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Iyer Law Office, LLC - Criminal Defense Lawyers - 15 Reviews - 3333 S Bannock St, Englewood, CO - Books Reviews - Phone (303) 337-0473
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Iyer Law Office, LLC - Criminal Defense Lawyers

3333 S Bannock St (at Floyd and Bannock)
Englewood, CO 80110
(303) 337-0473
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Iyer Law Office, LLC - Criminal Defense Lawyers - Englewood, CO
Iyer Law Office, LLC - Criminal Defense Lawyers - Englewood, CO


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Mr. Iyer handled my DUI case and did a great job in helping me get a needed letter of clearance in order to apply for my Missouri license. He was efficient and always followed up ...


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Mr. Iyer handled my DUI case and did a 4/5/2012

Mr. Iyer handled my DUI case and did a great job in helping me get a needed letter of clearance in order to apply for my Missouri license. He was efficient and always followed up on the details. more

I strongly recommend Iyer Law Office 4/2/2012

I strongly recommend Iyer Law Office for any Criminal defense. They provide exceptional value and are very smart, intelligent, and aggressive. Rey really fight for you and work very hard to get you results. Attorne more

Iyer Law Office are Superb DUI 1/20/2012

Iyer Law Office are Superb DUI attorneys. Other DUI attorneys just gave up and told me nothing could be done. I should just accept the plea offer of the DA to plead to the charge of DUI (3rd) with 9 months in jail and 2 years probation hell. I refused and hired Iyer Law Office. Immediately I knew that these folks were different. They cared for their clients and were never satisfied till they got the results their clients deserved. Because of the hard and relentless work of Attorney Iyer and his DUI team they got all charges in my case dismissed. I am not in jail and have the job I love and my license all because I hired Iyer Law to help me with my 3rd DUI case. They really are the Best DUI attorneys in Denver. They got me results and I am confident, if there is a way, they will do the same for you. I strongly recommend that if you are ever in trouble with the law then there is only one criminal defense law firm I would think going to is Iyer Law Office. Attorney Iyer I thank you for helping me out in my difficult time. You came through for me. more

Iyer Law Office""s V. Iyer is your man in a storm 11/13/2011

V. Iyer is a good attorney. He is very knowledgeable, personable, astute, and knows the Colorado Court system. When the problems come it comes when you are financially unprepared. Attorney Iyer understands the human financial plight and is willing to work with you to find a workable solution to him and I. Iyer Law Office did a great job. I will definitely recommend Iyer Law Office to anyone who needs a hard working and dedicated criminal defense attorney. Attorney Iyer is always available to help you. I have hired several attorneys and have never found another who is so dedicated and available as Attorney Iyer. more

He will fight for you and never run with your money. 9/18/2011

My name is Levi. The best thing I've ever heard Mr. Iyer say is that he is a lawyer because it gives him the opportunity to help people. He's dedicated to his clients. He will never drop you and take your money as I have seen many other lawyers do to others and have personally had done to me. He is perceptive of an individuals character and if he sees you have the full intentions of living up to your ends of your contractual agreements he has has told me and also demonstrated that he will never quit until he is fired. He is very hard working. I've known him to work until 4 in the morning on a case, get up for a morning trial, and still have time to come see me for a noon appointment. He is not nearly as expensive as other lawyers. Although he is not as cheap as some, my personal experience with ""cheap"" lawyers is exactly that, cheap. You get what you pay for. They have a tendency to drop you and run. Mr. Iyer I know would never do that to anyone. He is an all around good person and he not only sees everyone as his client, but as a friend, while still maintaining full professionality. I've had experience with around 20 lawyers in my day, and Mr. Iyer is hands down the best one I've ever hired. I hope you make the right choice in having him defend you, because when you make the right choice, you cannot lose, regardless of the outcome. He will fight tooth and nail with everything available to him to get you the absolute best deal possible. As I stated before, you get what you pay for; as far as Mr. Iyer is concerned, he is absolute top quality. I know that quality is what I want when I spend my money, and I'm pretty sure that is what you want too. more

An Excellent DUI Defense Attorney Denver - Iyer Law Office 8/14/2011

I was charged with DUI criminal charges. I hired Iyer Law Office for help me with these criminal charges. He was able to knock down 30 points and I after full understanding of the consequences of my plea I pled to a 6 point traffic violation. I was able to keep my driving license. I did not expect anyone could do this; but Vee did that for me. He more than meet my expectations; in fact, exceeded my expectations. I am fortunate I found Attorney V Iyer of Iyer Law Office. The Overall Value, services and quality provided, and results obtained was exceptional. The Level of Legal Knowledge of Attorney Iyer was as I expected - Exceptional. The price I paid for all of this level and quality of legal services was very low. Attorney Iyer is a professional and the legal services provided to me was ""WORTH EVERY PENNY"". There may be others cheaper in price, but you get what you pay for. With Attorney Iyer you are not just a case number, but a friend. I hope I never need his services again but WOULD USE AND RECOMMEND HIM!!. I will definitely recommend Attorney Iyer to my friends and family. more

