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Jimmy's Range & Appliances Inc - 18 Reviews - 7107 13TH Ave, Brooklyn, NY - Appliances Reviews - Phone (718) 837-0147

Jimmy's Range & Appliances Inc

7107 13TH Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11228
(718) 837-0147
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I've used this company many times, and I have never had a bad experence with them. I've used others in the past and they have charged me out rages price and I've end up to call Ji...


No stars - the service is awful, the phone operators are rude and hang up on you; after two service calls when the issue wasn't resolved, they closed out my claim so I had to call...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/25/2013

Terrible customer service. Four visits and my dryer is still not fixed. The 2nd and 3rd visit resulted in the ""technician"" having the wrong part. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/25/2013

DO NOT CALL THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.......rude, truly incompetent, and unbelievably shocking that they are in business....I not call them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/22/2013

Jimmy's now located at 6918-13th Ave Brooklyn NY 11228\r I give Jimmy five (5) stars. Service was great and price reasonable. Would recommend him to all. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/24/2013

The worst business in the world!!!! STAY AWAY!\r We were assigned to those morons by the Designer Appliances (another horrible place), so we didn't have much choice of who will repair our brand new never used washing machine... THEY JUST DON'T SHOW UP! Simple as that. They say they will, you take half a day off work and wait for them, and they just don't show up, 3 TIMES!!!! Here is a conversation between me and the receptionist/manager/superviser/customer service/ whoever the hell she is:\r \r ME: why didnt he come?\r HER: its hard for him to come after 4\r ME: why did you schedule after 4?\r HER: i didnt, your wife did\r ME: when can he come?\r HER: 11-2\r ME: but people work\r HER: not my problem\r ME: are you listening to yourself?\r HER: yes\r ME: why would you schedule 3 times for after 4 if you know he wont come?\r HER: i didnt, your wife did, he can come on saturday 8-12\r ME: can i have his cell?\r HER: ok bye\r \r Yup, just like that!!!! \r Please stay away from those incompetent morons. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/23/2013

This is the most atrocious business I ever had to deal with! I was referred to them by the manufacturer so I don't really have a choice... Their receptionist is the nastiest person with horrible attitude! They canceled on us thee times including two no shows with no explanation and no apology!!! We are now going on the third week of wait to get our washer serviced! I don't understand how places like this stay in business! I really hope this and other reviews will help put them out of business sooner rather than later! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/20/2012

this place is so bad. dawn is horrendous. stay away. more

Seriously bad - AWFUL 9/30/2011

No stars - the service is awful, the phone operators are rude and hang up on you; after two service calls when the issue wasn't resolved, they closed out my claim so I had to call the insurance company for them to get another authorization (ie more $$) - to fix the problem they never fixed!!! And I asked to see the paper with my signature - it wasn't even my signature; and the obnoxious woman told me to get the F out after I showed her it was not my signature (I showed her the one on my ID). Worst ever. And since it took three visits and the problem was never fixed, their technicians don't know what the hell they are doing. more

Horrible Service 6/11/2011

This place is a joke. They have completely unreliable service. We have had about 6 appointments scheduled with them and they have either not shown at all, rang the doorbell and immediately left, or called our phones and left nasty messages (and of course, not shown up). My favorite was from today - ""I'll be there soon and there better be someone there"" Well, we are here but you never showed. The fact that the cell phone number was blocked and I couldn't call back didn't really help the situation either. I really don't understand how a place like this stays in business. This repairman must be the owner's son. I can't fathom how someone so incompetent would stay employed at a company otherwise. If I could give this place no stars, I would. Unfortunately that's not an option. more

unbelievably poor service 8/24/2010

i have wasted a week of my life, as well as some of my faith in humanity, as a result of dealing with jimmy's range. the repair guy is actually nice (although he failed to diagnose and fix the problem with my fridge during four, brief consecutive visits). it is the phone operators that are completely unbelievable. i was initially polite and flexible on the phone (for the first three conversations) and tried to explain that i have a job and would prefer certain days of the week and a certain window of time (mornings). they actually yell at you, saying you cannot suggest a preferred day! nor time! that meant i sat around for 4 days. they would say that they would show up between noon and three and would then show up at 4 or 5. the guy would be there for five minutes and say he had to come back another day with a different part (it finally turned out that an interior power cable was not connected, so all of this could have been avoided). as mentioned, this process took over a month and the phone service just got ruder and ruder as my impatience with them mounted. do NOT recommend! more


