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Jim Mazz Auto INC - 39 Reviews - 1255 Bailey Ave, Buffalo, NY - Auto Body Repair Reviews - Phone (716) 894-6705
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Jim Mazz Auto INC

1255 Bailey Ave
Buffalo, NY 14206
(716) 894-6705
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I have horrible credit and the salesman and finance guys didn't take advantage. Really honest straight forward people that helped me and put an effort that big dealers i went to w...


I went to Jim Mazz and was looking at cars. THe finance guy ""jay"" was very nice and did whatever he could to get me financed. I chose my car and drove off the lot a couple days ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/31/2013

Went looking for a car with not so good credit. Staff was friendly, process was easy and i was driving happy. Had a few minor repairs needed and they stood by the purchase. A+ more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/19/2012

i went to big dealerships and got turned down left and right. this staff never judged, didn't overlook me, and made it easy to find a car i could afford. good experience more

horrible credit 5/16/2012

I have horrible credit and the salesman and finance guys didn't take advantage. Really honest straight forward people that helped me and put an effort that big dealers i went to wouldn't. Recommended for real people. more

Awesome 5/8/2012

they helped get in to the truck of my dreams even know i have bad credit. I will be customer for life. more

the best! 11/30/2011

i must say this was the best and easiest deal i ever did! i bought a 05 avalanche from theses guys and i love it. i was even out of warranty on it by 1 week when my ball joint went and they came to my house picked it up and fixed it free! and they got me an amazing interest rate. great price, great rate, great truck. more

Nice for a minute!! 11/4/2011

I went to Jim Mazz and was looking at cars. THe finance guy ""jay"" was very nice and did whatever he could to get me financed. I chose my car and drove off the lot a couple days after. I decided I didnt like the car and wanted something else. They were nice enough to let me get something else. I loved my new car!! Well I was hearing some noises coming from the tire. I brought it in, they did an alighnment and checked everything else they said it was because I had ""aggressive tires"". Well I brought to Dunn tire. They laughed when I told them this. My car started to stall. Wasnt able to start it right away. I brought it in again. They said nothing was wrong. After going there about 6 times and them saying nothing was wrong I had enough. There was planty wrong according to another shop. They just didnt want to spend the time orm oney to fix it. After all this they started being very rude to me. I went through a finance company that was very nice and if my check was gonna be a few days after my payment was due they were ok with it. NOT JAY!! He started texting me and telling me i I dont make my payemnt they are taking the car. Well After about a week of being late on my payment (which the finance company knew about BTW and OKd it. A tow truck showed up at my house in the middle of the night. THey were threatening me the cops. it being the middle of the night I was scared and just gave them the keys. Come to find out the next day I called the finance company and they never told them to repo the car. They did it illegally. I am now in the works with a lawyer :) These guys will love you from the get go...did I mention Jay was hitting on me and wanted to take me to dinner?? Once you are out the dorr with the car you are just a number to them. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE GUYS! I PERSONALLY KNOW PEOPLE THAT WORK THERE AND THEY SAID I SHOULD OF NEVER WENT THROUGH THEM ( I met them after the fact) more

Above & Beyond 8/5/2011

i bought my daughter her first car here (saturn ion) and any minor issues i had were immediately taken care of with an appointment. the car is great, the salesman (jay) wasn't pushy, pretty much a no hassle experience all around. I read through some of these reviews and can't believe how many of these people are complaining just because they refused to pay for parking and got towed. I guess the only bad thing i can say is people who don't like to pay for parking won't like the towing services. more

Love my car. 4/6/2011

I recently bought a 2002 Chevy from Jim Mazz, it was an affordable price and the car runs so smooth. I havent had any problems and when one comes along which hopefully wont happen, i know i can always go back and rely on them to get the job done. more

the owner 4/6/2011

I dont know how any of these people writing the reviews could say bad stuff about mr. mazz's auto company because I had a awesome experience there. I was running late with things to do, and i needed a quick inspection, they not only fit me in right away, but were able to help me in a timely manner. Not to mention, when i opened the trunk of my car, all of my son's hockey equipment fell out and the owner Jim Mazz himself, kindly went out of his way to run over and help me. So i say, he's good in my book! more

i advise all to go there! 4/6/2011

My car recently broke down, jim mazz towed me back to his shop where i told him to tow it. It was a fast service call and they were gentle with my vehicle. And he fixed my car at such a low price, even though i usually went to a different place.He also added in a free tire rotation. I advise people to go to Jim Mazz for a new or used vehicle, mechanic work or a towing service. more

