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Katia Boutique - 34 Reviews - 5634 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX - Women's Clothing Reviews - Phone (713) 621-1817

Katia Boutique

5634 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 621-1817
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Women's Clothing

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Katia Boutique - Houston, TX
Katia Boutique - Houston, TX
Katia Boutique - Houston, TX
Katia Boutique - Houston, TX
Katia Boutique - Houston, TX
Katia Boutique - Houston, TX
Katia Boutique - Houston, TX
Katia Boutique - Houston, TX


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I'VE GOT TO SAY THAT DENISE IS A TOP OF THE LINE STYLIST! I recently moved back from 7 years of Los Angeles. I have shopped at the best of the Best of the BEST and NO ONE has ev...


I cannot even believe this store exists still. I have never been treated by a store owner the way Katia's owner treats her customers. No. 1, she will yell at you if you TOUCH th...

YAY!!!!!!!! 6/2/2011

I'VE GOT TO SAY THAT DENISE IS A TOP OF THE LINE STYLIST! I recently moved back from 7 years of Los Angeles. I have shopped at the best of the Best of the BEST and NO ONE has ever taken care of me as DENISE has!!! Of corse a lot of ""sales"" people have KISSED my ""you know what"" but as far as a sense of style, there is no one i can even think of that has it like her! If you can't take someone telling you the truth about what looks great on you and what doesn't , then go to Needless Markup! Trust and RESPECT, i have. At the end of the day, Denise will NOT sell you something that is going to make you look like an IDIOT no matter what you think! Her name is on the line as well, don't forget! she's been open for 25 years, that speaks for itself! I haven't been there since my return but you can bet your LAST dollar that i will be paying her a visit EVEN if i have to make an appointment! I have shopped with her for over 15 years and she has done EVERYTHING to make sure her clients don't go around looking like they have NO STYLE!!!!! I find the ""not so nice"" reviews almost offensive. There was obviously a miscommunication to say the least. I just stumbled on all of this looking on CitySearch to see if she was still open!! She has never steered me wrong when it comes to fashion! Aside from the humidity, its GREAT to be back home!!!! and thank goodness KATIA is still open!!!! xoxoxoxo more

Best store from SF to LA to Houston 4/14/2011

Ok let me begin by saying, I am her sister from San Francisco. I have been shopping almost exclusively at katia since it opened 25 years ago. I have been asked so many times about outfits I have purchased from Katia. There is no better store and even more importantly no one that can put together outfits like Denise. Sometimes she has to send pictures of how things go together, it is a gift. I have seen Katia evolve over the last 25 years. She went from selling only Jeans and casual tees to being the purveyor of the trendiest outfits around, her clothes are often seen being worn by stars in and around LA and NY. I have seen how hard Denise has worked to make Katia the successful business it is today. 10 hour days 6 days a week for the last 25 years. She has built a business that her ""clients"" appreciate. They fly in from other cities and states just to shop with her. Even harder for her is that up until a few months ago, most clients only wanted to work with Denise, because she is so talented. Lately her daughter Katie and assistant Jen have been able to take on some of their own clients. So for all you who feel ""slighted"" and write nasty things, maybe you can take a moment and try to appreciate what it took for Denise to make her store the success it is (a one person operation for the first 20+ years), and cut her some slack. Her philosophy is ""quality"" not ""quantity"". If you ever get to be considered one of her ""clients"" you will know what I am talking about. more

A great place 3/2/2011

To those of you that have felt put-off by Katia and the way the store is run, here is a bit of information. First of all, most people mistake her observation of new clients as rude. Spend 5 minutes interacting with her, and you'll find that she's very nice and talented woman. For the woman finds it offensive that appointments need to be made to come in and that the door is locked, there are 2 reasons. One is that she wants to be able to give new clients personal attention and have her full focus on you. And second, the appointments and door lock became necessary when a group of people came in and shoplifted a lot of merchandise while she was busy with other customers. With only 3 women in a small store, it's for safety reasons. You might think that I work for the store and am trying to toot its horn, you'd be incorrect. I have been shopping there for years and know how great everyone is. Plus the merchandise is amazing. She can throw an outfit together like nobody else I know. Listen to this review. I know how it really is more

Shame on Denise 4/5/2010

I have a small family owned decorative concrete company. My husband is well known in inter loop Houston for his attention to details on every project and incredible work ethics! Cons: she does not pay her bills more


