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Isabella House - 10 Reviews - 2308 W 3rd Ave, Spokane, WA - Addiction Services (Other Than Substance Abuse) Reviews - Phone (509) 624-1244

Isabella House

2308 W 3rd Ave
Spokane, WA 99204
(509) 624-1244
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I loved the Isabella House and tell everyone about it, I went straight from Sundown M Ranch, the Isabella house staff were very caring and loving and treat you like family, yes I ...


I just left the Isabella House after being there for three months. I learned a lot there but at the same time I had to leave because of how sick my child was becoming. They try to...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/28/2013

My Daughter is going to the Isabella House and I pray that it will be a wonderful experience for her. more

The best behavioral modification treatment in washington 3/30/2010

I loved the Isabella House and tell everyone about it, I went straight from Sundown M Ranch, the Isabella house staff were very caring and loving and treat you like family, yes I wanted to leave right away cause I wasnt done, if you are not done and ready to quit then you are going to put any place down, and the ones that keep saying their kids were sick, well duhhhh look at what we have done to them, they have been in drug homes with us, or abandoned and neglected, etc. dont you think that had major affect on our kids? I lost 3 kids to CPS and when I went to Isabella house I got 1 back and the other 2 after 3 years clean, yes I fell down but Isabella house taught me not to manipulate and to be completely honest and to be me, I dont have to people please anymore, i will tell like I see it, and I would highly recommend this place, my son never got sick there, yes there were a few that were, but their mothers said they used when pregnant or had them with them in drug houses, my aunt had my son and didnt want to give him back, and Isabella house helped me to put even CPS in contempt of court and get him back immediately, I then went to the transition house for 3 months and Isabella house helped me to get my GED, go to College, and get my first house on housing, it was the best thing in my life, if it wasnt for this program I would be still co-dependent, still at mommys and daddys house (I was 23) Now I have 6 years (7 on 6/23) I would go back anyday, I am very good friends with a few from there, and one of the house managers and another friend of mine that graduated and a few others from there get together lots, me and one of my friends is my best friend and she has 13 years coming up and she was in the Isabella house and graduated and doing wonderful. So for those of you knocking it, you have no clue and you are not helping your family members to change their life, do you know what kind of dumps we have been in before going through treatment? Anyplace is better than drug homes!!!!!!!! Isabella house is not dirty like you guys are saying it is, we had GI days where we had to clean spotless, dust on top of mirrors and over the doors, etc, and the food is amazing, we did donations for field trips and not cheap ones either, so our money is well spent their. You are fed well! Love ya all at Isabella house ( New Horizon Care Centers) Miss Ya.\r Janie Pros: You can have your children there!!! Cons: Long term, but how long did we use??? more

I loved this place 3/30/2010

I went to isabella house in 2001 i was coming from another place that kicked me out for smokeing a ciggerette. So i did a total of 9 months Vicky Sneed was my counsluer and she did not play she knew the game and she could see thru the BS. i unfortuately never got my certificate becuse i didnt have my GED but i held all of the head postions and i loved it i am now 9 years clean. My son is 9 years old he was 6 months when i was there and he loved it and they loved him the day care center there tought me so much i would recomened this treatment to anyone Pros: Not in my home town Cons: non more

It works if you work it!!!! 2/25/2009

I first went to the Isabella House in March 2005 and successfully graduated in September 2005. Needless to say I relapsed and the staff at the Isabells House allowed my return. Again I was not ready and relapsed while still in treatment. Isabella House' fault? Not at all, anywhere you decide to go to treatment will only work if you work it. Charlene was my counselor there and a lot of what I learned from her has saved my life. Charlene says you get out of treatment what you are willing to put into it. I only gave half heartedely and didn't make it. Although now I just celebrated my 18 months the 15th of this month, a lot of what is helping me stay clean and sober is what I learned there. You need to take what you learn there and apply it to your life when you leave....or it won't work. Isabella House staff was great, yeah some kids got sick, but kids get sick every where, and what price are you willing to pay for your sobriety? Are you willing to go to any lengths? In your sobriety you have to take the bad with the good or you won't make it.....beleive me. I owe so much to Charlene and stay in touch with her and show my heart felt gratitude. When you go to treatment your main focus should be YOU and only YOU. Not where your food stamps are going, the staff there is paying the taxes for you to receive those anyway. Come on think about....what are you willing to do and go throug to ensure your sobriety and life with your children? I know to get high I went to some ridiculously extreme lengths for my next high, now with the help of the Isabella House I am willing to do the same for my sobriety and my life with my children. I have 6 children and didn't have any of them while I was there. I now have all 3 of my younger children home, 2 of my older children have since moved here, my grandchild is here and my oldest is awaiting a bed date here in Spokane. What ever you go through anywhere is worth the hugs and kisses you'll get from your children in the end. Pros: You learn about yourself Cons: You learn it through the carefront system... more


