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Dr. James Romano, MD - 23 Reviews - 1650 Jackson St 101, San Francisco, CA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (415) 981-3911
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Dr. James Romano, MD

1650 Jackson St 101 (at Van Ness Avenue)
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 981-3911
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Dr. James Romano, MD - San Francisco, CA
Dr. James Romano, MD - San Francisco, CA
Dr. James Romano, MD - San Francisco, CA


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Dr. Romano is hands-down THE BEST plastic surgeon in the SF Bay Area. His meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled artistry and superb skills as a surgeon earned him a ra...


given all the great reviews about the good dr, including reading his profile online, i finally went in for a consultation.\r when i met dr romano, after he answered a few of my q...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2013

When you see a refreshed, beautiful ""new"" face and wonder ""how?"" And then you see another natural, lovely face...somehow, they are all going to Dr. Romano, ""the artist."" What better recommendation? A skilled surgeon who listens to exactly what you want, and then carefully creates it. In my case, I hoped for a look that was entirely me, only much better, which is exactly the result I received. Now when friends inquire, I say, ""go to Dr. Romano, the artist.""\r \r And more: the Zone diet he encourages, pre-surgery, increases energy, tones the body and truly eliminates bruising. As well, his considerate staff makes sure all questions are answered, and checks progress regularly.\r \r This is not only surgery, but an experience. Thank you, Dr. Romano. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/22/2012

Dr.J Romano,I can definitely say ,is the Best doctor, With superior artistic outlook ,and a great human I have met . I had the good luck to meet him and get couple of my facial surgeries done. I am lucky to have found him, as I was seeking a doctor, who can work on my face that had underwent multiple surgeries due to a trauma and to restore the aesthetic balance.The surgery was needed not only for the cosmetic enhancement, but also to restore my self esteem and confidence.\r A great doctor can understand what one needs,recommend what is the best, suggest the approach to realize that desired outcome and can give you a new life and confidence.Dr.Romano did exactly that to me. He spent considerable time with me,started out by gathering what I am looking for and explained in every minute detail about the intricacies,complexities,recovery time,post surgery care and most importantly,set the expectation which was critical.He answered every single question I had .His expertise coupled with aesthetic perspective and artistry helped in me seeing the outcome via the precise computer imaging technology he employs in his consultations. That gave me the most accurate understanding of the results and for the first time, I felt comfortable and realized I am in front of the best . Added to this, is the fantastic support staff his office employed , who took care of everything to facilitate smooth surgical experience.\r Post surgery,it turned out to be the exact same result explained before. It was a stunning change,yet natural and the result gave me almost everything I had ever wished. I had two surgeries, and both came out magical. It enhanced me ,aesthetically as well as in my personal outlook and this was the best outcome I can ever expect.\r \r Without doubt,Dr Romano, stands to be the best in aesthetic surgery. I can vouch for this, because I have done tremendous research on various sites and doctors ,before meeting him. Without doubt, he is the best and and anyone contemplating on getting any cosmetic procedures, must visit him and you will know, you are in the best and safest hands . I shall forever be indebted to Dr.Romano, for all he did to me. Thanks Dr.Romano! more

Natural Results from a Superb Surgeon/Artist 2/22/2012

Dr. Romano is hands-down THE BEST plastic surgeon in the SF Bay Area. His meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled artistry and superb skills as a surgeon earned him a rating in the top 1% nationally in plastic surgery in Castle Connolley's directory of Top Doctors. The results he was able to achieve for me recently have earned him a new lifelong patient! I have to admit that I was nervous about going under the knife - again - to repair a 20 year old breast augmentation. My first surgery made my breasts bigger but they didn't look natural. But, as luck would have it, I recently developed an unsightly facial scar and I knew plastic surgery would probably be my best option for improvement. So I took the leap and decided to get these flaws fixed once and for all. So off I went, researching various sites, reading patient reviews and thoroughly examining top surgeons' before and after pictures with a hypercritical eye. I did my due diligence and discovered Dr. Romano and I am so grateful that I did! At my consultation, Dr Romano patiently fielded my questions and thoroughly explained my options. He was professional, focused and confident. After spending more than an hour with me, it was obvious that Dr. Romano was more knowledgeable and far more experienced than the other two plastic surgeons I previously evaluated. Now, here I am, less than two weeks post op and absolutely thrilled with my results! Even now, still healing, my breasts look incredibly natural and my facial scar has improved dramatically. I also decided to treat myself to some liposuction to minimize my middle-age middle and Dr. Romano's artistic talent is clearly evident in my newly sculpted body! Electing to have surgery is never an easy decision but, if performed in the right hands, it can really make a profound difference in your self-esteem. For me, the hard decision was to undergo surgery...the easy decision (and the best decision) was selecting Dr. Romano. If you are contemplating any plastic surgery, do yourself a favor and select Dr. Romano. He is simply the best and you deserve it. more

