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Joe's of Westlake - 33 Reviews - 11 Glenwood Ave (at John Daly Boulevard), Daly City, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (650) 755-7400

Joe's of Westlake

11 Glenwood Ave (at John Daly Boulevard)
Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 755-7400
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Joe's of Westlake - Daly City, CA
Joe's of Westlake - Daly City, CA
Joe's of Westlake - Daly City, CA


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I like Joe's. I've been going there many years from the days when I worked at Green & Kauffman Real Estate nearby. My favorite dish is the -roast beef served with spaghetti. There...


I've been living in SF for over 35 years and it amazes me that there are still restaurants that can get away with racism and still stay in business. We are in SF, the melting-pot ...

Sit at the counter 10/7/2012

Sit at the counter more

the food made up for that! 3/13/2011

This place is okaay, It took some time before they actually waited on me and I was not pleased, however more

The worst dinner experience ever-HERE! 1/17/2011

Negative 5 STARS\r Born and raised in the bay, of course when I visit I would love to re-visit a ""Fine Cuisine"" old school, American, Italian restaurant. \r Last night my party of 4 called ahead, only to be told they don't take reservations for 4. We arrive at 8pm and were told it would be a half hour wait. Had drinks at the bar, service was good, price was right. #84 Yeah, that's us, we are seated, we waited, probably for about 15 minutes (not kidding). Mean time we were offered bread & butter. Finally waiter arrived apologized in his delay and took our drink order. We joked with him- ""you can keep us happy if the drinks are topped off or comped"" He laughed and shoved more bread on our table. Placed our order, my husband ordered minestrone soup, spaghetti & meat balls with ravioli my friend ordered the same, her boyfriend offered the fillet mignon with pasta- instead of red he wanted Alfredo sauce (waiter even advised it would cost extra). I asked what the waiter recommended ""calamari steak, but I wash my hands if you no like"" OK guess what after 6 loafs of bread, my husband and friend receiving the wrong soup, my friends boyfriend getting pasta with red sauce accompanied by side pasta with Alfredo sauce, I had this deep fried soggy, cold chewy calamari steak with chopped up over cooked ravioli at 10 o'clock AT NIGHT-I NO LIKE! The restaurant was more than half empty, the nice couple across from us had been waiting 25minutes just for their check. When my husband had to hunt the manager down, I explained the above and her reply was ""yeah, we were busy, I won't charge you let me just take this all away"". When she came back to take the rest away she decided to throw her two cents in by saying ""the waiter didn't know you wanted white sauce"". REALLY? Sorry Joe's never again. more

My stepfather specially loves it here 9/9/2009

Last time I ate here was with my whole family. My stepfather specially loves it here because it seems most seniors love eating here. Something about the food being bland, that's a good thing to them! Pros: My stepfather specially loves it here more

Why I like Westlake Joe's. 9/7/2009

I like Joe's. I've been going there many years from the days when I worked at Green & Kauffman Real Estate nearby. My favorite dish is the -roast beef served with spaghetti. There are 3 sections where you can eat, the front with booths and tables, the counter where you can watch the cooks work and the back room. The backroom has fish tanks and was decorated in the old world style until a few years ago when it was brighted up and the windows let in light from overhead. I miss the old style and preferred the quiet atmosphere.\r The waiters are old timers. Even the young fellows are old timers. The customers are old timers. Look in the parking lot and you will see big cars, cadillacs, big American cars. They are the plumbers, electricians, retired civil servants with money who come to Joes during the day time and sometimes early evening. The waiters may appear rude. I attribute this to the fact that they take customer orders and do so with efficiency. There are no smiles, or questions or introductions or telling you that the bus boy is their significant other as was so popular about 10 years ago. I think the customers, including myself like this type service. No nonsense, take the order and bring it, make return visits to the table and ask the customers how things are. They do show impatience that I have witnessed and that is directed at customers who have to read every line on the menu and discuss who is going to have what. \r I do not like the salad as it is a strange mixture of cold vegetables. The pastine soup is so-so and not worth the price. Order beef, a steak , osso busco, pasta, deep fried potatoes, enjoy the italian bread and butter. The cocktails are fine, not expensive, the bar is nice and quiet. If you are out for a typical San Francisco Delfina's type evening, this is not the place for you. I am amazed at some of the reviews I have read. At one time, maybe even still Joe's was listed as being among the top most successful continous restaurants in California. The bad reviews are fun to read but don't say much. Pros: Good Food and Service Cons: They keep raising the prices more


