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Jim's Pet World - 13 Reviews - 701 N Addison Rd, Villa Park, IL - Sporting Goods Reviews - Phone (630) 832-9007

Jim's Pet World

701 N Addison Rd
Villa Park, IL 60181
(630) 832-9007
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Great selection of snakes in my opinion. Petco only had one snake for sale. my snake is pretty small and it just inhaled a mouse.....coolest thing ive seen. I dont know why eve...


I keep pet rats. I've been looking around for a pet store that sells rats as pets other than the two big stores. Looking at the website for Jim's Pet World, they seemed to say all...

Not Rat-friendly 4/13/2011

I keep pet rats. I've been looking around for a pet store that sells rats as pets other than the two big stores. Looking at the website for Jim's Pet World, they seemed to say all the right things to make you think they sell rats and mice and know how to care for them. \r \r So I drive out to the store and look around for the rats, when I don't find them, I ask the lady working there and she leads me to a backroom where they had piled all the rats into fish tanks as either large or small and that they view them as feeders, even though they are clearly fancy rats (pet) and not feeder rats. It was admitted that what I do with the rat after I take it home was up to me and that I should ""consider a small one"" since they are not handled at all. I cannot and will never recommend this place for anyone interested in small exotics. more

maybe there are two sides of the story but one is wrong 10/21/2010

The puppy we bought is sick.He was coughing, had a parasite and an ear infection. We have another dog who had never been sick before, we also had to bring him to the vet. The free visit to the vet in Glen Ellyn you gave us,the vet did not succeed to kill the parasit and after this visit, I went to my usual vet clinic in Wheaton because the dog had blood in his feces.This puppy is still sick not because of the parasite but the ear infection. One of the front desk person in Glen Ellyn clinic( near college of dupage) hang up on me because I called to have the dog's file I needed to go back to my regular pet clinic in Wheaton. bad shop and bad service. Make sure to wash your hands after petting those animals. Do not let your kids pet the puppies! more

snakes 5/11/2010

Great selection of snakes in my opinion. Petco only had one snake for sale. my snake is pretty small and it just inhaled a mouse.....coolest thing ive seen. I dont know why everyones hating on the pet store. It is a pet store, it shouldnt smell like heaven. Jims Pet Store for life!!!!!!!!!\r ps pretty badass pirahanas there toooooo more

Disgusting Place 3/2/2010

The owners lied to my friend on the dog they bought 3 months ago. It had MANGE!!!! How can this happen!?!?! \r I went with when she bought it and the place stunk horribly and looking at the cats, dogs and other critters, their cages were a mess! I told her to just walk out but their prices were good. HUGE mistake!!!!\r Pros: its close Cons: animals are dirty, place smells horrible more

Jims Pet World Selling kittens with HIV 1/26/2009

I recently bought a kitten form there on a Friday. I noticed later on in the night that this kitten was sneezing a lot, giving me some indication that it had some upper respitory problems. Lucky for me my vet is open on Saturday and had the cutest thing cheeked and it came out positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus FIV. Which in humans is called HIV. This was very upsetting for a number a reason #1 I have a 12 year old cat, I did have them separated the whole time so it highly unlikely nothing was transformed, but what if Eventually I introduced them later in week, In essence my 12 year old cat could have been in danger of contracting this very life treating illness. The day I bought the kitten 2 other kittens where sold. There where all in the same cage, share the same water/food. Mind you this virus is transferred my saliva,cuts, litter box secretions. I wonder if these people even no that tere animal is sick. I doubt that Jim's called them and told them that there cat is most likely infected with Feline HIV. THEY NEED TO STEP UP AND SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY AND TEST THESE CATS BEFORE SELLING THEM. THEY ARE ENDARGERING YOUR OTHER CAT'S LIFE BY NOT DOING SO. THEY ARE ALWAY COSTING YOU HIGHER MEDICAL BILLS. I SPENT A OVER 200.00 TO GET THIS CAT TESTESD WHICH IS FINE BUT IS RIDCULAOUS THAT THEY CAN SELL YOU AN ANMAIL AND NO THIS IS VERY PREVENLT DISEASE IN CATS AND IS DANGEROUS. I did get money returned no questions asked,I had the vet call them a head of time. They did take that cat I felt guilty but I cannot endanger my 12 year cat. I will never ever go there again. IF YOU CARE ABOUT ANIMALS SO MUCH SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY AND GET THEM TESTED. YOU ARE PUTTING PEOPLE IN EMOTIONAL STRESS, AND MAKING YOUR SELF LOOK LIKE YOU SELL SICK ANIMALS. more

A long time customer 3/21/2008

I shopped there with my parents and now I bring my kids there. The kids look forward to our weekly stop there to play with all the puppies and see what animals are new! We look around at other shops and always come back for the atmosphere and familiar faces. Over the years, we have had reptiles, small animals, dogs, and fish. And have always had wonderful pets from there. It smells like a pet shop, puppies and wood shavings. And looks lived in - like a store that has been there all my life. But, to our family, that is better than a feces smell, puppies that look sad and a new person waiting on me every time I go into the store. Our family loves it! (when you go, make sure to check out to huge tortoise, too!) Pros: same people there my whole life, suprisingly competetive prices for a family owned Cons: dusty from the puppy pine shavings more