Nature did not make all men equal, but Dr. Romano can help l 2/26/2011

Samuel Colt made men equal in the Old West and Dr. Romano makes men equal in our current Information Age. About 12 years ago I shopped around for the best plastic surgeon and found Dr. Romano. I had lipo all over, my eye lids lifted, belly button tucked in, ears pinned back and a chin implant. The work was perfect and I felt that I was on more equal footing with others who were born with better genetics. Over the past 12 years the work has held up well and I have not had any regrets or second thoughts. About a month ago I noticed that my face was a bit heavy. I called Dr. Romano and had a full consultation. I was exceptionally impressed with Dr. Romano’s detailed memory of my past surgery and Dr. Romano’s very conservative suggestions. I opted for lipo of my face and neck and had my chin implant hand carved by Dr. R. Before the procedure Dr. R drilled down to brass tacks to figure out just want I wanted and then Dr. R presented various face changes with some very sophisticated photo editing software. It was interesting to see that some of my ideas did not end up looking so great in the edited photos. Dr. R’s attention to detail made a big difference. I am now 4 days post op and feeling wonderful. Having the work done at the surgery center of 450 Sutter was a good move. Dr. Romano and his staff are first rate. Well worth the drive to get the best care possible. more

An exceptionally talented surgeon! 2/20/2011

I had been considering a breast augmentation for a while but was nervous about finding a Dr. who could achieve what I wanted. I didn't want to rush it until I felt I had found the right Dr. My husband and I did months of research online including looking up the websites for the American Association of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. We were very impressed with the quality of Dr. Romano's website, in particular his before and after photos which showed very natural-looking results. After our first meeting with him, I knew he was the one. He understood my concerns and what my vision was for the final result: natural-looking breasts that looked just like my own, only bigger, that were still proportional to my body type. Dr. Romano patiently answered all of my questions and gave me the highest quality care. It has been almost 4 months since my procedure and I am very happy with the outcome. I would recommend him to anyone who wants only the best for themselves! more

He's fantastic-- what can I say? 8/13/2010

I have been a patient of Dr. Romano's for 10 years now and I would never go to anyone else. He gained my trust immediately because he was willing to listen to my concerns and give his expert opinion. Initially, he performed a mini facelift that was done on a Thursday and I was able to go home the next day. When I went back to work, I was thrilled to discover that NO ONE NOTICED!! No one looked at me and said, ""You look different,"" or anything of that sort. And that's exactly the way I wanted it. He achieved a youthful effect for me which was subtle and superb-- I still looked like ME, only younger and fresher! (Even my Mom didn't notice!) Before the surgery, my biggest fear was that I'd have a different face-- I have seen other people who have had facial surgery and it is immediately apparent. And the worst part is that they lost their essential ""look""-- I still have mine, only refined and sculpted. He's fantastic. And I just had some injections done on my lips, as they were looking flat-- voila!! They now look normal and I don't think anyone is going to notice. All they will see is me with a nice mouth-- none of the overdone injections I've seen - horrors! Bottom line is, I think he's terrific and recommend him without reservation.\r \r more

The Best Plastic Surgeon in the U.S 7/3/2010

I came to Dr.Romano after having had consultations for breast augmentation with several plastic surgeons in the Southern California area. None of the doctors that I had seen gave me the quality of care that Dr.Romano very willingly gave. He spent more than an hour with me on my first visit with him (whereas the other doctors spent 5-10 minutes) and answered all of my questions and did a very thorough examination of my breast anatomy. After nursing three children, and with a tubular breast deformity, I desired natural, normal looking breasts----a tall order for anyone to fill! But he did it, in December 2009---and now I have beautiful, gorgeous natural-looking breasts, that I absolutely love! Dr.Romano is the cream of the crop among plastic surgeons. He is kind, caring, and exceptionally skilled---and should I desire any other type of plastic surgery, Dr.Romano is most definitely going to be the man I see. I very highly recommend him as a plastic surgeon. You will be so incredibly pleased! THANK YOU DR.ROMANO!!!! You are amazing!!! Pros: Amazing Results more

