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Jack's Dog Farm

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We ""stopped"" by not planning to purchase a puppy, however, when we laid our eyes on 3 little chocolate labs, I was smitten. And you can see from my photos of Jack Henry on my ...


Part 1 Being sort of new to PA, about a month after I had to put my old friend down, (very large Retriever mix who lived to be 13, most excellent Nationally Certified Therapy Dog...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/21/2013

I purchased/adopted both my jack russell terrier and my beagle from Jack's Dog Farm. My beagle lived to the ripe old age of 18 and my jack russell, at 15, is still going strong. I'm glad Jack's was around when I was looking. I am now trying to adopt a senior dog and having little response from adoption shelters and am looking to Jack's to get yet another ""love of my life"". This place would not be in business for so many years if they weren't on the up-and-up. I fully support Jack's Dog Farm and would recommend them to anyone. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/17/2013

To all those haters that think they know what Jacks Dog Farm is all about don't know ""JACK""...There are many people that have purchased their puppies and have come back when their beloved friend passed from being with them and sharing their love for 10 yrs or more to purchase another one. THIS IS NOT A PUPPY MILL!! You should be ashamed of saying such terrible things that are just not true. I have a friend that bought a puppy from a pet store (talk about puppy mill) the dog had kennel cough and now is extremely sick and had to be at the vet hospital for 3 days. There are sick puppies unfort just like there are sick people but you have no right to say such horrible things without merit!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/8/2013

Please do not patronize this place. In fact, if you really love animals, please also let everyone you know that this is a PUPPY MILL, in business since 1927, dealing in mixed breed darling puppies, which come from Amish puppy mills in PA. Go there and see the cute puppies, then ask to see where they came from, see the bitch and stud parents, and expect to get a vague answer. There are no papers, and you can google puppy mills to see the anguish of the animals involved, but my question really is, What happens to these cute little puppies of 8 to 12 weeks old (who are sold for hundreds of dollars, often sick, and always without papers) what happens when they are a little older and no longer so cute. What happens then?? more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/6/2013

I now know 4 dogs that have died under the age of 5 - all from this place - the health issues - people , you are getting a dog from a tiny genetic pool - have you heard of puppy mills ???????????? Help to stop this cruelty !! more

My Website Showcases Our Puppy Bought From Jacks! 11/3/2011

We ""stopped"" by not planning to purchase a puppy, however, when we laid our eyes on 3 little chocolate labs, I was smitten. And you can see from my photos of Jack Henry on my website (hellobacon) that he is totally adorable! The kennels that the dogs were kept in were very clean, all had fresh paper and fresh water. There were German Shepherds (adorable!!) and many other breeds (they are known for their Jack Russell terriers I later found out). Jeremy came out to help us almost immediately. Do not be afriad of Jeremy. He is huge. He would make a great body guard if he ever decides to take up a new profession! But he was very kind and helpful and didn't pressure us in anyway. (Like we needed any extra help - we knew we were doomed as soon as we held the first puppy!). I did notice a bit of a cough and Jeremy sent us home with meds just in case. Jack Henry came with papers and had already received the vaccinations that were due. Once we got home, I became concerned about the cough. We'd just lost our dog Diablo unexpectedly, and I had ""new mom"" syndrome and panicked because of the recent loss of Diablo so I took him to our vet, Ark Animal, which happens to be the same vet Jeremy uses. They put Jack on a round of antibiotics and when I called Jeremy to let him know, he paid for the whole vet bill and was very very professional and kind. We later heard from many friends that new puppies and or rescues they'd gotten from either other breeders or shelters often had the same thing. I met other people who'd bought their dogs there and 2 had dogs that were fabulously healthy, awesome dogs, and one person said her puppy had been sick but that they also took care of the vet bills and now her Boxer is happy healthy and wonderful. When I talked to Jeremy after Jack went to the vet, he gave me the name and number of a person who had bought a puppy from the same litter a few days before, in case I wanted reassurance. I think, it's not unreasonable to expect that a new puppy from any breeder might not be in tip top health - crap happens! What SHOULD be expected is for the business to work with the customer to remedy the situation - which Jeremy at Jacks Dog Farm absolutely did. Keep in mind too, if you call someone to complain and start off the conversation with a bad attitude, it doesn't help the situation. You should expect to be treated the same way you are treating the other person. After I got home, I did some research on Jacks Dog Farm and read some horribly written reviews - I know animal people are passionate and sometimes over the top - and I think that Jacks might have been targeted by these crazy over the top people - and from the way they can barely piece a sentence together, I find it hard to believe they can afford to pay for a pure bred dog. If you are thinking about going to Jack's Dog Farm, please, just stop by and see for yourself! I've got a million pictures of Jack Henry up on my website if you are curious, and I have to say, his temperament is AWESOME! Every time we take him out (to kids soccer games/field hockey/the park) - everyone compliments how laid back and easy going he is! We're so happy with him and I give Jack's Dog Farm 5 Stars for such a wonderful dog and 5 Stars for the way they handled our situation. more

