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Kennywood Park


4800 Kennywood Boulevard
West Mifflin, PA 15122

(412) 461-0500
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Kennywood Park is the epitome of the old-time trolley park. In addition to its nationally-ranked roller coasters (the Thunderbolt, the Racer, Jackrabbit, Phantom's Revenge, and Ex...


If you are looking for the latest steel roller coasters, don't go to Kennywood. None of the coasters can be considered thrill rides. The only thing scary about Kennywood, is that ...

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KENNYWOOD 4/14/2006

This is a great park, but the admission price is a little high. They do have quite a few kiddie rides. There is no general admission anymore so this is bad for parents that have little tykes and go just for the kiddie rides. I had to play full price to get in then I couldn't ride anything as I had brought my three year old along. The park is great other wise if I am going with a group where everyone can ride. I really don't see why they don't offer season passes to this park as they did with their other parks (sandcastles and Idelwild park). more

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Kennywood review 3/20/2006

Kennywood is an amusement park that provides nostalgic, wholesome fun for all ages. The park is over 100 years old, and it embraces its storied past. Kennywood commingles modern thrill rides with enjoyable classics tastefully and seamlessly. Regardless of your age or intestinal fortitude, you should be able to find an activity to suit you, and that's what makes Kennywood such a popular and timeless attraction. more

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Kennywood Park 2/28/2006

Kennywood Park is in a class of its own when comparing it to other theme parks. It's not nearly as large as Six Flags but many of the coasters have been featured on television specials for their age, design, or thrill-factor. The park is a Pittsburgh landmark as one of the city's premiere trolley parks, which has since evolved into a large amusement park with several wooden and steel coasters. There is an emphasis on history here, as the entire part (in addition to several rides) are national historic landmarks. I'd give it 5 stars, but the cost of admission has been steadily increasing to rival Six Flags and Cedar Point with only a modicum of ride improvement to show for it. more

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Coasters and History- a perfect combination 2/4/2006

Kennywood Park is the epitome of the old-time trolley park. In addition to its nationally-ranked roller coasters (the Thunderbolt, the Racer, Jackrabbit, Phantom's Revenge, and Exterminator), Kennywood is equally known for quirky rides like Noah's Ark, a fun house that rocks as if on the open waters, and the Kangaroos, a cyclical ride that gives even the youngest of riders a little thrill. Ticket prices are going up a little too quickly, in my opinion; however, the park is trying to update and restore old rides. It's one of the few remaining parks with a designated picnic area, so you can bring your basket into the park through a special entrance. Plan on spending an entire day at the park, but you won't need much more than that. more

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Great Family Fun! 11/9/2005

Kennywood park is always a great trip for the family or just a couple. Growing up nearby, I've seen the changes that have been made over the years but the place never seems to loose its magic. It includes a number of roller coasters (my favorite is the Thunderbolt) as well as "kiddyland." A beautiful place for taking pictures and the food is delicious as well. Parking is free, although tickets are slightly expensive. A good idea is to call and find out if there are evening promotions - a lot of times after 5 is half price. Evening is the most fun anyway! more

Kennywood Park 11/7/2005

This amusement park has something for all ages. There is a children's area with rides for younger kids. Adults will enjoy the many roller coasters including old fashioned wooden roller coasters. There are wet rides, train rides and lots of great food. Don't forget to visit the Potato Patch for the best homemade fries with cheese. A visit to the new Noah's Ark is also a must for visitors that have been going there for years. more

A magical park 10/23/2005

Kennywood captures a historical sense of Pittsburgh. It is one of the oldest, most traditional theme parks in the world!! It is fun to pretend you are in another time at Kennywood. There are about 30 different rides, and 3 wooden rollercosters! (quite a bumpy yet thrilling ride). If you are into theme parks, especially those oriented towards family unity, make sure to go by Kennywood, it is one of Pittsburgh's best attractioons. The prices are also very fair for a theme park (around 15.50 for adults). more

Fun times 10/12/2005

Kennywood is a medium sized amusement park located near Pittsburgh. There are fun rides such as roller coasters, kiddie rides, water rides, haunted house type rides, etc. You can purchase various ticket packages for yourself or for the family. They have a lot of yummy food stands and games for you to partake in. Kennywood is open late spring through fall. more

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A different kind of park 9/29/2005

This is a small family park in Pittsburgh. It has a nice selection of rides and even a few shows. It is a fun place for the entire family. There is lots to do and see. It is big enough to keep the kids busy but small enough to be easy to find your way around. A great place for the entire family. A great place for a picnic. more

