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Island Nails - 19 Reviews - 1018 Shoppes At Midway Dr Ste G, Knightdale, NC - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (919) 261-0705

Island Nails

1018 Shoppes At Midway Dr Ste G
Knightdale, NC 27545
(919) 261-0705
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I think that it is a very nice nail salon. I don't know many of the technicians there but everyone seems to be nice. I would especially like to thank my technician Lilly for doing...


I went a week ago and got a pedicure and solar nails. I paid an extra six dollars to get a design on my toes which she plopped up there in one second it was suppose to be hearts, ...

Definitly going somewhere else next time! 2/17/2011

I went a week ago and got a pedicure and solar nails. I paid an extra six dollars to get a design on my toes which she plopped up there in one second it was suppose to be hearts, but it did not really look it to me. Then I was trying to ask her about the different fake nails and all she would say is the most expensive thing on the list was the best and basically forced me to get that because she started on my nails before I had told her which one I wanted and then said oh you can just try this. at the bottoms the next day they already looked horrible and a week later they already look like they need to be fixed. I also have a sore on my cuticle now where they cut it with the dremel, so that makes my nails look pretty! I will not be going there again I will be looking around for a new nail salon! more

Disappointed 10/26/2010

I happened to be shopping in that area about 3 months ago and asked one of the retailers for a nail technician recommendation. They mentioned Island Nails that was located just down the street. Upon entering the establishment, I found it to be clean, and was immediately approached by Tammy. She convinced me to have the Solar Nail service done, which she did and was very pleased with. It was quite expensive, but I was happy with the way my nails turned out. What I didn't find was a friendly atmosphere between the other technicians and myself which was borderline rude, considering the fact that I was the only one in the place. One of the male techs sat in a pedicure chair the whole time I was there without as much as a hello, nor a smile because he was so busy either playing games on his IPOD or texting . I've been in this establishment 3 separate times and have been treated exactly the same way. The last time I went there, I requested Tammy who apparently was too busy, so another gal did my nails. I was very disappointed with the service and also with her inability to converse with me in my language. She was too busy talking to her co-workers with little regard for me who was sitting right across the table from me. I find it very rude to be talking and laughing in another language while I'm sitting dirrectly across from whoever is doing my nails. I drove 25 minutes just for the solar nail service because they told me they were the only place that did this service. I found out today that it's offered closer to my home. I won't go back to Island Nails. more

Not The Salon for Me 8/9/2010

I find some of the staff pleasant, but the owners need a few lessons in customer service. I called to make an appt. with Lily, one of the technicians. Tammy, the owner answered the phone and when I asked if Lily had an opening at 5:15 that day, I got a short, smart no. Not can someone else help you, is there another time that you could come....nothing. Their prices are almost twice the amount of other salons I've visited. I am willing to pay for good service and a quality product but apparently this is not the salon to find either of those. more

Worst Nail Experience EVER!! 7/28/2010

I went to Island Nails since I was shopping in that area to have a nail fixed. It was the worst experience I ever had. The man that fixed my nail was throwing stuff around and didn't not even say hello to me. I felt so uncomfortable! He was so rude and unprofessional. I usually don't write reviews but I wanted to warn other people not to go there since it was such a bad experience. I asked him if he wanted to get someone else to do my nails and he just looked at me. I should have just walked out but I was in such shock that this was happening to me. Don't ever go there.... It was the most terrible experience ever. Cons: Rude, unprofessional more

