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KC Pit BBQ - 42 Reviews - 6317 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA - Other Reviews - Phone (404) 459-6497


6317 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 459-6497
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KC Pit BBQ - Atlanta, GA
KC Pit BBQ - Atlanta, GA
KC Pit BBQ - Atlanta, GA
KC Pit BBQ - Atlanta, GA
KC Pit BBQ - Atlanta, GA
KC Pit BBQ - Atlanta, GA
KC Pit BBQ - Atlanta, GA
KC Pit BBQ - Atlanta, GA
KC Pit BBQ - Atlanta, GA


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My fiancee and I have been looking for a GOOD restaurant for awhile now. KC Pit BBQ came highly recommended by several different people. We decided to give it a try. He ordered...


Had a graduation party there and the hostess told the remaining guests that were coming that the graduation party was a NO SHOW! This was a great disappointment as my guest had t...

KC Pit BBQ 5/8/2010

Had a graduation party there and the hostess told the remaining guests that were coming that the graduation party was a NO SHOW! This was a great disappointment as my guest had travelled far to celebrate!!! Call the manager and she offered a $10 gift certificate with a heartless apology!!! Wouldn't do another large gathering there!!! Waitress was not very attentive, only when it was time to tip! Pros: Food was good Cons: Customer Service--not good more

Give It A Try! 2/12/2010

My fiancee and I have been looking for a GOOD restaurant for awhile now. KC Pit BBQ came highly recommended by several different people. We decided to give it a try. He ordered a ribs and wing combo plate and I ordered grilled salmon. I was surprised by how great the food looked wihen it came to the table. Nothing like I'd ever seen at a BBQ place. More like something you would expect to see at a high class spot. My salmon was served over rice with a lemon twisted on top. If I didn't know better I'd say the plate was china. The ribs and wings looked mouth watering and very big and meaty. My fiancee was wolfing down the food so fast I hardly got to taste a bite of the ribs. Um Um Good! Our server was also great and the restaurant was really nice. I'll be back on All You Can Eat Rib Night! Pros: Ribs are best in Atlanta Cons: Live Music/Band more

Raving reviews diminishing 7/20/2009

Food was ok (greens could use a little more seasoning than just turkey meat), nice atmosphere for mingling and dinner. Jazz band was good but service could use a boost to catch up to atmosphere. If I give it another try, it will most likely be take-out. Pros: Good atmosphere Cons: Poor service more

Nice atmosphere, Terrible Ribs 6/22/2009

My ribs could have broke my teeth. They were very tough and tasteless. The sides were pretty bad too. Greens were tough and the sweets were very watery. Will not return Pros: Very nice inside Cons: Food was awful more

Best ribs and sides in ATL 4/3/2009

Only been once to new location, shortly after they moved. They didn't have a liquor license at that time for whatever reason, and the change in decor and atmosphere was a little shocking. Still had fun with some good entertainment and great food. The ribs are AMAZING, and so are the sides. Mac and cheese, collards (when available), fries, corn-on-the-cob, baked beans- it's all good. Always get pick-up orders for big games and fights and all of my guests LOVE it. Also- try the lamb ribs some time. They are very tasty and a nice change of pace from the usual Q. Pros: Great food Cons: Not a lot more

Shiny new location but nostalgic for the old one. 3/13/2009

KC Pit was once a weekly destination for lunch with several co-workers. When they moved to their new location we were a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, if i had never set foot in the old location I wouldn't have a point of reference. The new place is nice with a variety of seating and I can only imagine that the music at night is great (only been at lunch). That being said, we have been disappointed on several visits since the move. The portions being smaller was a complaint but recently the portions have been fine, Also the price on the lunch specials went up $2. Well the prices stayed roughly the same but they now do not include a beverage. I recently tried the wings and they are very tasty. The shiny new place is fine and I hope they do well but BBQ ain't supposed to be fancy. more

