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Jim Miller Furniture

6711 Dayton Springfield Rd
Enon, OH 45323
(937) 864-7378
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We purchased a couch, chair and recliner from Jim\r MIller Furniture and we are extremely pleased. In fact we will be back to purchase a dining room table.\r With any furniture ...


i ordered a couch the 3rd of march,and they promised me deliverey in 2 to 3 weeks and here it is april5 and i still havent seen a thing yet. they said i couldnt take the couch tha...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/14/2013

I want to order a new mattress for my georgetown, it has to be special made, but his name is not in good standing all the way down here in Florida more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/24/2013

We spent $4000.00 of furniture with recliners. We had problems within 6 months, the cable to the recliner mechanism was installed improperly (the wrong cable was used, too long, and they twisted them in knots to make them shorter). I took them out and went to Jim Miller furniture. Went and spoke to Mr Miller and he gave me a hard time and said "" we don't make them cables"". I told him they are not supposed to be installed with knots in them! After a hassle with him and accounting to ""prove you bought the furniture here"" that person sent me over to the assembly shop and the supervisor looked at them and immediately said they had a worker there who did knot the cables and that he shouldn't have done that. He apologized and gave me 4 new correct cables. Bottom line, I think the owner is dishonest and not customer friendly. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/29/2013

Dishonest. They did not deliver my furniture on time because they ""sold"" my special order to someone else. So I had to wait several more weeks to get my reorder. They promised to waive all delivery fees (a mere $65) as recompense, Weeks later, I called to check on this. Because I had already paid my charge card account... they would not give me a refund of the delivery charge. ""The 'boss' said NO."" is what we were told. I waited 10 weeks for the furniture.Promise not kept. I will never buy there again. Do not trust what they say to you. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/5/2013

I purchased a love seat and couch for a little less than 2,000 dollars from Jim Miller Furniture. We were assured at the time by the sales associate of how firmly Jim Miller Furniture stands behind their product and so we purchased from them. The reclining units and frame are not holding up well even after just one year of use. I called this afternoon to ask about what I could expect in terms of repair and I spoke with Jim himself. He was rude and down right belligerent. He told me that he did not have time for me. At one point, he even stated he has a car that is not working well and that since the folks that make his car don't want to work with him then he does not feel like he needs to work with me. I was quite surprised at how kind he seemed to be at the time of the sale compared to how he treated me over the phone when I called to discuss a problem with my couches. Very sad. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/19/2012

My family has bought furniture from Jim Miller Furniture in the past and we have had nothing but the best service from him. My parents bought a sectional couch from him and he put all new heavy duty brackets and screws on before sending it to their house. Plus my grandmother bought two recliners from him years ago and they still look brand new especially going through 10 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/21/2012

never ever buy anything here....he is very disrespectful when u want something done.... more

Great Service 4/9/2012

We purchased a couch, chair and recliner from Jim\r MIller Furniture and we are extremely pleased. In fact we will be back to purchase a dining room table.\r With any furniture store, they will sell less quality furniture as price somethimes dictates purchase. Ours\r was made there. With that in mind, YES , we will be back. The personal attention from Mr. Miller was wonderful and not some salesman out to make a buck.\r No high pressure but a down to earth experience.\r Will be back soon.\r The Swengle Family\r Union, Ohio more

real bad bad service. . 4/4/2011

i ordered a couch the 3rd of march,and they promised me deliverey in 2 to 3 weeks and here it is april5 and i still havent seen a thing yet. they said i couldnt take the couch that was on display, but when i question them they said they sold it.i ask them for money back and they said its not there policy to give back refunds. they told me it would be delivered it 4/4/11 but now they say its in a trailer but nobody knows where,now they promise it 4/8/11 or 4/11/11.this is really a terrible way to run a company.if you notice there are more bad reviews then good ones. i would think very hard before you buy from jim miller. more

