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Jerry Lewis Autos

1320 NW Broad St
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 890-0099
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I bought a Mustang for Jerry Lewis in 2008. It was going to paid off in 2009 Well in Feb of 09 my husband had back surgery, Than in April and Augest of 09 he had 2 total hip repla...


I will never buy another car from here. They sold me a piece of junk., With the repairs and the full coverage ins. they had me keep I've paid well over $8000 for this P.O.S. car ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/20/2014

don't trust bought a white Pontiac, beware still on his lot, I started having electrical problems after they put in gps, informed this to them they were like oh no that wouldn't cause it, finally the care completely locked up and he wanted me to pay for repairs so now im out my down payment plus 2 mths I paid on the vehicle, because I wouldn't pay for repairs they caused more

Really can not expect a brand new BMW guys 7/12/2011

i have bought a car from Jerry and I have read all the reviews and really guys when you bought the car he said as is, you have to keep insurance on the car its really not a hard concept. He is letting you buy a car without even considering your credit if your having to go to this car lot you either have horrible credit or no credit so he is really doing you a favor theres not many places like this that will work with you no matter what your problem may be. You can not expect a brand new car without having great credit.. im just thankful i have a car i can drive to work in if it wasnt for Jerry i would be screwed after my car was repo'd.. Seriously guys they are used cars and yes i have had small things ive had to fix but for someone that just sold me a car in like 20mins you can not expect much... more

They sold me junk and cut it off! DON'T BUY HERE 5/4/2010

I will never buy another car from here. They sold me a piece of junk., With the repairs and the full coverage ins. they had me keep I've paid well over $8000 for this P.O.S. car appraised at only $1500. Before it even put 7000 miles on it I had to replace the starter, alternator, and battery. Then before 10,000 I had to replace the transmission, ignition switch, a window motor. ALL BEFORE EVEN PAYING IT OFF. screw this place. save up $1000 and go ANYWHERE else. Now leasing from Import Autos and I'm loving it. Pros: I can sue them Cons: They're scam artists. Sold me a $1500 car for $5000 more

Your Traditional Used Car SCAM 2/22/2010

It's funny that I should check these reviews now because I'm sure that I purchased the same 1998 Neon that the other reviewer purchased. Either way, I have been making payments on the car, was never late. In fact, I made my payments days early because I get paid in the middle of the week instead of the Fridays my payments are due. A requirement of my contract is that full coverage is kept on the car. My full coverage lapsed last night at midnight and they called and let me know this morning. I told them $250 per month was too much to pay for car insurance (no accidents or anything, just young) and still make payments on all of my other bills, especially considering I'm a full time student, single parent, and working full time. They told me that I had until 4 pm to restore full coverage or they would repossess the vehicle. I said okay, let me call my parents and I'll call them back with a solution. Not even 20 minutes later and a little after noon, my car was seized by the GPS thing they have installed. My daughter and I were stranded in a parking lot in a city I was unfamiliar with while my mother frantically called her insurance company to get coverage. First of all, I already had Direct insurance but they said they don't accept it. They conveniently had the name and phone number of a guy with First Acceptance that I called. Not only had I wasted money with my original insurance company. My new insurance was to be MORE than the payments themselves. And they forced me to get Gap coverage for an additional weekly fee added into my payments. Okay so now the $1500 car is covered with at least $30,000 in insurance from 3 different companies. During this process they were rude to me, my mother, and my grandmother whenever we asked why the car was cut off and why didn't they at least wait until 4 pm!?!?!? Moving forward, we got the insurance thing settled and after being stranded for 2 hours with a screaming 1 year old in a mexican restaurant's parking, I drove to the dealership to pick up my tags and receipts for my payments. At first they lady only gave me some of my receipts. Then I noticed that my next payment on their schedule was for double what it was supposed to be. I asked the guy about it and he said remember we agreed to it?..... I reminded him that my contract that I SIGNED says that my payment that week was supposed to be lower than that. He then threatened me saying... "" Okay. But if you're even one day late, we're picking up the car."" I countered by reminding him, "" I've never been late. In fact, I've always been early."" and left. The review about this place selling refurbished junk cars is right. My father (a Meineke Muffler franchise owner) inspected the car last week and confirmed that there was water damage in the back seat and trunk as if it were sitting in water. The shocks and struts are almost out. He's going to have to replace some brake hardware including the caliper, master cylinder, and something else I can't remember. The trunk didn't close for a while until my dad discovered that the lock was put on backwards. Like the previous owner said, the blue book value is actually less than $1500 now because of the miles on it and they're charging me $4100. It'll be $5000 by the end of payments.And they've already made their money just off of the other reviewer! If you ask me, this place has a pretty good scam going. They require full coverage on the bucket-vehicles bringing the car's total cost per month well over $500 so that no working person in this economy can afford it. Then as soon as you slip up, in my case, with a 12-hour insurance lapse they stop the vehicle and you're either forced to pay up or lose your job as a delivery driver, drop out of school, or maybe worse. Whew! Point is.... BEEEEEEWAAAARE Pros: They didn't check my employment, credit rating, valid licens Cons: They were rude to me and my family and had us stranded more

