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Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland - 10 Reviews - 2391 Broadway, New York, NY - Optician Reviews - Phone (212) 787-3232

Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland

2391 Broadway
New York, NY 10024
(212) 787-3232
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I went to Jeff for the first weekend to fix a pair of broken Ray Bans. He was so nice he sat me down and took care of me right away. He gave me a real deal on replacement lenses a...


I had an unbelievably horrible experience and will never go back. After spending God only knows how many thousands of dollars over the years, took very expensive titanium reading...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2014

Outstanding service and selection. The knowledge and experience of the staff is beyond question. Prices are competitive with the market. Personal attention to each customer is the norm unlike the chain stores whose short-termed employees couldn't care less if they keep a customer or not. After reading some of the negative reviews one can only conclude that the writers themselves are the problem, no doubt caused by their own inflated sense of self worth. The arrogance of the typical Upper West Sider of today no doubt fuels the expectation that they have to be treated as if they are god's own gift to humanity and if they don't get everything they demand and expect it can only be someone else's fault and not their own. The venom exhibited by some of the reviewers closely match the type of rhetoric used when writing about one's landlord so should be treated as suspect. Give this place an opportunity and you won't regret it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/3/2013

Why anyone would shop here is a mystery to me. Jeffrey is rude, unethical and thoroughly obnoxious...I gave him $650 for a pair of sunglasses (which was really stupid of me in retrospect..When I went in to have him verify the lens, he shouted me out of the store and refused a refund. The glasses had not had the lenses put in. So now I am out $650 and no glasses..DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS STORE. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/12/2013

Jeffrey's incredibly ethical, no way rude and really knows his stuff. Brought my partner in who could not see straight out of a pair he bought somewhere else and Jeffrey diagnosed all of the problems within minutes. He even figured out the prescription was off. End of story: my partner returned with revised prescription and he can't believe the visual difference in Jeffrey's progressives. If you want to see great and look great in your glasses they are the place. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/24/2013

The owner has exceptionally HORRIBLE customer service skills. He and his wife are extremely rude, and you are better off taking your money else where! Check his yelp and g+ reviews too! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/2/2012

Jeffrey's is probably one of the best NYC places for glasses. Not only is the selection wide, but Jeffrey is meticulous about their work. As an example, when I moved to progressives, it turned out that different make lens work differently for different eyes/people. Jeffrey did not stop until my progressives were perfect for me. Way different from a friend who is stumbling on stairs and getting dizzy with progressives from another high end store. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/17/2012

Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland is an excellent place to shop for glasses. They have a fantastic selection, frames I've not seen in other area shops. I love glasses and this is a candy store. Reasonable priced to very expensive. I worked with Jeffery for much of the time, he spent well over an hour with me, trying on frames, making suggestions, etc. People came and went, we all talked, a very friendly vibe.. I got opinions from other customers.. finally made a choice. I must have tried on 60 frames. My glasses were ready sooner than they had told me to expect them, that was a welcome surprise. I recently went back and asked to change the tint... adjust the glasses... I will be going back again... more

The best of the Upper West 3/6/2012

I went to Jeff for the first weekend to fix a pair of broken Ray Bans. He was so nice he sat me down and took care of me right away. He gave me a real deal on replacement lenses and I was in and out in 10 minutes. This guy is a rare honest New Yorker. I just wish I found him sooner. more

Warning! Had Horrible Experience! I'll NEVER go back 8/20/2011

I had an unbelievably horrible experience and will never go back. After spending God only knows how many thousands of dollars over the years, took very expensive titanium reading glasses (only ~2 yrs old) to have hinge screw put back in. He puts hinge screw back in and then adds some glue or other substance to ?fix it? and keep screw from falling out. Within days, the hinge breaks right where he presumably fixed it. I take glasses in to be fixed and after explaining how I had brought the glasses in to have screw replaced, some lady behind the counter immediately starts hassling me and accusing me of misusing the glasses or making untrue accusations about Jeff. They tell me to leave glasses and Jeff will get back with me. By the time I get home, Jeffery calls and is a complete and absolute jerk, making all kinds of untrue accusations. I go to pick up glasses and he unloads on me again as being arrogant. To me this place is horrible and a complete rip off more

