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Jack N Grill

2630 W Belleview Ave
Littleton, CO 80123
(303) 474-4242
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I completely disagree with these jerks. Its a HOUSE appetizer not a ""i want anything off the menu"" cupon. Their staff is great and welcoming and there restaurant is elegant and ...


I so want to write a good review about this place. The red chile is great, the prices reasonable. I must, however, agree that the management issues never get resolved. The wait st...

Food and service used to be stellar. 5/8/2012

Food and service used to be stellar. Now the quality suffers because the franchise is spread too thin. When family members are present, it's great, when they are not, the food and service is terrible. However, this is one of the only places in Denver that serves New Mexican food. It is NOT Mexican food. Second, if you are going here to order a chimichanga or some other item from a Mexican menu, you will be disappointed. Try some enchiladas with red chile, or the posole, or carne adovada. Going to grab a frito pie and a guac salad as we speak...wish me luck that they don't Eff up my order! more

Do Not Go!!! 7/10/2011

This was the worst experience I have ever had! When we get there the lady just seems like an idiot. We finally get our drinks but my husband's margarita was spilled on him by our waitress. SHE NEVER EVEN SAID SORRY! She blamed it on the lightweight cups. Then our friends that met us 15 mins late got their waters before we got ours. One of our mararitas had salt in it instead of sugar. The food was horrible! Everything was bland. One guy in our party had two bites of his, it tasted so bad and the manager refused to help us. Instead he gave us an attitude told us he would call the cops on us. I hope this place shuts down!!!! Please just read the reviews before you waste your time and give this place your business. more

Unbelievable Disrespect by Jack Himself!! 5/26/2011

My daughter and I went into Jack N Grill anticipating great food and we had a coupon that gave us a buy one meal and get a meal free. We ordered a burger and a taco salad from the Lunch Special Menu. After our meal the manager came out telling us that they could not honor the coupon. He lied to us and told us his server was new and didn't know the that the coupon was not honored, which is completely untrue as the server waited on us around Christmas time. The manager was rude in insisting that the coupon was not good. He said he would bring out Jack, the Founder and Owner. Jack treated us with the utmost disrespect accusing us of talking advantage of him because the food was so cheap! He asked how the hell we expect to come into a restaurant and eat ""all this food"" for only $3.50 a piece. We calmly explained to him that the last time we went into the restaurant, our buy one get one coupon was honored. He told us that he could take the $7.50 off of our coupon, but it would come from the waiter's paycheck. My daughter told him that it is not fair for him to try to guilt trip us and that his financial decisions have nothing to do with the customer and therefore should not be addressed to the customer. Jack told us that he would go out of business if he gives free food to every customer who walks in the door. Again he made the offer of taking the $7.50 out of our waiter's paycheck. I told Jack to do that and he gave us the dirtiest look asking how we could sleep at night knowing we stole money out of someone's paycheck. He started to raise his voice at us and said ""You are damn sure paying for both meals and never come back to my restaurant!"" Needless to say, no businessman who treats their customers with such utter disrespect should continue to have loyal customers. ""The customer is always right"" saying definitely does not apply at Jack and Grill. more

I give this place about one year 3/19/2011

I have been a customer on Federal since the mid 90's. Last night my wife and myself went to the Westy Store; what a joke. I ordered a Bartolo Burger from Renee and Junior. My wife had Rellenos and a beer. I was brought a hamburger and told Junior I don't eat beef and that this was not what I ordered. A few minutes later, I was brought a Chicken Bartolo, but the the top bun was grilled onto the chicken patty up side down, with the cheese melted to the top so my fingers would get gooey. Did the cook have an attitude, lack of skill or was he blind? These are big buns and this was no mistake. He represents the store but he lost me as a customer last night; at least up north. Was he trying to drum up business for Los Arcos where everything comes out perfect? My wife: After drinking part of her beer, she saw that the glass was seriously broken. Renee took the glass and brought her a half glass of beer as a replacement. A half glass, give me a break. The potential consequences and liability from a served broken drinking glass could be astonishing. What gives? more

