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Joey's House of Pizza - 98 Reviews - 897 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (615) 254-5639
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Joey's House of Pizza

897 Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, TN 37210
(615) 254-5639
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Joey's House of Pizza - Nashville, TN
Joey's House of Pizza - Nashville, TN
Joey's House of Pizza - Nashville, TN


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The best pizza I've had in Nashville!


You want some verbal abuse to go with that pizza? Maybe for christmas I'll buy them a book on hospitality. Damn!! what a strange experience. The pizza is not bad, but the atti...

BEST PIZZA! 11/25/2011

The best pizza I've had in Nashville! more

Best Pizza in Metro Nashville Area! 4/27/2011

I grew up in a place where there were at least four superior pizza joints within a ten minute drive than there are in the entire Nashville metro area. I pride myself on knowing about good, authentic Italian food and great pizza. Joey's is the best pizza in the Nashville area, bar none! The sauce is zesty and the toppings are generously laid atop a nice, crispy hand-tossed crust. If you live within thirty minutes of Brentwood, it's worth your while to visit this restaurant as soon as humanly possible!!! more

Stop being such babies 11/15/2010

We think this is the best pizza we've found so far that Nashville has to offer. Stop being such babies about the argumentative staff. That's part of the charm! So they argue... They've never actually killed anyone. more

Fantastic 7/28/2010

I used to go to Manny's when I worked downtown. Now that I work in Franklin, I enjoy Joey's. Real NY pizza with High quality and quantity!\r \r Contrary to other reviewers, I found the family very nice and cordial. They were willing to talor my order to what I wanted without any ""soup-nazi"" type of attitude.\r \r Cannot wait to get back! Pros: Food, Service, Atmosphere Cons: Closed for dinner/weekends more

Simply THE Best! 10/21/2009

First of all, the food is absolutely incredible. The pizza is amazing (Pepperoni & double-stuffed meat lovers are the best), but everything is great.\r \r Joey & his family are true New Yorkers. If you're lucky, they might just yell at each other (or you!) while you're there.\r \r You will never forget Joey's. Pros: Incredible food, colorful staff. Cons: Closed for a WHOLE week around July 4th more

Just plain awesome... 10/21/2009

As an out-of-towner visiting Nashville, the place was a bit hard to find, but well worth the search. Just one slice of the highly recommended double-crust meat lovers was more than enough for this big guy's appetite. My wife and I were surprised to find tiramisu at a NY style pizza spot, but wow... that stuff is to die for. By far the best restaurant I've visited in the Nashville area. Pros: huge pizza slices, wonderful taste, real brick ovens Cons: location more

Amazing food 10/21/2009

Eat there and find out for yourself! Words cant describe how amazing the food its, especially the chicken parm!\r \r Pros: Best italian food ive ever eated Cons: None! more

It's so good I feel sorry for you if you haven't eaten there 10/21/2009

Just ate there today!!!!! Everyting they make is soooo good and homemade. I've gotten large orders for family parties and everyone alwasy loves it. Like I said above if you haven't eaten there I feel sorry for you. Pros: Everything is good!!!!!!!!! more

New York in Nashville.......... 10/21/2009

From the sauce to the desserts.....Joey's is the place . Search no further, you have found the BEST!!!! Tell Chris I sent you.......:-) Pros: Delicious food made by native New Yorker's Cons: NOT A THING more

BEST Italian food at ""Joey's House of Pizza"" 10/21/2009

This is a family who LOVES what they do. Their customers always come first and one bite of their food and you are hooked. Everything they make is my favorite and keeps me coming back for more. Way to go guys. Pros: friendly atmosphere, clean, food is fresh,prices are great Cons: Absolutely NOTHING more

Terrific pizza and pasta 10/21/2009

I've seen some of the other reviewers talk about the attitude at Joey's - while it is true that this restaurant is far too busy for casual ""make nice"" chitchat with the customers, I have consistently pleasant and EFFICIENT service at Joey's.\r \r But it is really the food that makes this place so great. I frequently call ahead to order a whole pie to take home. They are generous with their toppings and each pizza is of highest quality. Because I don't like reheated slices (anywhere), I order a salad or pasta when I go at lunch - delish! A potential negative, neither of the ladies who work behind the counter has a very loud voice, even when on microphone, so you have to listen hard to hear when your order is ready. This is especially true at lunch, when it gets noisy at Joey's. Pros: Generous toppings on made-to-order pies! Pasta! Salad! Cons: Long line at lunch; not open on weekends; loud more