Adventures in buying a puppy that wasn't a rescue. 11/12/2010

Part 1 Being sort of new to PA, about a month after I had to put my old friend down, (very large Retriever mix who lived to be 13, most excellent Nationally Certified Therapy Dog, overcome by cancer) BOSSCO...I wanted another personal dog. Everyone I knew, at the time, had gotten their dog (s) from Jacks. So, I took a trip over to see what they had available. The Saturday we were there, was hot, but the place had no odors, all pens containing puppies had full clean water containers, the puppies were lively, and there were large industrial fans set up everywhere to create a good air flow, it was comfortable in the building. All bedding appeared to be clean, and two guys were walking about checking and spot cleaning during the 2 plus hours we were there. Still, I did get a niggling feeling that with the sheer number of diverse breeds being offered, Jacks might be dealing with outside Puppy Mills. In retrospect, I'm sure of it and that makes me sad. I did end up purchasing, what I was told, was a second generation GSD/Husky crossbred bitch. I call her a Shepsky. Hannah was the last of her litter, which, I was told was out of the second litter produced by the same dog and bitch. When I asked Jack how large he thought she would be, he said about 17 to 18 inches at the shoulder. He nailed that right on the mark. Hannah is 18 inches. When I asked about her parents he said they lived out on a farm and were named “Sally and Duke” which, as he quickly said the names as if pulling them out of a hat, kind of felt like a red flag to me….but…I was already falling in love, and this was the first non-rescued dog I had ever purchased. All of my prior seven dogs were either rescues or from friends who had or knew someone with an accidental breeding. Hannah did come with a UTI, from being in sawdust bedding, but other than that her health was excellent. Since I switched both of our dogs and all four cats over to a Species Appropriate Raw Diet, about five years ago, her health (and that of our other animals) has improved even more. As a very intelligent and rather lively dog, I realized pretty fast that Hannah needed a job. Although I had two prior certified therapy dogs, I didn’t see the sometimes mercenary Hannah as excelling to the max at that task. When the opportunity came along to train her for Search and Rescue, I thought THAT might suit her temperament much better. As one of the nosiest dogs I’ve ever known, she took to S&R like a duck to water. Hannah LOVES “playing” FIND IT and has found almost every person who she has been set to track including one trail that was 18 days old, that we ran in the dark. Not being a Bloodhound, Hannah should not be capable of running a trail that is that old. However, no one told HER that, so she simply did what she has been trained and loves to do. more

horriible. 6/17/2010

Our babygirl roxy we got her on the 11th and on the 16th she got really really sick we rushed her to the animal hospital and she came up poss. for pravo, jacks dog farm is no clean what so ever, not right now atleast, he won't even pay for our vet bills and shes struggling for her life right now and he treats those dogs like they're toys like if it breaks you can just buy a new one. we're taking him to court and getting the best lawyer we can and shutting his ass down! Pros: NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THAT FARM. Cons: our puppy has pravo. more

BadBadBad. 6/15/2010

Never purchuse a puppy if the dealer fails to allow you to see the parents. This is due to the parents being in inhumane environments, often puppy mills. Jack's dog farm has NEVER allowed the purchaser to see the puppy's from what I've read & heard. As for the dealers personalties. Maybe in the past they we're nice people but after years and years of the same word, lack of interest takes over & you have the uninterested dealers who are looking for the money not the happiness of the puppy's or future owners. Recently, my friend bought a puppy without asking ANY questions, her mistake. But, Roxy is now in the hospital with a deadly bug that could have only being in the puppy farm. Without treatment, which will cost thousands in the end, she will pass away. I recommended never buying a puppy from this place, along with an entire list of others. Petfinder has plenty of dogs needing homes. If looking for a specific puppy, due your research, see where the parents are being kept and ask for all papers! Pros: None. Cons: Do not allow to see parents of puppys. Rude dealers. more

