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Kenmore Shooting Range - 27 Reviews - 1031 228th St Sw, Bothell, WA - Activities Reviews - Phone (425) 481-8686

Kenmore Shooting Range

1031 228th St Sw
Bothell, WA 98021
(425) 481-8686
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This place is no-nonsense but very congenial, if you follow the rules. While there are plenty of indoor pistol ranges one can use, I sometimes like to shoot rifles and most range...


Because this is the only outdoors range near me I decided to go there and break in my new Daniel defense, big mistake. When I went to the front desk I was informed I could only ha...

Gunrange 11/13/2016

Put a muffle on those guns.please. jolts us out of bed more

1 Round in the magazine... 8/5/2014

Because this is the only outdoors range near me I decided to go there and break in my new Daniel defense, big mistake. When I went to the front desk I was informed I could only have 1 round in the magazine which for an AR is ridiculous. The rifle range was nice varying distances you could shoot at but they forced you to put a chamber flag in the gun anytime you wanted to step away for a second, even to grab a new box of ammo that was only a few feet away. They also offer a skeet shooting range which is probably the only part of the range I enjoyed, but even with my shotgun you had to have 1 round in the tube which made it very slow as I was shooting with 3 others. I never got to try out the pistol range because its only open on the weekends. All in all I don't see myself coming back anytime soon and unless your coming for the trap shooting I don't recommend it. more

Safe and fun, if you are safety minded 1/28/2013

This place is no-nonsense but very congenial, if you follow the rules. While there are plenty of indoor pistol ranges one can use, I sometimes like to shoot rifles and most ranges require membership for rifles. I also like the more natural setting versus the usual indoor range. Joining the club seems ideal for hunters, including Bow. For the neighbors complaining about the noise, stop whining! Playing the victim is not healthy and is dishonest; since the club is 60+ yrs old, it was factored in when you bought your house. more

First Time Visit 12/13/2012

I read some derog comments about this gun range and decided to check it out. It's pretty close to home, and I just bought my first hand gun. I went to the pistol range ($12.50) + another buck for 2 targets. The targets at the public pistol range are 50 yards which is farther than I would like to shoot. The range master was helpful, friendly and had a good sense of humor. There are basically 3 rules when the cease fire bell goes off. 1. Take out the magazine, and put the chamber flag in the pistol and lay it down. 2. Step back and away from the read floor area( around the shooting bay) 3. Wait for the all clear to change and retrieve your target. Wait for the go ahead to resume shooting. (the bell goes off, and simple instructions follow). That's about it. I had a great experience and will return after I put a thousand or so rounds through my new pistol at a little shorter distance before I go back to the 50 yard range. It's a great place and you know it's a much safer place to shoot than some of the ranges who do not supervise walk in customers as well. more

Safety First 5/17/2012

The Kenmore Range is all about safety. Safety for the neighbors by the way they build their ranges to contain the bullets sent down range, and safety for the shooters by the way they supervise and control the activities on the firing line. Follow the safety rules, the range rules, and listen to the range commands and you will have no problem with the gruff old rangemasters working to keep you safe. However if you cannot follow the rules or think you know more than the rangemasters, you should go some where else and let me use a family friendly safe range in peace. I like the fact that this facility is set up as a marksmanship range and spray and pray is not tolerated. more

Best shooting range ever! 10/21/2011

My dad had bugged me for years to take a gun class and I finally did some research. I chose kenmore for two reasons 1: classes were the most reasonable 2: it was very near by. My sister and I had very little gun experience but after taking the pistol class we felt confident and ready to purchase a gun of our own. I plan to take more classes and bring my family back for some more practice! Everyone was helpful and knowledgeable whenever I had a question. Thanks to all at kenmore shooting range. more

Safety first, cuddly not at all 7/1/2011

Superb safety record. Obey the rules, everybody is cool. Screw up, you will get a bucket of smack down. Grow up and deal with it. Show you are serious and they will mellow out. They take their responsibilities seriously and that is a good thing. To all the noise whiners: You bought a house next to a shooting range. No one forced you. Shooting ranges are loud. To insist that this established and well-respected community institution be closed or moved because you apparently did not consider this when buying your home simply indicates your self-centeredness and juvenile unwillingness to accept responsibility for your dumb mistake. more