Joey's is the Best! 10/14/2009

I was visiting relatives for the first time in Nashville. They know of Joeys house of Pizza, because of their son Eric and the great tasting food given there. So I tried the Chicken Parmesan, my husband tried the Pizza, and our family members had Lasagna and we all had salad. This food was incredible. I had a taste of everything. The salad dressing was just olive oil and vinegar, spices; yet it was the best tasting dressing I've had. The Pizza crust was to die for ; I took just one bite and it was soft, warm yet crusty bread. The lasagna had some great tasting meat on it, and the canoli's where crisp fried and melted in my mouth. The Tiramisu was light to swallow yet delicable. I would rate this as the best italian food I've ever had, I dont care what it costs. And the atmosphere is comfortable come and you are. And Fillippi's Pizza Grotto in San Diego used to be my favorite. Sorry Filippi's, Joey wins hands down. \r Yolanda from Spring Valley, California\r \r more

If You Don't Like Joey's You're Crazy!!! 9/22/2009

I LOVE Joey's! We have been going there since coming new to Nashville! The food is always awesome...always hot...and always fresh! I have NEVER had something old or cold or I have NO CLUE what these people are talking about! They have NEVER run out of pepperoni or mushrooms or anything else...even right before closing! Yes, there's a line at lunch...because the food is AWESOME! Every restaurant that has great food always has a line! I have eaten pizza in Chicago and New York and Joey's is the best!!!! An authentic NY pizza pie in Nashville! If you're lucky maybe you can ask Joey to make you a sicilian pie....the BEST!!!! Pros: Great Food/Fun Atmosphere/No Complaints At All!!!!!!!! more

Good food, not always friendly service 4/25/2009

I am a fellow NY'er, and I don't have, I think if this family would TONE DOWN the attitude (especially the daughter) and RELAX......our experience would be more is stressful enough OUTSIDE the doors of Joey's restaurant (real life)....we don't need to feel the stress YOU guys add to our dining experience! I would like to say, however, that they have a family business in Spring Hill run by a lovely couple that we will be visiting again and again! Pros: Good food Cons: AttitudeI more

The way pizza SHOULD taste! 4/18/2009

Joey's House of Pizza is truly one of a kind,,, \r It is always wonderful and the hard working family makes me smile :). They work so fast and efficiently right before your eyes, you can't keep up with them! I am embarassed for people who don't appreciate a 'real deal' Brooklyn slice of pizza.. [like the review beneath mine] If it doesn't have the 'drip' it is not REAL NY pizza!! And that's not 'grease' it's the natural oils from the cheese!! Joey's is the best pizza in Nashville and should be eaten with a smile because it is a rarity.. even in NY it's hard to get original pizza made with heart! \r Thank You Joey's! You have made me a customer for life! Pros: the real deal pizza Cons: not open on weekends more

Faux NYC Pizza 4/18/2009

Judging from previous reviews, people are crazy about this place, so I decided to give it a try a few times. The first time I went I got plain cheese because if you can't get the fundamentals right, toppings are irrelevant. My slice was lukewarm. It had an OK taste, but certainly nothing like a true Brooklyn style pizza (lived in NY for a stint, so I've been spoiled, I suppose). I'm assuming this had something to do with the fact that the slice had been sitting out. The second time I went I tried a slice with sausage and veggies. The sausage was quite good, but the pizza itself was still mediocre and dripping in grease (more so than with any other pizza place I've been to). But at least it was made to order. The third time I went, I tried the calzone. I asked for pepperoni. Didn't have it. Asked for mushroom. Didn't have it. I was somewhat perplexed that a pizza place didn't have any pepperoni. Turns out, they just had made a bunch of calzones earlier that day, and all the pepperoni and mushroom had been eaten already. So, I had to pick from 3 calzones that had been made hours earlier. They tasted like they had been sitting out for 3 hours. So much for quality. The owners are clearly from NY, so it baffles me that 1. they can't get the pizza quite right and 2. your food isn't necessarily made to order. NYC is a mecca for great food and freshness and I'm pretty sure re-heated pizza wouldn't fly up there! Cons: NOT MADE TO ORDER! more