The owner of this store must have married someone rich, for their money, as she really didnt care for our business. Maybe she doesnt like people of colour? Whichever way, she displayed such a rude and arrogant disposition. Maybe she made assumptions that we could not afford the goods in her store? But looking at the other reviews, it seems like most of us are on the same page. I went to this store today - April 9, 2009. Never again. Go only if you like being treated like SH**! (P.S. The shop assistant was pleasant though - i feel sorry for her having a boss like that) Pros: NO PROS after such gawd-awful and rude service! Cons: RUDEST OWNER WHO COULDNT WAIT FOR US TO LEAVE more

um,, fake reviewer 3 in one day,,see beneath 2/8/2009

i just noticed how most of the good reivews of this terrible store are on the same day with a user that has only one i smell ballot stuffing.. Pros: it didn't take long to get out of the store Cons: everything,, seriously,, rude,uptight,almost mad that any customers were bothering her.. more

Love the store! 1/3/2009

Katia was great, comfortable and so much stuff to get lost in, sales girls were nice, helpful and adorable. The owner was even there helping customers put an entire look together, which is rare (owners never help regular customers)...but she seemed really cool. The displays were awesome and the store, sales girls and owner had individual style rather than a copycat look, I can see why they are so successful. I found some great stuff and before I left, the owner even hipped me to a few new items coming in that I may like, she was paying attention and she wasn't even my sales girl. I liked it. more

My first boutique experience 1/3/2009

I went to Katia, not much of a boutique shopper but have been hearing so much hype, figured I would check it out. A bit nervous at first, tons of stuff, feels like I'm walking into someone's home with a ton of cool stuff...stuff I see in magazines but kind of pricey, which I can't afford...But, then I took a deep breath and relaxed, browsed around, the sales people were nice enough, said to shout if I needed help and left me alone, which was great. I looked at EVERYTHING, beautiful stuff, cool stuff, I felt out of my league, BUT...I found affordable stuff, just hard to look at less expensive stuff when crazy beautiful stuff is so close....I ended up buying a really cute t-shirt and the owner actually helped me find a pair of jeans that fit perfect. I hope to become a regular! more

great shop for a non hip town 1/3/2009

as a woman who loves to shop, i have found very few cool stores to shop in houston...the merchandise and selection at most places are not that great. At this store i have beyond and above found cute, unique and hip clothing. While trying to find out if they had a website i found this citysearch website and started to read reviews... it baffles me how people could complain about this store... just because a saleswoman didnt treat you like royalty you think writing a review on citysearch will make you feel better..well i hope those people read this and realize so many more people love the store than hate it or criticize it- since i heard she has been there for 22 years, and maybe you (nasty review writers) were a pain in the butt to help and dont really appriciate boutique shoppping...go back to the galleria where you belong, let us who enjoy the store shop there more

A must place to visit for the classy lady 12/27/2008

I visited this boutique just a few days ago with my sister-in-law to use a gift certificate she had gotten and I was immediately impressed off my feet by the place the level of class and sophistication and being able to shop in a store where it is not crowded and the type of clothing is different not what is seen on everyone or at all the the stores in the mall. Pros: Excellent collection, great service Cons: I didn't have enough time more

the worst excuse for retail i've ever been to 12/12/2008

i fist went to katia with a friend of mine who was a regular shopper. My friend has shopped with denise for years. so i was treated ok,,i guess.. denise talked to my friend and was bringing us stuff to try on. yes they have jeans , and some cute tops.but nothing you can't find at other nicer,upscale boutiques inside the loop. Pros: i never have to go there again. Cons: rude service, poor lighting, and about twice the price of any other store that carries the exact same stuff. more

be prepared to be pampered with a capital ""P"" 9/7/2008

I was so thrilled with this boutique. I had been searching and searching for a skinny leather pants, and they had the best selection, not to mention the service. Denise is not only beautiful, but a total teddy bear. Max, the pretty little bichon was delightfull and smelled wonderfull. I recommend this store to all of my friends, male or female. Just make an appointment and be prepared to be pampered with a capital ""P"". Pros: very personable service and excellent selection Cons: so far from Montrose more