Warm It Up a Little 2/13/2009

I've had the pleasure of visiting KC when it was the little kid down the street and when it grew up into the Hunk on page 134 of GQ. The new location is great. Its big (but still intimate), full of the latest technology (love the buttons you can push to get a server, manager, etc. to the table), and the food is ummmmm, not that hot. Literally it just wasn't warm enough. My ribs were very tasty but not right off the grill and the sides could have been nuked just a little longer. The only thing that was hot was the corn on the cob. The $5 wine was definitely worth the $5 because the glass was enormous, but it was very low on buzz effect. Overall I like the place. I'd love it if they could give me piping hot, fresh off the grill ribs. Pros: Good family place but great for a date too. Cons: Food's not hot. (literally) more

Bad lunch experience 1/31/2009

A group of coworkers and I were excited to try the new location for lunch one afternoon. It took the hostess several minutes to seat the four of us, even though there were plenty of tables and booths available. We ordered one round of bottled beers, which took about 15 minutes to arrive. Perhaps they spent the time searching for the bottle I ordered--turns out they were out of stock of that item. This was disappointing but not nearly as shocking as when the waitress informed us the restaurant had run out of chopped pork and wouldn't be serving it for lunch that day. She offered no apology or empathy, but we were quite surprised as this was 12:40pm on a Friday. We were also unimpressed by the tiny serving sizes of sauces the restaurant provided the table--far too little for four patrons. We would have requested more if the waitress had stopped by the table at any point to check on us. While the food did taste decent once it finally arrived, it far from compensated for our unpleasant, lengthy experience at KC Pit. Save yourself the trouble and head to Slope's instead. Pros: Decor Cons: Service, Wait time, Service, Availability of menu items, Service more

GREAT BBQ in the ATL...Classy, Tasty & Fun! 1/21/2009

I had a GREAT meal here. Starting with fresh, homemade potato chips & onion dip that WASN'T salty. As a nice change of pace, you don't get a bread basket; instead you get rib tips. What a great way to get you to switch your choice of entree. I had the ribs (dry) "burnt ends" (the ends of the brisket chopped up) & smoked beef sausage. All were superb; just enough smoke that the meat wasn't overpowered. No rub really evident...but then again it wasn't Memphis-style. The sides I had did not disappoint; the greens, which are usually a non-descript green mush, had the right amount of chew and were flavored with smoked turkey instead of the traditional ham hocks/pork (this helped keep them from being too salty.) The beans were made with their BBQ sauce (more on that later) and minced pieces of smoked brisket. I usually am disappointed by the barbecue beans at most BBQ joints, but not here. The sauces (regular & hot) were both served warm (part of the overall presentation with is unlike any other BBQ joint I've been to, trying to make BBQ more like fine dining...which worked actually.) It was nice to have sauces that weren't overpowered by either molasses or ketchup. There were hints of celery seed, vinegar, brown sugar, and maybe even cumin. If you couldn't tell from my review, this isn't a traditional, down-home style BBQ joint (which isn't a bad thing.) It's polished and a bit 'she-she', but still comfortable for the after-work crowd, families or DINKs alike (although the latter may be annoyed by the kids.) Lots of TVs tuned to both news networks (CNN...this is Atlanta after all) and sports (ESPN) with a neat waterwall, shiny cement/tile floors, and an excellent covered/heated outdoor area (for us smokers.) I won't be around to see the live entertainment they have on weekends, but will most likely be back tomorrow night for the all-you-can-eat ribs! Be ready for me Mark (who was a great bartender...attentive & friendly.) This is a must stop for a GOOD BBQ meal. Pros: Great food, nice people, good service, cool atmosphere. Cons: No "human sized" 3 meat entree choice (had to order the std combo & pay for ribs too) more