Absolutely delicious pizza!!! 4/2/2009

Poor dawgfan1982 wouldn't know good pizza if it landed in their lap.\r \r Now I can agree that many Nashvillians haven't ventured to the Northeast and wouldn't understand what makes a pizza great. However many of us, myself included, have spent quite a bit of time traveling to the New York metro area and can appreciate a properly made pizza. Joey's is most definitely on par with many of the eateries up North.\r \r I can say that I have gained tremendous perspective after dining at every one of the Top 10 pizzerias in America (as rated by Epicurious). If you haven't eaten at Frank Pepe's in Connecticut, or even Letizia's, you aren't prepared to accurately judge other pizzas.\r \r The only two places in Nashville that can compete on a national level are Joey's and the 2 Pizza Perfect locations. And no, you can't make a proper judgment by ordering a cheese or pepperoni pizza. Please! A true taste test should be determined by an establishments finer toppings; roasted garlic, feta cheese, peppers, artichokes, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, etc.\r \r Joey's House of Pizza is incredible, and their peppers are probably the best I've ever had. The cheese and sauce are a delicate balance and it's well worth the wait for what you receive in return. A little longer wait than Pizza Hut or Papa John's, but that's not REAL pizza.\r \r And by the way dawgfan1982, too much grease and cheese on a pizza? Are you kidding me? Stick with Domino's or Red Barron's freezer pizzas my friend. That will suit you just fine. Pros: Excellent gourmet toppings, authentic New York taste Cons: Longer wait than Pizza Hut, they charge for drink refills more

Decent pizza, long lines 3/11/2009

Take a note that if you aren't ordering a whole pizza, your food won't be made to order, including calzones. Thankfully, I wasn't getting a calzone. They had been sitting out for God knows how long and looked questionable at best. I waited in line for 45 minutes to receive 2 slices of pizza. They were good, but not worth the lengthy wait. The pizza itself was extremely greasy -- probably the greasiest I've ever had. The workers are from Brooklyn and want you to know it. Harsh accents in loud, nasal voices greet visitors. Seems a bit contrived, really. You are from New York - we all get it.\r \r Of course, I'm not surprised that native Nashvillians rave about this place. Locals wouldn't recognize a great restaurant if it opened up in their own backyard. It's good, but it's not the best pizza ever, as I have been told.\r \r In short, the pizza is good but not worth the lengthy wait. Pros: Pizza is good Cons: Long wait, NYC Attitude is tiring, more

We are new in town and finally found great New York style pizza! 3/3/2009

We are new in town, and our landlord told us about Joeys house of pizza. We went there last Friday Feb. 27, 2009. They were very very busy, and treated us great. The pizza was really good, and finally a New York style pizza that was not just hype. We have gone to pizza shops in many states that claim to be New York style, but are not. I read some of the reviews said that the attitudes were bad there. We have only been there once, but like I said my landlord has also been going there for awhile, and we both have had great experiences. I also noticed that all the bad reviews sound like the were written by the same person. Lets face it, if you treat someone else like they are beneath you just because you are the customer, then you will get the same treatment back. Why knock a great pizza place like Joeys? They are doing a great job! If you do not want to take my word on the subject, look at all the 5 star ratings in favor of them. Like I said finally a true New York pizza. Pros: Great pizza & service Cons: Only open till 8:00pm on weekends. There should be more time to serve that New York greatness! more

Authentic NY PIE with a smile :] 9/5/2008

I'm a native New Yorker and let me tell you.... Joey's is as good if not better than the majority of pizzerias in the surrounding areas of NY... such as Manhattan for example. Forget Ray's, you can't even compare that to Joey's. Joey's isn't rude! Please, if you think a family of hard working people like the one at Joey's is rude then you need to get a life! They have no choice but to be quick! They have a line that stretches from the cash register to the door that swerves into the street during lunch. They may be yelling at each other and moving swiftly only out of consideration for people with 30-minute lunch breaks. They are actually some of the nicest people I've met. Thank You Joey's. We all love you!! Don't worry about the haters, there's always a sour apple in the barrel. Pros: Wonderful pizza, considerate staff Cons: not open on weekends more
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    In a strip mall among office buildings, this restaurant offers authentic New York pizza and home-style Italian dishes such as chicken Parmesan and baked ziti. Owner Joey Macca...

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