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Japanese Fusion & Saki Bar - 29 Reviews - 1210 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (215) 985-1838

Japanese Fusion & Saki Bar

1210 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 985-1838
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Aki is getting better and better.. I was there a year ago and I thought the sushi was it is fantastic. Plus the staff is friendly and professional. I recommend it!!


the sushi is decent, but there have been more than a couple of occasions where the service left all of us wondering ""what the heck???"" (ie. not having anyone take your order fo...

great sushi 12/29/2010

Aki is getting better and better.. I was there a year ago and I thought the sushi was it is fantastic. Plus the staff is friendly and professional. I recommend it!! more

Don't go there 10/12/2010

I went there for dinner with my wife this evening. We ordered a couple of their special rolls and sushi ala carte. I thought this would be a good neighborhood place since we've heard so many good things from friends. When our sushi came, the fish did not look fresh at all, there was also a fishy smell and the salmon tasted like it has been sitting around since morning. Forget about the tuna, it tasted like dried up rubber. We asked the owner to exchange the fish but apparently he was too busy to be bothered by us and just ignored us. For the price we paid which we shouldn't have done so and just walked out, we would rather go elsewhere, where we can get quality fish and not have to be treated like second class citizens. My advice to all who reads this...don't go there! more

amazed! 10/6/2010

I can't believe that I went to this place that served crappy sushi and uncooked chicken! Believe it or, the chicken was still frozen in the middle and the sauce was just plain salty and tasteless. There were also black pieces of who know what in there! My husband ordered sushi ala carte but his fish was not fresh at all. The fish tasted like it was sitting out for days and not refrigerated. He ordered octopus that was dry and chewy. I wonder how they stay in business. I guess it's because they are a couple dollars less than their competitors. I rather pay more but to have better quality food. Don't go there, you will be just as disappointed as we were. I hope they get inspected by the health dept, maybe they will not try to sell expired fish and uncooked meats! more

Good stuff 4/12/2010

So, the sushi and saki truly are delicious. The atmosphere is perfect for a nice week/weekend night. Outdoor seating is limited, but available. Some of the items are a little pricey, but all things considered, definitely worth it. Pros: Delicious all around Cons: Maybe a little pricey more

change it's name to Aki 3/27/2009

this place has been revamped and called Aki... I haven't been to the 'new' place yet. the all you can eat is only sunday and wednesday now. \r \r And it's 25 bucks.. for 25 bucks, I rather go to Minado... although I might try one day just to see how it is.\r \r I'm not sure why they pick Sunday and Wednesday. I'm always concern of why places only pick certain days... to do all you can eat.\r \r Pros: all u can eat... Cons: sometimes services isn't that good more

Excellent 3/11/2009

We're new to Philly and were a little apprehensive after reading some of the reviews here obsessing over the rice issue. Maybe they've changed since then because we were baffled after dining there about what the issue was; we've had tons of sushi in NYC, Philly and elsewhere and this restaurant's sushi came with a very normal amount of rice; it was standard issue sushi as far as we could tell in terms of size and fish-to-rice ratio, and very fresh and delicious. Stuffed ourselves on a variety of maki rolls and nigiri, and washed it down with a couple of hot sakis. Awesome. We're definitely going back. Pros: terrific sushi, great price, friendly staff, quick service Cons: none more

Great sushi for all-you-can-eat! 10/30/2008

I do not understand why some of you good critics feel cheated by a little extra rice. You're also always free to decline the salad and miso served before the sushi. The quality is great for any unpretentious customer, especially for the relatively low price of 20 dollars (for all you can eat!). It is fresh and of a good variety, and leaves you stuffed at the end of your meal. For that kind of sushi dinner (for only $20) I don't know how one could have the audacity to complain about a tiny increase in rice (and good rice, at that). Now, if only they would reopen from their renovations... Pros: Great sushi, great price, great atmosphere, great service Cons: Ungrateful and pretentious reviewers more

Closed? 10/9/2008

Went to eat there last night (Thursday, October 9) and it was closed.\r \r The windows were filled with many weeks worth of dust and had a fallen-over paper sign which said ""Will Reopen in October"". I guess they didn't say when in October... more

Sushi Buffet at Aoi=Rice buffet at Aoi 3/16/2008

I had the sushi buffet and was disappointed. The fish is good but I'm a little bit insulted at the rice/meat ratio. They are pretty blunt about filling their customers up on rice in order to keep costs low. I respect this decision but it doesn't mean I plan on returning. Pros: Lots of rice Cons: Lots of rice more

AOI """""" WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU ? 12/21/2007

I have one thing to say about this japanese resteraunt. "" oh how I miss that good sushi and cooked food in the past. Recently, I have visted this resteraunt . When it comes to food , i don't care what cuisine it is must have a charcter of liveness . My sushi which I ordeded was to my dissapointment stale, like a flat taste. in other words "" dead "" . There was no vinegrar or sweet taste to the rice which is a must in sushi, and the fish tasted like it came out of the freezer and warmed up by a microwave. The life of sushi is in the rice as well as the fish must be soft and ready for the devourer. My friend was upset as well. The curry dish was not what we expected and served warm and the curry on the rice was sticking like paste. Don't get me wrong here I know the rice suppose to stick but not like power form. I was totally humilated by its food . Years ago when I went there it was like NIGHT AND DAY ,,, DAY then AND night now. In other words i am thinking perhaps the owner has changed . If you folks like a sweet and some vinigar taste or like your food served to perfection, avoid this place , and I hope they also ( the owners and managers or kitchen people will understand they better do something about the service and food there. But I must conclude the service was somewhat deserving of a single star. AOI YO MEZAMEYO. RISE AOI OR DIE. more

