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Jean Madeline / Plymouth Meeting - 24 Reviews - 2108 Plymouth Meeting Mall, Plymouth Meeting, PA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (610) 825-0700
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Jean Madeline / Plymouth Meeting

2108 Plymouth Meeting Mall
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
(610) 825-0700
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Jean Madeline / Plymouth Meeting - Plymouth Meeting, PA


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I just recently switched from another Aveda salon to the Plymouth Meeting location since it's closer to my house. I honestly didn't anticipate there to be a huge difference, but I...


Cancelled my last appointment when I learned Larry was no longer there. Best haircut ever and fun to talk to. JM refused to tell me where he had gone but with a little bit of de...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/27/2013

I was recently in Jean Madeline (I'm new to the area too), and witnessed a client yelling at a male colorist. I wanted to commend him and the company for how he handled the situation with grace and just took her insults. First off, her color was beautiful, and she seemed a little off her rocker. With all of the suggestions he gave that woman, a solution could have been reached. She seemed to feed off of the attention from her ranting and foul language. The whole time he just smiled and was understanding, without being condescending. \r \r KUDOS to you Jean Madeline for your calmness and poise. And to the woman with the pretty brown hair- maybe you should adjust your meds before getting your hair done.\r \r Sincerely,\r A new client based just on this experience... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/3/2012

I never write reviews, but felt this was a must. I definitely recommend this Salon! Gabi cut and styled my hair and I was so pleased I could not stop talking about what a great experience I had for the rest of the day. I needed a change and can honestly say this was the best hair cut I have had in years! She was easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable. I was offered multiple complimentary massages including a hand and scalp massage- always a plus :) I felt completely relaxed from the moment I walked in the door. I have been to some pretty high end salons, but Jean Madeline takes the cake. The best part of all is how reasonable their pricing is. When I was told what I owed my mouth almost dropped. The quality and time spent on my hair was definitely worth double of the amount I paid. All in all this is a great place to get a haircut in the area! more

I just recently switched from another 6/11/2012

I just recently switched from another Aveda salon to the Plymouth Meeting location since it's closer to my house. I honestly didn't anticipate there to be a huge difference, but I was pleasantly surprised! I was paired up with Natalie for my appointment for partial highlights and she was not only super nice and personable, she was also really professional and listened to my anxiety about my hair color. I walked outta there with some of the best highlights I've had in a long time and I kept getting compliments on my hair all weekend! I would definitely recommend not only the salon (which looks small on the outside, but is actually quite large) but the staff was really nice as well. more

New Stylist! 3/15/2012

I went in today after hearing good things from a friend, I desperately needed a new stylist and Jean Madeline was the place. I got set up with Christea and it was a match made in heaven. As soon as I met her she was pleasant and started an easy conversation. The girl who shampooed my hair also did a great job she was sweet and very friendly. I was nervous like I usually am about haircuts but Christea made me comfortable like I was talking to an old friend. I will definitely be going back in the future. more

George.Color.Fantastic! 7/26/2011

I have been going to George for color several years now. I work in the fashion industry and am constantly being complimented on how natural my color looks by models, designers, etc. I can't say enough about George's talent, eye, professionalism, etc. I quickly learned to trust his instincts...I never have to think or stress about my hair because I'm always in the best of hands! more

Jean Madeline/ Plymouth PA 7/21/2011

This is the only salon I would go to for hair cuts! more

Finally a colorist that is an artist 6/27/2011

George at Jean Madelline in plymouth meeting is an exceptional colorist. He is so professional and technicallly the best color I have ever gotten! I used to go to NY to get good natural looking highlights. Now George is the only one I would let touch my hair for color. I get so many compliments now. He is the greatest! more

Not too keen on Samantha 6/21/2011

Well, I am disappointed with my visit. It was not my first one to the salon but this time I tried someone new, her name was Samantha. Although she did seem to listen to know what color I wanted, she DID NOT check the color once it was ready, instead had the shampoo girl tell me that I was ready to be rinsed off and shampooed. I expected Samantha to not only check the final color but to ask me if I liked it, which usually takes place after the hair is dried. I was ushered to the area where I could dry my hair myself (I've never encountered this practice at any other salon either, kinda rude, if you ask me.) So anyway, my biggest gripe if really with the fact that the color did not actually turned out to be what I hoped for. I think she should have applied toner afterwords but that wasn't even brought up by her (sort of impossible if you do not check in with your client after you apply the color.) Also, a few days later I've noticed she did a crappy job blending the color in with my existing highlights, I have uneven spots all over the back of my head and she left out a whole area upfront. I'd really hate to bash the whole salon because it's at the Mall but perhaps their lack of quality service has something to do with it. It's not a high end salon by any stretch of imagination, they did offer me coffee (which was stale and lukewarm) but that should still do the bare minimum when it comes to customer service, such as asking your client a simple- ""Are you happy with your color, Miss?"" Very disappointing. more