Good Experience 4/6/2011

My girlfriend took her 2007 Dodge Caliber here to get her paint touched up because she had several scratches on the side. They did an excellent job and the price was affordable. The workers were pretty good too and with the prices, you cant beat it. more

friendly people 4/6/2011

i was looking for a new and better vehicle. i stopped by jim mazz auto on bailey avenue to check it out. i had never been there before and i wanted to see what it was like. the people greeted me with kindness and i was really impressed on how patient they were with me. me and the salesman looked at a few different choices for me and i was able to take my time on my choices. Although they didnt have what i was looking for at the time, they were still very helpful and nice in me making my decision what i wanted. i was very impressed with their services! go jim mazz!!!!!!!!! more

don't go here 4/2/2011

i would never buy anything here again have a loan thru them and cant even keep track of my payments been back 3 times for loan trouble so please do not go there more

They may harass you.... 3/16/2011

This company owns several parking areas throughout the city, including one that is connected to my apartment complex. Only those who apparently work for Mr. Mazz may park there; there are no parking stickers, tags, etc present on any of the cars that are generally parked there (indicating the ABILITY to park there). This morning, after dropping my fiance off at his job, I parked in the first spot (as it was barely 7 am and there was absolutely no parking on my street) of the ""restricted"" area. An older man promptly drove up in an extended Taurus wagon and began berating me. I resisted the urge to be rude, and pleasantly wished him a ""Happy Saint Patrick's Day,"" apologized, and got in my car as he continued to aggressively yell at me. He then followed me six blocks around the city as I tried to find a place to turn around (my street is a one-way cul-de-sac). I called the help line listed, also called the office. The woman on the help line was a bit confused about the situation, saying that the man was probably either a 'Jim' or a 'Joe.' I also called the dealership, which wasn't open, but not one voicemail had space. I, in turn, called the police and filed a report against the man. What irks me is that there is no car dealership or auto mechanic ANYWHERE near where we live. The man also failed to show me any identification or badge; this could be processed as criminal harassment in civil court. Courtesy goes a long way in my book. Don't waste your time with this place of business; if they are this protective over six $70 (ALWAYS EMPTY) parking spots, imagine how much money they'll make off of you. more

Untrustworthy, incapable, dishonest. Go elsewhere. 3/16/2011

I actually worked with these guys a few years back. I quit after only two weeks for several reasons. 1. The owner ""Jim"" is such an arrogant prick that even his managers speak ill of him. When he came into the shop, he would stare down new employees to try to intimidate them. Is this someone you want to bring your business to? 2. They will screw their customers if given the chance. In the two weeks I worked there I saw customers get after market parts when they payed for OEM, I saw repairs done the wrong way, because it's ""faster,"" and I saw damaged parts that the insurance company payed to replace not get replaced because ""the owner is a black, so F em."" 3. They illegally withhold all employees first week's paycheck, just because. After you quit, you have to contact the Labor Board to get back. Jim is so arrogant he thinks you should work for free for a week just for the honor of working for him. 4. The shop is extremely ill-equipped. The paint booth is ancient, and does not filter the toxic fumes that exit the booth into the atmosphere - into the residential neighborhood. The frame machine has less than half of the equipment needed to make proper body repairs. The oil burning furnace leaks oil into the storm drain... polluting the local streams and lake Erie. The temperature in the winter is too low to allow proper curing for body fillers, adhesives, primers and paints, causing the body work to likely fail. I think what they do at Jim Mazz is criminal, and the owners and managers should be held accountable for what they have done. Please, tell your friends and family what kind of place this is, and what kind of people they are. Spread the word, don't let them keep getting away with what they have done. more


