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Joint Venture Estate Jewelers Engagement Rings, Diamonds, Fine Jewelry Raleigh - 45 Reviews - 250 Grande Heights Drive, Cary, NC - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (919) 678-0092

Joint Venture Estate Jewelers Engagement Rings, Diamonds, Fine Jewelry Raleigh


250 Grande Heights Drive
Cary, NC 27513

(919) 678-0092
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My wife and I came to visit our daughter and while out doing some shopping, we stumbled across Joint Venture. When we walked into the store we were immediately greeted. We weren't...


While the selection and variety of the jewelry in the cases was great, we were turned off by this store once we met the personnel. They were pushy and condescending and it was a l...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/2/2013

I don't recommend this business. Once you pay them any money, you'll never get it back, regardless of whether what you bought is ok or not. \r \r They sold me a pink watch for my wife, but when I brought it home, she didn't like it the color. Two days later, when I asked for the different color watch (white, which they had in stock when I bought it), they said it had been sold, and that they couldn't get it because it was discontinued. However, they could buy the white band for an additional $75 (but they were only charging me $38). \r \r It was underhanded and sneaky. I don't trust them. I can tell when someone's making up the story as they go along. \r \r Next time I'll shop at a retail story, where everything is above board. \r \r This was a $150 lesson in where not to shop. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/4/2012

We are so happy that we came here. Local people make all the difference in a purchase this size. Thanks for everything! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/14/2012

I love my new engagement ring! So excited to have something I can be proud of for the rest of my life, it is perfect. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/1/2012

Not only are the owners and employees of Joint Venture Jewelry genuinely wonderful people, their selection of antique engagements rings is the best around. My fiancé and I live in Wilmington, NC so we started our search for a ring there, but I couldn't find anything I liked. Most jewelry stores had only a few antique rings (I wanted a ring that was an actual antique ring, not just antique style) and I wasn't happy with any of them. The same is true for the stores in the Raleigh area. In fact, all the jewelry stores we visited in the Triangle referred us to Joint Venture. They had so many antique rings it was hard for me to choose at first. Kayla and Donna were so helpful and patient with me while I tried on several different rings until I found the perfect one! We’ll definitely go back here for our wedding bands. If you are looking for an antique ring, Joint Venture Jewelry is the best place to go! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/22/2012

I love Joint Venture and I love all that they do to make each customer feel special. We got my wedding band and my push present here and every time I look at my hand, I smile thinking about the girls at Joint Venture Jewelry! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/12/2012

Note that the store is now located at the corner of Harrison & Maynard - in between Harris Teeter & Staples. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/10/2012

My wife's engagement ring was damaged while being resized. Company refuses to resolve without us paying $500. more

Very friendly, great customer service -- will likely return 1/7/2012

My wife and I came to visit our daughter and while out doing some shopping, we stumbled across Joint Venture. When we walked into the store we were immediately greeted. We weren't looking for anything specific but my wife found a vintage ring at a great price, and also decided to replace her wedding set. We had such a pleasant experience purchasing my wife's rings that I decided to replace my wedding band. We felt very comfortable buying our jewelry and will likely return during our next visit. more

The Best Shopping Possible -- Safe and Trusted 1/5/2012

I've never been to the Joint Venture physical store. I've never met the owners or any of the staff in person. I had never bought jewelry online from anybody before I started shopping online with Joint Venture. Many, many purchases later, my habit now is always to start shopping for jewelry by visiting their online store before looking anywhere else. And because of my many purchases, they know what I want, keep me informed through their e-newsletters, and -- at my request -- routinely contact me personally about jewelry they know will interest me. They are friendly, accommodating, honest, and reliable to a fault. Joint Venture is a rare place in providing service that customers want and businesses almost never provide. They provide the best shopping experience and the best retail relationship that any shop can provide....on the Web or anywhere else. Without even the slightest exception during many transactions, Joint Venture has never disappointed me and, in fact, has always done more than expected. I trust the shop and feel completely safe in every respect when buying there. more

