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Kapur, Kristna, Dds - Fall Creek Family Dentistry - 18 Reviews - 501 North Cayuga Street, Ithaca, NY - Dentists Reviews - Phone (607) 272-8118

Kapur, Kristna, Dds - Fall Creek Family Dentistry

501 North Cayuga Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 272-8118
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I worked for a lot of dental offices. This office was the best office I ever worked for as far as helping and caring for the patients. The other offices didn't care how the work w...


I would not even give them one star, it there was a minus score, they would have it.\r \r I have to say that the reception staff was always nice to me, and that is the only part...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/22/2013

TERRIBLE! Do NOT let these people make a cap or bridge for you or do any kind of drilling like for a cavity. They have NO idea what they are doing. They should be investigated to see if they even have real credentials. Dr. Kapur completely ground down two perfect teeth of mine to the gumline in order to make a bridge that never should even have been made. I had to get a crown lengthening and have two emergency root canals, done elsewhere, and the bridge they made was horrible and didn't fit and I still had to pay for it and then get another one made. Bottom line? Trying to save a little money b/c they took my dental insurance ended up costing me over EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS to try to repair their horrible work, and I am still in pain. I also got an infection my jawbone from them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/25/2013

Avoid Fall Creek Dental!\r The first thing Dr. Kapur talked to me about was her boat and her latest vacation and the one they were going to take next before she asked me which insurance I had, which elicited, ""Oh, good, that means you have $1800 of work we can do."" I'm not kidding.\r The initial cleaning was done by an angry hygenist who made me feel guilty for having plaque.\r Then I was told I needed a root canal, which was done by her partner who drilled for almost an hour on my tooth and then poked around with a wire, trying to snag the nerve, but then finally gave up, telling me I needed to go a different a dentist that could use a ""thinner wire"" to get at the root. Again, I am not kidding. Can you imagine being tortured for almost an hour and then being told something so outlandish? Of course insurance was charged for a full root canal.\r I think Fall Creek Dental should be shut down, and can't believe they are allowed to keep practicing. They are in it only for the money and have NO professional ethics or expertise and make no effort to hide the fact.\r I finally went to Achati Dental to have the root canal finished and although my pain was finally relieved they never told me I never really needed a root canal (I only learned by direct questioning that the tooth was actually long dead) and then I had to pay almost $400 of my own money even though I had GHI insurance because they used drugs or procedures that insurance didn't cover. \r I wouldn't trust either place. In fact, if you have GHI insurance I would advise going to a different town for dental work. \r more

This place is really terrible. 3/11/2012

I would not even give them one star, it there was a minus score, they would have it.\r \r I have to say that the reception staff was always nice to me, and that is the only part of the staff I appreciated. I had the woman dentist. Like others said, she would fly into the room for a few seconds and then fly out. I later learned it is because she is working in three rooms at the same time. It's been a long time since I've been in tears at the dentist office because of the pain they caused. Before my cleaning I told the hygienest that I had a very sensitive tooth. It had a very large filling in it and I thought it would require a root canal. During the cleaning the hygienest sprayed cold water on the tooth I was complaining about and I screamed. ""Oh I guess I shouldn't have done that."" She replied. When the doctor came in I told her about my concerns and she said, the tooth needed to be crowned, no root canal necessary. three weeks later I returned. The dentist had to inject me twice with novacane because when she started drilling after the first shot it felt like she was right on the nerve. They fitted me with a temporary which I had to return 2 days later because I was in such pain, and the tooth still very sensitive. While in the office the dentist started to drill on the temp without numbing me, I again screamed and actually yelled at them that they couldn't do that! Even after novocane I was in tears from the pain. I had to pull the temp off during the night 2 days later because it was throbbing so much I wasn't sleeping or eating. My gums under the temporary felt like they were bruised. I go back today for my permanant one, and after that is fitted I will inform the dentist that I will never return. \r \r Avoid this office. They are truely horrible. more

