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Kanomwan - Houston, TX


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This is a place to eat, not to get great service. To those of you complaining about service leave. Seriously good food. Best Thai food in the city. Place is located in EaDo, so th...


I want to like this place, I do. Based on all the reviews that I read and recommendations from friends, maybe I just experienced an ""off"" night but I didn't think this place was...

Awesome Thai food! 1/25/2012

This is a place to eat, not to get great service. To those of you complaining about service leave. Seriously good food. Best Thai food in the city. Place is located in EaDo, so the neighborhood okay. Don't believe the fools that say it's horrible. Don't be stupid, you're dinning in the fourth largest city in the nation. more

Been eating at this restuarant for years! 7/15/2011

Best Thai food in town. Restaurant has no atmosphere, service is slow, but the food will bring you back each time. I crave the Coconut Chix Soup! I miss Yutanan (the owner), but am so happy this restaurant stayed open after he died. His wife is a phenomenal cook. One try and you are hook. BYOB. more

Great Thai, but be prepared to wait 10/3/2010

Be warned, you will not find any Americanized Thai food here, so no melted cheese or fries. Everything, from soups to curries, is loaded with exotic flavors. The food can be very, very hot, specially the curries, so trust the spiciness indicators on the menu or ask your waitress. The soups are something to be experienced, Specially the S1,my favorite, not too hot, with shrimp and mushrooms, served with a hearty portion of steamed rice. You can bring your own beer or wine for dinner. The prices are very modest for the very reasonable portions you get. The egg-rolls are excellent, and the fried rice is among the best you can have locally. They also have authentic Thai tea and coffee, creamy and sweet. This is a truly family run restaurant, as such , be prepared for the staff to be very sparse, you may have to wait a while to get seated or to be served. The food can take a while, since everything is made to order, so be patient. You may even have to wait a while to pay, again, patience is a virtue. The best time to come is just before dinner service, around 5:30pm, so you will be ahead of the large dinner crowds. The atmosphere is nice and calm, until the droves of regular patrons arrive, when it turns more lively but not annoying. This place caters to a more adult clientèle, so very little chance of screaming kids to spoil your dinner experience. The restaurant is located in the interior of a small mini-mall called Tlaquepaque Center, so do not be discouraged if you can't see it from the street, plenty of parking, but it fills up fast. more

Overrated at Best! 1/25/2010

I want to like this place, I do. Based on all the reviews that I read and recommendations from friends, maybe I just experienced an ""off"" night but I didn't think this place was all that. The food was not authentic Thai as I expected. It was just another American Thai restaurants at best. I was very disappointed when I left, especially as I said in the beginning, I really want to like this place. I love supporting local businesses especially ones located in EaDo but based on my experience, I don't know what the fuss is all about. more

I just don't get it... 6/29/2009

Went here with some friends this past weekend. The hostess took forever to seat us even though there were empty tables and the service was undistinguished. I know some people rave about the food, but I think it is pretty average at best. In fact, two dishes looked so much alike that we couldn't tell the difference at first glance. The phad Thai was pretty blah with more bean sprouts than anything else. Frankly, I just don't get the more positive reviews. By the way, this is in a pretty crummy part of Houston. We have plenty of Thai restaurants where you don't have to worry about where you're parked. Pros: Ok Thai food, BYOB holds down the liquor bill. Cons: Not that good, slow service, really bad side of town. more

DON'T GO THERE. THE WORST Service ever. 6/19/2009

I went to this place not too long ago. We had to wait about 30 mins to have the owner come and get our orders. Well actually my friend call the guy and tell him we are ready. This guy just walked pass him like he didn't even exist. Then we have to wait another 30 mins to get our food which is really small compare to others. One of the basil stir fried was soo bad that we had to get it remade. The green curry is not too bad though. At the end of the day, the service just made me don't want to go back there again. I was the one who invited all my friends to this place. NOne of them likes the food there. Pros: Green curry is good. Cons: THE WORST SERVICE EVER more

Worst thai restaurant/food I've ever had 10/30/2008

By far, the worst thai restauarant I have ever been too. I have recently moved to Houston and have tried other thai places which were far better than this..however everyone talks about this place so thought I would try it out. No vegetarian options! When I asked to have something made without meat, I got a weird look. Then I asked if tofu could be added and the extremely rude owner replied ""we don't have tofu"". I ended up getting fried rice and some vegetable dish which were both extremely bland and no flavor at all! Service was equally horrible. Honestly, I have never been so compelled to write a bad review for a restaurant. Definitely never going back!! Cons: Location is in the middle of nowhere, restaurant looks like a dump, owner is very rude, service is very poor and food is gross. more