Best Surgeon EVER 6/21/2010

I met Dr. Romano over 11 years ago and he is the BEST person and doctor I have ever known. He has done a number of procedures for me over the years and he is so CARING and is the most authentic and talented surgeon in town. I knew the first day I met him that I would only work with him. He is an expert and is so cautious and listens to what you NEED and WANT. My recovery for my breast augmentation was super easy and his work is PERFECT and so natural. He is an amazing doctor and I recommend to anyone as a trusted professional. more

I feel like a new man 5/15/2010

I live in Los Angeles and contacted Dr. Romano based on the before and after photos I saw on his website. I needed corrective surgery for a hump I had developed on my back, as well as elective surgery for the overly fatty neck I had developed over the last few years (a family trait, and not a good one). From day 1 the experience was nothing but positive. He provided me with very detailed information about pre-op, the surgery, and post-op, including instructions on diet and supplement that would, and did, help speed the healing process. His staff was friendly and efficient. No question was left unanswered. Dr. Romano was friendly, gentle and enthusiastic as we discussed what was to be done and how. He contacted my doctor in LA, who was very impressed by the thoroughness of Dr. Romano's concern that everyone be informed and in agreement on the procedure to be done. The procedure itself, as well as the healing process, went exactly as he had explained it would. And as far as the results of the surgery, I couldn't be happier. The procedure was in August, 2009, and I feel like a new man. I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Romano to anyone seeking plastic surgery. Pros: Enthusiastic but gentle. Great staff. Great results Cons: He's not in LA. Could be worse. more

Great Doctor, Great Results 9/15/2009

I contacted Dr. Romano for male nipple reduction surgery. I hemmed and hawed about whether to have it done in the first place, but since it was something that really bothered me, I went ahead and decided to at least to consult with him.\r \r I liked Dr. Romano from the very start. He put me at ease immediately, understood my concerns, and took the time with me to make me feel comfortable about what I could expect in terms of results, cost, recovery, etc. In short I decided right then to go ahead with it. But there was absolutely no pressure to do so. I just felt that I had come to the right doctor and that I could resolve a problem that was bothering me.\r \r I was very impressed with how thorough Dr. Romano is with the pre-op instructions. He is concerned with a lot more than just the surgery itself. He has taken the time to give his patients detailed instructions on how to insure the best possible outcome with nutritional (diet and supplement) guidelines. He covers all the bases. You know he wants you to get the best result by healing properly.\r \r His staff is superb. All the arrangements were handled professionally and accurately. I always felt taken care of – pampered actually.\r \r The bottom line (finally!) – the results are outstanding. I now have regular looking nipples and there is no indication than anything was ever done. I now have to obsess about something else! \r more

Simply the Best! 8/28/2009

I recently had gluteoplasty/liposuction performed by the wonderful Dr. James Romano. Words can't express how happy I am with his work. He did an AWESOME job! He is a true professional and artist. He actually re-sculpted and increased the size of my glutes and they look fabulous! My stomach and waistline is also leaner thanks to his masterful liposuction. What's interesting is that everything looks great today as I type, and to think I'm still in the healing phase meaning I'm actually going to look better when I'm completely healed. What I admire about Dr. Romano is his desire to ensure that your vision becomes his vision. He wants the patient to walk away happy, thus he goes above and beyond to ensure that he as the doctor and you as the patient envision the same results. His pre-operative and post-operative attention is awesome! Dr. Romano truly cares. He ensures that you are preparing your body for the surgery by giving you detailed handouts that encourages wellness by eating properly and through supplements. Information on your procedure is also provided for your very own education. He truly wants you to be at your best physically before the surgery, and this concern continues post surgery.\r \r Dr. Romano's staff has also been very attentive and overall great people! They've been helpful from the first day I walked in until today as I continue to heal. I always get a cheerful hello via Joanie at the front desk. No matter how bad my day is going, when I hear Joanie's voice I automatically began to smile. There's Grace (Patient Care Coordinator) who is number one in getting all pertinent information to Dr. Romano in a timely fashion including messages (which, I might add, Dr. Romano does return your calls), and she cares enough to make sure the patient is comfortable and that everything ran smoothly. She is the liaison between the hospital and Dr. Romano's office and she definitely gets the job done. Then there's Julia who has been very accommodating when it comes to financial matters and makes the experience a breeze. Hey, working with numbers, money and people at the same time isn't easy, and she still manages to smile when you see her:). Last but definitely not least, there's Liza who is just a doll. She's works with Dr. Romano as an esthetician, and has been instrumental in ensuring that I'm healing properly via post care. She's also a wealth of knowledge and great to talk to. She makes the visit worthwhile.\r \r Kudos to Dr. Romano and his team!\r more