Tammy, Owner of Island Nails Terrible Customer Service 8/21/2009

On August 21, 2009 I called Island Nail Spa. Regarding my French Manicure that was done on Monday, August 17, 2009, just four days ago, and the nails are chipping.\r \r I spoke with Tammy, owner and she asked who had done the manicure. I expressed that it was Holly, who did both manicure and pedicure. That she did a good job. Yet, now four days later the nails are chipping. Tammy, then ask who normally does my manicure and pedicures for me. I told her Lana or Lilly. Tammy, then said in a very rude tone, ""that maybe, I should have waited for Lana or Lilly"". I then expresses that neither of the two worked on Monday, and as I had expressed early the call was not about who did my nails or the service received from Holly, she did a good job. My complaint was about it only being Friday, four days later and my nails are chipping. \r \r First, I say I have been a loyal customer, and enjoyed going to Island Nails, and I've sent others to them. Yet, today as a customer a loyal customer, I was not treated as long time customer, nor was I pleased with the out come of the customer service and attitude that Tammy held in her tone. As the owner she did not provide and type of reconcile. She could have offered me to come back, to have the nails (chipped) fixed, or at least a polish change at no charge to me. But, she said with attitude, I would have to pay for the polish change. \r \r I know for a fact that during each of my visits with Island Nails, which can sometimes be two to three times a month depending, on what our family has going on and as a loyal customer. I know that we have spent lots of money on nails and eyes, plus a nice tip to Lana and Lilly for the services they have provided. So, I say again to Tammy who is the owner that as a loyal customer, I was not pleased with the outcome of the customer service that you, the owner of Island Nails DID NOT PROVIDE, You could have provided but, instead it was somewhat of an attitude with you and you choose not too, offer any type of assistance concerning the complaint of it just being 4 days later and my nails are chipping. \r \r Secondly, I do not recall ever seeing a sign posted; nor has it ever been expressed by Lana or Lilly that if you have a French Manicure and/or French Pedicure with your normal nails, with out (gel, etc.) as Tammy stated. That the lasting of the nail polish for French Manicure work is not guaranteed. NOT GUARANTEED!!! My question to Tammy as the Island Nails owner is? What business or company does not provide a guarantee of their services to their customers and to their loyal, returning customers who have done business with them for years? I have never heard of such!! So, Tammy, I’m not, sure where your customer service training/management etc. was today! But, I do know that a business who likes their customers to keep coming back over and over again!!! Offers a guarantee of their work to keep their customers coming back with a smile!!! Guess!! Loyalty not just one for Island Nails. But in looking at the reviews listed. Losing a customer, means nothing to you as the owner of Island Nails, and your morals and values of customer service have gone right out the door!!! \r \r This complaint was also put in writing to Tammy, the Owner of Island Nalis and a complaint has been filed with the higher complaint industry. \r (4) Four Days Chipped, in North Carolina Pros: Enjoyed the services with Lana and Lilly Cons: Tammy, Owner Provides Terrible CUSTOMER SERVICE more

Worst place I've EVER gotten my nails done...and very expensive. 9/26/2008

A friend and I decided to go have manicures and pedicures. I decided I would pay for both, as my friend was going through a lot of stress. This place is awful. The owner Billy rushed through my pedicure. When it came time to do my nails, he rushed through that as well and when I tried to tell him that my nails were too long, he said he could not make them shorter. He was rude and never even spoke to me while he was doing my manicure or pedicure. Everyone there talks in their own language and laughs right in front of you...which I believe is totally rude anyway. After we were done, they charged me $175.00 for the awful service!!! I will never go here again. This place needs to close its doors!!! Cons: Rude, expensive, dirty, rushed service more

Avoid at all cost 9/7/2008

If you are thinking of going to this shop, please don't!! This is a horrible shop to go to. The owner ""Billy"" did my manicure and gave me a full set of solar nails. He rushed through the pedicure and repeatedly got up during my manicure to help other customers. He even got up once, disappeared and came back smelling like smoke. \r On, my full set of solar nails he did have a horrible job. Underneath my nails it looked bad because he didn't bother to clean up the acrylic that drip down. I had it all over my cuticles too. He didn't bother to file my nails in a uniform manner. He and his wife kept switching seats and both of them ended up working on me at some point. The next day while making my bed one of the nails just snapped. The next day another one did the same thing. When I went in to have the nails repaired I was treated badly when I complained about their service. Do yourself a favor, go some where else. Pros: Located in middle of town Cons: Nail techsdo bad work and get rude to you when you complain more