Rude, nasty, immature people who answer the telephone, especially someone named Dawn. They have one excuse after the other and are totally disrespectful and just don't care about customer service. They do not call and do not show for appointments. They are the worst. The absolute worst. Cons: Too many to list more

Incompetent or Worse 12/19/2009

We contacted Jimmy's Range and Appliance in 07/09 for a problem with our dishwasher. The problem was that it would continuously drain when turned on. The technician that came in told us that we needed a new drain pump, and returned to install it about a week later. We were charged $75 for the 1st visit and an additional $216.53 for parts and labor. The technician did not leave the old part behind, to both prove that a new part was installed and to demonstrate that the old part was defective. We were given a 90 day warranty. About a month later the problem came back, with the exact same symptoms. We called Jimmy's again, and had a number of visits from several different technicians, who were unable to identify the source of the problem. One suggested that the drain to which the dishwasher was attached did not drain properly, and we just needed to wait for it to clear. Finally, after another technician's visit - in October - Jimmy's informed us that we needed another part and another repair, costing us another $300+, since by that point the warranty had conveniently expired. They were not clear on what the part was, as my husband and I got two different answers from them. In my last phone conversation with Jimmy's in October, I questioned whether they had purposely dragged their feet after the dishwasher broke down the second time, and told them I did not trust them to perform any new repairs. In addition, I informed them that I would be disputing their charge with my credit card, at which point their representative hung up on me. We called another repair company in, and they determined that the problem was improper installation, which resulted in a hole in the connecting hose causing an small internal leak -- and that set off the fail-safe in the dishwasher causing it to drain continuously. As a result, I am convinced that Jimmy's was either incompetent, or worse intentionally caused us to have a dragged out process, in order to be able to change us for a second *unnecessary* repair. Cons: Charged for unnecessary service more

Liars 8/10/2009

I wish I would have read these reviews before I called this company. My dryer broke. It is 4 yrs old. So I figured it was worth fixing. I called and left a message. They returned my call the next working day and made an appointment with me very quickly. I told the women on the phone that the lights on the control panel went on but when I pressed the start button the dryer would not turn on. But I had a big problem. In order to pull the dryer out my floor would have to be pulled up. So I asked if a technician would be capable of diagnosing the problem without having to pull it out because if not then we would have to wait until I could get someone to pull up my floor. She said ""I can't see that being a problem"". Now looking back yes I can see how stupid I was lol. But at the same time how was I supposed to know? Sometimes when you don't know something you trust the people who are supposed to!!! Well, of course the technician came and couldn't diagnose the problem without pulling out the dryer. He was here two minutes and charged me $45 plus tax. I called this women and she denied it. What a LIAR! I told this technician who agreed with me as to why I would set up an appointment if I knew that the floor would have to be pulled up. He then told me to call them when the floor gets pulled up so he can come back and fix the dryer. HELL NO STUPID!!! Pros: Nothing Cons: They LIE!!! more

Very Good Service 3/14/2009

Jimmy's is flexible in making appointments. I've had two repairs, a Bosch dishwasher and a Thermador cooktop. Both times John showed up on time and was very professional in making the repair. Of course since they are factory authorized for designer brands the cost is not low. Before I called Jimmy's I called another repair place that is not authorized for Bosch and they told me that I needed to use a teaspoon of soap and that would fix the problem. NOOOO! I have since learned that the repair services that are not authorized to fix the designer brands cannot buy parts for them. In summary, my experience with Jimmy's was very good. I wonder if the people who complained were all real customers? Pros: Repair completed correctly more

terrible 10/22/2008

the mechanic came to repair washer and cracked the plastic cover \r on machine while opening unit.\r also left machind with clanging clicking sound that never stops. \r i am shocked that bosch recommends them!\r sloppy and careless work. more