Horrible Customer Service 9/15/2009

My husband and I ordered furniture in May from Jim Miller. We wanted to have the furniture by the middle of June, so that we would have it for my baby shower. Jim said it should only take 5-6 weeks to make and that we should have it by then. However that time came and went and it was 7 weeks before we received our furniture. I also had to call several time in order to find out what was going on and when it would be in. \r \r When we got home with our sectional we realized it was 1 inch to big to fit through our door. We admitted it was our fault for not having it measured correctly but we thought we would call Jim Miller and see what they could do for us. When we called Jim Miller, my husband spoke with his son Jeff. After playing phone tag we finally worked out a deal with Jeff and he said he would take the sectional piece that did not fit back and they would make a new piece for us splitting it into a four piece sectional instead of 3. It should take 6 weeks approximately. We thought great this will be wonderful. However that was 12 weeks ago. I called in August and they said they were waiting on the material to come in. After prompting from me to find out when the material would be in they got a hold of the Microfiber company and they said the material would be in September 11 and it would take a day to make. What do you know though when I called back on Septemeber 15 the material was still not in. When I asked when it would be in they said they still needed to contact Microfiber to find out when the material would be there. Now this doesn't make sense to me as you would think they would have been calling them first and finding out what was going on in order to ensure good customer service. On September 15 I called at 9:30 in the morning and they said they would call me back. Jim was not helpful at this initial phone call he said oh yeah I think I remember your problem, no its not done. I said ok when is it going to be done. He was not helpful and thought I was just going to accept ok 12 weeks and still no furniture. They said they would get a hold of microfiber and call me back. By 3 I still had not received a call so I called them back. Jim told me the lady I needed to speak with was out paying a speeding ticket and would be back in a few minutes amd she would call me back. However by 4:30 I still had not received a phone call again so I called back yet again. During this phone call they told me Microfiber had to actually make the material and they did not know when it was going to be in now. Now I don't know too many companies that take 12 weeks to make material and still stay in business. Someone is supposed to call me back tomorrow and let me know when the material will be in again. If the answer is not this week I will be asking for a full refund and tell them I will bring back my half of the sectional. Thus they will then have a complete sectional to resell since I'm tired of waiting. \r \r In conclusion I would definately not order from Jim Miller ever again and will not recommend them to anyone in the future. We thought they were great for working with us on a mistake we made however no one told us it would take 3 months to get furniture. For 12 weeks we have had half a sectional therefore we cannot entertain because we do not have enough seating. Jim Miller is rude on the phone and never knows what is going on with his business and his employees always say they will call back however no one ever does. I have always had to call them back over and over again in order to get any answers. They are not proactive in customer service and instead just wait for you to call and then decide to see whats going on. It's been 19 weeks and still an incomplete sectional in my house. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM, THEY ARE GREAT AT SAYING THEY WILL WORK WITH YOU, HOWEVER THE FOLLOW UP IS NOT THERE! Cons: Customer Service more

Save Yourself - Don't Shop Here 9/2/2009

Don't Shop here. This is the most disappointing consumer experience I have ever had. I went to Miller's specifically because my Grandparents, & Parents had bought from him, and swore by the craftsmanship. Unfortuantly my experience has not been the same. And my experience makes me wonder how they have remained in business. \r I ordered a set that was not one they made. It only took 2.5 weeks for them to call and say it was in. I was thrilled... then it began. I rushed my brother here from Cleveland to take my old furniture I was giving him. Because of the rush, he had to pay to rent a Van. $$, The day Miller was to delivery my new set, their delivery driver, called and said what they were loading was not what I ordered! Something no one a week before noticed when they received it in! Because it was a Saturday we waited until Monday, until the Mfg. Rep was in to figure out the problem. I waited for a call, that didn't come. So I called them, Over and again... Finally was told that it had been ordered with the wrong #, but my order would be in that week, so I accepted that, the week past with no calls. I went to the store again (30miles for me each time), Mr. Miller kept apologizing, but once again couldn't tell me anything as to where my furniture was. Again it was Sunday so I had to wait until the next day. Monday came, and although they did call me, they could give me no answers and was suppose to call again later in the day, when they got ahold of their rep. Again, no call. The next day no call, I called them, and got no answers and asked for a return call the next morning, of course the next morning and afternoon and evening came and went with no phone calls. Now trust me when I say after a point, I was no longer polite about this situation. Their mistakes made me cost my brother money, cost me money in cell phone minutes and long distance land line calls, my labor costs, for time away from my job, mileage costs for the gas going back and forth to the store, and 3 weeks thus far, with no furniture in my house, because I had my brother take mine away, thinking my new furniture was to be delivered!! I've had to cancel a party I was to have this weekend (Labor Day)because I've nothing for guests to sit on. Early on Mr. Miller / Son said they would deliver me out something to use temporarily, and return my money to me until my furniture actually came in (did I mention I paid in FULL from the beginning)!! But since no one ever calls you back, Temporary furniture has never been arranged, nor have they refunded my money and I am still waiting to hear where the heck my furniture is. Funny thing is, I spoke with the son Jeff tonight, and he promised to call me immediately back, once his Dad got done with a customer,,, Of course he did not call, and the store is now closed for the night, and I sit here in my lawnchair typing this review, with no more knowledge then I had 4 weeks ago! I will now have to take additional time away from work, to go to the store once again, to now insist on a FULL REFUND. Because at this point I will be cancelling my entire order, and shopping elsewhere. Hopefully someone will have something I like, in stock that I won't have to wait for! Otherwise my husband and I are sitting on lawn chairs for a good while longer.\r SPREAD THE WORD, AND SAVE OTHER UNSUSPECTING CONSUMERS!!! DO NOT SHOP JIM MILLER'S FURNITURE!!! Not if you value your Time, Money and Sanity!!! Cons: EVERYTHING more