Rude-who needs it? 5/28/2011

I had the same experience. After years of shopping there and spending over $3,000 in one month, I had a problem with one pair of glasses and I was yelled at and told that he does everything he can, but it's disrespectful to ask for my money back. I told him I really didn't want to be yelled at and I was told I was yelling at him. I'm past the teenage years. Jeffrey knows lenses, but doesn't know customer service or retail. With so many kind places to go, who needs him. He also continually recommends that you go to his opthamologist who he says is the best. What's up with that? more

The customer is always WRONG... 3/26/2011

At first, Jeffrey will kill you with kindness, smile a lot, tell you about his 9/11 experience. He can be charming and, if he's in a good mood, he can even appear to bond with you! Over time (15 years of patronizing his store), however, he will become impatient with you if you have any complaints about your glasses; as he becomes more and more defensive, he becomes more and more belligerent. Despite his claims to guarantee his work, nothing is ever his fault. We feel like we've been in an abused relationship and now we're glad we're out. On top of Jeffrey's own defensive and belligerent behavior, his wife is downright nasty, and chimes in childish and offensive addenda such as ""the feeling is mutual,"" or ""good riddance."" My favorite experience, most recently, was when Jeffrey told me I was 'terrorizing' his staff by repeatedly requesting an explanation as to why my old glasses were returned to me with the coating stripped and cloudy. Uh, I wanted to know how it happened so I could decide whether I needed to get a new set of lenses so I could use these as back up glasses. This defensive rudeness is apparent across most reviews of Jeffrey's Eyeland. Boris is lovely to deal with but we hope he finds another job. We are easy going people who want to support local businesses, but we are outta here. You deserve better for your $1500. more

Warning: Owner is Rude, unprofessional, overpriced items 7/28/2010

So relieved that I am not the only customer who experienced Jeffery's offensive behavior... (Good reviews must be written by owners) Like other patrons who took the time to warn the general public about Jeffery, I too experienced, as well as witnessed, the vile manner in which the owner and his wife treat their customers. I have never been to Jeffery's and popped in as a walk in. I didn't know what to expect, so, I stood waiting patiently for assistance. His wife greeted me sweet as pie but continued tinkering with something and then proceeded to the back of the store. No help... After waiting for about five minutes, Jeffrey glanced over and said, ""someone will be right with you...."" Still no service. There was an elderly gentleman (a customer) who Jeffery was busy ""assisting"" who was kind enough to get up in the middle of his appointment to: move his walker, pull out a chair, shuffle a few feet, and offer me seating. Not once was I offered seating by Jeffery. I thanked the elderly man, sat down, and began checking a few messages... Still no service. As I looked on at Jeffery's ongoing appointment, I began to feel bad for the elderly man because as the appointment went on the more I saw that he was being mistreated. AND he was a paying customer! The man could barely move let alone walk, but Jeffery hurried him along flipping the stronger scripts back and forth at lightning speed. Jeffery insisted that he shuffle to the window to look outside as if he was incompetent and did not know whether or not he could actually see. His impatience lead to the man simply settling for whatever Jeffery saw fit for him. Meanwhile, now 10 minutes gone from my life (that I can never reclaim), and the only other customer in the shop. I am still sitting patiently for service. Finally, Jeffery bellows to the back for his wife to come up front to assist me. 13 minutes in, I am being ""serviced"". I began explaining my awkward situation and that I needed a temporary set of glasses until I switched providers and I am able to afford a more stylish pair along with an eye exam. Before wasting (I would say anyones, however, at this point my time was already wasted) more time, I asked her prior to her showing me any frames, if they accept insurance. I suppose Jeffery overheard, whipped around like a ravaged pit bull and simply flipped out! I felt as if I was asking for a free set of glasses from the man, his first born, or the deed to his business, the way he sat there going on and on belittling me in front of his other customer. ""We don't accept insurance! Even if we did why would you need a temporary set? Who gets temporary glasses? What the hell does temporary even mean!? Why the hell would you come to an eye glass shop if you are going to sit here and waste peoples time?"" I sat there shocked as he continued to ramble on about me to his OTHER customer while I was STILL THERE. I turned around and walked out. Needless to say, I am NEVER GOING BACK and would like to WARN EVERYONE I know about Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland. DO NOT go there if you have private insurance (which i'm assuming is a majority of his customers), because as per my experience there is a high probability that he may talk crap about you as if you are a second rate citizen for having private insurance WHILE you are still there... I have never seen such barbaric behavior from an employee let alone an owner from a shop in my life. The lack of professionalism is unreal and the prices are ridiculous even for a high end store. I give this shop a POOR rating because of: 1. The lack of professional behavior 2. The lack of high end designer frames 3. The abundance of high end designer frame PRICES for cheap frames 4. The elites mentality of this alleged ""family friendly shop"" 5. They don't accept private insurance Lady luck was not on my side today... but she maybe on yours since you are sitting here reading this. You have been forewarned. Pros: Clean Cons: Horrible service, Rude Owner, Terrible wait more