Management issues 1/16/2011

I so want to write a good review about this place. The red chile is great, the prices reasonable. I must, however, agree that the management issues never get resolved. The wait staff, while friendly, is in a constant state of apology since the kitchen can't seem to keep up with the orders. One time we went and they ran out of food! It always takes too long to get a drink, the food often comes out cold. When they get it right, it's very good. Unfortunately those times are too few and far between. more

Management should decide what it wants this place to be 12/30/2010

We decided to eat breakfast out this morning, taking a break from breakfast preparation during these nevertheless relaxing holiday mornings. \r We went to the Jack-N-Grill location at Belleview & Santa Fe. The site boasts with a blend of upscale (for breakfast,) design and classic southwestern ambience. That could have been a clue right there, as well as its primary element being the bar. But, we went ahead and sat in a nice booth as I’d read about some big & special omelet this restaurant served as a specialty.\r The meal wasn’t a disaster, rather it was a slow meltdown, compliments of one faux-pas after another. Hear me clearly- the problem seems to be primarily a management issue. Management has likely\r 1. decided to “add on” a breakfast service it is not committed to or\r 2. erred in staffing issues by not choosing motivated employees and/or training or\r 3. was acting in absentia this particular morning.\r \r I note this because the problems occurred through virtually all stages of the meal. I was regarded with a puzzling look when in the ordering stage I inquired about the omelet specialty. (The question was eventually cleared up, & I ordered a standard eggs & toast meal.) In the cooking stage, the cook failed at knowing what a Denver omelet is [wait staff said my wife could order it though it’s not on the menu, and I assumed a breakfast cook in the Denver area would “have this,”] and cook staff twice failed at being able to prepare soft scrambled eggs which were not “too dry.” In the service stage, we were given regular coffee after being assured we could get decaf for subsequent rounds. [Also, the wait staff virtually defended the cook’s inability to soft cook eggs.] These are problems of knowledge and commitment to providing a premium breakfast service. I say premium because that’s what I would expect in such a clean restaurant, with somewhat premium breakfast prices, and within an organization that seems to have sharp, genuine, and well dressed staff.\r The potential is there. The hash browns for instance, are probably the best of the shredded quick service type I’ve ever had. The staff seems very competent, but know your product, and please don’t defend failure- admit it or make sure it’s right. \r All-in-all I believe management should consider closing down their breakfast service and just focusing on their bar, or, find a couple of highly motivated morning type people that can service two tables. That was all that was needed. I honestly think, that if my wife, who’s from NY, had been given a proper Denver omelet, or if my Louisiana palate was rewarded with eggs that retained some moisture, this review would have been very different. A clear and unanimous thumbs down is our response to the idea of breakfast here.\r more

Littleton's Worst Dining Experience 8/11/2010

Wow. I wish I could have my money and time back. Jack N Grill served up the worst tasting, cold and unappetizing meal I have ever eaten. Apparently service, food presentation or customer satisfaction mean nothing to these people. First, we were ignored at the door by at least 4 employees, before one finally stopped to inform us that we were at the wrong door, as if we should have known better. Then, we were seated in a cramped section at a dirty table with the silverware and napkins haphazardly strewn about. We had a pepper shaker, but no salt. Our server came up instantly, and was nice but didn't know anything about the bar or food menu. Our waters came out instantly, but our bar drinks took 15 minutes. We were told that chips and salsa were a dollar, which would have been fine, but the chips were stale and tasted like cardboard and salt. The food took over 40 minutes to arrive, and when it did, my wife's order was wrong. The server said she had put it in wrong, but would fix it right away. It took at least another 15 minutes, during which time my food sat there and got cold. When my wife's burrito finally did arrive, it was haphazardly thrown on a plate with hardened/burnt cheese on top and lettuce and tomato strewn about (even though we had requested no tomato). We just took the tomatoes off, because our server was nowhere to be seen. Nor was she around to refill our waters or bring us boxes. By the time she reappeared (reeking of cigarettes), we had finished and stacked our plates to be cleared leaving our leftovers behind. She brought the check back promptly, but had ran our card for the wrong amount. Apologizing she went to fix the problem and returned 5 minutes later. She said sorry, but didn't bother to thank us or clear our table. The worst part, the entire time, a man who I assume to be the manager, stood at the bar, laughing and joking inappropriately with employees and ignoring customers. On our way out, a thin, 30-something, blond man wearing a chef's coat was sitting on the patio enjoying a margarita with a blond woman. If this is the chef at this place, could he at least take of his chef's coat before abandoning his kitchen to get drunk in the middle of the day? A thorough disappointment. more