Hate this place. Its obnoxiously loud! 3/23/2011

This palce needs to be relocated by Bothell or unincorporated Snohomish county. It has no place in this family home setting any longer. Don tget mad at us get mad at the officials who allowed homes to be built here. more

response to "Nuisance" 2/24/2011

Bad: "nusiance's" post. Other: He said his house was there before the Kenmore Gun Club. Really?? I find that odd. I lived at the bottom of 228th (on Locust) since I was 10.I am now 64 (do the math). Most homes in ear shot (no pun intended) are long gone. My home of origin still stands. He must have purchased that home knowing there was a gun range! I grew up with the faint noise of gun shots in the distance. I rode my horse behind the range on an old trail and in the gravel pits that were there long before any homes.. more

to "Nuisance" 2/24/2011

Bad: Comments by "Nuisance" contributor. Other: He said his house was there before the Kenmore Firing Range. Really?? I find that odd. I lived at the bottom of 228th (on Locust) since I was 10 yrs old. I am now 64 (do the math). Most of the homes in ear shot (no pun intended) are long gone. My home of origin still stands. I grew up with the faint noise of gun shots in the distance. I even rode my horse on a trail that went BEHIND that range (stupid kids!) and spent a good deal of time in the gravel pits that were there LONG before any homes!. more

Great place to learn 10/22/2010

I have been using the Kenmore Shooting Range off/on for the past forty years, and my dad before that. Recently I decided to become a member and purchased a family membership so my two daughters could use the archery course for JOAD. As a member I can assure you that the policy of the club is to give way and allow non-members all the access to the public areas as much as possible. Members are given certain privileges such as a long distance range and off hours for indoor shooting, but these privileges are based on responsibility and are focused on safety. You have to prove to the committee that you understand the rules and can demonstrate proficiency in gun safety and shooting skill. I have always been treated with respect and consideration. And now I’m a proud member of this institution. more

rude 9/21/2010

I will be the first to say that I made a mistake. I failes to put a chamber flag in my rifle while waiting for it to cool. There was not a cease fire and everybody was still firing away, so with a hot barrel, I left the bolt open and stepped away to talk to my dad about what may be going on with my rifle, and before I could even get a word out, the range master. Took it upon himself to take my rifle into his little hut, then came out in front of everybody and started yelling at me and putting his finger in my face. Then I pointed out the fact that he took my rifle and I hope there was no damage to it. He informed me that he didn't care about my rifle! And there you have it people! Its not that they are rude because of some childhood repressed memory, they just do not care! How hard would it have been to just tell me to put a flag in? For the record I was told a while a go that flags were only needed during a cease fire. So I was wrong, I wasn't putting anybodies life in danger, but I didn't follow the rules. I had no idea that I wasn't following the rules, but after the range master's fit of yelling and screaming, everybody there now knows. Oh, and here is a fun fact, after that I asked for my gun that they stole back, and when they handed it back to me, they didn't put a chamber flag in it! All that high blood pressure and rants and raves about how not having a chamber flag in your rifle endangers lives, and they didn't put a flag in it when handing it to me barrel first!! What a bunch a dumb $&!^$!!! more

We should all feel lucky to have this place 12/24/2009

To everyone who doesn't like the personalities, etc. at the club, I'd like to point out that we should all feel lucky just to have a place where we can shoot that isn't 30 miles away. Given how close Bothell is to civilization, I'm amazed there is even a range there. Also, I shot there for 2 years before becoming a member, and never had anyone give me a hard time (or even a dirty look). In fact a couple of the guys there were very helpful in recommending a new gun, and gave me some tips on shooting. I'm sorry about the noise, but I can't imagine that more than about 5 people in the neighborhood lived there before the range opened. So, you knew what you were getting into. more