Wow...this is a great, professional place! 1/28/2011

I was nervous to go here since I had a very good colorist at another salon, but I saw my neighbor's haircut and color and asked her where she went and she said Jean Madeline at the mall--it looked amazing! So I scheduled a consultation with JoAnn (who she used for the haircut) just to see what she would suggest for my hair. I liked her suggestion and we were off to the races...she recommended George for the color, and I took a chance on him, too. I was very glad I did! I got such a professional but trendy cut--they understood the best cut for my fine, but sometimes curly hair. George suggested two color options, and I likedvhim right away after our consultation (she cut it first, blew it out, and then he waited to suggest a color after he saw what she had done) so I went with the bolder option. Bottom line--my haircut looks amazing, is versatile and works with my hair (not an easy task). The color is stunning and everyone loves it! I definitely thanked my neighbor and am passing on both JoAnn's and George's name to my friends who ask, ""Who does your hair?"" (the best compliment in the world!) more

Dont Go Here For COLOR!! 2/11/2010

I went here thinking that im at a great salon and am going to get the best of the best highlights.. Boy was i WRONG.. there was not only a hair in the drink of water she gave me but the foils were put in practically INCHES away from my scalp.. she had some one else working there blow dry me which took almost 30 MINUTES.. i can dry my own hair in less than 15.. not to mention the mounds of other peoples hair that were in the brushes she used on me.. the highlights were terrible!! the girl who did my color didnt even see my hair dry!! i asked for brown highlights to cancell out the black in my hair.. i got awful blochy some what brown and bleach blonde highlights instead.. im going back to make her redue it because i did Not pay a pretty penny for my hair to turn out like this.. i will never go there again.. Worst experience i have EVER had with a hair salon.. Pros: polite staff Cons: almost Everything.. more

Best haircut ever 1/24/2010

I have been going to Isabella for a while now and I love the way she cuts and styles my hair. I haven't tried anyone else but I have no reason too. She it great! The only drawback is the attitude at the front desk. Pros: great cuts Cons: rude receptionist more

Disaster Hair 1/10/2010

Jean Madeline/Plymouth Meeting fried my hair off. The first thing I told the hair colorist was that I wanted to keep my hair LONG. I had long hair down to my ribs. I wanted to keep the length, and get ONLY the split ends trimmed off. I also wanted to get my hair dyed ONE light BROWN color, because my hair was previously dyed black from box color. The colorist told me that this could be done, that it was NO PROBLEM. She also told me that the black would have to be bleached out of my hair. I was told that ONLY my split ends would break off from the bleach so I agreed to have the three inches of split ends cut off before the bleach was put on. Not only did the colorist bleach my whole head of hair once, but twice! Then she bleached my ends a third time! During this whole time the colorist seemed very distrought as she was running back and forth from me to other clients. I told her to take her time, because I obvioulsy didn't want someone rushing on my hair. I didn't realize that it would take 5 and a half hours! Yes, 5 and a half hours. Not to mention, she left me under the drier with bleach all over my hair for about 45 minutes. My hair felt like it was on fire. Eventually when I sat in the chair to have my hair blown out...6 inches of my hair fell out in clumps. It was one of the most upsetting experiences I've ever had to sit through. My hair had to be cut off above my shoulders. The color is horrible. I asked for it to be died a light brown color, and it is full of blonde, brown, and reddish-orangish colors. The ends are still dried out and breaking. It's a complete mess. My mom called the next day and got all of the money back because I was too hysterical to talk. (Yes, they made me pay for this! $128!!!!) My mom had to put up a fight with the manager to get the money back by the way. The manager was rude, obnoxious, and was trying to deny that the stylist bleached my hair more than one time. After she argued with my mom for about a half hour she offered free conditioning treatments for as long as I needed to get my hair back in shape. To be honest, I really don't want to ever walk back in to that salon and let anyone there keep touching my hair, but I have gone back twice. I have decided to stop getting treatments there becausee the manger and owner made me feel uncomfortable. The are both rude, and not willing to REALLY listen and understand what to what actually happened to my hair that day. more

Went looking for Larry 7/14/2008

Jean Madeline has been just ok. They offer you coffee, tea, and water per policy, but the staff is not the warmest. The only reason I was going was to get a cut by Larry. I called up today to get an appt. and they said he left a little over a month ago! I would never have found him if it weren't for the two people who posted on here about him going to Salon 90. Thank you! Does anyone know how much it costs to get a cut there? I have been looking all over to find a general price range, and I even called them but they are closed Mondays. I can't afford to pay $80 for a haircut so if someone knows about how much that would help me so much! more