Great customer service & real japanese fabulous food! 11/29/2007

This place is great if you want to try REAL Japanese food. Sushi is great, but other Japenese menue is fabulous! I loved chicken curry, beef teriyaki, and una-ju. Ra-men noodle is great as well. The waitresses are very nice and friendly. I truly recommend this place. I always try to go there and eat whenever I can. Pros: very friendly and nice waitresses, fabulous food Cons: parking might be a little hard because of the center city more

Food Sickness, Bad Sushi, Terrible Customer Service 11/4/2007

Seriously AVOID this place if you can avoid extreme food sickness (the site will not let me write in food p o i soning). Went in a group of four of which 3 people all got food sickness. I assume it was the gray-colored tuna. All of the fish was unfresh, the service was less than mediocre, not to mention the decor of this place is 60's diner mixed with a cheap japanese movie set. Two of my fellow diners had to make a run for the bathroom in the middle of dinner upon which the manager was called for. The manager was extremely rude and completely unconcerned with the fact that three of us were getting sick right in his restaurant. He was unwilling to cooperate and finally grudgingly gave us a 50% discount off the bill but the smartest move would have been for us to walk out. \r \r Nothing good can come from eating at this place. If you want some sushi buffet in the city, I recommend Ajia or if you're willing to travel, Minado's in Norristown. Pros: Quick seating Cons: Food sickness, Rude manager, Slow staff more

Avoid Friday Nights and Weekends 12/31/2006

I love the fact that it is a sushi buffet for only 20 dollars. All that sushi is totally worth 20 dollars. The sushi were fresh and were made on the spot. Going during the week is better because there aren't a lot of people so your food comes out quicker but going on Friday nights or the weekend, don't expect to eat till you're satisfy unless u decide to sit there for about 5 hours. I think that they shouldn't limit their menu for the all you can eat to just sushi but include other japanese dishes too. Pros: Fresh sushi when you order and all you can eat for 20 dollars Cons: gets very packed on the weekends that it's almost impossible to order sushi more

Dry Heaves 9/15/2006

My husband and I, admittedley are not sushi experts by any stretch of the imagination, however, as we have lived in this city for several years now, we have had the pleasure of experiencing Philly's many fine sushi establishments. Attracted by the idea of ""all you can eat sushi,"" my husband and I decided to venture to Aoi Sushi to fulfill a Sat. night sushi craving. One cannot argue that $20 for ""all you can eat sushi"" is a bad bargain, however, after my husband took his first bite of his salmon sushi, he was overcome with dry heaves, no joke. The sushi took on an almost-radioactive pink olor, while the quality was less than subpar. Any novice could tell this sushi was not top quality by any means. We were completely dissapointed. In short, we were forced to dump leftover sushi in my purse, rather than pay the amount for not finishing our ""all you can eat sushi."" It was that bad. In a city with so many quality choices, we would suggest choosing ANY alternative restaurant. If you have taken the time to read this review, consider yourselves warned. Pros: Quick service and all you can eat Cons: less than quality fish and dry heaves more

you get what you pay for 6/18/2006

20$ all you can eat sushi is a good deal. the fish was acceptable, and the eel and the mackerel were good. spicy roll had a little too much mayo. if you are expecting high quality fish, then shell out some dough and go somewhere nice. service was quality, but i was one of the only people in the place on mon. around 830. all in all worth the 28 bucks for sushi, tea, tax, and tip. Pros: price, service, food Cons: you get what you pay for more

Not for the kids! 3/7/2006

I like this place- as soon as you walk in, there is a sign posted that says ""If you cannot control your children, don't bring them here."" Tuesday night was empty until 6 pm. We were the only ones at the bar and what a bartender! Wonderful drinks at a good price. Try the dirty martini! Dinner was good, too. The service was terrific. We got the sushi for two and it was a reasonable price. The only complaint I had was the quality of the seaweed in the Philly roll and some our pieces in the platter had rice that fell apart. However, the rest was great and I enjoyed the miso soup. Also, you gotta love listening to the Beatles music in the background! We'll definitely return to AOI. more

Great value, quick meal! 2/28/2006

This is not the premier sushi restaurant in town, but it is definitely a great value. While the atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired, the service was excellent and the food certainly met expectations. A pleasant experience overall. Pros: value, pleasant staff Cons: atmosphere more

yuck! 2/22/2006

I have worked in sushi restaurants during college and know what good sushi looks and tastes like. This place was completely disgusting. They used way too much rice vinegar in the rice... making it taste sour and pasty. The assortment of fish seemed fresh except for the salmon and tuna. Fresh salmon and tuna are supposed to smell like cucumber not fishy... both fishes looked like they had been in the freezer for a week, thawed, and then served. For a place that busy they should be serving those types of fish fresh (since they are the most popular). lastly where was the ginger and wasabi on the plate? The wasabi was non-existant under the sushi.... Pay the extra money for better sushi else where. Pros: Great plum wine Cons: ... more

User review by boss75 2/1/2006

I found the sushi taste to be very bland. it wasn't the sweet tasting rice vinegared sushi rice i am used to. I also didn't like the all black walls, felt very dark in there. more

Poor Sushi 10/11/2005

My husband and I went for all you can eat Sushi at AOI. We were very very disappointed. There were various restrictions about how much we could order. The Sushi was not fresh. My salmon sushi was opaque. The seaweed was chewy. They skimped out on everything. They even skimped out on the fake crab meat (which is so very very cheap!) We were very unsatisfied with the food there although we did not try any of the hot foods. Cons: Bad Sushi, Skimpped on food more
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  • In Short
    The entrance is slightly unnerving: a curtain depicting a sumo wrestler whose stomach you have to walk through. There's a neon-lit bar at the front of the restaurant, a more...

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