Got my dog at Jack's. 5/8/2010

I originally took my mother into Jack's to show her how gross and sad it is in there; unfortunately, we wound up walking out with Pauly, our ""Pug/Miniature Pinscher"" (I don't see much pug in him). We've only ever had big dogs, but our lab and lab mix both lived to 14, so we're pretty responsible pet owners... Pauly had diarrhea the whole first two weeks we had him, and intermittently up until about a week and a half ago. According to our vet, all his vitals are totally normal, bloodwork came back fine, teeth and gums look great, and he's growing/gaining weight at the appropriate weight... But his behavior is pretty awful. It might be partly because he's a small dog, one of his parents was a very high-energy breed, and he's a boy going through some pretty big hormonal changes right now :/ but I think his parents were probably behaviorally unsuited for breeding, which is a product of bred-for-profit puppy mills. Jack's is a dealership, not a careful professional breeder. Pauly is very aggressive and jumps up on people's legs and bites their feet. I've had to paint most of our furniture and the tops of my feet with tabasco sauce to prevent his destructive behavior. I've never had such a high maintenance pet. He is extremely intelligent, but very willful and difficult to potty train. We chose Pauly because he was all alone in his cage at Jack's, curled up asleep in his food dish. When we brought him home he became much less lethargic, but went WAY too far the other way. That said, we love him very much. He is a healthy boy and he's in training, so things are looking up, but I bet that a dog from a reputable breeder would have fewer discipline problems. We will never get a dog from a puppy mill again, and we cannot recommend that anyone else get a dog from a puppy mill when there are so many great rescue organizations in the area. If you're looking to get a dog in the Bucks County area, enter your zip code and specifications on Petfinder (google it) and look at all the awesome local dogs and rescue centers. They have plenty of dogs of every age, breed, and energy level, dogs that are good with cats and children, dogs with no health problems and dogs that are already housebroken. Pros: Less expensive than a breeder; documented vaccinations Cons: Dark/damp, employees smoke in kennel, no guarantee of health more

my expeirence 9/4/2009

i got a west highlander white terrier at jacks dog farm. i was so happy because i wanted a puppy so bad. so my family surprised me about getting a dog and iwas so happy. but, that night my husband had to take him to the vet because he was not breathing right. i was devistated. the next day i brought him back to jacks dog farm and told him the situation. so, he checked him out and said theres nothing wrong with that dog. but, the dog was sick. all of them were but didnt do a thing about it, i would NEVER recomend that place to buy a dog. more

Excellent Experiences 8/10/2009

We have purchased two dogs from Jack's (a lab and a dachshund). Both have been in EXCELLENT health and we have been very impressed with the pens and surroundings. We have been there multiple times (when we were just looking for an outing) and have never been disappointed. It is clear that the owner knows his dogs. Jack's has been around since the late 1920's so they obviously have a lot of experience with this. We know of another family who has always bought their dogs from Jack's as well and has been very pleased. Our veterinarian's assistant also got her dog from Jack's and she had nothing but good things to say about the experience and the dog. Folks, it's not supposed to be the Taj Mahal---but for a place to get your puppy, I highly recommend it. Pros: Clean and large pens more

Google Puppy Mills 8/6/2009

Where is our humanity???. Google or You Tube ""Puppy Mills"" and see the industry that you are promoting by buying a puppy from this place. Millions of gentle, loving dogs are euthanized yearly and for the almighty dollar these puppy millers are keeping Pa Breeder dogs in tiny cramped filthy cages for their entire lives and breeding them relentlessly. So YOU can go and buy them at Jacks and make him rich. Without a market for their puppies ,the cruelty will end. EDUCATE yourself. Do not contribute tot his horror!!!!!!! Pros: Buying promotes abuse Cons: Puppy Mill seller more

Jacks Dog Farm Doylestown P 5/30/2009

We got a lhasa apso puppy 1 month ago. She has seen the vet and is great! No health problems - great temperment and very loving. The only reason they did not receive 4 stars is that the staff is not that knowledgeable. The puppy is PERFECT!!! Pros: Great Dog more