Best Repair Place in town! 7/17/2008

I've used this company many times, and I have never had a bad experence with them. I've used others in the past and they have charged me out rages price and I've end up to call Jimmy's to fix there mistakes. Evertime that have fixed the problem without much down time. Price right for the work done. I recommend them for all your home or business repairs. Thanks Jimmy's... more

Incompetent service and scheduling, dishonest business 4/30/2008

The lack of professionalism at Jimmy's is staggering. After THREE repairs on my new thermador stove, each two or three weeks apart because they kept needing new parts for new problems that happened once their repair person left, a FOURTH problem popped up. I was told to ""wait a week for service"", again, because their only Brookyn Thermador guy works part time, and to ""not use my range until then"" because the gas was pouring out when I turned the burner on. ""Dawn"" was not only incompetent at handling the problem, she was offensive. ""Kathy"", previously helpful and sympathetic to the problem of a new stove with multiple problmes, wrote me up as uncooperative with the warranty company, which was really just a cover for their repair person being unable to fix one thing without breaking another. They are not only dishonorable, they are incompetent. Anyone still willing to deal with them does so at their own risk! Cons: Incompetent repairs and service scheduling, dishonest company more

Absolutely the worst, ever 4/1/2008

I've dealt with these guys twice in the past six months, and it has been, hands-down, the worst service I've ever encountered. Last week they reached an all-time low: the mechanic didn't come because there was street-cleaning on my block and he couldn't find a parking space right outside. Avoid this place like the plague. Pros: Zero. Zilch. Cons: Every single aspect of this operation. more

Incompetent morons, Don't waste your time!!!!! 6/4/2007

Unbelievable, I have never experienced such horrible service from a company before.\r \r I called on a Tuesday, and they gave me an appointment time on Firday, 8am-5pm. So I took off that friday to be home for the repair. THEY NEVER EVEN SHOWED UP. I have a doorman and he calls me when anyone arrives for delivery/appointment. They didn't even try calling saying they wouldn't make it. One day lost. So I called and left a message, asking why no one even showed up. No call back. Called on Saturday, and they had no record as to why they didn't show up, just were sorry and could reschedule on Monday. Well, so I take off Monday, and guess what, I just called and they have no service appointment scheduled in the system for me. MORON's. Second day lost. They have no record of anything, except that they had the nerve to tell me they came on Friday and no one was here. Total LIE. Unreal, the nerve of them to say that. When I called today, I had to give me address and number 4 times, as each time they just transferred me to someone else. What are they doing over there? Time to invest in a computer that actually saves client data!!!!\r \r If you want stone age, unreliable service, call jimmy's range. Possibly be the worst choice I've ever made.\r Pros: Ha. Your kidding right? Um, NONE Cons: Got 2 hours? Where do I start. Need I say more? more

Avoid if at all possible 4/2/2007

I accpeted my scheduled appointment for a Thurday and called to confirm that day. \r By 4pm I called again to determine if they were still coming and was told the repair service was two streets away.\r 5Pm rolled around an NO Jimmys. My entire day wasted . Wages lost.\r Friday also came and went without a call to acknowledge or reschedule my appointment. \r When Monday arrived I realized they still hadn't called and by 2pm I called and was initially told they had me scheduled for Friday. This I debated because if that was true they would have come or called ON Friday. Their telephone rep was less than helpful, and ultimately her only resolve was to offer me another\r (wait all day and see if we come) appointment for the following week. Not acceptable!\r If receiving less than accomodating customer service and unreliable appointment scheduling is good enough for you then I highly recommend Jimmy's. more


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