Best customer service! 8/26/2008

From the moment you walk in the door until the moment you walk out with your purchase (thrilled), you feel valued as a customer. The staff makes it their mission to learn about you and your needs, suggesting items (without hovering), making you comfortable in the dressing room, and genuinely thanking you for your patronage. It's easy to become spoiled in Katia! The staff makes you feel as if you're shopping with your girlfriends,never feeling rushed or anything. And you can be sure to find something unique that will make you stand out in the crowd. Great inventory, great service, very inviting! Pros: Ambiance, inventory (great selection and name brands), service, friendliness Cons: can't buy the whole store more

why go to New York or L.A. when we have Katia 8/26/2008

I have been shopping at Katia for at least 20 years and love it. I cannot believe the nasty reviews about this store. I have a few things to say to you people. When is the last time you shopped L.A., New York, or Paris and got the red carpet treatment. YOU try running a store successfully and see how many friends you make. She takes her job serious and makes sure we (Houston) are decked out in the latest fashion. It's not her job to make friends. We all know what happens when you mix business with friendship. When I go out of town, I have no need to shop for clothes since Katia has the best of the best from all the cutting edge designers. Shoes are the only thing i need to shop for and she is about to offer a new shoe line to her customers. As for the dog person, Max could not hurt a fly. YOU are lying. Get over it and get into the fashion. Hmmmmm, 4"" dog or cute outfit. PRIORITIES GIRL!!!! Pros: new designers, greatest jeans, awesome jewelry, spectacular t-shirts, pretty dresses Cons: not enough money more

zero rating.. 7/14/2008

If i could not pick a rating it would be none. Don't waste your time or your money in this so called boutique. Yes, they carry alot of good designer names but i would rather go to the galleria or some other boutique. My friend and i went in and they were so rude, like we did not belong. They said we did need an appointment, which is fine,so then i asked if we could just look around and she acted like we needed to leave. We did look around because i was curious what was so special that i needed an appointment. We followed and followed like we were going to steal. Rude, rude, rude...not impressed! more

I would rather throw money in the garbage than shop there. 3/28/2008

Well, I heard horror stories about this place. My sister was blacklisted from the store after arguing with the owner. Another one of my sisters went in, ended up returning some stuff, and had this store credit. The blacklist thing happened, so she was afraid to go back in the store and gave the credit to me to go in. I called to make an appointment, they said I didn't need one, and when I got there I got yelled at. So I made an appointment. And when I told them I had store credit.. they looked at me like I was crazy. I wouldn't spend my own money in there.. nor will I spend a large credit that was given to me in there. It smelled bad, and being the most patient person in the world.. that store more than frustrated me. Cons: rude people. more

Take your chances......... 1/23/2008

This is the most ridiculous store I've ever shopped. In all sincerity and no mud being slung....Denise needs to get on some medication. Yes, she is talented and has some of the best clothes in houston but that is no excuse to treat customers so poorly. Unless you know her personally, stay away from this boutique or she will treat you like crap...period. If you can get past this, then you will go home with some awesome clothes. Pros: Unique Clothes Cons: The owner more


Katia is one of the best boutiques around any where. Denise knows fashion! If she was not good at what she does why has she been around for 25 years? So she doesnt want to be your best friend or hear your problems. She is there to dress you correctly if you will take her advice. By appointment she can give you undivided attention. She sends me boxes of clothes all the time since I moved to Florida. As for her little dog, he is a hot accessory..everyone knows that! Pros: great selection Cons: not one in florida more

Avoid Katia 10/18/2007

I found a top in a magazine that was only sold locally at Katia. I called and was told that they did have the tops in my size. I said I was nearby and would be in. The girl I spoke with on the phone didn't say anything about an appointment, but when I walked in with my assistant , we got what could only be described as a chilly reception. They quickly told us that they are appointment only and proceeded to follow us around the store until we finally got sick of it and left, without the top we wanted! We both fully intended to buy one of the tops, but not from someone with such horrible manners. This store is clearly not upscale. It was dirty and smelled odd, so the idea that the owner actually thinks people will want to make an appointment to go there is laughable. No thanks! Pros: Absolutely none Cons: Too numerous to mention more

WHAT A WITCH! 5/18/2007

Same xperience as most of you. This owner has major psychological issues. I had $5000 that my husband said I could spend (a mother's day gift.) I had heard that this place had great clothes. I was eady to spend it all. But I committed the ultimate sin: I walked in to her little shack without an appointment. Who does she think she is? She probably likes being known as a witch, but really she's just an idiot. Think of the money she loses. I'll spare you the details of what she said. Needless to say, I immediately notified 50 of my closest friends. I suggest that you do the same. Trust me. One day it will catch up with her. Until then, maybe she'll take her meds and spare us all the grief. By the way, I had my 6 month-old with me and as I was struggling to leave with my stroller, she stood a few feet away and let the door slam on me and my child. (I think that even put a smile on her face.) Oh yeah and Neiman's got my 5 grand... more
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  • In Short
    Katia boutique started as a one-room wonder with stacks of the latest denim denizens like AG, Earl, Blue Cult and Seven jeans mixed in with everything Juicy Couture. Then the...

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