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Jing Fong Restaurant - 39 Reviews - 20 Elizabeth St 2nd Fl, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 964-5256

Jing Fong Restaurant

20 Elizabeth St 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10013
(212) 964-5256
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Everything we had tasted great - and love to go back to try more. Staff was friendly - at times it was a long wait for the card. Pros: fresh and hot dim sum !


my cousin threw up after eating dim sum here... and i found a fly in a one of the dim sums.... Pros: lots to choose from Cons: stuff is dirty, found a fly in my dimsum...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/5/2012

don't go to this restaurant.....we were there yesturday...8/4/12...our waiter messed up my children's order, my daughter first ordered a chicken....she said half chicken, my son ordered chicken and broccoli with chicken fried rice...the waiter said to us, that the chef gives large portions of food enough for two people, i said fine because my children can share the meal...i ordered the stuffed egg my daughter said to the waiter, ok forget the chicken and just bring us chicken and broccoli and the chicken fried order came, so i waited for my children's order to come to the table....the waiter brings us a whole chicken....she said i told you to forget the chicken...i said its ok, then he brings a huge plate of the chicken fried rice....the waiter kept checking off on his pad what he was written in we started eating and then he brings us the chicken and broccoli....we wound up eating half the food and took it home....then it was time to leave...i asked for the check....decent price.... i gave the waiter 60.11 he says to me ok thank you good night......i said to him wait a minute i want my we followed the waiter to the cashier and he spoke in his language, and when the cashier handed over my change to the waiter and the waiter passed to me....i got back 4 dollars.... i said to the cashier.....give me my ten dollars its suppose to be 14 dollars, i'm not going to tip the waiter.....she gave me my 10 dollars and we left.....never again am i going back to china town or any restaurant....china town has changed way too much..... more

Fun place 11/19/2010

If you go on a weekend, Saturday is less crowded than Sunday. Arrive not at 1 pm. or 2 p.m. (if you arrive later than 2 p.m., forget it). Get there at 10.30 a.m. The food is freshest then, and you will not have to wait in the lobby or out on the street. Sometimes the dim sum will be luke warm, sometimes nice and hot, but always delicious. I almost always ignore the women with the carts but go straight to the buffet table which, surprisingly, is not crowded as most people wait for the carts. Sitting with strangers is no problem at all. The place is clean. When a group leaves, the waiters turn down the dirty tableclothes, and set up clean ones for you. I've never found an insect EVER in the place. Some critics have said the waiters throw the tea and utensils at you. This is not The Four Seasons. I've found everyone polite. more

A dining adventure 3/9/2010

Eating at this dim sum restaurant is an exercise in organized chaos, one that leaves the diner full, happy, and only slightly overwhelmed. First entering can be something of a hassle, as the line is often long and the wait system complicated. After going up a set of escalators and entering the football field-sized dining room, you are shuffled to your table, often shared with other diners. This is where the action begins. In true dim sum style, the wait staff races around the room wheeling carts plied high with delicacies, from steaming noodles to coconut dessert pudding. Catch them as they run by, point at something that looks good, and enjoy. A number of dishes are also available in the back of the room, including some rare vegetables. I had the opportunity to witness a dragon and drum parade while eating there, which, while entertaining, went about 20 minutes too long. Even with the loud thumping, this was something of an experience. Secret tip: word is that for Sunday brunch, the best food comes out first, so get here by 11. Pros: Fun Sunday brunch dining Cons: Super busy more

Good Dim Sum but DIRTY!! 11/21/2009

my cousin threw up after eating dim sum here... and i found a fly in a one of the dim sums.... Pros: lots to choose from Cons: stuff is dirty, found a fly in my dimsum... more

Great dim sum 10/7/2009

Everything we had tasted great - and love to go back to try more. Staff was friendly - at times it was a long wait for the card. Pros: fresh and hot dim sum ! more

It’s taste pretty good for a dim sum place but... 8/9/2009

It’s taste pretty good for a dim sum place but nothing spectacular. You have to be a go getter because... more

It’s taste pretty good for a dim sum place but... 8/9/2009

vnguyen Provided by Partner
It’s taste pretty good for a dim sum place but nothing spectacular. You have to be a go getter because the place is a little (by a little i mean a ... more

YUM!!! 4/26/2009

SO good! Definitely going back to try everything still left on the menu after eating my body weight in dumplings earlier today. Pros: Dim Sum!!! more

incredible variety and a fun cultural experience if you take it with a smile! 11/22/2008

great eating experiences are not about decor or presentation. Just great food. So anyone reviewing a restaurant and spending half the review talking about the quality of the bathrooms should not be reviewing restaurants. Nevertheless, this place sports a HUGE dining hall (and I dont mean by new york standards) and endless cart service. Yes they seat you with perfect strangers but they did put me with a couple of cute girls so it was all good. The food was simply delicious and the variety was unbeatable. I pointed at whatever looked good and they served it and I was not dissapointed. I'm definitely going again and you should too. As far as the service, if you have ever eaten or bought anything in chinatown you're probably used to it. You just smile and enjoy your delicious snails! \r I ordered 6 different plates for under 20 bucks! how can you beat that? And the food was top quality. Pros: food. variety. atmosphere. Cons: service although the food more than makes up for it. more