EAT HERE 4/13/2010

I completely disagree with these jerks. Its a HOUSE appetizer not a ""i want anything off the menu"" cupon. Their staff is great and welcoming and there restaurant is elegant and huge. Our server's name was Oscar I think and he went out of his way to make my family's experience there the best we've ever had. There food was great and there green chile was out of this world. Dont hesitate to try their food and if you want great service ask for this server, Im not too sure on his name but he has a pierced lip and is super nice. Pros: GREAT SERVIVE more

Don't bother using the Valupak coupon 4/12/2010

I love the idea of frequenting a family run business, with fresh ingredients and friendly staff. Unfortunately, Jack N Grill is not well run. After the location on Belleview and SAnta Fe opened, we went several times to try their much talked about burgers. 5 out of 6 times we went they were out of the burgers, buns or both. One time I tried to order several entrees and was told they were also out most of the ingredients needed. This was after waiting half hour for a table. Not worth the wait!! The bar service is super slow and unorganized. The wait staff has always been pretty good, not their fault the management doesn't know how to order for a busy night. Get it together people! There is too much competition out there for my money. Also, we tried to use a Valupak coupon for a free unspecified ""house appetizer"", but they didn't want to honor it. Apparently it is only for a cheese quesadilla, though it does not say that anywhere on the coupon. We ordered a half-order of the guacamole salad (which is the same price) and they tried to refuse it. They lost our business over $5. Pros: decent burgers, good guac Cons: poor management, refusal to honor their own coupon more

Terrible First & Last & Never Again Visit. Don'T Go ""WARNING 4/10/2010

Terrible First & Last & Never Again Visit. Don'T Go ""WARNING"" This place has the Worst service I have ever seen in the restaurant industry. The food was like dog food and the drinks were WAY over priced. :( The management was smug and rude when informed of bad experience. SAVE YOUR MONEY, your taste buds, and your time from this place. You will be better off getting a can of food from petsmart. HORRIBLE :( Pros: Don't Go "" WARNING"" I'll save you the trouble & time Cons: Read list of reasons below: more

Well, Not the best Mexican in town.. 3/20/2010

I ordered a smothered beef and bean. She ordered the chimmy. Both taste like maple syrupin the tortiilia. Well my Mexican I want hot and salty not hot and sweet? What the heck is up with that? Well, I may try the Burgers someday....Unless the put syrup on them. Pros: I guess they have good burgers? Cons: Taste of maple syrup in their Tortillias more

Food Network Disappointment 3/7/2010

Sitting by the kitchen window, I was able to see that burgers were cooked and kept on the grill, stack on a spatula to keep warm. Needless to say, I did not order a burger. The meat for their Adobado is not marinated in the traditional chile sauce but smothered with it. It tasted like pizza. Though the burritos were a generous size, $11.00 for a bit of green chili and cheese on it is too expensive. Some guacamole, sour cream or rice and beans would only start to make it worth going there again. The sopapillas were tasteless and obviously reheated. Pros: Friendly Staff Cons: Over Priced and Tasteless Charged for Stale Chips and Salsa more

So So 2/15/2010

We ate here for the first time tonight. If you want chips and salsa you have to buy them but DON""T. What you get is a basket of extremely greasy chips. I ordered the chimichanga combo---I had to pick out the fat from the beef (big chunks). The green chili was good. My son got a cheeseburger and really like is HUGE. I was disappointed in both the food and the service. Pros: good guac Cons: greasy chips more

Fantastic Burgers!! 2/2/2010

Heard about their burgers from a co-worker.....WOW! this is literally the BEST burger I have ever had! Pros: Price, Food, Staff Cons: Limited Parking more
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