great dentist, terrible office person! 11/17/2011

I recently became a patient of Fall Creek Family Dentistry. Have never really paid attention to these kind of reviews. However feel people should be aware. Both times I was warmly welcomed by Stefanie, the gal that sits closer to the waiting room..(completely ignored by Kathleen (?) , the long dark haired gal.)\r My cleaning was done by a new hygienist, Anna. Which as usual, was fine. However when I checked out, Kathleen was completely rude and acted as though I was taking her away from something more important. I thought maybe she was having a bad day, so I tried to forget it. At my filling appointment, she was the same, especially at check out. Kathleen was only one there and I had to wait. I over heard her checking out patient prior to myself, oh my, she did not understand bill and had questions. Kathleen was not explaining clearly and patient was getting frustrated.Kathleen got very short and snappy. Long story short, my check out process was not at all pleasant. I even apologized to the other Ma'm in the parking lot for receptionists' attitude, not sure why, but felt it was necessary. So my word of advice is to check in and out with Stefanie. more

You people that put this office down are NUTS 10/24/2011

I worked for a lot of dental offices. This office was the best office I ever worked for as far as helping and caring for the patients. The other offices didn't care how the work was done, all they wanted was the money. We had a lot of patients come in this office to get the work redone because it was not done right the first time. If anyone wants a caring office I would have to say this is the one to go to. The work is done right. I been in dental for 15 years and this office is the best office for dental work to be done right. more

Sketchy Dentist, Robs people 8/10/2011

I got a crown from this dentist and it was the worst experience ever. They always had me waiting around in the chair for nearly an hour on every visit, then the dentist would float in for two seconds - not really do anything, then disappear. Then suddenly the dental assistant (who had just told me he had never done dental work and just started there after quitting his job at ENTERPRISE) was IN MY MOUTH doing stuff. WHAT THE HELL? Why is someone who has never done dental work in my mouth and then I have to pay a 1000$? Perhaps I should have asked the homeless guy on the street to do my dental work. They also kept billing me for more and more charges after I left and didn't have good explanations for what they were. The office staff is snippy and unprofessional and they refuse to let you speak to the dentist if you call. But then again, perhaps the dentist just refuses to speak to you since she knows she's a screw up. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience. I read all these reviews before I went and didn't believe them - but they're all true. more

Good service for many years 4/14/2011

I am surprised at all the negative reviews. I have gone to Fall Creek Dentistry for many years and have no complaints. Yes, I was covered under GHI, and now that I am retired and on my own, I will be watchful for attempts to add extra procedures. But I have had one routine cleaning so far at my expense and another is due. I was looking for their phone number and found this page, and as I said, was quite amazed and surprised. Most of the time I just see my hygienist Lois who is very friendly and professional. Dr. Kapur installed a cantilever bridge- just attached to one adjacent tooth- at my request as opposed to a regular bridge attached to both adjacent teeth so as not to disturb one of my few perfectly good teeth, and it has worked out very well. I'm quite happy with Fall Creek Dentistry. more

Deceptive and Greedy 4/12/2011

I went to Fall Creek Family Dentistry for a routine cleaning. The overall procedure wasn't too bad, but when I got to the checkout counter, they charged me an extra $150. According to them, I had needed a procedure called a ""full mouth debridement"" and they decided to perform it on me without asking. However, the treatment I received in the dental chair was identical to a routine cleaning and they were definitely trying to milk extra money from me. I tried to complain, but they took me to a back room and berated me for a while until I gave in and payed the money. Now that I look back upon it, I really wish I had stood up for myself more. If anyone else has been abused by Fall Creek Family Dentistry, report them to your insurance and to the NYS office of the professions. They shouldn't be allowed to treat patients the way they do. more