I was dissapointment with the service from KC Pitt BQ 1/18/2009

My husband and I went to the grand celebration of KC Pitt BQ January 17th, 2009 and arrived around 8:45pm with the intention of having dinner and seeing the advertised concert . We paid $10.00 to attend this event and we waited and waited to be seated in the restuarant. There was complete chaios from the waiters and waitresses trying to handle the increasingly big crowd. There were no seating available. We found out after waiting for over an hour that dinner was cut off at 8:30 pm and a selected tapas menu will only be served. What? We paid attend this event and the advertisement included food! People who had been eating earlier were still sitting and all of the people who came to attentdthe concert were left standing around. We were told that we had to wait until customers, who came earlier in the evening, get up from the table. Some were still sitting. Monies collected for the concert started around 9:00 pm. After waiting until 10:10, we asked for refund and left to eat somewhere else. I was so disppointment because I was looking forward to eating a BQ entree.. I will give the benefit of the doubt and try it again, without trying to attend a big event like that.. Please, please if you are going to advertise big event please be specific about what kind food menu will be given ( after all KC is a restuarant and not a club). I attended KC BQ from the old place and loved it. I was looking forward to coming again. There should have been reserved seating left for customers who were attending an event like this.. Please include the regular menu, after all you are restuarant. The price was too low which prompt the hugh crowd. They didn't have enough seating and people who came a lot earlier didn't leave until they got ready! It is not fair to have customers paying $10.00 and having them stand around the whole time. Also, suggest having a separate price for reserved seats versus those without reserved seats. KC Pitt BQ need to reevalutate handling something like this. Pros: Great Food, liked the environment at the old place better Cons: Dissapointment with the service at the new establishment more

Just say En Oh to K C 1/15/2009

There is no such thing as a BBQ "restaurant". All great BBQ comes from a "joint", "place", or "shack". BBQ joints should be homey, comfortable, relaxing. The music should be blues, country, or a blend of the two. The hallmark of real BBQ is the smell of smoke. KC used to be a BBQ joint. They used to have really good ribs, above average chopped pork, and great live blues. When you walked in the door, you stood in line at the counter to place your order, then picked your way thru the packed dining area and past the dark wood bar to find a table. If you came in at night, you could listen to live blues as you ate some of the best ribs in North Fulton county. All of that has changed. They closed the small and cramped location to relocate in a bigger more expansive space. The smell of smoke has been replaced with the generic smell of a "restaurant", and the sound of blues usurped by jazz. The charm of the old place is gone. Now it is just another cookie cutter trendy restaurant that happens to serve what they call BBQ. Instead of the friendly wait staff in jeans and t-shirts, you are greeted by a hostess in a tux shirt and tie. KC has gone the way of other "classy" places as far as wait staff goes. You have one person dressed in dark blue dress shirt and tie who takes your order, and two or three people all dressed in black who actually bring your food. Forget being "waited on". I had to get up to find salt and pepper from another table. In spite of the buzz of employees, service was not good. But the food - the food was mediocre BBQ at best. I had the chopped pork that had the consistency of corn beef has, and more than one fork full was actually cold. One of my friends had turkey that he said was the quality of school cafeteria turkey. The side dishes (with the exception of the Brunswick stew) were better than the meat. The collard greens were actually exceptional. BBQ is not fine-dining, and in trying to make it so, KC has woefully missed the mark. Pros: collard greens were really good Cons: this isn't what a BBQ joint should be more

Good place for soul food & bbq! 12/14/2008

I really liked the new location on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. Service was great, great looking waitstaff, and angreat atmosphere. They have jazz almost every week, and the night I went they had a really good RnB group. They did the damn thing! As far as the food, the greens were the bomb. And I am picky about my mac n cheese, but I had no complaints there either. The only thing I would say is the the ribs were a bit tough and could have cooked longer, to let the meat fall of the bones, in my opinion. Overall, I will be back! Pros: Good soul food! Cons: Meat did no fall off the bone. more

Never Seen a BBQ Place Quite Like This Before! 12/11/2008

I went to this place many times when it was at the original location. I visited the NEW location and WOW!!! I was not at all expecting such a transformation! The new venue is amazing! Much larger with seating and parking. The service staff was very friendly and accomodating, and the food was the same as always-- Terrific! It is consistently good! My friend ordered a steak which you would not expect to be that great at a BBQ place. He ate every bite and said it was better than the steak joints in town. Sides are great also! I would highly recommend this place to any and everyone!!! Pros: Ribs, Sides, Large Variety on Menu Cons: Zero! more