For the last thirty or so years, I have gone to Joe's of Westlake about once or twice a year. I love the Veal Parmesian - it is absolutley delicous!\r But most times I go there, I get an UNFRIENDLY, EVEN RUDE WAITER!! What the heck is their probem??!! This has rarely happened in any other restaurant I have been to (and never even close to Joe's rudeness), so I don't think it is just me. Don't ask me why I continue to go there...sometimes I just have a desire for their great veal parmesian. Management, please do us a favor and talk to your staff about proper service - I honestly don't know how they get away with how they treat people. They need to get a clue and treat ALL customers politely. Pros: Food Cons: Waiters more

LOVE JOES 5/24/2009

I love Weatlake Joes lots of food on the plate great food and the best garlic bread any where hands down. Pros: Best garlic bread any where Cons: some times a kong wait more

Don't ever close Joe's, you've got a lifelong customer here! 4/20/2009

For over 10 years now, my best friends and I always meet at Joe's Tuesday afternoons after making the rounds at Ross and Bed, Bath and Beyond and the Post Office.\r \r You'll see everyone from fellow seniors, families to young couples at this restaurant -- it's always a mixed bag.\r \r What isn't is the food. Ooh, the food!\r \r Don't ever close Joe's, you've got a lifelong customer here! more

Poor Service - Avg Food 7/29/2008

I've been living in SF for over 35 years and it amazes me that there are still restaurants that can get away with racism and still stay in business. We are in SF, the melting-pot of the US, the most liberal city by far, and then there's...........Joe's of Westlake. I have given this restaurant many chances over the years because I always liked the old-school charm, the old fashion bar scene, and the traditional no-nonsense classic italian food... but unfortunately the service and the prejudices from the staff leaves me cold. I have observed on many occasions where they treat their fellow italians like royalty, as well as the older customers who are obviously regulars. The management appears not to care about the younger and growing population since the restaurant still does well... but imagine how much better it can do with just a simple change of attitude and passing those qualities down to their staff. Pros: Old-School Italian Comfort Food Cons: Old-School Attitudes more

Hamburger Steak to Die For 7/10/2008

I love Westlake Joes, have been going there for years. We always get the same thing-\r Hamburger Steak and Veal. Darn it is good. The Hamburger steak is at least 3 meals for me. I love to take it home and eat it the next day. Give it up for an insitution! more


Well I thought it wasn't bad. I mean - it's kinda kitchy, kinda 'old Las Vegas'. My Spaghetti and Raviolis were fine but the meatballs WERE AWEFUL! They were mixed with some over processed filler. My meatballs were like soggy bread. Sorry but I love meatballs and this meat was cut with 95% nasty cornmeal or something. I couldn't even recognize the flavor. BOO on you Joes of Westlake!!! Would I go back?? Probably - for the 'old Las Vegas' feeling and I will NOT order meatballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have low expctations from now on. Pros: My friend liked his burger & we were seated promptly. Room for parking. Cons: Well I still do not recommend the meatballs unless you don't have teeth. more

Joe's of Westlake??? 1/9/2008

I thought I was there on an off-night last week but after hearing others comments, it appears it was business as usual, unfortunately. We waited for 20 minutes for our waitress to greet us, in fact it was starting to look like we did not even HAVE a waitress,we never saw here again until we asked for the bill, ran out of water so I served myself, bread was cold and hard, like the service and the steak. \r \r Basically, it was pretty awful. We were a party of 11 and not one of us would go back, sorry to say. Judging from the crowds, they might have been something special in the past but they must be resting on past laurels as the current experience does not explain their apparent popularity. Sorry, thumbs down! Pros: Ample parking Cons: food, service. more

Poor Service, Raw Scallops, OK Burger - not recommended 5/5/2007

Positives: Seated quickly, good large burger on sourdough roll (for $9.25 it better be), lots of parking.\r \r Negatives: Poor waitress service. Slow. Rude. Drinks not served until after food arrived & reminded that we did'nt get them. No refills - not sure if policy or just rude (for $2.35 soda served in childs glass - I'd expect free refills). Fried scallops were raw inside, but golden brown outside - totally frozen & gross. Bill was paid at front desk - not sure if this is policy, but neighboring table got table service. Not friendly to Asians.\r \r Will not return. more