I went to Island Nails 3 times at 2 week intervals. Here is my opinion of the service:\r \r Billy is a sloppy nail tech who takes short cuts to service people faster. On two occaisions he only filed one hand or foot. He leaves acrylic over your cuticle area and around your nail that took me two days to pick off.\r \r Tammy ""arches"" eyebrows into straight lines. On two seperate occaisions, it looked like I had a unibrow with the center ripped out. I have a teenager who is not afraid to tell me that I looked like I had ""hairy globs"" over my eyes. I was in tears. I asked her to fix it before I left her shop, to no avail. She told me that whoever arched them before messed up. I pulled out my receipt to show her it was her 2 weeks before.\r \r The worst part of it - BILLY & TAMMY ARE THE OWNERS!\r \r I could go on and on about the uncomfortable pedicure I received (chair and service), or the fact that I was told one price and my card was charged another, but I hope you get my drift. I went there because I am new to the area and they are local. Don't make my mistake. Go somewhere else. Pros: Convenient to the Knightdale area Cons: Poor, Rushed Service more

Worst manicure I've ever had 7/3/2008

0 stars. Rude, awful, sloppy. They gave me acrylics instead of a manicure. I've never had one before and didn't realize that's what it was until I asked someone later. The owner was rude to me and said it was my fault. I'll be contacting the credit union to put a stop on the charge. I'd rather pay a stop payment charge than let them have my money.\r \r As I was leaving another woman showed me here manicure and pedicure and it was awful. She said she'd never come back after today (I think she was there to have it corrected.). DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT THIS BUSINESS. Gave it a star only because I had to to submit it. Cons: awful more

I would like to Especially thank my technician Lilly she is the only one that I would go to. 6/13/2008

I think that it is a very nice nail salon. I don't know many of the technicians there but everyone seems to be nice. I would especially like to thank my technician Lilly for doing a wonderful job with my nails each and every time. Now I would like to get on this 813 chick what the hell are u talking about nobody asked u for all of that , they asked u to rate the service of the shop and your experience not other people. I mean we r adults most of us we don't need u giving us a speach. Seems like to me u have a little tooooo much time on your hands. ""CRAZY"" ""WHACK"" & ""LAME"" Pros: Bright and Beautiful more

Beautiful salon 6/12/2008

I have been going in to Island Nails for several months. This is the cleanest of all the salons I have used in the past. There's never the chemical odor that you have with other places. My technician, Paula, is best and friendliest of all the ladies there. I have had one bad nail fill-in, but this gentleman no longer works at the salon. As far as the complaints are concerned, I think, like with a lot of the salons owned by foreign-born folks, there are times that the language barrier causes problems. It is important to remember to be clear with your requests and speak in simple terms and try to remember that folks from other places don't understand our country or urban slangs. Pros: Clean salon, Friendly staff Cons: difficulty understanding technicians more

Closes at 8PM 6/8/2008

This is the only nail salon I know that is open 7 days a week, opens as early as 9 in the morning and then closes at 8 at night!\r \r WOW! That is definitely good work ethic....\r \r I'm glad I found this salon...its so nice with all the pink, and then a chandlier in the middle is a nice touch :)\r \r \r ISLAND NAIL SPA IS GREAT! Pros: There like a walmart! Cons: Customers who come in to yell at the owners more

horrible experience 6/1/2008

I have recently had a bad experience with the ownr BILLY. for over charging me for things i didnt receive. I tried to pull him aside to discuss his mistake and to get my money back that i had over paid . But instead he raised his voice at me and tried to make a big sene. Then he tells me dont ever come back and when i tried to tip the lady who did my nails he took the money and said if u dont take i will trash it. So i went and got mh money and while walking out he apologiizes to all the customers inside for my actions. when he was in the wrong the whole time. Pros: NOTHING Cons: dirty supplies,nasty attitudes,poor nail job more

bad experience on multiple occasions 5/26/2008

This nail salon gives bad service and bad attitudes. People are rushed through services, treated with disrespect and multiple times I did not get the full service I asked for. Last time I went, my nail technician rushed through my manicure and the result was messy nails. I was going to ask for them to be redone, but I could not get anyone to help me and felt like I was an inconvenience. That was my third time going; I hoped my experiences would get better but they got worse, and I will not be going again. Pros: prompt service Cons: rushed treatments, bad attitudes more

