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3524 Edwards Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45208

(513) 321-9301
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I have been a premium denim wearer for many years and have never found sales people who are more knowledgeable than the sales staff at Karisma. I have been in Karisma twice in th...


The owner is a very abrasive ass. I was told by him how much money he has, how much he hates fat people, and also how much he hates black people. Not a great first impression. ...

A fine place if you like racism 2/2/2010

The owner is a very abrasive ass. I was told by him how much money he has, how much he hates fat people, and also how much he hates black people. Not a great first impression. After all of the rudeness he ripped me off. So if you like any of that Karisma is your place to go. Pros: none Cons: you name it more

Horrible place to shop 9/24/2009

I needed a part time job, and unfortunately Karisma is one of the only places hiring (because Jim lost his entire staff...no coincidence there I'm sure). I went in for my training to be called a moron for not knowing how to work the register on my FIRST try. He informed me that he doesnt have applications because he doesnt want to give "fat or ugly" people a chance to work there - no wonder his staff consists of a total of 3 people. This doesnt even cover what he says to potential customers. He called heavier set customers fat and to go on a diet or "put down the fork". I find this amusing as he is not easy on the eyes...(put down the peroxide and self tanner for everyones sake.) Any time a black person walks near the store or into the store he says "This cant be good". And the precious little gem that came out of his mouth at the end of his hellish experience sealed the deal that I would NEVER step foot near his soon-to-be out of business boutique. He said "I told my wife if she ever gains weight, shes history." All in all, this man is a pig. He is single handedly going to close his business because of his disgusting antics with his employees and customers. Unless you want him to grope your butt when you try on jeans or leave the store feeling incredibly insulted, I recommend Macy's, Nordstom, Saks...really anywhere but that boutique. Pros: NONE Cons: Rude owner more

Worst boutique in Cincinnati. 1/27/2009

Sadly, I have to agree with every other review that gave Karisma one star. The owner of this boutique has been described quite adequately by the previous users. He is uncouth, rude, sleazy and very unprofessional and unpolished. He will boast about his wealth and trips and tell customers they need to put down the fork or comment on their bodies inappropriately. His humor simply confirms people's disgust in being around him. The funny thing about this page is that, I was told by an old friend, that the only two five star ratings were written by employees from karisma. This, I find humorous, that employees there waste their time writing positive reviews for their boutique when clearly the majority of customers feel otherwise. If you don't believe the several reviews here, go on in to karisma, maybe you will be lucky enough to meet the wonderful owner and be graced by his presence. more

I used to LOVE Karisma but since I've met the owner I will never go back! 1/5/2009

My perception of the previous people whom "highly recommended" Karisma Klothing have only met the store clerks. I have probably met most, if not all, of them and personally I have absolutely no problem (I do prefer people to give me space when I shop). However, after purchasing jeans for my boyfriend for Christmas and having to return/exchange them, we met the owner and he is INCREDIBLY rude and disrespectful! I should have gone to Saks, Dr. Mojo, or even Denim. I would advise people to go somewhere else unless you're into being insulted. more

Avoid doing business 2/16/2008

The owner thinks way too much of himself. He needs to stop thinking about himself and think about his business. He's a low, low person. I had a black friend that worked there and the first thing he said to her was "Oh. I don't like black people, so We'll see how this goes." and reffered to her as a slave. more

Great customer service 12/18/2007

I have been a premium denim wearer for many years and have never found sales people who are more knowledgeable than the sales staff at Karisma. I have been in Karisma twice in the past week and have been very impressed with the level of service. It appears that Karisma has new staff and they all extremely helpful and pleasant. I have recommended Karisma to many of my friends. Regarding the woman who wanted to return denim after owning it for nine months...please...no store would take back any item after that long. I think that customer might not understand the concept of boutique shopping...she should only shop at Wal-Mart. more

I'll never go back!!! 12/14/2007

I had such a bad experience with the owner too...what ever his name is. Very rude, arrogant, and sleazy. There are so many places to buy clothing and jeans around Cincinnati, I'll never go back to Karisma again. more

great customer service and selection 12/9/2007

I beg to differ with previous reviews written about Karisma Klothing. As an avid designer jean owner (meaning I own atleast 10 pair), I think that Karisma offers great customer service and knowledge about their products, not to mention the best selection in the region. The owner, Jim (NOT JOHN), has always been extremely helpful and kind during my many shopping experiences. Perhaps the owner or the sales clerks do not appreciate the attitude and unreasonable demands that many people present them with on a daily basis. I believe that Karisma backs the quality of its merchandise and should NOT have to return or replace products that have extreme wear and that were bought more than a month prior. Wear and tear is normal in denim no matter how much you pay, and if you only own one or two pairs you should expect to replace them more often because you will wear the same pairs more often. Customers should take responsibility for their clothes and not demand replacements almost one year later when the merchandise is extremely worn. I as a customer respect the owner's policy and would not give him grief because he won't give me exactly what I ask for. It is common policy for most high-end stores to require a receipt and that tags be attached and that the merchandise be unworn for a return. If you are looking to buy denim where you can return them anytime, in any condition, and with attitude then you should probably shop at Wal-Mart or Old Navy and you should never call yourself someone who wears designer denim. Many people seem to think that as soon as they buy their first pair of designer jeans that they automatically are a connoisseur of designer denim and that they are allowed to be arrogant, well you stand corrected. Pros: great customer service, great selection Cons: none more

rude service, expensive prices 12/5/2007

I couldn't agree more with the previous poster. Rude service, just out to make a buck...or a LOT of bucks. Don't buy here! Try Saks, Macys, Niemans, Bloomingdales, etc. instead. Pros: none Cons: rude service, pricey clothes more

Terrible customer service! 12/2/2007

In the past couple of years, I've made the jump from 'regular' denim to 'designer' denim. I have two carefully-selected pairs of designer jeans, one of which I purchased from Karisma. Nine months after I spent $175 on this pair of jeans, they ripped straight across the back of the leg during normal wear. I took them back to the store and was told by a worker that the owner does not exchange jeans or offer any sort of assistance to customers in the event that the merchandise is defective. I left my number and asked to have the owner call me the next day. The following day, I received a rude message from the owner (John), telling me that they do not do returns or exchanges and offering me no assistance as far as returning the jeans to the manufacturer. I spoke with a friend who has done business with this man in the past, and she told me he is difficult to work with on these matters. Especially for jeans, I would HIGHLY recommend trying Saks or Denim instead of Karisma. Cons: Store clerks and store owner are rude and unhelpful. more
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