Worst Thai on the Planet Don't go. 8/22/2008

I recently returned from a month in Thailand and my eighth visit. I have a deep understanding and respect for the culture. I also know the basic items for an authentic Thai menu. When I made a simple request in fluent Thai for Po Ka Taek the rudest owner I've ever met didn't even look at me and just snapped ""no"". I asked if he would just make Po Taek from the menu and add a bit of coconut milk. He snapped ""no"". I asked for Som Tam..(Papaya Salad - Thai Staple....Available in the Thai Convenince Store (good real cheap! Just opened restaurant on Cavalcade)) ""no"" Yam Talay salad? No. Asia Market will whip it right up for you. I was wearing a handmade peasant shirt from Chiang Mai in the north out of respect for him. This being a birthday party for my roommate, I maintained composure and just didn't order anything. The food I had the previous visit was marginal at best. Anyone who patronizes this ting-tong monster is nuts. Try Thai Gourmet on Richmond. The lovely hostess will greet you with a traditional ""wai""; the cook will prepare any dish (and yes the above items are available). \r \r The final straw was when the 9th of our party arrived late just a few minutes past close. He asked if there was anything quick and easy he could have to eat. Not ""no"" but ""no!""\r \r I have never been compelled to write a review and never been to such a horrible restaurant.\r \r One star is too good,. I showed him he palm of my hand which is like spitting in his face and patting him on the head. BAD BAD BAD\r \r \r Kap Khun Kap Pros: none at all Cons: service the worst - rude, small pests in friends salad....unbeleivably expensive. more

Why reward rudeness? 6/5/2008

So, because Seinfeld made the Soup //azi famous, I guess I'm supposed to think it's OK for a restaurant owner to treat his customers with utter contempt while serving average (at best) food? Sorry, but I don't. I had heard so much about this place that I made a special effort to go here before moving from Houston. Wish I hadn't bothered. The ""H6"" that so many rave about tasted like candy-coated chicken. The owner was every bit as arrogant and indifferent as the other reviews have stated, and the poor, depressed waitress never managed to make it by our table to refill tea and water glasses. If you have a masochistic streak, this is your place. Otherwise, spend your time and money elsewhere. Pros: Plenty of Parking Cons: There's a good reason why there's plenty of parking. more

Great Thai food--no ambiance--poor service 11/17/2007

Heard lots of great things about this place. The food was very good, but not the best Thai I have had in the US. there is no ambiance in the place--but has a friendly atmosphere. We brought wine and the waitress dropped off glasses and a cork screw-- with no help. Food was served in a timely manner. Pad thai was good, but I have had better. Garlic shrimp were delicious. Owner was calm, quiet and did not yell at us. Most people seemed to be regulars. Prices were very reasonable and we left with a good feeling. I would return for again to try out some other dishes.\r Pros: food, can bring your own wine Cons: ambiance, service more

Best Thai Food in Houston! 10/10/2007

I'd never heard of Kanomwan until driving by the restaurant with my best-friend. We stopped in just to see what they had to offer. We've found that some of these ""hole-in-the-wall"" places have the best food. Kanomwan was better than anything we had expected. The food was phenomenal!!! I enjoy spicy food, but not too spicy, so I asked for the ""1 thumb"" spicy... the owner, as described as the ""soup-nazi"" in an earlier entry decided that I wanted ""2 thumb spicy"".... 2 thumb spicy was almost unbareably... but with enough rice I was able to get it down (still had a great flavor). The owner promised next time i came i could have 1 thumb spicy... he's a bit of a character, but if you have a dry sense of humor, or at least appreciate one, you'll have fun and keep coming back for the food! Second time there was also amazing... i'm now a regular there! This is one of those places you HAVE to try at least once! Pros: Food! Food! Food! more

A family-owned gem with a flair for flavor (and no fuss) 2/24/2007

You're asking yourself right now ... ""What can be so great about a hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant that no one's heard of?"" The answer is simple: the food, the food, and the food. Sure, the staff works in unorthodox ways -- the owner insists on taking orders and running the register, so sometimes simple transactions take a little longer than they should. And sure, he's not out to charm you right off the bat, either -- until he recognizes you from repeat business, he may be a little stingy with his delightful grin. But this man knows how to run a kitchen. \r \r Start with an order of eggrolls -- always cooked to order, they'll arrive steaming hot in about 8-10 minutes. Make sure you take advantage of the sweet dipping sauce to cool off the bites that will have you torn between waiting till they're not searing, and chomping right away to savor the crisp shell and tender veggie stuffing. Then get down to business with an order of S3 -- the tom ka gai soup. This spicy, tart stew of coconut milk, tender white-meat chicken, lime juice and galanga root will have you dreaming about it later. The H6, cashew chicken, is another favorite -- fruity and nutty, it's best with fragrant jasmine rice, which is plentiful. We usually round out our meal with an order of pad thai (N1) and at dinner, some chicken curry with potato -- both are perfectly seasoned and spare on the fussy stuff -- just chock full of authentic Thai flavor. \r \r As you approach the cash register to pay, make sure you cool off your sizzling but delighted palate with a stick of gum from the small display on the counter -- we've found that Juicy Fruit is the perfect ending. And wave goodbye to the owner's grandson, who may ring up your meal himself, his tiny fingers flying over the adding machine keys with amazing speed. Talk about keeping it in the family. Pros: Food, getting to know the owner on repeat visits Cons: Service can be slow more

