun of her with the red haired man saying, ""Great, she's probably going to end up pi$$ing all over the floor."" They said this loud enough where I'm positive 4 or 5 other parties waiting for a table heard them. After all this, my girlfriend and I have decided to never eat there again. The staff, in my opinion, is the worst in Austin. Cons: staff, food, wait times, parking, cleanliness more

Awesome Place... 12/28/2008

The Raspberry Pancakes (only available on some days) are the best pancakes in the entire world. This is a verified true fact. The only thing better than these pancakes is the joyful laughter of small children and world peace. Pros: Great Place Cons: Too popular more

The essence of Austin 10/25/2008

Whenever I visit Austin, I make sure to stop by Kerby Lane to eat. I enjoy the food. The proportions are great considering the low cost and I really enjoy the menu selections. My favorite right now is the Paris Texas Platter. As for the atmosphere, it is kick-back, mom and pop style with hippies or rock star-influenced looking servers. To me it is the essence of Austin. Yeah, sometimes the service is not speedy fast, but that is part of the kick-back atmosphere. If anybody is expecting to go eat there and get a ""yes, sir or yes, ma'am!"" at the drop of a pin, then you have come to the wrong place! They are not sucked in by the cooperate mumbo jumbo! They strive to make it their own and for that I give them props! Keep Austin Weird! Pros: good food, unique flair Cons: parking more

consistently getting worse 8/11/2008

we used to love this place, but it is consistently going down hill. i really want to keep liking it - but i doubt that i'll go back. last time i was there i ordered the portobello sandwich - i wish i could draw the picture of mushroom to bread ratio! only half of my sandwich had less than half of a mushroom (not exaggerating!) and about that much pesto. it was missing the cheese and tomato. when i asked the waitress if i could get the cheese and tomato and more mushroom (nicely) she said i would have to pay extra for the mushroom and rolled her eyes. of course i paid extra for the mushroom i didn't want to eat just bread! my mom ordered the pecan-crusted trout which should have been tasty, but it was disgusting. it tasted like it was microwaved for a really long time. very tough and dry, with little flavor. this is not the first time the food and service were below par. we were used to the service being bad, but now the food is following. this is the south austin location that i'm talking about, maybe the other locations aren't as bad - but i doubt that i'll risk it. too bad, i use to enjoy this place and would always take out of town guests here. now we go straight to magnolia. more

so-so service but good food 5/16/2008

I love Kerbey Lane, don't get me wrong... I just prefer the location of Research Blvd, which is weird because I totally dig South Austin. Everytime I've gone to the Kerbey Lane South - the service has been a little lacking. The food is always delicious and a great variety of food to choose from. They are famous for their delicious Gingerbread pancakes (which are awesome)! It is a small restaurant with not a lot seating but it is an Austin Essential - so if you can't get to any of the other locations - then check it out! Pros: Austin Essential, great local restaurant, GREAT variety of food with great prices Cons: parking, and sometimes service more


I recently dined at Kerbey lane the food was good and the waitress was nice and attentive but on the way out I saw an old friend while I stopped to say hi for about 2 minutes the hostess shoved me with her elbows as she passed through and screamed out ""jesus christ!"" because we seemed to be in her way. I understand that we were in her way but she is representing Kerbey lane as a hostess she should have a better attitude, some damn manners to just say ""excuse me"" and ask nicely to move to another area. As she walked backed she mumbled and shoved at us some more, I immediately called the manager as soon as I got home told her my story and all she told me was ""ok i'll talk to her"" she didn't asked what she looked like or if i knew her name nor did she apologize for on behalf of her rude hostess. I dine at kerbey lane often and this is the worst experience I have ever had with them or at any restaurant. I hope someone or something can get this place to clean up their attitude and customer service. Pros: potato flautas Cons: rude horrible waitstaff and manager more

Excellent food, good service 1/13/2008

I don't quite understand all the scathing reviews of this place because of service. The quality of service I received was fine. Not legendary, but not terrible as other reviews seem to have experienced.\r \r I had tofu fries appetizer (fried bean curd in the shape of french fries). Probably good with a peanut sauce, but nothing more than a novel way to eat some tofu. The entree was Feta Chicken, a beautifully plated grilled chicken breast (though overcooked) with feta, a pita and tabooleh and hummus. All of it was good. I also was obliged to at least try a pumpkin pancake on the order of two friends. I was surprised at how good a pancake could taste, dynamite stuff. Pros: Good value for well presented food Cons: A little more attention could be paid to overall food quality more

Kirby Lane an institution that does not live up to expectations 7/28/2007

My wife has lived in Austin before for 3 years, were back after a 5 year hiatus and looked forward to some of the great placed to eat. Kirby Lane is not one of them. We have eaten here and the other location about 6 times in the past 4 months and have to say the food it good but that is about it.\r Waitstaff is 90% college punk rockers - who by the way are known for the attentive good natured attitudes perfect for wiatstaff...oh wait no that is just the opposite. Hope you get one of the hippie chicks, they are sweet but only 1-2 of them.\r Waiting outside is awesome especially since you watch the thousands of anys infesting the tent and the hundred of flies swarming the unattended trash and orange rinds on the outside seating. Someone call the heath code folks cause it doesn't look any cleaner inside.\r Breakfast is good but skip lunch and dinner. \r Some places are a legend but someone someday is going to open a clean & good diner and it will close this place down. \r I think we're done with here. Too bad. Pros: good pancakes Cons: dirty, parking, horrible staff, filthy, unclean more

Amazing food, low price and nice staff 7/20/2007

I have taken many out of town guests to this Kerbey Lane and they love it. I especially like their Berkeley Salad and the soy ginger dressing. Their hibiscus mint iced tea is brewed perfectly. The staff is prompt and kind. Pros: Great location, friendly staff, flavorful food more

Good selection, awful place 4/16/2007

The only Kirby Lane I would recommend would be the 38th / Kirby Lane location. Other locations you will have to deal with unattentive kids for waitstaff. Sure, Ive had a couple nice meals here, I have also walked out twice because I could not get seated or waited on. Its a hit/miss, I choose not to take the chance. Pros: some good items on menu, extensive menu Cons: silly kids for employees more

good food, ok service 2/16/2007

I really liked the food here and it was a really good value. The portions were pretty big also. Our wait staff was so-so. Not very attentive at all. I think he was stoned or something. But, the food was really delicious. Parking CAN be a problem, so go early. Pros: food, breakfast Cons: Slow service, parking, crowds more

It's good...surprising for Austin 1/12/2007

I do enjoy Kerbey Lane's omelettes and pancakes. In a city that typically is horrible for food, Kerbey Lane comes through. It gets crowded on weekends, so I recommend coming early. Service can be staffed by a stoned-out-of-their-mind waitstaff so don't be in a hurry. If you can stomach a city filled with people emphasizing trying to be cool before anything else, you'll enjoy this place and Austin. If you want good food and service, go to Houston or Dallas. Pros: food Cons: service, location more

Bad customer services, undercooked food 10/26/2006

I was there with my friends about a week ago. My sausage was undercooked! This was the second time my food was undercooked. When we finished eating, we were just chatting away. Then the manager asked if we could leave so that he could seat other waiting customers. I was upset and wrote to Kerbey Lane. No response yet... I guess they don't care what their customer think of them. I won't go back there ever again. more
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