Consistent food, numerous carts, good for groups 11/17/2008

I used to go to the Golden Unicorn but now Jing Fong is my first choice for dim sum. Don't be deterred by the crowd in the lobby--the escalator leads to an enormous banquet hall so you'll be seated quickly. Once seated, wave down the carts or just hop up and take your card with you if you see something you like. The steamed dumplings and pork buns are good, as is the rice wrapped in tea leaves (or banana leaves?). There is a ton of seafood options. You may have to order the beef and chicken items. Be prepared to have no servers speak English. The green caterpillar-like dessert items are flaky pastry stuffed with durian pudding, a good way to get introduced to the fruit. I've never had anything that didn't taste good. Pros: fast food, reliable items, good for groups Cons: can get loud, employees don't speak English more

It was a good experience 9/26/2008

Ilove this restaurant.\r \r Now I haven't been to every Chinese restaurant, but I have been to a few, and this place is in my top two.\r \r The lunch business seems to be booming. They have a good lunch special where you get a small bowl of hot and sour soup and a rice plate entree. For lunch I recommend the spicy crispy chicken or the yummy sliced fish.\r more

Stay with the Dim Sum, I think. 8/7/2008

Stay with the Dim Sum, I think. We missed it and had dinner. This was the worst meal I've had in ages. Terribly greasy Lemon Chicken, an over fried pile crusty paste. Our vegetarian ordered the sauteed vegables, a tastless variety of canned and over cooked food. The seafood rolls were crispy, greasy, and seafoodless. I seriously considered not paying but knew it would be a losing battle. I also knew, and I never do this, that I'd be writing this review. \r \r Lastly, this place is seriously dirty. Take a look at the walls as you walk in. Even the elevator going up was filthy. I hope I can save someone's time and money with this review, or, stick with the Dim Sum. I hear it's great. Pros: Cloth table tops Cons: Very bad food more

The place to go for great dim-sum in Chinatown! 7/28/2008

A line of Chinese people out the door and even more crowded in the lobby with the signature ""you wait 10 minute, move now"" yelled into a microphone even though you're only a foot away. My wife and I waited 20 minutes and never stopped laughing at the guy yelling the same thing over and over to the shock of some and amusement of others. We would have happily waited 20 more for the food we eventually ate. Yes you had to wait for the carts, yes the staff may have been short, yes the Chinese people you get seated with may laugh at your lack of Chinese or cultural knowledge and yes I'll be back everytime I'm back in NY. This place easily holds 750 (mostly Chinese) people and was packed for the 2 hours we were there. Oh and it cost less than $30 to STUFF the both of us which is no easy feat. Pros: Food, cost, food and the food more

Some of the Best Dim Sum on Earth 6/7/2008

I love Dim Sum and have sought it out everywhere I've traveled, including the China Towns of Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, Hong Kong, Macao and China. This is pretty much the best or as good as the best I've ever had. And its ridiculously cheap. more

If you want to have a true (Americanized) dim... 1/27/2008

If you want to have a true (Americanized) dim sum experience I would highly suggest Jing Fong. It can host... more

If you want to have a true (Americanized) dim... 1/27/2008

lorialc Provided by Partner
If you want to have a true (Americanized) dim sum experience I would highly suggest Jing Fong. It can host 900+ in its ballroom sized dumpling pala... more

Decent food, bad service. 1/12/2008

The host had told my group of 8 that we would be seated in about 5 minutes, which was a lie. There were tons of people waiting for seats and we couldn't possibly seated within 5 minutes. I figure he didn't want to lose a big table so he tried his best to get us in. We were seated about 20 minutes later. We were given horrible service. The waiter threw our chopsticks and tea cups on the table. The place was really crowded and not that many carts were coming around with dim sum. So we had to chase a few carts to get food and bring back to the table, but the dim sum was average. I've tasted better but it's a nice place to go if you're craving dim sum. The food wasn't bad. It won't be worth the long wait though. Pros: good dim sum, special treatment for big groups waiting for tables Cons: long wait, bad service more

I love this place! 12/23/2007

I've been to Jing Fong 4 weekends in a row. Unlike many other Chinatown dim sum places, Jing Fong's waitstaff are friendly and helpful. The place is awesome: a huge room with lots of seating. At peak hours, it can get noisy but you can still converse comfortably without having to scream. The food, however, is the highlight. They have the plumpest and juciest shiu mei and har kow. They also have this yummy pan friend scallion dumpling. I definitely recommend going to Jing Fong for great dim sum and good service. Pros: Great food, clean place Cons: Price a bit high more

I have been going here for years and am never diappointed. 10/26/2007

This is one of the places I bring anyone visiting New York. Not only is the food tasty but the experience is one-of-a-kind. After heading upstairs on a two-story escalator you enter one of the biggest banquet style dining rooms ever....of course it is gaudy with giant gold dragons and pictures bright colors but that is all part of the ambiance. It is jammed pack on weekends so I recommend coming by noon....also, you will get a better selection of food if you come earlier.\r You don't come here for the service (there basically is none) but for the food and the experience. Personally, I avoid pretty much everything deep fried and just go for the steamed items. I always like the small clams available at the long buffet style table in the center towards the back. Grab a plat of green veggies while your there...since you don't usually see them coming around on the carts. I also like the sticky rice wrapped in a dark green leaf (rather then the kind just served in a scoop on a plate). If you want a real new york city chinatown experience this is the place to go...\r It is always better to go with a larger six or get an opportunity to try more dishes and end up spending less.\r I've been there over a dozen times and have never been disappointed.\r Pros: food, atmosphere Cons: wait time on weekends, service more

One of the best place for Dim Sum---6 years ago; it is pr... 8/28/2007

One of the best place for Dim Sum---6 years ago; it is pretty "crap-tacular" now. I heard it closed down a... more
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  • Dim sum in Chinatown can be something of a lively madhouse, and Jing Fong encourages its customers to get involved: Those too hungry to wait for cart service can hover by the kitchens to nab fresh...

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