excruciatingly unpleasent 12/22/2011

This shop was recommended to me for consignment through a well known pawnshop in the Downtown Raleigh area. The rings were appraised by an outside Raleigh jeweler (in Cameron Village) ~ there were 2 platinum set diamond rings I took to JV for consignment, one of 4 carats with 3 stones. The other of 5 carats, a Solitaire. As I mentioned, I knew what they were worth since they had just been appraised by a jewelry shop lab in Cameron Village. \r \r Both rings were accepted for Consignment and a 1 year contract was signed which promised they would be held until they were sold, with conditions for pick up stating that if I got them early I could be charged a fee for doing so. \r \r However, within a month, ""Lee"" (half of the co-owner ship in the shop, with is wife ""Donna"") left a very impolite and abusive voicemail for me demanding I come get the jewelry immidiatly, no reason given. \r \r When I called him back, he continued his verbal attack on the phone, hanging up on me when I asked what his reasons were? \r \r Shocked by this, I contacted his wife ""Donna"" (the other half of the co-ownership) by email. She didnt explain or appologise~ I get the impression she is used to this bullying behavior and considers it ""normal"". \r \r Finally after another month or so, I realised that they were not showing my jewelry at all, so people were not able to even see it on the website or if they came into the shop. This was a deliberate tactic to continue the strategy of harrassment initiated by Lee on the phone. His attitude (and his words) said ""What are you going to do about it?""\r \r \r Instead of picking up the rings, I called Donna and asked what she thought of me listing them on Craigslist, along with photos that I had taken with my digital camera? After all, the rings are quite dazzling and the 5 carat solitaire was being listed at a very very very rock bottom bargain price. I was pretty sure that they could be sold easily through Craiglist and the ""misunderstanding"" would be put to rest. \r \r She consented on the phone and was very congenial. So I listed the rings with pics. Later I got another even more abusive voicemail from Lee denouncing me and vowing that no matter who came into the store ASKING to buy the rings, he woudnt remove them from the vault to be shown, come hell or high water, that he was in charge, that I had gone over his head, etc (??????) \r \r Evidently, due to his abusiveness, perhaps Donna neglected to mention our discussion and agreement in advance? That appeared to be the only possible explanation, which caused this irrational outburst. Further, he began making slanderous statements, such as that the rings were not worth their appraisal, made by one of his close freinds (!) a jeweler who had recently died, the summer before. \r \r Honestly, I couldnt fathom this behavior. How do they stay in business if they take consignments that they then refuse to sell? He also made other statements such as that the diamonds were ""too big"" which is non-sensical in itself. \r \r At that point, I began to have a very very very bad feeling that if I didnt go pick up the jewelry, I would never see it again. After all, they had it in their possession at the shop and who knows? With all the vitriol flying around, maybe they would find some way to keep the diamonds and make up a lie about what had happened? \r \r Only a few months of the 1 year contract had passed before I had to go and get the diamond rings, under the distinct impression that if I had not done so, I would never have seen them again. \r \r 1. Lee Hankin broke a verbal and written contract\r \r 2. Lee Hankin verbally abused me on a number of occasions\r \r 3. This is an untrustworthy and unbusinesslike establishment, this incident has been REPORTED TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU more

Great Unique Jewelry Selection 10/17/2011

On our journey of trying to find the perfect engagement ring, we found this wonderful and very unique jewelry store. We had been out looking all day and a friend mentioned we should go and give Joint Venture a try. It was our last stop and we were a little bit discourage from the morning of looking at all those other places. As soon as we walked in the door we felt at ease. The owners made us feel comfortable and like we had been their customer for years. We found my dream ring here and we do plan to return for future purchases. It you are looking for great customer service and jewelry you will not find anywhere else, this is the place you need to go. more

Unique Finds, Friendly Service 6/9/2011

A friend introduced me Joint Venture about 3 years ago and I'm so glad that she did! I've purchased 9 pieces of jewelry from them ranging in rings, earrings, and pendants. And I love every piece. \r \r I don't like to wear jewelry that I will see on someone else. The selection avaliavable at JV is very unique and quite uniquely beautiful. I'm always looking for that piece with a ""different"" look and for me it has to be a reasonable price.\r \r And I must mention the staff at JV! I love everyone there! They have always jumped in when I have need assistance without being pushy. And they have always offered they most honest opinions about which pieces looked best. I must commend Jennifer especially as she takes care of me like know one else. Donna watches over me as well. But Jennifer has worked with me through the years and knows what makes my magpie eyes sparkle!\r \r One last thing to commend JV. Over the last 6 months, I haven't been able to make it over to the store, but that hasn't stopped my fix for JV!! No way! I have completely enjoyed shopping on their website! In fact, I made my last three purchases by selecting pieces on the website. What fun! \r \r Joint Venture has it all for me - the lovely instore selection, a great website when I can't run over to Cary, and a great caring, knowledgeable staff! What more could you want???? I know I'm in love! more

Great Selection for a Memorable Occasion 6/6/2011

I recently graduated with my master's degree, and wanted something to commemorate the occasion. My wife brought me to Joint Venture Jewelry, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. For a long time, I've been looking for a watch that is masculine, but has a leather band and fits comfortably. I was amazed when I found exactly what I was looking for, and at a reasonable price that I could afford. My wife snatched it up for me right away! The staff were very helpful and seemed genuinely interested in helping to commemorate the special occasion. We certainly will be back. And who knows, maybe my wife will be getting the gift next time - there was certainly a few pieces she liked! more

