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Kansas Humane Society - 16 Reviews - 3313 N Hillside St, Wichita, KS - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (316) 524-9196

Kansas Humane Society

3313 N Hillside St
Wichita, KS 67219
(316) 524-9196
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Kansas Humane Society - Wichita, KS
Kansas Humane Society - Wichita, KS
Kansas Humane Society - Wichita, KS
Kansas Humane Society - Wichita, KS
Kansas Humane Society - Wichita, KS
Kansas Humane Society - Wichita, KS


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We adopted a 2yr old dog from KHS 5 days ago. The facility is super nice & the staff was very helpful and friendly. They spent a lot of time informing us of the personalities and ...


I recently had to give up my kitten due to the fact that we could not get her to use the little box. We tried EVERYTHING we could. So we finally made the decision to take her to t...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/2/2012

Outstanding Humane Society! Best I've ever seen. Animals have plenty of space and are taken care of extremely well. Donate! more

PLEASE Adopt your next pet! 10/6/2012

We adopted a 2yr old dog from KHS 5 days ago. The facility is super nice & the staff was very helpful and friendly. They spent a lot of time informing us of the personalities and habits of the dogs we were interested in. We spent time with each dog individually (we first "shopped" on their website which really helped narrow down our search.) That visit really helps you see the personality of the animal and if you are going to have a connection with him/her. We love our little schnoodle mix! He is an even better dog than I thought he would be. If more people would adopt, there wouldn't be much need for the euthanasia horror stories that are being told. more

Horrible experience 8/1/2012

I went in to the shelter to drop off a pregnant stray dog, first I had to pay $25 to drop her off.. Not great but ok. Second the customer service that I received was ridiculous, bad attitudes and no sense of caring whatsoever. I specifically asked the procedure for dropping off a dog, my intent was to take her back if it came down to her being put to sleep. I was told to call the next day n ask to take back the dog if no one claimed her. Third the amount of wrong info was my final straw to writing this. When I called back not only could I not claim the dog but they were going to abort the almost due babies! As I cried and pleaded to take the dog back I got the response that it's now city of Wichita property and nothing could be done. I would have never dropped the dog off knowing this was the fate of the puppies!! more

HELP YOUR PETS 11/17/2011

I will say this, you people that "care" so much about your animal?, if you really care for your pet, you would do anything, yes anything to \r keep it. Like the person above who wrote, their kid couldnt kiss it goodbye, well I would suggest you let him kiss it on the way there or in the car before you go in? or how about not at all, and just keep the poor kitten? I mean come on, so it missed the litter box, deal with it, put it in a room with one and put a big piece of unwanted rugh around it. I mean if your worried about your kid missing it, just deal with it. And same with the dog owners, you did everything?, apparently not, or the dog would be with you still right? And yes Ive had dogs that got out all the time too, and guess what?, I kept them. If you thing someone else is just gonna take them, your kidding yourself, you didnt want them right, duh?? God, half of you would get rid of your kids if you could and it was an excepted thing in our society. DEAL with your pets and learn to more

Please Read 8/4/2011

It's frustrating to see that at least 3 of the reviews are about a different facility and NOT the Kansas Humane Society. While 2 other reviews have completely wrong information in them. KHS does not pick-up or take animals. They are also NOT the Pratt Humane Society or in any way related to other animal shelters in the area. They do not push live animals into a furnace, for heavens sake! The people at KHS are caring people, you have to be to do what they do everyday. Instead of being angry that they have to euthanize (there are simply not enough places to take the animals that the Wichita community spits out), channel that energy into solving the problem. Talk to people about spaying and neutering, suggest training classes for ill-mannered pets, volunteer, offer to transport pets to other states, educate, educate, educate! more

my dog's experience 1/25/2011

I dropped off my full bred 3 yr old siberian husky. She was a beautiful dog she was black and white with blue eyes. We tried everything to keep her in our fence. We have a partial privacy fence and half of it is chain link. We could not prevent her from jumping the chain link fence even with a shock collar. She left our yard to play with neighbor kids and the next door neighbors dog. She got along well with small dogs as we have a pug and a min pin. A police officer caught our dog when she was out one day. As we could not keep her in the fence and did not want to keep her on a chain thinking it was inhumane we thought the humane society could find a home that could keep her, as there are people with dog runs and full privacy fences. I went by to check on her a couple days later and they had put her down stating that she was killed for "escaping tendencies." Anyone that knows husky's they know that they are known for there ability to escape. They killed her within a week of be more

recommend khs, so do many vets. 12/9/2010

we are fortunate in the city of wichita to have the kansas humane society. others who have written seem not to understand that adopting an animal is expensive. the health of a shelter pet is never guaranteed. it is rather the sad fact that whomever had the mother or father of said pet failed to spay or neuter resulting in yet another homeless animal. khs struggles to give such animals a chance. i've spent $1,000's of dollars on ferals, my own animals and animals of others that they cant seem to provide basic care for. if you cant afford the cost of even one animal, right, you shouldnt adopt. also please dont confuse kansas humane society with their neighbor wichita animal services. more

they murdered my babies yesterday 10/9/2010

kansas humane society killed my dogs yesterday they were being held in quarintine and when i went to check on them today the told my they put them down yesterday when the guy who took them promised nothing would happen its a piece of crap place and they murder animals join the protest tomorrow around one they put down my dogs that i had since the day they were born and i had the dogs mom to before she died they dont even treat the animals rite i watched a woman drag a dog that wouldnt walk on the leash for her who knows how many animals they kill a day so lets stop the madness more