one rude dude 7/8/2009

we ordered a couch and love seat from jim millers furniture in April 2009, we had to keep calling to see when it would be done. we went to pick it up on July 7th\r the couch pillow backing had the fabric going to differant derrections, the seams on both units was not sewn all the way to where it left gaps in the seems, there was staples sticking out the front kick panels and on the arms so far that the fabric had already started to tear. the love seat backing was sewn so loose the cushions was drooping and the couch was so tight that it was going to rip in about a months worth of use. I went to talk to jim about this and he tried to ignore me for some prospective customers. when I would not take his I be with you in a minute line after waiting nearly 10 minutes\r jim got real rude and hatefull. and started cursing. saying what do you want your da-- money back. I will give you your da-- money back. sh-t i dont need your da-- money I got plenty. he said that he could quit to day and live on what money he has. Well if he has money enough to do that I think maybe he should quit. because he sure cant build quility furniture. thanks jim for waisting 4 months of my life and the mental stress of when we was getting our new living room furniture. your just not one rude dude but a big disappointment. beleave me I will let everyone know how you treat people. Cons: needs to retair more

Jim Miller's Furniture is AWESOME 6/13/2009

I have lived in the Enon - Yellow Springs area since 1983; I have bought furniture for my home as well as for my three adult children. I have always been grateful for the prices and the quality. If you have questions, ASK HIM. If you have a special need, ASK HIM. more

Great Service and Quiality 3/8/2009

Our family just bought a sleeper loveseat and recliner for a grandparent going into an assisted living facility. Mr. Miller dealt with us personally, and gave a great deal and even threw in free delivery. Thus far, nine months in the quality of the furniture is still new and great. Kudos to this family for their quality service and hometown values, ethics, and professionalism. Pros: See Review Cons: None that we have found more

A giant surprise 2/15/2009

The part that shocks you about Jim Miller Furniture is their size. A small town store with a lot to offer. I saw the commercial on television and decided to check it out.. Three pieces of furniture for $399 has to be too good to be true. When I first entered the store, I was given a chance to look around and digest the size of the store before I was greeted by a salesperson. It was a nice change of pace to be greeted but not stalked through the store. Jim Miller was at the store that day, and after talking to him, I realized that he is at the store every day. He isn't just the name on the sign. He took me over to the area where the three pieces of furniture were. That is exactly what they are, three pieces of furniture. I decided to look around the store and in the end decided on a sofa that is built there in their factory. I can expect my furniture in about three weeks and am very excited about receiving it. The greatest part of the shopping experience is that you don't just get sold furniture, the staff there really takes the time to educate you about the differences between the couches and chairs that are made there and the stuff that they sell that comes from other manufacturers. In the process of my purchase, I was greeted by two different sales girls, and each time they were very nice and friendly. After asking some questions they allowed me take some time to look around. I really appreciated the chance to be able to look around without pressure, but not having to go searching for someone when I didn need help. I will post more once I have received my couch. Pros: Smart educated sales staff willing to help Cons: constantly having to run to grab the phone or to divide their time between customers more


It is a shame how Mr. Miller says he will always take care of his customers....Dont beleive that \r after you buy it cause they sure dont. What a shame cause he can sure use the lines.\r \r Yea the staff is nice and so is he but if you have problems WATCHHHHHHHHH OUTTTTT\r NO HELP THEN....... JUST TO LET YOU ALL KNOW. more

Good Service, Solid Value , Repeat Curtomer 9/29/2008

I?m a guy, so shopping for furniture is not something I get excited about. That said, Jim Miller?s is a good place to shop. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, the prices are good and so is the quality. While everyone claims to have the best prices, I actually paid more at Jim Miller?s then I would have for a similar product at a chain store, but I did so happily, and I am happy with the product because it was a better item. The best recommendation I can give is this one ? I was so happy with what they sold e for my living room that I went back a couple of years later and bought some more for the family room. Pros: Helpful staff, free dilvery, made a deadline for me when I was in a jam Cons: Prices could be better, finance compnany (no interest) did not combine purshases correctly more

Worst furniture ever made. 5/14/2008

My parent had a couch and chair made by Jim Miller furniture. It is the worst furniture ever. When it first arrived the cusions hung over the edge of the couch 4 inches. They sent it back to be fixed, when it was ""finished"" they called and asked them if it was okay to charge a delivery fee. After much argument they did deliver it free. However it was the worst fixing job I have ever seen. They cut the material in half and stitched it back together. After a couple of weeks the buttons on the back came completely out. My parents then had to flip the couch over and remove the back to see what was wrong. The buttons were not even tied in. The craftsmanship is very bad. It was made so cheap that it is pathetic! It is truly the worst made furniture I have ever seen! I would never ever recommend them to any one. It is the worst furniture I have ever seen. Pros: none, wouldnt recommend to anyone. Cons: Furniture is made cheap, customer service is horrible! more
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