They don't stand behind their merchandise!! 5/23/2011

My daughter got her engagement ring here, and many other pieces of jewelry throughout the last few years. I have bought a gold necklace, a pearl necklace and four rings there in the past 3 years. In February, the band of a ring that I had purchased there just 13 months before, split in the back. When I called them, they said to bring it in. When I went to the store, I was told that the ring could be repaired and then I was told that there was a $50 charge which they would split with me! I was astonished and then the owner said, ""Well what do you expect for what you paid for it?"" I told him that I expected that they would stand behind their merchandise and they would take the responsibility to have it fixed. He told me that he would not do anything more to help. I took the ring back and told him he was losing a customer. He said, ""Well, I'm losing 4 customers"" (my husband, daughter and son-in-law were all with me as the men were going to buy us some jewelry!) and he watched us walk out. We all cannot believe that a businessman would refuse to do the right thing for people who have been good customers of theirs. BTW, I had the ring fixed by another jewelry store for just $18!!! more

Thrilled with my repair 3/29/2011

I bought an old ring at an auction. The center stone was damaged, but the setting was so beautiful and unusual I just had to fix it and give it a new life. My father highly recommended this store to do the job, so I gave them a try. I explained I wanted a stone that was bright, flashy and dramatic, but not too expensive. I pointed to various stones on display that were good examples my taste. I felt they listened to what I wanted and understood.\r \r It took about three weeks because I needed a large square stone that had to be custom cut just for this setting. I really didn't expect much since I didn't pick out the stone myself and I am quite a snob. What they returned to me was more than spectacular. The color of this stone is so deep and rich but it's bright and it sparkles at the same time. It's difficult to explain because there are no words that do it justice. It's absolutely amazing. I am so happy with it I am giddy! I keep looking at it. \r \r I will definitely go back to them in the future. I have a few pieces I've been afraid to part with, but I feel I can trust them to do a professional job.\r \r Thank you exceeding all my expectations!\r more

Estate Restoration ....Amazing Results! 3/24/2011

I purchased a vintage estate engagement ring for my fiancee from a chain retailer website several months ago . Unfortunately, the pictures on the website did not reveal some very serious structural defects to the band and mounting as well as the original etching on the band was barely visible. Yet I was very apprehensive in taking this one-of-a-kind estate ring to just anyone! Going with a local merchant was very important as well as a shop that was knowledgeable and passionate about vintage jewelry. We are so happy to have met Donna and Lee. They quickly became just as excited as we were as we discussed the restoration. In just a short time, they were able to revitalize this 1960s ring to it's authentic state, without jeopardizing the integrity of the piece. They completely rebuilt and replicated one entire side of the mount to match the other, exactly! The band etching and every other point of detail was restored. My fiancee now wears a piece of history that represents our future that we will cherish and pass down for generations to follow. Thank You! more

Blue Topaz Extravaganza 3/15/2011

Today I walked into the shop with my $100 off coupon in hand, prepared to spend $500 on a Topaz pendant to go with my new Topaz ring. I walked OUT of the shop, with Lagos Topaz earrings, a gorgeous Lagos Topaz pendant and a stunning Movado Topaz bracelet. Why so over the top, you ask? Well, the jewelry was gorgeous and the two ladies who helped me were incredibly friendly, thoughtful and encouraging. It was just plain fun! I was encouraged to keep looking until I found what I was looking for, and they helped me look. I spent a lot more than I intended, but I got incredible value for what I paid. more

Helpful and knowledgeable 1/21/2011

The staff at Joint Venture was very helpful in regard to their willingness to share their expertise about antique and estate jewelry. In the end, they did not have exactly what I was looking for, so I did not buy from them, but their helpful staff and extensive selection is certainly motivating to return in the future! more

Friendly experts 12/9/2010

My husband and I went to Joint Venture to pick out a special ring for my 60th birthday. The person who helped us was so friendly and patient. We never felt hurried or pressured. We chose a beautiful, unique ring and I wear it proudly. We've been back a couple times and the service continued to be excellent and the expert information helped us make choices. more

Amazing Find! 12/9/2010

Just moved to the area and needed a local jeweler. A work associate told me about Joint Venture - what a terrific concept! They have already repaired some of my jewelry and I found an estate ring that reminds me on one my Grandma wore. It's on layaway because it's Christmas & I shouldn't be buying for myself. Love shopping with a family run business - keeping it local! more
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  • Jewelry consignment store specializes in vintage, estate and contemporary fine jewelry; new and pre-owned pieces available.

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