bad service 5/26/2008

Island nails has given my family and I poor service on various occasions. We thought it may have been a bad day, so we went again, and service was still poor. Here is what happened during our visit:\r \r First: I paid for a deluxe pedicure. The owner was in such a rush to get all of the customers in he rushed through my pedicure, gave me a basic pedicure instead of a deluxe, but still charged me for a deluxe. He was also rude and it was clear all he cares about is money, not the customers.\r \r Second: I asked for a french manicure with french tips. I asked three times for this service, and the final time I told him was right before he rung up my charges. He charge me for the french tips, but seemed to forget what I wanted after he had my money. I did not receive the service I asked for, but felt it was useless to ask him to correct the issue.\r \r Third and the worst: I had asked for a special design on my toe nails; after I reminded him politely several times about the design, I thought he knew what I wanted. He finished putting on a coat of polish on my toes and sent me to dry them. I thought he would come back and get me when he could do the design. I waited twenty minutes, and finally had to find him to ask him about the design. He had forgotten, and then I was sent to wait ten more minutes for him to find someone to do the design. I had alreday paid for the services (including the design) so when my nails had dried I went to leave. I was chased out by a nail technician and accused of not paying. When I went back in, the owner (who I had personally paid) said I did not pay for the design and wanted more money! I refused and reminded him of the various times I had told him what services I wanted and that I had paid (and overpaid) for my services. I was embarrassed and appalled. \r \r Other customers there were also looking very annoyed and discouraged. I would stay away if you do not want to receive bad service and be cheated and overcharged. more

Response to owner's review below ""untrue complaints"" 5/26/2008

I stated my horrible experience below, and it was the owner, Billy, who treated customers with disrespect. Also, we did try to discuss our issues with him, and he cut us off, was rude, and impatient. I doubt the negative reviews below were random or made up. I am sure these customers are telling the truth. Cons: poor service, overcharge on services more

Untrue Complaints! 5/16/2008

I represent the owner of this spa. The reviews above are uncalled for, probably from a disgruntle customers who may have had a bad day when they made this accusations. These false accusation may possibly be by competing salons in the neighborhood.\r \r Before anyone pass judgment. Please take notice of our score given by city inspectors. Our score is in the high 90s. We strive to keep our facility clean and hygienic. Prior to any accusations such as these, you should first contact the State Board or the City. We would gladly give you the contact information for these department.\r \r These reviews are untrue and can not be trusted. Just drive by any evening and see our clientele. We are packed, full house. Our service is good and the salon is tranquil and beautiful. Customers do have choice when they choose a good salon. Our business speaks for itself.\r \r We take all complaint seriously, and will take any and all measures to correct. If its true we will fix immediately. Again, these reviews are mere drive-by opinions. Any customer can speak directly to Billy, the owner if they have and formal complaints. Pros: Beautiful & Tranquil - Clean & Hygenic Cons: We can not make everyone happy... more

Nice decor, poor manners & cleaniness 12/12/2007

Went here more than once to see if it was just an ""off"" day the first time or two, but no such luck. They don't clean the returns on the pedicure chairs so when they take the covers off (not often) you can only imagine all the dead skin and debris behind it that's getting churned in your water every time. Also, the nail files are used customer after customer - they should be sterilized, if possible, or thrown away after each customer. Big turnover of technicians except for the husband and wife owners. Not very friendly. They have a beautiful shop in a great location, but just no personality to go along with it. A little conversation and deep cleaning on a regular basis would turn this place around. They don't take checks and they charge you a dollar extra if you use your debit or credit card. Pros: Pretty shop, good location Cons: Not clean, not very friendly more

Not Clean they dont change the disposable items such as files and buffers etc... 3/3/2007

The nail salon is dirty they are using the same emery boards and files on everyone when those things are supposed to be thrown away the things on the electric tools they use are not supposed to be reused what if the person who went b4 you has aids then they use that same tool on your hands and accidently cut you or file down to low then guess what they just exposed you to that disease just that easily. Pros: nice new building with very convient location Cons: not clean they need to throw away things that are disposable. more
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