Glad I tried them 11/26/2010

I am new in town and broke a tooth my first week here. I did a search of dentist in the area and came up with quite a few Dentist in the area, however after calling around to see who could get me in ASAP and without needing insurance, Fall Creek Family Dentist was about the fourth call I made. They were able to get me in within 36 hours. ( I was in no pain). From the minute I walked to the front desk, I was glad that I did not skip over this office because of the reviews. The office staff was very friendly and accommodating. The Dentist herself was a very nice person who explained everything, including the cost, very thoroghly. \r I left the office within an hour of arrving, my tooth fixed, and I actually scheduled a cleaning for next week.\r I would highly recommend this Dentist and am very thankful that I did not listen to the negative reviews. Apparently some people have had a negative experience, however I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to thier own opinion and in my opinion, Fall Creek Family Dentist is definitely a professional and well recommended dental office. more

Go to a professional!! 10/30/2010

Find a different office that is not just in it for the money. I agree with others that the only reason that they have clients is they are the only GHI in town. If several other dentists took GHI they would fall off the grid. To those with positive reviews you are either lucky, have not had major work done, or you did not have Kapur.\r \r Go see a professional that is not lining up people like cattle to make more money through insurance claims!! They are only still operating because GHI has not been informed about the unprofessional manner of their business! more

The worst. ABSOLUTELY the worst. 10/27/2010

I went to Dr. Mauleon because he was one of the only practices that accepted my dental insurance, but in hindsight I wish I had gone anywhere else. He removed a perfectly good filling, and replaced it with one so large that he himself wasn't sure it would hold. It didn't. I broke my tooth in half within the week, and when I went back in to have the painful tooth crowned, or to at least get a temporary cap, Dr. Mauleon offered to grind it off since I didn't have an appointment. Needless to say, I took my jagged tooth elsewhere rather than waiting for a convenient time for Dr. Mauleon--but not before his office charged me $15 to send x-rays to the second dentist (which never did arrive). Throughout, everyone in the office appeared primarily concerned with money, not patient care or suffering. He should just be called ""Dr. Maul"" based on the quality of care he provided to me. Steer clear! more

Awesome!!! 10/25/2010

They are absolutely the best office I have ever been too! I have only been going there for just a little more than a year but they were so helpful. I am pretty nervous about Dentists in general & I knew I needed work done. The front staff were very patient & understanding with my needs. They made me feel comfortable about coming, the doctor's were also very understanding as well. Apparently I'm not the first to be nervous. That was nice to know. I had to have some fillings done & a bridge. My girlfriend went with me to the first couple of appointments because like I said I have (""had"") a dental phobia. After my first cleaning & fillings, I was relaxed enough to go alone to get the crowns & bridge work done. I am no longer afraid to go get my check ups & that really says alot about this office to me. I will be seeing Dr Kapur & Dr Mauleon again soon! I absoulutely love the hygenists as well. They are all extremely nice people!!! I tell everyone I know that is looking for a dental office to go to this office! more

Avoid this dentist 10/6/2010

After reading the other reviews, my experience has been a little different. I don't have insurance and am of limited means, so when I go to the dentist, I always ask what anything costs before I have it done. However, when I get to the desk, they always have another $50-100 in charges that they add. So if I go to get a cleaning, I get an extra charge for an evaluation. If they charge for an x-ray, they charge additional fees for looking at them and interpreting the results. I had a filling fall out, and went to have it repaired. It cost me $135 for them to tell me that they couldn't fix it and referred me to have it pulled. It was not bothering me at the time, though, and a couple years later I am finally going to have to get it taken care of. For the last few years I have had to floss immediately after every time I have eaten because of the large hole in my tooth.\r My biggest complaints are with the hygienist and the office. The hygienist is always rude and implies that I don't care enough for my teeth as she cleans them. Does your maid complain to you that you don't keep the house clean enough so her work will be easier? With her hands in my mouth I have no way to respond, so I just have to sit and take the berating.\r Then the office is snippy. They confused my and my adult daughter's accounts and would hassle us one or the other for the other's bills. In each case, we would just pay out of embarassment for whatever the bill was and settle up later, but that is actually a violation of privacy.\r I never had a problem with the dentist, and I saw two of them a woman and a man. They were always friendly and seemed to give complete information. It just never matched what the office said afterward.\r I will not be going back there, a friend has recommended another dentist to me on Aurora Street. more