The best place ever to buy i car.. 1/28/2010

I bought a Mustang for Jerry Lewis in 2008. It was going to paid off in 2009 Well in Feb of 09 my husband had back surgery, Than in April and Augest of 09 he had 2 total hip replacements. So i called Jerry and spoke to him about my car and the payment with my husband out of work,only drawing 200.00 a week witch dont even pay my house payment i wasnt going to be able to make my full payment. I had told him if he wanted me to bring the car back i would he said NO he told me he would work with me and that is what HE DID. We came up with a good payment that i could make and that he liked and that is what i paid.I work for a small company so some weeks i didnt i have work i called him and told him HE TOLD ME TO SKIP it if i had too..I will never go anywhere else to buy a car i dont care if i get perfect credit i will still use Jerry Lewis Autos Pros: Really friendly, And willing to work with you Cons: None that i had found. more

Refurbished Junk Cars 9/22/2009

Bought a car with only 80,000 miles on it. In the first few months the Master Cylinder and Fuel Pump failed. Within 1 week of the extended warranty (paid extra for) the Transmission failed along with most of the EVAP lines. This week I lost compression in a cylinder which means now the motor is going out and still the car has only 97,000 miles on it! I have literally paid as much in repairs as the cost of the car. I f$$$D up. They won't make good on the deal either! AVOID BUYING A CAR HERE!!!!! Cons: Buyer Beware more

DO NOT GO HERE 6/24/2009

in Nov. I bought a 98 neon from jerry lewis i made my payements on time for 6 months paying $180 every two weeks..i lost my job 2 months ago and kept making my payments until 3 weeks ago i missed a payment because i still hadn't found a job. I got a new job and was going to start yesterday but after being 3 weeks late they took my car away. I told them I just got a new job and i would pay all of the money i owe plus late fees but NOOO they came and took my car and told me I can pay the money I owe and get my car back...but seeing that I have no car now and my new job is 30min away i had to turn down the job because I have no way to work. SO here I am carless and jobless. I understand they are running a business but seeing that for 6 months i made my payments on time and told them i just got a new job seems like they would have worked with me. And keep in mind it was a 1998 NEON a car that on Kelley Blue book is only worth $1500 and in the 6 months that I had the car I have paid $3120 i u count my down payment Sh**ty is that. So here I am broke in a city that i just moved to 9 months and have no friends or family here in murfreesboro and now I have no car and no job all because of Jerry Lewis Auto....Thanks for nothing Pros: no pros more

Avoid this dealer ship...... 8/28/2008

My husband and I had just moved to Tn. and needed another car. He went all over the area and found Jerry Lewis Autos. They told hime he could pay every 2 weeks because of his job. Then they started calling every week wanting more money. They are very rude on the phone and they don't like fixing anything that goes wrong. My husband was with out a car for 3 weeks and had to relie on me to get him back and forth from his job. The dealership could have lent him a car till his was fixed but would not. I would never go there to buy a car or tell anyone for that matter. They are not what the seem. Please do not buy from this dealership. more

Friendly, Honest and work well with customers 7/24/2007

My wife and I have had dealings with Jerry Lewis and his son, Rusty, since moving to Murfreesboro back in the early 1990's. We had to have a good car with pretty good averages of getting us to work every morning and to other places where we had family. We seldom had any problems with the vehicles. Most were just minor every day things. Buy here, pay here definitely helped for us. If you CAN finance outside of the lot, that is good, but, their financing is very comptetive and very good. . Pros: On site repair mechanic, reasonable prices for buy here pay here Cons: not always enough help or parking more
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