Great Experience 9/13/2010

We had an AWESOME experience at the KHS at 96 n Hillside! Everyone was helpful everytime I went n just to look at the dogs. When we got Ms. Charly, it was a great experience n felt no pressure! They provided us with all the papers we needed and gave us some food to start her off with. I took her to our vet about a week after and she had a great check-up! She's healthy and they were impressed with how great her teeth looked. She's a great addition to our family!! :D more

Careless. 9/7/2010

The Kansas Humane Society on hillside and k-96 killed my friends dog today. His dog was picked up yesterday (labor day), and they informed my friend he could pick him up the following day during their operation hours. When going to pick up his dog, they had informed him their policy was to put down any dog they had over 3 days. They had killed his dog who had not been in their facility for even 24 hours. more

Never EVER adopting from here again or have better communication 7/12/2010

Got a kitten. MY family LOVEDDD the kitten. well within the next day she started sneezing and her eyes started to cloud up and get swollen. It hasn't been 30 days yet so we made an appt. to take her to the vet. WELL I called the animal shelter and explain the situation and they told us to bring her in. So I did. Once I got there they are like THere nothing we can do. We can readopt the kitten. Sorry there was an inconvenience. So I got into my car and went to Petsmart. and they told me with getting her check out it was going to be $250 but I get a free exam on the kitten. We got the meds and its been a week and it seems like its getting worse So we may have to take back the kitten. more

A Volunteer's Response 3/10/2010

I have also been a volunteer at the Kansas Humane Society for a very long time. When I read reviews from other people I wonder several things. First of all, did they even go to the KANSAS humane society in Wichita, KS. KHS is not associated with any other humane societies or the Humane Society of the US. Second of all, if KHS is filled to capacity, where do they think the extra animals are going to go. KHS does work closely with many rescues and other shelters but rescues and other shelters fill up too. It can also be a great expense to transport animals long distances. KHS also takes in many feral animals, meaning animals that can't be touched. These animals along with other animals that are unhealthy or behaviorally unsuitable for adoption or rescue are euthanized. Before they are placed in the "furnace" the staff does double check and make sure that the animals are deceased. It is just like cremation of a human. In fact, KHS even offers guaranteed private cremation where you receive more

Never adopting again 8/31/2009

I adopted a pit bull puppy from the Pratt Humane society. Now when I go to adopt a dog from a humane society I expect this animal to be healthy. Once we got him home he started sneezing alot and green stuff kept flying, not to mention this dog was scratching like crazy. A trip to the local vet we find out he has mange, kennel cough and possibly canine influenza. But yet they tell me he didn't have any symptons when he was there. So he would have had to get mange in the car on the way home and kennel cough and canine influenza not to mention that his ball sack to be blunt was the size of a soft ball which they said was normal. Ok the vet we took him to said he has never seen that before. So far we have had him for 2 months and have been to the vet 3 times so far and have to go again because mange is very hard to get rid of. I would not recomend anyone adopt a animal from a humane society after this nice experience we have had. This is the first time I have gotten an animal from the huma more

who could enjoy.... 9/6/2008

the KHS does not need to kill those animals, so what if they get full, send them to another human society, you should'nt kill those animals and burn them, how the the people that do that like it if i went up their and pushed one of them in the furnace? exactly. animals feel pain too! I'm a vegetarian and i have been for 3 years now, i think that what the KHS does is sick and wrong, they should have the "no kill" policy more

adoption 7/11/2008

We recently adopted two adult cats from the humane society ane they were very helpful. they spent a couple hours with me so that I could find two cats that got along . We already have one cat at home because of their help all three cats only needed a couple days to get along and only hissed or growl at each other if not happy no major fights. thank you for all your help. more

The real KHS 7/8/2008

I would like to apologize on behalf of the Humane Society, I've volunteered and worked there for 8 years now. I can understand your complaint, but please let me explain a little of what the employees go through on a daily basis. They receive over 100 animals a day. They may seem uncompassionate, but really they put up with harsh language and insults from people dropping off their pets and tend to form a hard exterior. They do their job because they love animals. It can become hard when 75% of the animals they receive will be euthanized and every person dropping off their pet expect them to get adopted. Unfortunately, the KHS has become a dumping ground for people's unwanted animals for legitimate reason's like moving or no longer can care for their pets, or just plain irresponsible pet ownership and not spaying or neutering their pets. The KHS does not condone poor people relations from it's employees. Their goal is to help educate owners, adopt animals in need of homes, and provide lo more

Very rude 1/23/2006

I recently had to give up my kitten due to the fact that we could not get her to use the little box. We tried EVERYTHING we could. So we finally made the decision to take her to the Humane society in hopes that she would find a good home. My five year old son insisted on going with me to drop her off. So we went in and the lady with out so much as a word took the cat from me and started looking her over. Meanwile my son is upset because he didn't get to give her a kiss. Anyway, that lady goes on to tell me that we have been feeding the wrong food and probably not taking very good care of her. Not true! Anyway, it was horrable, she just made a hard situation even worse. They had Zero compassion. I will ever take another animal there! PROS: Hopefully they will find a good home for our kitten CONS: Very rude and I had to pay $20 for them to take her more
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