Horrible 3/16/2008

Dont get fooled! The OWNER of the place is writing reviews here.\r In reality the workers are rude, the store smells like animal feces and their selection is pathetic. Why is the selection poor? Because the store is so small. The prices are average. Possibly the worst pet store Ive been to. Pros: they have bait Cons: Rude staff, bad smell, HORRIBLE selection more

Rude Staff, Sick Animal 1/24/2008

I bought a ball python from Jim's Pet World last week, and upon arriving at home, I discovered that he is covered with mites. I called the store and they told me I can return him for a full refund. Okay, great. Except that I decided to keep the snake and take care of this problem, instead of returning him to this place, which I suspect might just try and sell him to someone else and still having the mites. \r \r Now this is going to cost me a lot of money and time. So I called Jim's Pet World, hoping to reach a sympathetic ear, and I very kindly explained my situation to them, and suggested that they might want to check their other animals for mites, or to maybe let their supplier know that they have an infestation. \r I also asked if there was any way I could be compensated for the money I was about to spend to take care of this poor snake. Kindly, mind you, as I am not an aggressive person. And what did I get in return for my kindness? I got rudeness and sarcasm. The woman on the phone was incredibly rude and offered me no help at all, and even insinuated that I might be gullible for believing everything I see on the internet. (that's in regards to her suggesting that I buy spray that gets rid of mites, which EVERY snake breeding website says doesn't work) \r The only thing that is going to work is incredible dedication on my part to heal this snake, which means that every day for the next four to six weeks, I am going to have to personally disinfect the tank and the snake. EVERYDAY. \r Now, why don't I take him back? Because I am convinced that they are not going to take care of this problem, and try and sell him again. Now, I could be wrong, but given her attitude, I wouldn't put something like that past her. \r I am not going to stop until this situation is resolved, even if that means contacting certain authorities regarding their business ethic. I hope to speak with the owner tomorrow, there is always a chance he doesn't know this is going on. Cons: Staff was rude, sold me a sick animal, doesn't seem to care about customer satisfaction more

Great place 9/24/2007

I always go here for my live fishing bait. The bait is fresh and the minnows are very lively! The minnows stay alive the whole time we fish (cold cold water). Pros: live bait Cons: not open early enough during the week more

chinchillas from jims pet world- they are awsome :) 8/25/2007

Hello everyone i just wanted to say me and my boyfriend bought 2 chinchillas from jims pet world and they have been the most healthy chinchillas we have had before we got them we went through 3 other chinchillas from other petstores and they were sick so im VERY VERY happy with jims petworld!!! thanks\r \r Molly Pros: nice people and healthy chinchillas, awsome prices!!!!! Cons: the store could be a little cleaner more

A unique pet shop with pets!!! 2/19/2007

I am the manager of Jim's Pet World. We have been in business since 1972. We try very hard to keep our animals healthy and our customers happy. We are inspected by the Agriculture Department on a regular basis and receive perfect reports repeatedly, which we post in our store. We have never knowingly sold a sick animal. Why would we intentionally sell an animal that is ill, causing an angry, upset customer to scream at us (as did Mr. Goolihey)? In regards to his complaint, we did not know the dog was sick when it was purchased. We offered this customer two choices. 1) a full refund with no further expenses if they returned the animal or 2) if they chose to keep this animal they would receive a full refund and be the responsible owner from that moment on. They chose option #2. The refund was actually accepted by the customer on the day they wrote this complaint. So I am not sure what their problem is. We have never heard from them again after they accepted the money back. I just felt that since he was entitled to his opinion, people are also entitled to know the facts! THERE IS ALLWAYS 2 SIDES TO EVERY STORY!!!! Pros: lots of fresh water fish, good selection of birds,small animals,puppies and kittens more

Neat store, good prices & selection 11/20/2006

I am a pet crazy person and love going into Jim's Pet World. My kids also love it, they say its like going to the petting zoo. My family has gotten 3 differant puppies from Jim's Pet World over the last 6 years. We have been happy with all of them. I also have gotten lots of fish which they have a good selection of. The staff is nice and they seem to be knowlegable with questions I have asked them. Overall the prices are good, selection is good, and its a clean store!!! Pros: clean, inviting, lots of neat stuff to see more

Jim's Pet World sold us a SICK PUPPY! 3/14/2006

Bought a puppy @JPW and noticed he was lethargic when I got home. Took the puppy to the Vet, she checked his stool, Parvo snap test & saw nothing. Were told to return in 3 days. Took x-ray and found puppy had pneumonia. Vet said we were sold a sick puppy! Vet cost me $215.00 for all of the tests and medicine. Called JPW and explained the situation. The woman was VERY rude and said she would NOT pay vet bill. I told her that the vet said that it is likely that the other dogs that our puppy was in contact with were possibly sick too. Didn't seem to phase her. Now our other dog is sick from same thing. Totally BAD experience. They had no problem selling this sick puppy to me and my family. I hope the dog lives or I'll have 4 devastated kids. Cons: rude, sold me a sick dog, refuses to reimburse more
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