Excellent doctor, great staff!! 8/20/2009

I've been a client/patient of Dr. Romano's since 2006. He is a consummate professional and an amazingly gifted surgeon. He and his entire office staff are caring and warm, and they make every visit a comfortable, friendly experience. Initially I went to see Dr. Romano for Botox injections. He is better with this stuff than any other doctor I've seen, and I've gone to a few. He injects enough to keep the areas free of wrinkles, but not so much that my forehead gets completely frozen or an eyebrow goes droopy. He really knows his Botox. In addition, I have had the excellent fortune to see Dr. Romano's skin care aesthitician Liza. The microdermabrasion and skincare regimen she prescribed have done wonders for my skin. I'm consistently told how young my skin looks. The two of them have literally taken 5-10 years off my face. After having been a patient of Dr. Romano's for a while, I set up a consultation to discuss liposuction. Several years ago, I had a lipo procedure done in Beverly Hills by a doctor who, once he got my money, could not have cared less about the outcome. He never called to check up, never returned my calls. Turns out he basically fled the country because of pending lawsuits... Fortunately he didn't really do any harm, but he also didn't remove much at all. Needless to say, after that experience, I was nervous about another procedure, but I also wasn't satisfied with my results. I asked Dr. Romano what he thought about a re-do. Apparently doing lipo a second time around can be much more difficult, as the fat becomes harder to remove. When Dr. Romano told me this, I got even more nervous, but he assured me he knew what he was doing. This is a doctor who really cares about his clients. It was clear to me that he didn't merely want my business, but he also genuinely wanted to help me by correcting a surgery that hadn't been done properly. I put my faith in his abilities, and I'm so glad I did. Dr. Romano performed lipo of my abdomen and hips, as well as my back/bra area. He called me several times over the next few days to make sure I was recovering OK, and he schedules regular check-ins to monitor the post-surgery progress. I have gone from a size 6/8 to a size 2/4. My body is amazing now, and I owe that to Dr. Romano. Having seen the other side of this process, I urge anyone interested in cosmetic surgery to put him at the top of the list. I truly cannot sing his praises highly enough! more

Best Surgeon in San Francisco 2/12/2009

Last February I had a breast reduction from Dr. Romano. When I first went into Dr Romano I was only going for consultation. After the first meeting, I was very confident and comfortable that this is the person I wanted to work on me. Both him and his office team were warm, welcoming and re-assuring. Now a year later, Romano still extends his good nature. But the best part, he did an amazing job. It has been such a life changing experience, I would gladly recommend him to anyone for any procedure. He is more than a doctor, but someone who cares. more

confused 1/27/2009

given all the great reviews about the good dr, including reading his profile online, i finally went in for a consultation.\r when i met dr romano, after he answered a few of my questions, i was pushed into the procedure saying how if i want it i should do it soon, as they are there to provide service and make patients happy.\r also for the steep $175 fee, i probably just spent 15min or so with the dr, he was not even informative, he was just trying to sell a product, mostly he and his staff talked about how i can do the procedure right away and i should be fine afterwards. that's how the rest of the other 20min was spent in the office.\r i have never met a dr. who is more concerend to sell you a procedure rather than at least act concerend about the patient....bottomline dont believe the hype, even with the great reviews, it's not necessarily accurate. im definitely going with another dr i had consulted in palo alto FOR FREE, but procedure more pricer, but defintely acts like a professional! Pros: nice office in union square Cons: not sure how the dr got great reviews given his POOOOOR bedside manner more


ROMANO was completely unknowledgeable. Every question I asked him he left the room as if he had to go research it on the Internet. He was out of the room longer than he was in the room. I didn't have high expectations of ROMANO, because I had never heard of him I @ least thought he could answer the basic questions of the procedure I was inquiring. He was very disturbing and just plain weird. The entire experience was a waste of time. I was inquiring about a implant reduction and he didn't have any answers, I have never experienced anyone leaving the room as much as he did. He kept me waiting for 35 minutes the waiting room was empty there were not any other people in there that he was seeing. His office is small enough that you can see people coming and going and I saw no one or heard anyone else the entire time I was there except his for his very unfriendly staff which is a joke. I was so displease I demanded my money back. They returned it. I was referred to this man from another Dr. who doesn't like to do secondary surgeries but he also didn't have any knowledge of this man ROMANO except his name he pulled out of a book. If you are looking for a qualified knowledgeable surgeon continue your research for this man seems very clueless and uninformed. I would think in a matter of time he will close his doors..... Cons: EVERYTHING more