Love it! 11/17/2008

Except for some minor inconsistancies, the food usally comes out looking good enough for the cover of a BBQ magazine and tatses just as good. One of the few places that serves a wide variety of foods that include lamb ribs, salmon, brisket and of course ribs, chicken and more.....the mac n cheese is hearty and the cole slaw is delish! Highly recommended! Can't wait till they reopen down the street. more

Avoid - Avoid-Avoid at all costs 10/18/2008

I saw some of the reviews available here before going. After having had lunch on Friday October 17, 2008, I can only say that the favorable reviews must have been written by gentlemen that live in public parks and consider dog food a delicacy. After many years of sampling barbecues in any place where my trips have taken me, I am ready now to give this place the All Time Rusted Tin Medal: "Best Place to ruin your stomach". Pros: Well . . . they have food. Cons: The "food" is not edible more

Feel Good Place 2Eat 8/21/2008

All I can say is WOW! I went to KC Pit for Lunch with some co-workers and the food was yummy:) It was so good that even the horrible parking couldn't change my mind. I had to bring my family in for dinner and try more items on their menu. I was surprised to find out it was a live Jazz band playing that friday night.The Music was great and entertaining My bar drinks were WONDERFUL! Everyone was so cheerful and nice from the cashiers to the servers and we even got up and did the special staff dance with them at the end of the night. In ALL I had a BLAST and will be back for more. Cant wait to see the new location. Pros: I love the jazz food and bar drinks Cons: parking more

I thought yall knew 8/21/2008

being from new york city, you dont get a chance to experience bbq on such a level... But KC Pit BBQ is amazing... everytim i eat there i eat what are called the Beef Burnt Endz... OMG!!! That wit the homemade mac is wonderful... i would recommend that to those who dont favor pork... but me yeah i gottta add a rib everytime. Oh yeah!!! bar drinks are off the chain. KC Pit BBQ is my favorite place. Pros: customer service, music, fun Cons: parking more

Friday Night at KC Pit 8/20/2008

Having finally heeded my friend's rave reviews about KC Pit, I now realize what I was missing the many times I drove passed the restaurant. The warm welcome we received as we entered the door was just a hint of the outstanding customer service we would receive throughout the evening. As this was the first time, our server recommended the KC Plate that allowed us to sample the ribs and other meats. WOW! It was all wonderful. I confess we stayed longer at our table than might have been resonable but the band was so good and the prevailing atmosphare was such that it was difficult to leave. If you are looking for top quality cue, a great place to eat and enjoy live jazz, then you simply have to try KC Pit. And don't leave it too long and end up with regrets like me. Pros: Great food, wonderful people Cons: Usual Friday wait, parking more

GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!!!!! 8/19/2008

This is the BEST restaurant I've been to in Atlanta... hands down! Ribs were meaty and tender, no sauce needed. The mac and chz was the best. As a matter of fact, all of the sides were homemade which you just don't see anymore. The portions are so big, it's hard to finish the meal. We took all the leftovers home and ate them the next day! The service was top notch. The band was good and dessert was scrumptuous. The prices are extremely reasonable for a venue of this caliber. I loved the old place too. But now with the parking and extra seating now offered and a beautiful atmosphere, what else can you ask for? I hope they open one of these on the south side of town! Keep up the great work! Pros: Food, Service, Mega Bar Cons: Only ONE of these in Atlanta. Wish there were more! more

Great Staff and BBQ Cooking 7/23/2008

KC Pit impressed me today so much with their great customer service and friendly staff (including bringing out hot moist towellettes at the end of the meal). A chopped BBQ sandwich and side for lunch for 4.99 was a steal. Take that Subway. I also tried the ribs, which were just right. Flavorful and the skin was just a little chewy and delicious. The chopped pork was excellent and tasted like it was slow cooked and tender. Better than pulled pork for the texture, and the spicy sauce was good. Only complaint would be the brisket which was cut with the grain making it less tender. It was a little dry and bland. The sweet sauce was also very sweet (too sweet for me). Definately will return and recommend! Pros: Well-cooked BBQ and EXCELLENT staff Cons: Parking more
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  • Kansas City 'que gets a Georgia address at this Sandy Springs venture known for tomato-based sauce, yummy sides and large portions.

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