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Jackson's Place Dog Daycare - 10 Reviews - 1304 W Alabama St, Houston, TX - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (713) 529-1200

Jackson's Place Dog Daycare

1304 W Alabama St
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 529-1200
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aww....I'm so glad I found this place! I'm quite the overprotective mommy and LOVE that I can drop her off and know shes safe and cared for.I don't have to worry all day thats she...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2013

What a lie from Timbergrover, Beetlemama amd Scamper. You all are out to do the same thing...discredit a reputable business. Beettlemama is my own mother who is a parasite just like the rest of my family and when the money stopped her revenge is to try and discredit my business. I am sure Timbergrover and scamper are probably teamed up with her. There are so many lies in these postings it is almost laughable. Oh well, it's the internet and people can say what they want whether it's a lie or not. \r \r I agree...I am not the most personable person. I am dealing with all the business end of both businesses, but I have a wonderful Manager, Mindy and a great staff to boot. Jackson's Place continues to thrive and so does Houston Pro Pet Sitters. \r \r Based on Timergrovers review about the dog expressing his anal glands. I have had one dog do that to me and that was best friends dog....and we all laughed about how I was going to smell like anal glands all day. Timbergrover sounds like an employee who was fired for doing something wrong and is trying to get back at me. Shame, Shame\r \r Deb Sullivan\r Jackson's Place Dog Daycare & Houston Pro Pet Sitters more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/13/2013

I am so glad this business (dog daycare, boarding, walking and sitting) is finally being exposed for what it really is: a cash cow for the owner's family at the expense of gullible employees, owners and their unfortunate pets. I too experienced firsthand the abusive, corrupt practices of this business owner and quickly distanced myself. For years Deb posted her own positive reviews (always the same superlatives, bad grammar and spelling) and ""disappeared"" negative reviews by deleting her profiles anywhere they appeared, only to repost later and start the glowing reviews again. Luckily she no longer seems able to do this. Daycare and boarded dogs are screamed and sprayed at when they bark. ""30-minute"" dog walks and pet sits are either not at all or 5 minutes if they can get away with it. One particularly disturbing incident sums it up: Deb was holding a dog, petting and cooing at it, pouring on the charm to the owner, who then turned and left. The second the door closed, Deb literally threw the dog at me, screaming ""Get this f*****g thing away from me, I think he just expressed his anal glands and now I'm going to smell like s**t all day!"" If you think you're benefitting your dog by using this business, you shouldn't have a dog. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/12/2012

Don't reccommed, go elsewhere. Its all about money and cramming as many dogs into those small rooms they can.\r The owner talks about other dogs and owners to other clients. No privacy from her, it's money, money, money. Many dogs have been kicked out because because they bit another dog in those crowded conditions, and small spaces. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/16/2012

Have to agree wtih lalaogical, not a great place for pets or people. Dogs are very happy when getting picked up by their owner, but not because they had a good day by more because they are getting to leave. Dogs are yelled at by the ower's, sprayed in the face etc..., they stay all day in a very crowded room, they do go outside but as said, in a very small area to run aroung, the rest of the day they are to lay down and be quiet. People really do not like working for the owners, the pet sitters are a revolving door. Many of the workers and pet sitter are very nice and loving, but most leave because of the working condidtions. I would not recommend this place to any dog. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/27/2012

Honestly, the people, with the exception of a couple of the workers who actually care for the dogs, are exceptionally annoying. Any and all negative information about this place is plausible. Big dogs are kept ""crammed"" in little spaces and are given a narrow back yard to run around in. The place is always loud, and the owner is a spoiled brat. She is a tyrant that if you ask any of the employees there, will tell you they thoroughly dislike her. Her family runs the business complete with a son and mom who spend their free time eating and playing on the computers. If you are actually around these people you will soon realize how they create unneeded drama, headaches, and how it is a poorly run business. I would never take my dog to a place with people who are not kind. It makes me wonder if they actually care about pets or if its just a fake face to make money. If you want to support a business like this go ahead, but otherwise the owners needs a reality check and manners. I'm taking my animals elsewhere. more

Jackson's Place is a GEM !!! 1/23/2009

aww....I'm so glad I found this place! I'm quite the overprotective mommy and LOVE that I can drop her off and know shes safe and cared for.I don't have to worry all day thats shes ok. My puppy likes it there, I can tell when I drop her off and always excited to see Deb the owner. Deb is always so sweet and wonderful to me and my baby.The place is always clean and homelike. The best is that when I pick her up she is worn out from all the playing!! I'm so glad she screens the dogs allowed into the daycare to assure the dogs are in a safe enviroment. Also, hours are perfect for my schedule, which changes alot. I trust everyone there and can't thank them enough. more

Excellent care for my baby (dog) 11/12/2008

This place is wonderful and I have yet to find a better place in Houston. Seriously! I drive all the way from Heights (in tons of traffic) to drop my dog off to have some interaction with the other dogs. The owner is very particular when it comes to the review process but it makes perfect sense (especially since its cage free). Price is high but VERY worth it (seems they are all about the same price these days). If you have physically walked into other care centers, this place is a gem in comparison. I like taking my dog here because it is cage free and always clean and home feeling. My family makes fun of me because I tell them about the things they do at Jacksons Place (naptime, playtime outside...I/they treat him like he is my baby..exactly like I want). Thats just my 2 cents... more