I give it a 3 out of 10 7/7/2008

Cancelled my last appointment when I learned Larry was no longer there. Best haircut ever and fun to talk to. JM refused to tell me where he had gone but with a little bit of detective work I found him! If you want the best, skip Jean Madeline and go to Salon 90 on Bethlehem Pike in Chestnut Hill and ask for Larry! You won't be disappointed~ more

5 stars for Larry -3 for Jean Madeline 7/5/2008

Hey ya'll. Saw that some of you are looking for Larry. He's moved to Salon 90 in Chestnut Hill. I think it's on Bethleham Pike. I have an appointment with him next week and can not wait. I'm thrilled for him and anyone else that has left JM. I've never found the staff to be accommodating there. Miserable attitudes! Congrats Larry!!!! Pros: Larry Cons: Everyone else from JM more

where is larry 6/29/2008

does anyone know what salon larry went to? i know he quit about a month ago but i dont know where he went to if he is in the area....................... more

response 2 pretty good year!!!! 8/27/2007

well prettygoodyear i think its hilarious that you say that you ""feel bad"" about stuff like that...and what kind of stuff were you talking about? the part about you not liking your haircut or the part where you come on here like a raving b#$*h and trash diane-who btw happens to be a great stylist- talking about her ""trashy jersey girl"" hi-lites! yeah you must feel terrible about being mean...not liking your haircut is fine it happens all the time but its the trash talking that you do that offends me...i seriously doubt that you are as cool/pretty/stylish as you think you are...i have been going to jmpm for almost ten yrs now and love it! if you dont like someones style of cutting DONT go to them...there are a million stylists in the area and about ten others at jm...just dont be so damn mean! Pros: stylist are great more

I like ""Jersey-girl frosted hilights"" 8/24/2007

My Wife & I have been coming here for years. And could not be happier Pros: full service salon, friendly staff, great hours, and the lovely miss Diane. Cons: n/a more

I used to be happy here...I don't know what happened....*sniff sniff* 8/21/2007

I've been getting my hair cut here for about 3 years now without incident, but I now find myself seriously considering the thought of taking my business elsewhere. When an appointment was booked for me with Diane, I was a little nervous because I had not been happy with her work on one other occasion. HOWEVER, I smiled politely as I always do & decided to just give her the benefit of the doubt regarding the previous bad cut. BIG MISTAKE. Words can't describe how bad this cut was - it was almost as though she did it on purpose. the ""long"" layers ended up being at least 5 inches shorter than the overall length, which was cut 2 inches shorter than I'd asked for, & it wasn't even cut evenly. I'm surprised she didn't go ahead & give me tacky, Jersey-girl frosted hilights to match hers. Anyway, I didn't notice the damage till I got home...OK, I figured maybe it would look different after being washed & restyled. NOPE. It ended up looking like an even bigger trainwreck than before, if that's possible. After 24 hours of tears & friends/family asking me what the hell happened, I decided to call to have it fixed by a different stylist. KUDOS to them for doing this for free. HOWEVER, I recently stopped by in passing to schedule an appt for the next day, at which time the receptionist told me I had ""a choice of 4 stylists,"" one of whom was my nemesis Diane. When I politely (& a bit awkwardly - I feel bad about stuff like this) informed this girl that anyone BUT Diane would be acceptable, she responded by saying (snippily), ""Well, Diane is the only one available."" ???? REALLY? Are you sure? Cause that's not what you said 30 seconds ago...It was at that point that I decided to take my business elsewhere, at least for that day. I haven't had an overall problem with this salon but the above sequence of events has caused me to think twice. If I ever DO go back, one thing I know for sure is that I will never, ever let that woman touch my head again. Ever. Pros: Mostly great staff, fixed awful cut for free, mall parking, great products. Cons: Diane. Snippy receptionist who is either a liar or just REALLY dumb. more

A Great Salon! 5/6/2007

I have been going to Jean Madeline for 3 years and have never left unhappy. The service is friendly and professional. My hair color always come out looking natural and shiny and my cuts have been perfect. I highly recommend this user friendly salon! more
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  • Step into an environment that blends beauty and a sense of well-being - on the belief that everything that touches us affects us in larger ways. We combine Aveda pure plant products, sensory experiences and personalized treatments with professional and inspired service to create a memorable experience at every visit. You leave satisfied - and renewed.


  • Plymouth Meeting's Aveda-fueled salon features hair care, nail work and skin and body services at discount prices.

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