Stand-up comic optometrist! 7/16/2010

My daughter and I have had 2 pairs of glasses done each and we have thoroughly enjoyed our visits to Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland. The 2nd visit we went about a half hour to closing and he showed us practically every frame in the store, and let us sit there for an extra hour after closing. He was very patient and showed us pictures of his son. He spent a lot of the time telling jokes which were actually funny! He's super nice with a great sense of humor and with beautiful frames that are not found anywhere. Our glasses always look unique and interesting not generic and boring like in some other eyeglass places. Definitely can recommend this place if you're looking for a unique look with a charming host. Also the glasses took a week to get in and he worked on them until I was happy with them. Pros: Personal attention, charming personality Cons: Slightly understaffed more

Another excellent purchase from Jeffrey 6/9/2010

My husband bought his favorite pair of glasses from Jeffrey himself in 1995. We don't live in NY and hardly get to the upper West side these days, but on a recent visit we bumped into Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland and decided to check out the selection. It was about to close, but Jeffrey and his wife let us stay and proceeded to spend an hour after closing helping me select a pair of frames and lenses. They even made dinner reservations at a nearby restaurant for my husband and I. The frames had to be held for a month until I was able to email a new prescription. The glasses arrived to DC within 3 days of the email. I love my new glasses. They fit perfectly, out of the box! The compliments are endless. Seriously, every single day some stranger will comment on my great glasses. I would highly recommend the place. Jeffrey is a character, but then again, you are in NYC! Pros: Excellent selection and service Cons: none that I can think of more

Owner is hostile and impossible to deal with 5/29/2010

Just bought my first pair of glasses at this store. The owner (Jeffrey) told me they were complicated, but it would take a week for them to arrive. It ended up taking over 3 weeks with 4 interim promises of ""they're shipping tomorrow."" Obviously he was only right this last time. While their construction may have been, in fact, out of his hands, at no point was there an apology about them taking so long or an attempt to take responsibility for addressing the issue. At one point he likened making the glasses to the problems encountered fixing the Hubbell Telescope (really) therefore I should expect delays. In fact, he became rude and confrontational when I reminded him that he initially estimated delivery in one week. To make matters worse, when the glasses arrived, they were poorly assembled (there were actually nicks on top of one lens). He insisted this was normal and told me that he could find problems with his $50,000 car. While it may be true that the glasses were complicated (I really can't tell you why because they are simple sunglasses) and that their construction was out of his hands there is no excuse for the way he behaved. In the end he offered to remake the lenses while giving me the current pair to take home. This seemed a modest, though fair, compromise. However, why would I go back to this place when there are so many other choices within a few short blocks? UPDATE: The replacement glasses were worse than the first pair. Clearly, these glasses were not meant to be prescription sunglasses. He refused to issue a refund and was insulting. Stay away. Pros: Nice window display Cons: Horrible customer service more

Save your money and save the abuse 2/24/2009

The owner Jeffrey is the rudest person I've dealt with in a very long time. He's argumentative and a bully. He would not stand behind a faulty product and I would not do business with him again. There are quite a few other stores in this city who have a terrific selection of frames and make great lenses. I've never seen a proprietor of a business treat customers with such contempt. Cons: unnecessarily rude service more

been going there 10 years 2/12/2009

Great place for discriminating eyeglasses. It's a madison avenue store with an upper west side flavor. Locals in- the- know go here. I get compliments about my eyeglasses all the time. Jeffrey's people are very knowledgeable. My doctor checks my glasses and likes the work they do. And yes I've met Jeffrey and he's always been nice to me.\r more
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