Beware!!!!!!! 9/15/2010

I was responding to a mailing for new patients. I arrived, the offer was for exam, X-rays and cleaning for $79. The hygienist took the X-rays , then some camera pictures and told me that I had over $11000.00 worth of work to be done. I had gum problems that needed some treatment, crowns that were leaking and three teeth that needed crowns. I told her that I did not have insurance, she proceeded that they had a finance company they worked with and by the time I walked out ( the dentist confirmed her findings ), I had finance for $12000.00. I was in a state of shock. They were very pushy, told me it was urgent as my gum disease was serious. They had forms that I had to sign. I asked about them and the office manager told me that the financing was 2 years interest free, a medical card that I could use at any medical practice, and if I did not use it, it would expire after 2 years. This appointment was at 5 in the afternoon, so after a sleepless and really bad night, I called and cancelled the appointment I made before I left.. They kept calling back and told me how serious my problem was. I told them I was going for a second opinion, which I did. My teeth and gums are in excellent condition, had a cleaning, X-rays and full exam, NOTHING wrong with my crowns, gums or teeth.... I received a statement in the mail yesterday from the finance company that I owed them $11333.55. I called to dispute and they confirmed that I was billed that day they financed. I called Fall Creek Dentistry and was told that I signed for the treatment and they ALWAYS charge everybody the total before any treatment, even though I cancelled the appointment less than 12 hours later..... I was in that office less than an hour and 3 weeks later I am still stuck with a problem. The office manager told me that she really did not care if I trusted another dentist ---- that must be a bad one, as I need all the work they want to do. I was told they would reverse the charges, I am still waiting, it has not been done yet. By the way ----- I paid my $79 that first day and did NOT get the cleaning....... They wanted to charge that amount to my ""financing"" I can see why. more

Dishonest 7/27/2010

I went to Fall Creek Family Dentistry for a routine teeth cleaning, which was to be fully paid for by my insurance. \r \r After I was seated in the dentist's chair, the hygenist suggested that I have bitewing xrays taken. I explained that I had had bitewings taken a year or so earlier, and that because the bitewings were still valid, I did not wish to have the xrays taken in that visit. The hygenist, however, did not let up, assuring me that the xrays would be fully paid for by my insurance company. I asked her if she was sure that I would not have to pay out of pocket for the xrays and she said yes, she was sure. \r \r As a result of the hygenist's gaurantee, I had the bitewings taken that day. However, I then received a bill for the xrays from Fall Creek Dentistry. I asked them to waive the bill because I had been told by the hygenist that there was no charge. Up to today they have been unwilling. \r \r Furthermore, during my visit they told me I had a cavity. When I went to another local dentist's office and told them what Fall Creek had told me, the hygenist there said that I should not be surprised if they did not find a cavity; Fall Creek Denististry was known for dishonest practices. This is what I was told. The second dentist, of course, did not find any cavities. Pros: Took my insurance Cons: Employees are misleading more

Dangerously bad dentistry!!!! 4/9/2010

Dr. Kapur is a dangerously incompetent and unethical dentist. Did a procedure I did not need or want, just so she could get maximum insurance reimbursement. Did the procedure so badly she destroyed my teeth. I have had multiple surgeries costing thousands of dollars to try to correct the damage Dr. Kapur did. When I told her of the intense pain I was in after her work, she said I'd ""be fine"" and scurried out of the office. What she did has left me in horrible pain for over a year; I cannot sleep, barely eat, barely work. She should be reported by all to the dental review board and to Albany. Her license should be revoked. Cons: Dangerously incompetent work more