An Exceptional Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorney 8/13/2011

I hired Iyer Law Office to defend me in a Domestic Violence criminal case. I knew I was innocent (they all say that, is it not so) but I was still charged. The results I obtained from Iyer Law Office far exceeded my expectations. The value of service was excellent. The quality of service from Iyer Law Office staff and Attorney V. Iyer was also exceptional. Attorney Iyer has an excellent knowledge of domestic violence criminal law. It helps that Attorney Iyer was also a former Colorado District Attorney. Mr. V. Iyer has done an excellent job to represent me and I appreciate him and his office. The price I paid was reasonable. I strongly recommend Iyer Law Office for any Domestic Violence criminal case. Looking back, I am glad I did not hire the cheapest domestic violence lawyer in Denver, Colorado. Mr. V. Iyer is not the cheapest domestic violence lawyer but he is also not the most expensive domestic violence criminal defense attorney. For the amount of work and depth of domestic violence expertise he puts into the case he is very reasonable. An excellent domestic violence criminal defense attorney. I knew I had a ton of worthy choices in hiring a domestic violence criminal defense attorney. I interviewed many domestic violence criminal defense lawyers and it was just a waste of time until I came across Attorney V. Iyer. I am just glad I found Attorney V. Iyer. I suggest you do not waste your time searching and interviewing a lot of domestic violence criminal defense attorneys. Just call Attorney V. Iyer and he will get the job done. He is honest, straight forward, works very hard and gets results. He really fights for you till the very end. He looks after your interest at all times and never allows the criminal justice system to push him or his client around. more

Iyer Law Office is a Professional & well detailed Law Firm 8/6/2011

The police wrongly issued me a traffic ticket as a result of argument I had with them and not as a result of the things they cited against me. I subsequently hired Attorney V. Iyer to represent me on this matter. Attorney V. Iyer and his staff are very dependable, professional, hardworking, reliable, prompt, smart, compassionate and courteous. Attorney V. Iyer represented me to the very best of his strengths and abilities in this matter. Attorney V. Iyer is somebody one can always talk with and approach very easily. He returns phone calls as soon as possible. I am very, very confident in his abilities as a Lawyer and WILL ALWAYS AND WITHOUT ANY EQUIVOCATION RECOMMEND HIM to anybody that may need his services. more

Iyer Law Office Kept me out of jail. Thanks. 7/30/2011

I made a mistake and was caught drinking and driving. I hired V. Iyer of Iyer Law Office (not the cheapest) . V worked my case long and hard. V was very professional and knew the DUI laws extremely well. I am exteremely happy with the results V got for me. He did a splendid job. He is my GO TO DUI LAWYER from now on. The staff at Iyer Law are always professional, courteous and prompt. I recommend Iyer Law to anyone you wants a real attorney who will fight. Attorney V. Iyer is a fighter and gives you the very best defense possible. Great Job Iyer Law Office. I got great value for my investment. more

Got good results with Iyer Law Criminal lawyers 11/21/2010

I was charged with numerous violations of court orders. I searched on the internet and found a relatively unknown criminal defense lawyer - Iyer of Iyer Law. He is a former prosecutor and I was really shocked when he got the entire case dismissed. I am very happy with the results Attorney Iyer got for me. It was difficult and took awhile. Iyer and his entire staff were very supportive and helpful. This criminal attorney truly cared for me and work very very hard to get results for me. I checked around and I am very impressed with what people in this business speak of him. He is highly regarded by the courts, the prosecutors, other criminal attorneys and his clients. I am glad I did not hire some attorneys who are much cheaper. I appreciate the honesty and straight talk of Iyer. He in fact helped me understand each and every step in this complicated criminal process. He is very professional yet treated like a human being who just made some bad choices and mistakes in judgment. I recommend Iyer and now consider him to be my friend. In fact, if my family, friends or I ever need a criminal lawyer I will definitely hire Iyer Law without hesitation. He is one of the Best. The negative I see in Iyer Law is that he speaks very fast and I will ask him to slow down and should improve on his billing. The overall service and attention to detail is superb though sometimes he took a few days to get back to me. more