this place is filthy and the staff there are rippin of the residents for their tanf grants and foodstamps. there are 24 residents whom each all recieve between 2 and 6 hundred bucks in foodstamps (you do the math,24 mutiplied by 600 bucks?) and yet the facility recieves only food bank food??? hmmmm why is that? YOU CANT BUY FOOD BANK FOOD....ITS ALL CHARITY AND DONATION!!!! so lets see..the staff are sellin the foodstamps and scammin the tanf grants to drive those nice little cars they all own..this place is a joke..DO NOT SEEK TREATMENT HERE, IM SERIOUS. the kids that live there are constantly sick...its a nasty place to stay. the women there are out of control. its just not a good place to be. treatment elsewhere. the staff here treat you like your a 10 year old criminal. its just crazy. ITS A CONSPIRACY AND IMA FIGURE IT OUT AND BUST IT WIDE OPEN. Pros: ya can stay sober Cons: but ya kids get sick! more

Isabella house 6/9/2008

I am a successful graduate of Isabella house. I now have 3 years clean and I owe much of my success to the staff of that facility. I am still in contact with many of them and call often to offer updates on how I am doing. ALL RECOVERY IS HARD WORK. Isabella house gave me an oppurtunity to change my life, they offered me support, helped me with my probation officer and all my legal problems, and helped me grow a HEALTHY baby. I fought with everybody when I first got there but about half way through I gave up and started to follow the program,. I think about somebody from there at least once everyday. I am glad that I went and wouldn't change a thing about my experience. kathleen huffman a grateful recovering young mom.\r p.s. my baby was born while we were there. she was my first one and she was a 8 and a half pounder. I blame that on the wonderful weekend brunches! (they make really good food there!) Pros: they help you with every problem you have Cons: care front books are hard to deal with sometimes more

Think Twice. 11/9/2007

I don't agree with the reviews that people are writing and I think that anyone is who contemplating going to the Isabella House should think twice about it! Mothers are going there under false pretenses, they are lied to and treated like pre-school children or even worse, like prisoners. My cousin is staying there with two of her children and they have been sick the whole time that they have been there and I know for a fact that they were very healthy before moving into the facility. Also, the mothers are demeaned in front of everyone and are forced to sit quietly and not be able to defend themselves when they are being put down. My advice to anyone who is going to the Isabella House is to read EVERYTHING before signing!!! Pros: Behavior Modification Cons: Like being in jail or pre-school more

Saved my life! 9/24/2007

My stay at the Isabella house saved my life. These people cared enough to tell me the truth about me and my addiction. It takes a commitment to recovery to be sucessful there but it is full worth the effort. I have a life that is more than I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you Isabella staff. more

Best Treatment Center Around! 9/17/2007

This place has helped many women. It has a wonderful childcare facility. If you're kids aren't sick when they come in,they won't be sick while they are here. They take many safeguards to protect the children from getting sick. It is usually the parents who don't take enough precautions against common childhood sickness such as colds. Pros: Good family environment. Cons: If you're lazy, this place will make you work. more

Isabella Scares 7/13/2007

I just left the Isabella House after being there for three months. I learned a lot there but at the same time I had to leave because of how sick my child was becoming. They try to use the excuse that the children that are there are all exposed babies and that is why they are all sick. This was not the case with my child. On the other hand I did learn alot from that program and I am very thankful for the work that they put into helping me change my behaviors. They staff really does take helping moms change. I would recommend that a mom go there to work on herself but having the child live in that environment maybe is not such a good choice. Your child will get sick. All in all you are taking a chance that could benefit you in mothering your child Pros: Behavior modification Cons: your child will get sick more

Think twice inspect before you make the choice to come here. 3/8/2007

Facility is dirty and Children there constantly being hospitalized, my sister just left there with her children and her childs health has already improving, majority of children on nebulizer machines for thier breathing. Pros: Sober enviroment Cons: Unhealthy living more
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