friendly dentists but bad works 1/3/2010

Dentists and receptionist are nice and friendly, but I was disappointed that the dentist's skill was not satisfactory. The bottom line is that they fix it when the teeth problem is shown, but they don't do anything for you to prevent it. I asked the dentist if he can fix a potential cavity before it gets bigger (I see some cracks and dark stains on the filling), but he replied he would fix it when its filling gets worse, which means I should stay with its condition and he would replace my filling to a crown within a couple of years. I don't agree with that approach. I am wondering if that is the way they handle the insurance, but I felt it too commercial to deal with patients. If you can afford, I would recommend going another dentist, who can sincerely think about you for a long-term. Pros: they are friendly Cons: skills are not acceptable as professional more

Find yourself a good dentist even if you have to pay for it 8/28/2009

If you can afford to go to another dentist do so. I have had several crowns put in and they always pop off. Recently I had my crown glued back on, had a cleaning and was advised to floss. When I flossed the crown fell off again. I am planning to go back to my previous dentist. \r \r I am not at all happy with this service. Pros: Nice people Cons: Poor workmanship more

Disappointing service 3/23/2009

This dental office provided me with the worst service I have ever received. I had a preventative procedure done in September of 2008. At the time, they told me the procedure was covered by my insurance. I asked them to verify that it would in fact be covered by the insurance. The dental hygienist came back to inform me that in fact, it was cheaper than a regular cleaning. They proceeded with the procedure and I was later billed for it. I received the bill in November of 2008 and called to ask why I was billed for this procedure. The receptionist told me that it was denied because of the length of my coverage. I called the insurance company and they told me there was a year wait for major work (which would have been 3 months later). I called the dentist office back and told them what I found out from the inurance company. They told me that most insurance companies claim that this work is basic and not major. They hadn?t actually checked to see if it was covered. I mentioned that I would have waited 3 more months for the procedure and I asked her what I should do next. I was told she was going to talk to the doctors and get back to me. I never heard back. In January, I received another bill and I called the office again. I was told I wasn?t supposed to be billed because the other receptionist was going to talk to the doctor and get back to me. I was told I would receive a phone call the next day. I never heard anything. I called again in March; same story. I called again the next week and this time I was told I would have to pay the full balance. I asked to speak to the doctor and I was told she was busy. I asked when I could speak to her and was told this was the decision. I continued to ask to speak to the doctor and was finally given an opportunity. The doctor was extremely rude and told me that I signed the paper that said I would pay for the procedure. She then informed me that there was nothing on my insurance information that says it would not be covered. At that time, she told me she would take 20% off the bill. I was still not satisfied and mentioned that I was going to file a complaint with the Better Bus. Bureau because of the service I had received. At that time, I called my insurance company so I could receive a copy of the paper the dentist?s office received. On this paper, it defines the procedure I received as major work and that it would not be covered because of the length of coverage. I filed a complaint with the Better Bus.Bureau and then went into the dentist?s office to see a copy of the paperwork they received from the insurance company. I was told they don?t receive any paperwork from the insurance agency regarding my benefits and that they never asked for confirmation of coverage over the phone. I was also told that I would no longer be eligible for the 20% off the services because I had filed a complaint with the Better Bus. Bureau. (my own fault for not getting it in writing before I filed the complaint. Their business practices seem a little sketchy to me. I would definitely reconsider using them for service. If anyone knows any other methods of getting this resolved, please feel free to respond to this post. Cons: Bad Customer Service more

Bad dentistry, stay away! 3/23/2009

Dr. Kapur does bad dental work. Do not go here if you need major work done. Not only have I suffered terribly at her hands, but now I find out that several other people I've met have had the same kind of experience. They do major work, more work than you need, mess it up, and don't take responsbility. It has cost me a lot in PAIN and money and I have to go elsewhere to get the damage fixed, thousands of dollars' worth. WATCH OUT!!! Pros: They seem nice Cons: But they do bad work and don't take responsibility for it more
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