Little known Criminal Defense lawyer got me great results 11/20/2010

I am not good at writing about other people but will try. I was charged with conspiracy to commit 1st degree assault and 1st degree attempted murder. These are very serious charges. I came across Iyer Law Office. I called them and met with V Iyer. He explained the process and also there were no guarantees to results except for his hard work. I hired him and have no regrets. V Iyer and his staff kept me informed of every step of the criminal justice process. I understood he had a very tough job and knew he was working to set me free. V Iyer arranged bail which was a relief to get out of jail. He designed specific strategies and went to trial. I wanted a trial. After a week long trial the jury came with a not guilty. I am very satisfied with what V Iyer did for me. I recommend V Iyer to anyone that needs a criminal defense lawyer. I am glad I looked past his accent and how he looks. V Iyer is very hardworking, passionate and caring. He is also very smart and knows the law. Thanks a lot. I strongly recommend that you hire Iyer to solve your criminal charges or if you are arrested. Iyer is right - never talk to the police without having a criminal defense lawyer like Iyer Law to help you. more

The Best Sex Crimes Defense lawyer in Town 11/20/2010

A County Sheriff's Office in Colorado wanted to talk to me. I knew it is foolish to talk to the police without a lawyer. I came across Iyer Law Office. He explained that when police want to talk to you they are actually gathering evidence and they can lie and deceive me but I cannot the same for it could come back if I were very charged. To the police I was just a case. A County Sheriff's Office in Colorado wanted to talk to me. He said the best I can do is never talk to police without a criminal defense lawyer. I just felt he was very sincere and caring and would right by me. I just felt I could trust this man with a very strange voice and accent. I hired him. He dealt with the police and now it is over 3 years and I have not been charged. I now know that the police wanted to pin several sexual assault felonies on me. Mr. Iyer saved me form such heinous charges and the several tens of thousands of dollars it would have costed me had I met with the police on my own. I will recommend Iyer who needs a great effective lawyer. Without him I would be a sex offender for life. Thanks more

Iyer Law thanks so very much for your help. You are the best 10/30/2010

I was charged with a morals crime. I was really afraid I would go to jail that is what the Court and the DA told me. I was very scared that if convicted I would surely lose my good job and my family. I came across Iyer Law Criminal Lawyers. I hired them. They were so very helpful and understanding. Mr. Iyer helped me in my case and fought very hard. He told me that the case was not easy. He filed Motions with the Court. At a Court hearing of several hours he got the DA to agree to dismiss the case. I do not know all the details but I was so happy when the Judge told me my case was being dismissed by the DA. I was very surprised. I asked the Judge I am not going to jail and he said you are lucky do not try doing this again. I asked Iyer what it meant and he said it was a morals charge. He also said the case was dismissed because the police acted too early and did not have probable cause to file charges. I got my cash bond back. Iyer Law Office staff were very efficient and professional. They helped me a lot. I whole heartedly recommend Iyer Law for any criminal matters. These guys are very good. I have a family only because I hired Iyer and his law office. Thanks a soo very much Iyer. You are the very best. I could not have done this by myself. You are worth your weight in gold. You gave me a whole lot more than what I paid you. more

Thank you Iyer Law for giving me my Life Back 8/28/2010

I was charged with several felonies. I could go to prison. I was innocent but like hell. I hired Mr. Iyer of Iyer Law on a hunch. He made me comfortable. He told me the truth, although I was not too happy to hear it but I just felt like I could trust him. I wanted to know the results before he had a chance to look at the evidence and he told me that he cannot say until he looked at all of the evidence. He promised he would work very hard on my case and you bet he did. I was very surprised at how passionate he is about working for his clients. He is very trustworthy. He took my case and worked on it till he found the evidence needed to set me free. He visited me in jail many times till he understood the case. My bond was just too high for me to afford it even after he reduced the bond by over 80%. more

The Very Best Criminal Defense Attorney. He is Terriffic 8/26/2010

I was charged with child abuse. My immigration lawyer referred Mr. Iyer to me. I hired Mr. Iyer. What a blessing. Mr. Iyer got my case dismissed in a very short while. He worked extremely hard like I was a member of his own family. He turned every stone to gather evidence on my behalf. The charge was very serious to me. Mr. Iyer cared deeply on how I felt. I wanted the case dismissed. I liked how the thinks - failure is no option & every client deserves nothing but the best . I was like family to him. His fees is reasonable. I am glad I hired Mr. Iyer. He really cares for his clients and the results they get. He is honest and reliable. I would recommend Mr, Iyer for any criminal matter. He knows the law. He has a unique way of conveying to the DA what result he expects in any case. He fights for clients to the very end. He is a trustworthy lawyer and the DA & Judges rely on what he says. Go for the very best. Just hire Iyer Law & no one else and you will be very be totally satisfied. I recommend Mr. Iyer without any hesitation. He is now my to go attorney. Mr. Iyer I thank you for all you did for me and for so little. I can never repay you. God bless you and may God shower all all blessings and success to you. more
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  • Denver attorney V. Iyer and his expert legal team work to provide clients with a winning legal defense. As a former prosecutor, V. Iyer has knowledge and expertise from both sides of the courtroom.

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