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1301 S 900 E 7
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

(801) 463-7070
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I’d heard good things about Koi for years. I finally decided to find out for myself when I decided to have my right nostril pierced a few months ago. Walking in, I felt right ...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/9/2013

I have gone to Koi for the last 15 years. I started with my nostril (98), then tongue(99), then hood(00), then tandem nipples(02), hood(03) another time, and then industrial (05). I have NEVER had a single problem with a piercing from there. When I got my belly button done elsewhere(00), it was immediately infected, the quality of the jewelry was absolutely sub par, and I vowed never to go anywhere else again. I plan to go back and get more, and typically buy my jewelry only from them, where they will autoclave it right in front of you if they don't have one sterilized already.\r I have and will always recommend that people I know go there, for the cleanliness, professionalism, quality of work and materials (internal threads only for these guys!), jewelry selection, and vast knowledge of their industry. You can do no better than Koi for your piercing! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/3/2013

i got my ""rook"" pierced last august and last night after fighting with it for 7 months not to be sore and slightly infected the bar completely came through the cartilage! :((( so thank you KOI Body Piercings in Salt Lake City, UT for charging me $60 for a fd up ear and cleaning solution that did nothing!... i appreciate it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/7/2012

Koi is the best. I've gotten both my navel and my industrial pierced at Koi by Patrick and I haven't had any problems with them. They have an impressive selection of jewelry and the people who work there don't make me nervous about getting pierced. 10/10 more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/13/2012

Continuously good experience with Koi! I've got a double helix, tragus, and septum piercing from Patrick, the head piercer. Very friendly, non-judgemental staff and welcoming, clean environment. Have returned for tips on jewelry cleaning and such, and was helped quickly and completely. Several of my friends also have piercings from Koi as it's the only place in Salt Lake City we trust. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/12/2012

Awesome experience with Koi, been going for years, mostly just to buy their great selection of jewelry, but I recently got pierced there and it was quick and I felt comfortable, your always in good hands at Koi. They take care of you and will help change your jewelry for free, all their staff and piercers are super nice and friendly too. Definitely recommended. more

Safe, reliable body modification. 4/13/2012

I’d heard good things about Koi for years. I finally decided to find out for myself when I decided to have my right nostril pierced a few months ago. Walking in, I felt right at home. Portraits of tribes across the world hung on the walls, an ode to the history of body modification. The 2 staff members at the front desk were friendly and helpful. I was asked for my I.D. and signed the paperwork. While waiting (there was a group of girls ahead of me, which is typical for a Friday evening), I took some time to check out their merchandise. There are 5 glass cases, all filled with beautiful jewelry, most of it being for stretched earlobes. Upon asking one of the employees about the material of a few pieces, he told me everything I wanted to know and even took them out of the case for me to hold. I see many reviews written by people who were pierced by Patrick, but I believe my piercer’s name was Jen. The piercing itself took less time than my wait. Jen took the time to see where the stud would look best for my nose shape, and marked the spot with what looked like a toothpick. She asked whether I liked the spot, which I did. When the needle went through, my eyes watered, but it wasn’t too painful. Putting in the stud was a little rougher, though. She handed me a hand mirror so that I could admire my new body mod. I thanked her and was on my way! I paid about 65 for the piercing and jewelry and tipped her 25. I went home, feeling like a rockstar. A week or so later I went to a party, and after a few too many Jager Bombs, I woke up the next morning with a closed nostril piercing and the stud had disappeared. I called the studio and they gave me some advice, which was to wait a few weeks and then to come and have it done again. Money down the drain, yes, but a mistake I won’t make again. So, after a few months, I went in and Jen did it a second time. Just as well, and this time with a different kind (one less likely to fall out). If I have ever have another piercing I’d like done, this will be the place. Clean, professional, and the kind of place I feel at home. ALSO, they’re honest! While picking out my jewelry the second time, I pointed to a pretty piece that I liked. The girl at the counter let me know that it was 78 dollars, and I was quick to choose a cheaper piece. more

Awesome Experience 3/28/2012

I went in to get a lip piercing. The wait time wasn't bad. Patrick pierced me, he is very professional. It was quick and easy. They gave me a pamphlet that had tips and warnings for piercings which was very helpful because, it was my first time getting any piercing. The pamphlet was well written and easy to understand, also had some humor. I'm defiantly going to go there again for my industrial. more

Great Piercing Experience! 3/16/2012

I had wanted my nose pierced since I was like 12 and I finally decided I was going to do it. I did a lot of research and found KOI. I read a lot of reviews and didn't see any bad ones. That's when I knew that's where I wanted to go. I traveled three hours to go. Patrick did my nose piercing. He did an amazing job and put me at ease. He joked around and was really nice! I'm very very happy with my peircing and if I were to get another one I would definitely go back to KOI!! more

Best piercing experience I've ever had with Koi 1/30/2012

In November, I got my vch done by Patrick on my 18th birthday. It was a great time and and my overall experience was great! I would definitely recommend going to Koi and I will totally keep going for any future work. Patrick did an amazing job with the placement which i was a bit concerned about before getting it done. Patrick is very slick. He is also fun, friendly and professional. He even let me bring in a couple friends while he did the work. The people at the front are also friendly and will answer any questions you might have and such. The place is clean and they also have really cool jewelry and gauges for sale .Such an awesome shop! more