My boyfriend's car got backed into and had quite a bit of damage to the front end. Immediately he called the police and within minutes the tow truck from Jim Mazz was there. The man kept trying to talk to my boyfriend but I know you shouldn't always go with the people who approach you so I went to call my dad for his opinion. I wanted to talk to my dad away from the man who works for Jim Mazz so I walked around the corner and he actually followed me and insisted on talking to my father! He would not leave us alone. He continued to pester my boyfriend and promised us we would be provided a rental car (which isn't something he can promise!) and finally we just decided to let them tow the car. We were told to call the business in the morning for further instructions, since the accident happened late at night, and called at 9 am like instructed. No one answered the phone the multiple times we called so we decided to drive over there. There was one man in the shop and he told us to call the other person's insurance so he could put the rental through. It was such a pain and freezing in the office. The insurance representative told us we had to wait to get a rental but the man insisted we just do it now and sent us over to the rental place. Turns out we really were supposed to wait for the insurance company so my boyfriend returned the rental, and thankfully the insurance company decided to cover the cost after the fact. So after being given false information from the worker, we were promised the car would only take a couple days. After those couple days, annd hearing nothing from Jim Mazz, my boyfriend called and was told the car should be done the next day. The next day comes and no call. So he calls again the following day, the car is promised to be done that Monday. Monday comes and my boyfriend is informed they forgot to order a part, but everything else was done so it should only be a couple days. We call back after those couple days, the part ""just came in"" and needs to be installed before they can finish painting (even though they told us before that everything was already done on the car!) So after a little over 2 weeks my boyfriend gets his car back, just thankful to have it back. He leaves the shop and they forgot to hook up his blinkers. He has to take the car back and they fix it on the spot. He later notices the paint job is HORRIBLE and many spots on the top of the hood were left bare. Jim Mazz is a horrible shop to take your car to. They take forever and don't even do a good job! I saw them stopping at the scene of an accident the other night and so badly wanted to get out of my car and warn the people. DON'T TAKE YOUR CAR HERE. more

I can't believe they are still in business! Run AWAY! 1/31/2011

Don't ever take your car here! I brought my truck in a few weeks back, and when they returned it to me, it had some new dents! I told them that I expected them to be fixed, and that it had better be free. After that the manager went into the office and told the owner Jim Mazzarello, about how I was angry and what I expected them to do. I actually heard Jim telling his manager that I was an ""a&* hole"" and to fix the ""f*%$ing""dents. Then they argued for a minute inside the office, of which I was standing right outside of. During the argument, I actually heard the manager mention how they knew that they had caused the dents, and were just hoping that I wouldn't notice! UNBELIEVABLE! The next day I got my truck back, minus the dents they caused in my tailgate, and I got the heck out of there. You'll never see me in that shop ever again! I find it odd that there are 13 ""1"" star reviews, and 10 ""5"" star reviews. It's pretty obvious they are having employees write some good reviews to offset the bad reviews. What a bunch of scum bags. more

Terrible 12/20/2010

I had the unfortunate luck of dealing with this company. The sort of company that kicks you when your down..feeds on the misfortune of others. Completely unprofessional, rude and money hungry. Save yourself the headache and go with someone else. more

Everyone has the right to there own opinion 11/19/2010

The reason I am writing this today is because Its unfair to company that does great work to be punished. When people get good service and good work done they never really spend the time to write something compared to someone that is angry. So I am going to go out of my way to let you know how things were for me. In the middle of the summer of the following year another vehicle struck my vehicle. To say the least I was a little upset and frustrated but was happy that no one was injured. A few mins later, A white tow truck, and a gentleman named Adam came and towed my vehicle for me. He was helpful and courteous, with the 3 other company?s there he made me feel the most secure, and that?s why I let him tow my vehicle back to his shop. That day he helped me get my rental car, and I let them do the repairs to my bmw. They helped me file my claim, my car came out great and it was completed when they told me my vehicle was completed. Since that time I have not been in an accident but my siblings and parents have. Because they did such a great job with my vehicle I recommended this company to my family where they had their vehicles repaired. So my end result was this, I was very happy with my service and the way my vehicle turned out. I will honestly say that people take things like this for granted, so I want to take a few mins out of my day so that people can know both sides. more

Great service in a difficult situation 11/16/2010

i got in an accident in my car a month ago and it was totaled. i really didn't have the money for the tow bill and only had liability. the staff was really easy to work with. they helped me get rid of my car as i had nothing left to do with a smashed up ride and then helped me find a car to finance. so a bad day turned into a great week. i upgraded my car to something i really wanted and didn't even have to pay an ""arm and a leg"" for a car i was never gonna use again. thanks jim mazz! more
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