High End Plastic Surgeon = Beautiful Results 1/12/2009

I've been a patient of Dr. Romano's since 2003. Over 6 years, I've had 3 procedures done by him and let me just say his work is amazing! First of all, everything looks so natural, no one ever suspects that I've had anything done. He is the sweetest, most caring doctor I've ever worked with and the results are phenomenal. Most recently, I had a breast augmentation and let me just say ""wow"". I am so happy with my new body and how natural my breasts look. I've told a few women about what I've had done and they all are dying to know who did them because they want them too! My roommate saw them the other day and said she could not believe how good they look. She's now considering going to see Dr. Romano. \r \r It can be really scary choosing a plastic surgeon because you don't always know what you're getting. If you want the best quality, most artistic surgeon, Dr. Romano is it. I will never go to another plastic surgeon ever. I'm a high maintenance girl and I only like the best of everything. Dr. Romano is the Gucci, Chanel or Prada of plastic surgeons. I'm sure there are plently of Wal-Mart surgeons out there, but I wouldn't recommend it. :) When it comes to your body, you shouldn't settle for anything but the best. Pros: Gorgeous Breasts, thighs, and hips! Cons: None! more

Great Doctor; Friendly Staff 3/16/2008

I was a bit nervous about plastic surgery as a guy, but had always wanted something done with my chin and neck. Making the appointment and everything was easy. All of the office staff were extremely friendly and welcoming. Meeting Dr. Romano for the first time, I felt completely at ease. He was not pushy or arrogant in any way and really consulted with me on what was possible, limitations of the surgery, etc. I was provided with alot of information to consider. When I decided to have the surgery (chin augmentation), i had a number of pre-op visits which were used to educate me further on the procedure as well as ensure that Dr Romano understood what my expectations were for the surgery. I was provided a very thorough description of what the surgery entailed and what the healing time would be as well as what I should expect in terms of swelling, bruising, etc. All of this information was extremely accurate.\r \r I was also given a pre-surgery diet as well as specific supplements to take prior to the surgery which I completely believe aided in the outcome of the surgery as well as how fast I healed. \r \r It has now been approximately 2 months since the surgery and I am very pleased with the results. The after-operative care I have received has been great as well which has included ultrasonic massages. The incision scar is almost gone now! I would highly recommend Dr. Romano and his staff to others. more

great staff and friendly doctor 7/10/2007

I decided I wanted a breast aug. with a lift and not having friends to refer me to a doctor I was left researching doctors on the intranet. I sought out a consult with three different doctors one being too pushy, one saying there is nothing he can do for me ( but suggested simply I get on a tred mill and live with saggy breasts) and last but not least Dr. Romano. The consult was easy to make I simply filled out the questionnaire one his sight and received a call to schedule to appt. Once in the office every staff member was very friendly and willing to help in any way they could. Dr. Romano was very friendly, professional and seems to relate with the concerns I had. He did not push any procedures on me except the one in which I inquired about. I am due to have surgery 7/19/2007 and can't wait to share the results. If the surgery is anything like the experience I have had thus far it should be smooth sailing. Pros: friendly, caring and educated staff and doctor Cons: the office does charge a bit more for procedures than other local offices more

Educational 4/11/2007

By far the best office staff and Doctor! I've had not so great experiences with other plastic surgeons in the area. Some were just flat out arrogant and the staff was pushy. Not the case with Dr. Romano. Everyone was amazing and so educational. I felt like I left with not just questions answered about my concerns, but a wealth of information in regards to nutrition and skincare. I'm on the Obagi program and love how my skin looks and feels. What a relief to find a Doctor that is concerned with the whole package and not just running me off to surgery. Kudos-to his great staff and Doctor. Pros: Great Staff Cons: No Parking- more

thorough and supportive 3/8/2007

I am still in the process of interviewing surgeons for cosmetic surgery. So far, I have had contact with the offices of 3 other surgeons and conclude that Dr.Romano's office staff is clearly the best. They are friendly, patient, and open to helping potential clients gather important information. The staff I've interacted with at other offices were cold and indifferent, albeit polite. Romano's staff is organized, kind, and top notch--esp compared to other offices. \r \r Dr.Romano charges a hefty consult fee($250) but you get what you pay for. In the 2 hours I was with him, he thoroughly explained the procedure, limitations, and studied the structure of my face. There's cpu imaging too. He was not arrogant and self-absorbed like another surgeon I interviewed. I left with a very comprehensive packet of information concerning pre and post surgery routines, diet, and so forth. His practice charges more than average, but you get the whole package. That's very important for a decision this big. Pros: great listener, friendly staff, a meticulous and thorough doctor, excellent reputation Cons: wait time more
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  • In addition to cosmetic surgery and Botox, standard spa services are also available.

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