The Service and Owner make this restaurant very unattractive... 2/11/2007

This restaurant features very authentic Thai food. It's a little difficult to find, but that can be forgiven. What turns me off to this restaurant is the service and the owner. The owner insists on taking all orders AND working the cash register, so believe me when I say the service is not quick...or nice. On my last visit, the owned yelled at me when I tried to order (after he angrily informed our party of 20 that we HAD to order immediately). When paying for my meal, I was yelled at again for using a credit card instead of cash (does he WANT to get paid for the meal I ate??). Then, after our party finished paying up, we all got reprimanded harshly for having a large party and splitting a check, which he did without being asked (does he not care that we ROUTINELY bring large parties that spend lots of money there??). The food is good, don't get me wrong. But I have to wonder if it's worth all the abuse. There are many good Thai restaurants in Houston that actually value your patronage. I will not be returning to Kanomwan. Pros: The food Cons: The Owner more

Best Thai in the states 10/17/2006

This place is outstanding and the best Thai I have eaten in the US. The only place outside Thailand that rivals is a place in Vienna Austria. The food will have a kick if you are deemed worthy by the owner. It helps to have someone who looks like they can take the heat there to vouch for you. Try the S2 soup - a red snapper soup that is packed with flavor and spice.\r If you can find this place tucked behind a strip mall it is worth it. \r This guy got an award from the queen of Thailand for his food. Ask him - he is proud of it. Pros: Fantastic food Cons: Finding it more

Not a quick lunch spot... 6/19/2006

Don't get me wrong... I love this place. But it is only for its food. I won't eat Thai anywhere else. However, the last few times I went, it took over 30 minutes to get 3 orders of eggrolls and over and hour to get basic food DURING LUNCH (for a party of 3)! People who had sat down 30 minutes after us and ordered the same dishes were getting their food before us. When we asked why it was taking so long, we got some muttled excuse that we really couldn't understand. \r \r Bottom line... If you go here for lunch, expect it to be a long one... and go right when they open at lunch or you will be waiting forever for a table!! Pros: yummy food Cons: slow service more

Very disappointing 3/28/2006

Since the move to their new location, Kanomwan has really gone downhill. At lunch, it's common not to get waited on for 15 minutes after being seated (not even a glass of water!) I don't think the food is as good either. The owner is even surlier than he used to be. Overall, a huge disappointment. more

Really Good Thai Food 3/4/2006

I am a big fan of Thai food and was very pleased with our recent, first time trip to Kanomwan. My husband ordered the whole fish, and it flaked perfectly off the bone and was very tasty--cooked perfectly! The service was not nearly as bad as everyone had led us to believe it would be--although it wasn't raccously friendly, it was just fine. The reason you would seek out this resteraunt isn't the ambience, anyway--it's the food. And it's worth it. Pros: great food more

He's like the ""Soup"" Nazi.... 10/16/2005

The best Thai in town!!!! And the owner is the best part.......if you are a Seinfeld fan, you can appreciate the humor. It's like the ""Soup"" Nazi, but better!!! Besides, are you going to eat or make friends???? If you go enough, he will warm up to you... more

Houston's best Thai 2/28/2005

Why do huge crowds travel to the bleakest part of Telephone Road for lunch? Because it is the best tasting Thai food in Houston. The service is rarely chipper, and the interior decor is cheap and dated. But the food is pungent, with very strong, unusual flavors. My favorite items are H6 (cashew chicken with sweet fish sauce flavors) and the Tom Yum Soup. I have had Thai food all over town, and no one else's Tom Yum comes close. more

The Worst Thai Food 10/23/2004

I am honestly don't understand what kind a food they try sell, first of all I try Pad Wun Sen at Kanomwan, the food looks terrible as well as the taste. You can find same food at diff. restaurant taste much much better. Believed me ""DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY THERE"". And aslo the owner very rude, the service average. more
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    Don't even try getting a smile out of the owner--he's legendarily surly. Still, Kanomwan remains a favorite among enthusiasts who believe the food is worth the effort to get...

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