Great first experience at this range 12/19/2009

Good: Overall the employees and staff were very well mannered and extremely helpful. They guided me over the phone on how to get to the range, were more then happy to take care of me once i got there, and put up with me not knowing how the range worked, or where things were, the guy at the counter even sighted in my rifle for me with his bore sight before i started out to the range. They have sandbages, benches, and a HP rifle range for all those hunters needing sighting in, and several archery and shotgun areas.. Bad: Our staplers were always out of staples, but it was more funny than anything.. Improvements: I would like to see some covered parking.. Other: So far out of ALL the ranges I have been too, all of which are club operated except Norpoint which is a handgun and small rifle range are club operated, but this one is by far the best priced, offers the most services, and is the most providing I've found.. more

Safety first, and geared toward hunters 12/12/2009

Good: Definitely a safety-first kind of place. Lots of control on the firing line, clear instructions, handy sandbags, benches, brooms, spotting scopes and staplers. Bad: Wasn't much not too like. I suppose some outdoor heaters would be nice, though I don't think propane tanks on a firing line would be a good idea.. Other: Had a fine first experience. I wanted to sight in a 30.06 but didn't have nearly enough time, as they close the range at dusk. So I just shot 20 rounds for the hell of it. One round at a time is laborious, but not so bad. The guys next to me, with a fine collection of .22's, .45's and .223'3 had it worse, but they didn't seem to mind too much themselves. Saw no evidence of discrimination against AR-style shooters--that's who was mainly there when I went. A quiet, chilly day on the range. I'll go back.. more

Excellent facilities and a no nonsense staff 9/22/2009

I've been a member for ~5 years and have been quite satisfied. The facilities are outstanding. Membership continues to grow. Yes the staff can be gruff until you get to know them, but I'd rather have a little too much order at a gun range than not enough. more

Use it only because there is no other place to go 9/8/2009

I only go to the gun range because there really isn't any other place to shoot anymore. Yeah the people who run it are grumpy and act like they would rather not have you there. I just like the sporting clay and put up with it. more

Just close it to the public 6/18/2009

Bottom line at the Kenmore Range is it's a club and they don't like non-members shooting there. I have shot at gun ranges in Washington state for almost 40 years-including as a member of the old Seattle Skeet and Trap club in Redmond-as well as clubs up and down the West Coast and have never, ever seen such an unfriendly attitude toward non-members. Club memebers will literally give you totally contradictory instructions at the shotgun facility and it is clear their intent is not safety but to make sure to put you in your place as a non-member. They should simply close it to the public-if you are not a member-they don't want you there. more

Great 1st time experence at Kenmore! 6/15/2009

My 1st experience…was a Great range experience! As an Armor for my PD, I built a friend a rifle and we went to sight it in. I was leery to go to Kenmore due to comments made on this forum, but we went anyway. I have 27 years professional experience shooting at ranges all over the world, thanks to Uncle Sam and law enforcement. From the time I approached the office to the time we got started, this range felt like home, a familiar & professional range. The range master was a retired LVPD officer and did an outstanding job in running the range. I always worry about a rangemaster that allows knuckleheads show up with their arsenal who complains about being told what to do, who don’t control their muzzle they laser everyone on the line, have negligent discharges, and don’t listen to the simple safety rules. I did not see any of this at this range. Everyone complied, and the few minor infractions that occurred (Muzzle Flags), the range master quickly took care of it in a friendly and professional way. Even the regulars would keep each other in check not to enter the “Red” zone when at cease fire mode. I saw new shooters, who were not as familiar with their rifle as they should be, but they followed the rules and the range master ensured the safety of all without the attitude, I suspect those new shooters will quickly grow into seasoned shooters under this type of atmosphere. I didn’t like loading one shell at a time in my AR, but I fully understand the reason and it didn’t affect how we zeroed the rifle. I am glad to give up that inconvenience to ensure someone with no experience comes in and changes the safety rhythm of the range. To be honest, this was my first trip to the range and their may be some individual with the typical range ego running the line, but I did not see that when I was their, nor did I get the impression that was even typical based on the positive attitudes of the shooters in the parking lot going to various ranges. Great range experience and I will be back. more

Nuisance 4/11/2009

This place is a complete nuisance. To all those you make fun of the people who complain about the noise, can I come by your house and start shooting guns? My house was here way before Kenmore Gun Range was. They are a nuisance that needs to be removed. They drive down the value of the neighborhood with their ridiculous shooting all day long. Give it a break will ya? more
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