Poor not great 3/18/2007

A friend and I ate at Joes of Westlake last night. I paid for an iced tea at the bar awaiting a table and took it to the dining room - the glass was never refilled during my meal - was I supposed to buy a second iced tea? My friend did buy her iced tea once in the dining room - her tea was refilled ... AFTER we finished our meals...a bit late.\r \r My friend's salad was swimming with cesar's dressing. My veal parmesan was dry and overcooked. Worse was that I specifically asked the waiter if there were onions in the tomato sauce - he assured me there wasn't. I asked a second time if he was sure because I am allergic to onions and was assured for the second time that there were none. So when I found large pieces of onions in the sauce and pointed it out he stated that he had never seen onions in the sauce before...and he stated that they don't always make it the same way! I find it hard to believe that the basic recipes change!\r \r The biggest insult was that he then told the elderly couple at the table behind us what had happened, and the lady stared at us as she left the restaurant actually turning her head to be sure we noted it (?).\r \r As nurses we were appalled that a waiter would dismiss a concern over food allergies and at having the error minimized as if it was my fault. I reported it to the man dong the seating and he took the plate away. \r \r In other restaurants a manager might offer an apology - we got a waiter who felt sharing my allergy with others was acceptable. \r \r The waiter stated that he has worked there 20 years - I would expect a long-time waiter to know what was in the sauce!!! Pros: Reputation Cons: Poor service and food not what it used to be more

Natives last secret 3/16/2007

I am born and raised in San Francisco, and this place has been a institution since my mother was a little girl. The burgers are the best in town served rare with bacon and swiss cheese. The cocktails are not for the faint of heart, they serve real drinks here. Granted the crowd is older, but you can always make friends at the bar. The food is old style Italian American grub, and this is one the few places with a piano bar and open mic. Joes is filled with native San franciscans not transplants the place is family friendly contrary to the other reviews, it just celebrated it 50th aniversary, now how many places can say that. \r P.S. \r If you go stop by the bar after 8 o'clock the band starts playing at that time. Pros: The food,The people,The bar,The band Cons: Parking on Fridays and Saturdays more

Good Restaurant-- Not for Families 2/10/2007

One must give Joe's credit for fantastic food and ample menu choices, but DO NOT expect the staff to be friendly to children. If you don't make reservations (expecially on the weekends) expect an hour's wait. The few times that I brought my children there, the waitresses seemed irritated that they were taking up chairs-- probably because kids do not tip and don't buy fancy, expensive alcoholic drinks. They do have a nice happy hour, but it is usually frequented by a much older crowd. Nice service, however, once seated and ready to order (if you're still hungry). I reccommend, with reservations. Pros: Delicious Food Cons: Not a family enviornment more

Authentic Old School Italian American -- Love the atmosphere 1/4/2007

I love this place. It's right out of the 1950's. Filled with lot's of older Italian Americans. Totally unpretentious so if you're looking for the ""chic san francisco"" dining experience or the fake 1950's retro experience this is not the place for you. This is the real deal. Live longe music in the bar which has a fireplace and and wonderful local characters . The service is definitely not fakey-fake, all smiles kinda thing. It's no nonsense. It's packed during the weekend so there's a bit of a wait but the bar is a great place to have a drink, sit by the fire, and people watch while you're waiting. Food is very traditional Italian American right down to the Spumoni ice cream and watered down coffee which is, of course, included with the price of the meal. No non-fat decaf lattes here. Food is quite good and reasonably priced. Places like this are hard to find anymore. Pros: ambiance more

Greasy and rude 11/28/2006

We waited 20 min. on a Sunday night. Not bad. We sat down starving and it took the waiter another 2o min. to notice we were there. The cooks stared at us and made gross gestures. My chicken parmisian had to be moved to a different plate becasue the grease was overpowering. I highly suggest Burger King across the street. Pros: Big restaurant, short wait Cons: Everything else. more

what a bad place 11/19/2006

citi search is aweful. I wrote a long review and upon submission it gave me an system error. what a bad website Pros: nothing Cons: bad food, bad parking, bad environment. more

Lacking Service and Friendly Staff 10/13/2006

Poor service upon last three visits. Food remains very good however service needs to improve to standards of years past. Not a very warm staff upon entering restaurant as well as servers. Pros: Food remains up to same standards of past years Cons: Poor Service more
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  • Joe's of Westlake is a landmark restaurant started in 1956 by Bruno Scatena and is still family owned and operated. We provide the best in classic Italian-American cuisine in a comfortable environment. Enjoy a reasonably priced cocktail poured by our experienced bartenders while taking in the sounds of live music in our lounge. From the moment you walk in, the aroma of delicious food and unique "Joe's decor" will take you back to a simpler time. We know you'll love us. We can accommodate parties of up to 60 people and we have plenty of free parking. We are the ideal venue for your special occasion. We have an exhibition-style kitchen and invite guests to sit at the counter and watch the unbelievable show performed daily by our hard-working cooks. Too busy to cook, Joe's provides to-go service for all of your needs.


  • Family-owned since 1956, this Italian-American restaurant serves favorites like veal, steak and pasta, as well as omelettes and desserts.

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