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Jay Wolfe Kia

1700 S Noland Rd
Independence, MO 64055
(816) 461-0200
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. 2003 KIA Sorrento- We went into the dealership to purchase a KIA Sorrento. I wanted the KIA because of the warranty and the airbags. I hope I have enough room to write the ent...

Bob Sight Independence Kia - Buyer BEWARE! 11/10/2006

. 2003 KIA Sorrento- We went into the dealership to purchase a KIA Sorrento. I wanted the KIA because of the warranty and the airbags. I hope I have enough room to write the entire bad experience we have had with this dealer. When I contacted the dealership I was put in contact with a sales rep. I explained to him that I had a minivan that was getting high in mileage. And I needed a vehicle I could depend on for the warranty as well as the safety for my children. The multiple air bags were a huge selling point for me! The salesman told me that I needed the extended warranty for the used Sorrento. He promised repeatedly that I would be covered bumper to bumper until 80g miles. He even told us that all we would have to worry about was oil changes and tires till 80 thousand mile. He explained to us that the vehicle had new tires all the way around. It didn’t. (We didn’t realize the tires were worn until we were in Arizona) (Our fault for believing him and not checking to be sure). I explained to the salesman that my father who is in Arizona was very ill and I needed a vehicle that I could depend on to get my family to Arizona to be with him. The salesman assured me that he "Just the vehicle for me". We got there after dark (mistake #1) I took my husband and a dear family friend with me to help me through the purchase. I questioned the salesman repeatedly with my husband and our friend sitting there. I asked him to clarify the warranty information. I believe my exact words were “This vehicle will be covered bumper to bumper till 80 thousand miles"? He said yes- you are covered for everything except tires and oil changes. I felt confident that I was making a good choice because of his reassurances. We bought the Sorrento and left the lot. I received a phone call on our way home that they didn’t think my father would make it through the night. I knew our family would be heading out in the morning to be with my father. We left Missouri and drove straight through until we got about 75 miles from Albuquerque NM. The KIA started to scream from the engine compartment. I pulled off the side of the road and woke my husband. We were literally in the middle of now where. We had the basic road side assistance box. My husband asked me to call the 800 number on the window of the KIA for road side assistance. They were absolutely wonderful! I haven’t a single complaint of their services. Thankfully my husband found the screaming noise to be coming from the power steering pump. It had a leak and had lost most if not all the fluid. My husband and I had help from a trucker who had enough fluid to get us into the next fueling station. So we made it through that. Even though I know all things wear out. We hadn’t even had the vehicle off the lot but for a short time before the problems started. We did make it into Phoenix without any other incidents. Once we arrived we went straight to the Scottsdale hospital to be with my father. By this time he was on a ventilator and was in very serious condition. But still alive. We spent as much time with him as possible before the visiting hours were over. We left the hospital to go back to where we were staying. It was dark out and our five year old son Jacob was in the rear passenger’s seat quite. I thought nothing of it considering all the traveling we had done along with the long stay at the hospital. I was sure Jacob was asleep. My husband and I were discussing the day’s events with my dad when I heard a real light gasp coming from the back. My first instinct was Jacob was snoring. However when the next street light approached I looked in the rear view mirror and to my horror saw my son's face a grey/blue color. He was grasping at his throat. My husband and I must have seen him at the same time because my husband jumped in the back seat while I was trying to get pulled over. I ran from the driver’s side to where Jacob was seated and we began trying to manipulate the seat belt that was wrapped around Jacob's neck. We tried to lift Jacob to release the mechanism in the seat belt. The more we fed it slack the tighter it became. Until Jacob no longer was able to pass any air at all. I was screaming for someone with a knife. Fortunately my husband found his small pocket knife and hacked away at the seatbelt. Once the seatbelt was removed Jacob did start to cry to our relief. We have never encountered a set belt that would not release when fed slightly. First thing the following morning I called Bob Sight KIA in Independence and spoke with the floor manager explaining what had happened to our son. He told us that seatbelts are made that way. (Needless to say I disagree) Not only did he not have any compassion for what had just happened to Jacob he went onto tell me that they would not cover fixing the set belt because my husband cut it. I wonder what the warranty would have suggested for saving our sons life?? (I don’t mean to sound sarcastic but geeezzz) He did advise me to take the KIA to a local KIA dealership in Phoenix to have them look at the leaking power steering pump. While I was on the line with the Phoenix KIA dealership my husband found a loose clamp to a hose causing the leak. It was easily fixed by my husband. I called the manager back at the Bob Sight KIA to let him know it was a minor fix and my husband took care of it. The KIA manager then informed me that since my husband fixed the clamp it was no longer covered under the warranty. (Yes- I was ready to throw my cell phone through his store window) I also re-contacted the Phoenix dealership to let them know that the problem had been fixed and we would not need to bring it into the shop. (I’m adding the details about the Phoenix KIA dealership because of their noteworthy customer service!) As a matter of fact Independence Bob Sight KIA could take some serious lessons from the Phoenix dealership in costumer service and satisfaction. Two days after the incidence The Phoenix Dealership called my cell phone and wanted to make sure our family was ok and to see if we were experiencing any other troubles with our vehicle. (Kudos’ to Phoenix KIA!) We did make it home from Arizona with out any other incidents from the vehicle. Now to bring you up to date. We have had the KIA for six months now. We can’t afford the $350 for the new seatbelt and the additional $200 to have it installed so we are still down one defective seat belt. Our KIA has multiple issues from the airbag light coming on and now we have no functioning airbags. (And yeah your got it- that extra warranty they sold use won’t cover it.) The over drive doesn’t work properly- ( The KIA dealership wants to charge us $90 to test drive it to see what the problem is and an additional $45 to put it on the machine to talk to it. So much for the Bumper to bumper warranty. The gentleman I dealt with at the service department actually acted as if we were putting him out to fix our vehicle. He became argumentative with my husband over the phone. We have never had these type of issues with any company. I was so frustrated with the repair department I left in tears. Other problems with the KIA Sorrento are the stereo CD player is possessed. The speaker on the passenger side was blown when we got it. The transmission slips slightly. And on a good day it gets 14 miles to the gallon. The very best gas mileage we have gotten from the KIA was going down the mountain from Flagstaff AZ to Phoenix. And that was 19 miles to the gallon. (Believe me I rechecked my math several times.) The interior is falling apart. The tail lights have blown two fuses in six months. It has a air leak somewhere underneath the dash allowing cold air in. Or hot air depending on the weather. The weather striping on the doors is coming apart. What I do like about the KIA Sorrento is the body style, moon roof, the ride is smooth, and the turning radius is awesome. We’ve never complained about anything in our lives as far as purchases. We are not those type of people who have nothing better to do with our lives then write a two page grievance on a web page. We have just had such a hard time with Bob Sight KIA in Independence I want to save anyone the frustration we have. Granted we should have known better then to trust a salesman’s word. I guess this is my punishment for being gullible and naïve. However I do believe that a business should conduct them selves with professionalism and integrity. We have filled out a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Hopefully who ever is in charge at Bob Sight KIA will become aware of how their employees are treating their costumers. more
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