Some great memories from Kennywood 9/2/2005

Kennywood is one of the best theme parks I have been to. It has some new rides to keep the younger, thrill seeking crowd amused, but also the nostalgic ride of past kennywood days. A must see for people around the Pittsburgh Area. make sure you check out The Racers and The Jack Rabbit good old kennywood rides. more

Fun park, great for mullet hunting 8/31/2005

Kennywood is fun not mainly for its rides, but for the nostalgia it inspires. Some of the coasters are 100 years old, and it has a touch of what I imagine Coney Island felt like back in the day. And if nothing else, some of the areas finest can be observed here- imagine Steve Erwin, but scoping mullets, rat tails, and some spandex. more

Kennywood a great place for families! 8/31/2005

If there's anything that Pittsburghers are proud of it's our Kennywood Park! It is like a mini Disney, and wonderful at that. Tons of rides, if you are a daredevil, ride the rollercoasters. Race your friends on the Racer or test your luck on the Thunderbolt. Or you could always slow things down a bit and ride the carousel or the Turnpike. The best part about Kennywood is that things change in the blink of an eye, so it's always a must to get there every season to see what's new at Kennywood. Don't forget to have some Potato Patch Fries while you are there! One of the cool things to do in Western PA! more

A fun time for all 8/20/2005

I've been to kennywood a few times with my friends and always had a blast. The rides are great (especially the Phantom's Revenge). The food is standard theme park grub (fries, funnel cake, etc). They also have shows and stuff but I've never been to any. I recommend going on 4th of July to catch the fireworks if you can't make it to the Point. more

Kennywood Theme Park 8/20/2005

Kennywood is the best example of a theme park of the past that is here today in the present. All of the rides have a very limited restraint system - offering maximum "air time" on all the rides. The food at the park is priced very nicley, often cheaper then food from outside the park. If you want to go back to the past, visit Kennywood. more

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Old Fashioned Family Fun 8/19/2005

THis is a historic amusement park the nicely blends old fashioned family fun with the draw of larger commercial amusement parks. They ahve something for everyone. The best part is they still have a nice number of picnic groves and trees. An amusement park with shade! They also have a section called lost kennywood. This is dedicated to how things were when the park opened. It has an old fashioned look and feel. The rides are not as modern but are still well maintained. This is a great day of family fun. If you love amusement parks this is a must do. more

An historic amusement park for anyone 8/18/2005

Kennywood is dwarfed by bigger amusement parks like Cedar Point and Six Flags, but the small Pittsburgh park retains its charm with historic wooden roller coasters. The coasters gradually increase in hill size as you head into the park, and are great for people who normally do not like the height of roller coasters. The Exterminator is a must -- although it can have a foul odor, it's an hysterical adventure on a winding coaster in the dark. Be warned that the staff can be horrible -- even calling guests (including children) derogatory names. Don't bring an appetite -- the food is horrible. more

A must-do in the summer 8/18/2005

A summer without Kennywood just isn't complete. Kennywood might seem old fashioned and boring to some, especially in comparison to Cedar Point. The wooden roller coasters are excellent. I love going on the Jack Rabbit. The back seat actually lifts off of the track at least once. The Exterminator is by far the most amusing ride at Kennywood, if you can survive the rank smell in the "control room" that the line goes through. more

Decent Park, Needs Better Rides 8/13/2005

Kennywood is the only "real" amusement park in the area in which I live. The rides are pretty good, but none of the rollercoasters have any loops. The park is still a lot of fun nonetheless, but there needs to be some more exciting rides. The park currently doesn't have any room to expand, but they did buy some land which they will build upon in the next few years, which would mean the expansion of rides, new rides, and a revamping of the park. Admission keeps going up every year, which is frustrating. Overall, this is a decent park, and hopefully it will become even better once the expansion is completed. more

Kennywood--always fun! 8/11/2005

Kennywood is a great amusement park. I go at least once a year and always have a great time. They have a good selection of roller coasters. What makes Kennywood special from some other parks is that they also have some history. The racer is one of my favorite rides. It's a little expensive (not compared to other parks) but there are always discounts. more

Enjoyment for the whole family 8/11/2005

Kennywood is a tradition in Pittsburgh. They truly have something for everyone. I personally love their log jam and their raging rapids. There is just something about kennywood. Plus, they have special discounts towards the end of the season. Once kennywood is closed, they have phantom fright nights. That is a lot of fun, too. The price is a little bit up there for a normal admission, but i guess it is on par with other amusement parks. more
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