Sad Atmosphere - Should be investigated 5/20/2009

I called them looking for a Husky/Husky mix puppy. They said, yes we do have 2 of them. I asked the price and was told $300 and I was on my way. 1 hour later I arrived and explained I had just called, I was then told very rudely ""Oh my brother won't let them go for the price I told you on the phone, he wants $350"". What was I going to do, so I agreed. I picked one, he gave her worm shots and handed me some shot info and I left. First vet appointment I was told the puppy had rooten teeth due to the fact that she was starved in utero. Medical problems have followed us through the years. She is now almost 6 yrs old and we love her, so we do what is needed to care for her continuously increasing prescription needs. \r P.S. She is not even a Husky mix, she's a Shepard Mix! Cons: Unhealthy Puppies - Unethical Owners more

Bad experience, bad for dogs 7/28/2008

I saw the other posts, and had to write. Neighbors got their dog from Jacks, and it turned out to have serious hip dysplasia. When they contacted Jacks, they would take the puppy back, but said they'd just have it destroyed -how humane! And jack would give them no health guarantee except taking a puppy back. They couldn't bear that this sweet little dog would be thrown out like trash! So they spent the money to have it treated by thier vet and he's OK but at what cost?\r \r Jacks is a puppy dealer, plain and simple. Dogs are sold for pure profit, not for love of animals, or dogs, or a breed. For the folks who say it isn't worth it to ""spend lots of money"" from a breeder, you haven't thought it out, or don't want to. Breeders stand behind their dogs, and are willing to give information and advice and support. Sometimes they have young adults at a lower cost. I I have ""pure-bred"" dogs, 2 different breeds -from nationally ranked championship lines -and I didn't pay a penny. They were placed with us because we had showed an interest, gotten to know the breeder before buying, and she was willing to place these wonderful dogs with us because a good home for ""her"" dogs was more important than anything else!!! Can you say that about Jacks?!? And there are breed rescue groups for every breed. And every time you buy from a ""dog farm"" you're condemning that dog's dame and siblings to a horrible life by creating demand. Think you're getting a quality dog because it has ""papers""? All any registry means -AKC included- means that you know the dog's ancestry (and with a puupy dealer, you can't even know that for sure!!!) It doesn't mean your dog is a good example of your breed, or it could be in dog shows, nanda. Jack's stays in business because some people get lucky with dogs that win the genetic lottery, and because of buyers who buy on impulse and on the cheap, rather than being concerned about the suffering animals they'll never see, and don't want to know about. Cons: Can't see puppys sire or dam, can't meet the breeder, not a breeder but a dealer. more

Sad story of puppy purchase from Jacks 7/24/2007

My wife and I purchased a 10 week old male Bichon Frise from Jacks in October 2006. We named him Dexter. He was for most of his short life a happy and frisky puppy. About 4 weeks ago (June 2007) he started to get sick and could not old down any food and became listless. We took him to our vet and had tests done on him. Being so young we all thought he probably ate something bad that gave him some sort of infection. However, after about a month of not getting back to his happy, energic ways our vet recommended we have an ultra sound done on him to see if there was more to the illness. After 5 days in the hospital, an ultra sound, and chest tubes inserted to drain the fluid from his lungs, numerous antibiotics and other medicines our little puppy died July 19, 2007. He would have been 1 year old on August 8. We found out the next day from tests that we did earlier in the week that Dexter had cancer. Our vet indicated that this is extremely uncommon in puppies. She thought that it could be a fluke but we should contact the place we purchased and contact the breeders that Jack got our dog from to inform them of this. We called both places and have not heard back from either party for over 4 days now. I will be filing a complaint through the PA Attorney's Office under the Pet Lemon Law. We not only lost a member of our family but we are now faced with medical bills that could top about $5000. \r We learned a valuable lesson that when you are in the market for a pet do some extra homework on breeders, the breed, what constitutes a good breeder, family trees, medical tests, etc. It may take more time and effort and you will probably pay more for your pet but you may avoid going through an ordeal like we did with our puppy. more