Wonderful Experience 1/24/2012

A friend and I went to Koi in September after hearing many great recommendations, and Koi completely lived up to it's name. While I merely had my ears and tragus pierced, my friend decided to get dermal anchors and was extremely nervous. However, her fears were quickly put to rest by the calm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone who works there is great and the shop is very clean! Patrick performed our piercings and it was a delight. He knew what he was doing. He was precise, professional, and FUNNY. :) They also played great music! Neither of us have had any issues with our piercings because we followed the instructions and tips that were in the brochure they gave us afterwards. Thanks, Patrick for doing a great job and putting up with a couple of silly teenage girls. :) more

Great Experience! 11/16/2011

I went to Koi to get my nose re-pierced after a piercing I had a year ago got really infected and I had to take it out. I read online that Koi is the best studio in Salt Lake City, and I have to say I can easily agree with that! The location was fine (although I hate their parking lot). The studio is really warm and inviting and they have a lot of really interesting jewelry on display. They were really friendly and got me in right away to get pierced. The piercer (whose name I can't remember, unfortunately) was friendly and talkative, and the room where they pierced me was clean. The whole process of the actual piercing took under five minutes -- incredibly fast and easy... it even hurt less than the first time. He also told me what I might have done wrong the first time and gave me some great advice on how to prevent an infection. They invited me to come back with any questions or problems. The piercing fee isn't too much, and then you have to buy your jewelry. Mine cost about $60 (before I bought some H2Ocean). I would definitely recommend Koi to anyone in the area looking to get pierced. more

Best Piercing Studio! 6/17/2011

I have only gotten one piercing from Koi piercing studio but the experience made me wish I had all of them done here. Koi's atmosphere was both professional and personable, and Patrick who actually placed my surface piercing was excellent. He was very knowledgable of the piercing itself; I thought I had done my homework, but he knew things I hadn't even thought of about it. He was also very straightforward about the risks of getting my surface piercing on my wrist. Overall this is the only piercing studio I recommend to friends and family alike!! more

5 Piercings, never leaving 5/10/2011

Ive gotten 4 Different piercings since i was 18 and all have been done by Patrick at Koi either initially, or to get a re-pierce. My ears, nipples, lip, and frenum. VERY PERSONABLE. I cracked a retainer piece in my lip a while back and Patrick repierced my lip and put a ring in, It only costed me the jewelry because Patrick is such a nice guy. Got my Frenum pierced TODAY and i havent been more happy with a piercing experience. Patrick is the most professional piercer i know. more

THE best piercer and studio!! 4/5/2011

Must be in a midlife crisis...On a whim one day I decided I wanted to get my nose pierced, which is way out of my league. Researched piercing studios on the web and Koi came highly recommended. Then, every stranger I ran into with a piercing, I asked where they got it, the pain factor, etc. EVERYONE said Koi. I called, went without an appt and got in rather quickly. Patrick eased my fears, was very professional, explained everything. Told me how to take care of it, etc. I've had no infections, no issues. I cannot recommend Patrick and Koi highly enough. I will never look elsewhere. Huge, huge selection, and THE best staff. Patrick even gives you his number to txt with any concerns afterwards, and he followed up to see if there were any issues. You are treated with so much more than just a ""thanks, have a nice day."". Thank you Koi, and thanks Patrick! Recommend you to everyone. more

Koi is awesome! 4/5/2011

When I first started sizing up in my gauges, I had seen so many of my friends blow out their ears so was really scared to start the process. I went to Koi and asked so so so many questions of how to take care of my ears during the gauging, and they were so thorough and professional with everything. They even help me size up my gauges on a regular basis for free. So awesome! It's that little bit of time and generosity that really makes a business thrive. Thank you, Koi. You have my business as long as you're in business, which I KNOW will be a very long time.\r more

Excellent Apadravya Experience 4/4/2011

I had a frenum done about three years ago at Koi, great experience. Finally after many attempts on my part (live so far away) I had the Apadravya piercing done by Patrick. He is a professional of professionals, demonstrating his skill by taking his time for accuracy. I am considering having another (Ap) done. Joking I dont think its possible but ""IF"" I would have Patrick do it. It was truly and EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE. more

Still coming back 4/2/2011

I have lived in Virginia for the last two years and I still make time to come back to Koi where I've had all my work done. I'd trust Patrick with any piercing. Koi has a sweet collection of jewelry and they are more than happy to order stuff for you if they do not have it in stock. I have yet to find a better studio anywhere. Anywhere! more

Only go here 2/25/2011

I went to Patrick to get my nose pierced for my birthday. It was quick and clean. I love how he dabs up tears for noses! So cute. Anywho, I always make my friends who want piercings go here and they are always glad I do. I will only go to Patrick and Koi for my piercings. In fact I plan on going later today. more

Love Koi 2/13/2011

I have been to a few local studios and none compare to the customer service and satisfaction I have had at Koi. I have been going to Koi for years and everyone there is always friendly and very informational. I flew here from California just to have Patrick help me out with some of my piercings. I would not and have not gone anywhere else since. To everyone at Koi, thanks for all the exellent help!! more

Awesome Studio. 12/8/2010

I went in with a friend after looking at a few places around the area. We had many people recommend this place and said it was the best. And after visiting I am glad to say they were right. The studios there are very clean which is great when you are thinking about having a needle put through your skin. They were very helpful when it came to picking out a ring and suggesting what would work best for me, not what would be the best for them in prices. Patrick did our piercings and he was very skilled in what he did. He explained everything he was doing so that we knew exactly what was going on. And when it came time for the piercings to go through he was as gentle and quick as he could be. Then after they give you advice on what to do to keep your piercing in the best condition and so it will heal the quickest. Overall: Koi was the best choice on where to go in the Salt Lake area for piercings and if I get anymore work done I personally will pick them. more
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