I love Jacksons Place and would not be anywhere else. 3/10/2008

The service and care that is given by the staff of jacksons place is tremendous. The dogs here do go through a trial run which who in there right mind would complain about that. Do you not want your pet safe? I do. Leaving your dog here. What if they didnt? how would you feel if sweet little princess was attacked by a faroucious dog names cujo? There are reasons why aggresive dogs are not allowed. as well as pets that can not get along with others. just like children who have bad behavior! Do any of you really account for the stress thats given by having 25 - 30 dogs barking and playing or whining all day long from 6am to 6pm. I would really love to watch those of you who leave bad comments on here to try that for a day. I am certain you could go crazy so it is not a unstressful job but it is a GIVING and loving job. there is so much animal abuse given by so many owners you should be pleased to have someone you can go to that is not going to discipline your pet like you would. but you act out of anger and being a professional the employees of jacksons place have to act as a Rational human. For all you bad mouthers out there.. get over yourself. This is one out there that could be a better sitter for your pets that the people at jacksons place. Pros: The friendly staff, the large room's for the dogs, the 2 backyards, and the cleanliness!! Cons: i dont have any i love it here more

A Word From Another Dog Daycare Owner 7/2/2007

I read the reviews for Jackson's Place and felt like putting my own review of J's Place and its owner. First off, I first met Deb when I opened up my daycare back in March 2006 and she gave us invaluable advice and offered much of her time, even though she is very busy with her own businesses. She also helped us get our start by referring more than a few people to us. I can fill up this whole review with her generous attributes; suffice it to say, Deb is a wonderful person and a magnificant benefactor. I have visited her daycare many times and the dogs in her care are pampered; she puts the quality of their care above everything else and it shows. She does not ""cram"" dogs into small rooms; quite the contrary. Her facility is truly a ""home away from home"" --I loved her design and actually emulated it here at my place (imitation is a form of flattery!). With respect to accepting/rejecting dogs for her daycare program, I understand all-too well how hard it is to tell a dog owner that their dog cannot attend--people do take that personally, but they need to understand that rejection does NOT mean their dog isn't a good dog; it merely means that the dog is not a good fit for that particular daycare. Aggressive behaviors are not the only reason for rejection. Daycare is an interactive environment; there are some dogs who simply do not socialize well and it comes through loud & clear with excessive barking, severe anxiety, and so on. \r I noticed that Deb posted a response to the criticisms directed at her business and at her personally. Her dignity and class show in every word she wrote. I feel proud to have someone of her caliber and character as my ""competitor"". \r \r -L. Falcone\r Doggie Daycare of River Oaks more

Home away from home for your puppy love! 6/2/2007

Where else can a career mama leave her little boy with four paws and a waggy tail all day and feel secure that he's loved and entertained? The crew and owner of Jackson's place make sure that my puppy has friends his size to play and cuddle with, that he is taken out and walked, that there are plenty of toys to chew and tug, that he has a regular snack and nap time, and that there are lots of kisses coming his way. I am very particular about my boy and am thrilled that he has Jackson's. Don't hesitate to entrust these folks with your fur-friend. Ask to meet Boris, the new labradoodle, who is a doll baby! Oh, there are many ""regular"" pups that become pals, so stick around to see them play...they are hilarious. Hip, hip hooray for Jackson's Place! more

From the Owner of Jackson's Place Dog Daycare 6/2/2007

To JustWantWhatsFair:\r \r You called and never said anything about a dog. The only thing you tried to talk to me about was advertising on my website and I told you that I didn't have time for sales calls and I hung up. Again, you kept calling back and never mentioned a dog and I again told you that I don't have time for sales calls. As business owners we get countless sales calls everyday and the only way to get you guys off the phone is to hang up since you guys & gals can't take no for an answer. Then you get your feelings hurt and come on here and lie. Shame on you!! more

Review Deleted by Poster 5/16/2007

The previous entry that was posted on May 16, 2007, has been deleted by the poster as of July 2, 2008. more

Dear Owner, 5/15/2007

Just a word of advise, be more sensitive and understanding when referring to other people's dogs and try to be nicer when addressing issues with customers. Sometimes when you get emails, letters or reviews, be objective. And yes you are right, I am going to be very honest, your type of services is not for me, but that doesn't mean that it won't work for others. more

Checked out this place . . . 5/10/2007

. . . but they close at 6:00! Like most professionals I know, I'm just leaving work around 6:00. Doggie daycares are about convenience, so this place didn't get my business. They were also overpriced and charged unnecessary additional fees. I think it's interesting that CMiller tried out five other daycares and chose to review (and trash) only one of them -- coincidentally, the one closest to this one. And from what I can tell, there are more than six doggie daycares in Houston, so I don't know how CMiller is qualified to say this one is the best in Houston. Sounds like a plant to me. Cons: Inflexibility more

The Best Dog Daycare in Houston 2/11/2007

I went and visited 5 different dog daycare before I went to Jackson's Place and I didn't want to go anywhere else. These people are very professional and very friendly. They really love the dogs and it's amazing how the dogs respond to them.\r \r This place is not like the other daycares, it has a very home like comfortable setting, and if you want your dog to be pampered then take them to Jackson's Place. Pros: Friendly, Clean, Safe, Service, Professional more
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