I need to change my thoughts on Jacks Dog Farm. 7/17/2007

I wanted to post a second time just to inform others of my recent dog search at Jacks. I went in person as I am now looking to purchase another dog since we had to put my 14 year old lab Dixie down one month ago. I bought a collie from Jacks 15 years ago and he lived to 12 very healthy dog. I decided to go back and look around as it has been 15 years and wanted to really research Jacks as I have heard many consider it to be a puppy mill. I went to look at the yellow lab pups and the owner was not very friendly. My girlfriend and I took my daughters 10 and 12 to look at these pups. I asked which ones were females in the litter as we really want a female dog and the owner said I don't know look for yourself!! I was cought of guard by this responce but my girlfriend and I started looking uder each pup to see which ones were the girls. He came back a few minutes later and opened the cage and quickly picked up one pup by the scruf of its next and practically tossed it over to my 10 year old saying want to hold it?? He never waited for her responce just tossed it to her. I quickly helped her hold the pup as I was afraid it would fall. He reached in a grabbed another pup by the scuff of its neck and handled it to my other daughter 12. Then walked away talking to another customer. The pup I took from my 10 year old was scared and shaking so I held her but we looked at the price of $495 and I realized that if I was spending this on a dog then I want to know about its parents and past history. You can go under puppyfindcom and find all pups from local breeders that have the pups and their parents at their homes why pay this guy that treats his dogs only like merchandise $495??? Really I want not impressed with the owner and how he treated his dogs. I bought from Jacks 15 years ago and never did much research on my collie and got lucky he was a nice dog but I will not give this man my money after seeing the way he acted with the pups last week. Pros: Has many dogs but no info on parents of the pups Cons: Not friendly and treats dogs like merchandise!! more

Jacks Dog Farm My Opinion 6/30/2007

We bought a collie from them 15 years ago and he lived to 12 years of age very heathly dog!! NEVER any problems till he reached 12 years of age.. He also had a super sweet disposition!! We never had any problems with Jacks and had a great family dog.. You do get concerned when you can not see the history of the parents of these pups and we are now looking to buy another dog and not sure if it will be from a shelter or Jacks. I have been in contact with the owner of Jacks asking many questions about their dogs and health issues on the pups parents and all that. So far they have answered many questions and Jeremy from Jacks told me"" we give a 14 day written health warranty and 6 months on anything congenital "" I will continue to research before making any desicions about buying a dog. I think people today treat dogs differently then they did years ago and Jacks needs to stay with the times if they want a well run business.. Buying from breeders is a great idea for someone that wants to spend lots of money on a purebreed dog but for me we do not want to spend hundreds maybe thousands of $$$ on a family pet. Don't get me wrong our collie we spent $2000 on right before he died at age 12 as he had a twisted intestine and needed surgey, but I can not see spending so much on buying a dog unless you plan to show the dog. Jacks prices seem fair to me as the Lab I was looking at was $450. They have been around for many years I would think they have had many people keep tabs on their business operations. I am going to call my vet and see what he thinks. Meanwhile I had a good dog from Jacks in the past and would consider buying from them again after getting some of my questions answered from them first. Pros: The owners could be alittle more personable but all in all not bad Cons: Do not get to see the parents of the pups. more

My experience 3/22/2007

We purchased a fawn boxer puppy from jacks about a year ago. We are very happy with the dog we got. he is beautiful. Any one who sees him on the street remarks about what great looking dog he is. Even are vet. He has no health problems and has a great personality. He is great with our kids. He is a boxer so of coarse he is high energy and a goof ball at times but i think that's expected for the breed. \r \r They do have a lot of breeds, which makes you think ""puppy mill"" But all the cages are very clean and all the dogs look healthy and cared for. \r \r After buying him people did say ""oh no! you got him at jacks? "" People have stories about others getting unhealthy dogs from there but i have yet to speak to someone who has first hand experience with this. \r \r The only down side i found with Jack's is that the people there were not very friendly. My husband and i both went in on different days and we both felt they were a little cranky. That's a big thing with me i think if you choose to be in a business where you are working with people then you should be friendly to those people. They did give us a lot of info about taking care of our puppy when we brought him home , so that was nice.\r \r They have been in business a long time so of it was that bad then you would think they would have shut it down by now.\r \r They do have some sort of 30 day return policy so if you bring the puppy to the vet and it does hae health problems you can bring him back to get a new one. more

PUPPY MILL 11/19/2006

As a first time dog buyer, I didn't know much about where to get my dog and where not. Jack's Farm breeds any dogs with any dogs. They don't look at the health history's of the dogs being breeded or their DNA lines. This is what puppy mills do, they don't care about the dogs they just want to make their money. Please consider this before buying a dog here. A regular AKC breeder takes pride and care into who they breed their dogs with, to asure healthy pups! more
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