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Irma's Restaurant - 52 Reviews - 22 N Chenevert St, Houston, TX - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (713) 222-0767

Irma's Restaurant

22 N Chenevert St
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 222-0767
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Irma's Restaurant - Houston, TX
Irma's Restaurant - Houston, TX
Irma's Restaurant - Houston, TX
Irma's Restaurant - Houston, TX
Irma's Restaurant - Houston, TX
Irma's Restaurant - Houston, TX
Irma's Restaurant - Houston, TX


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Great "real" Mexican food! The dinning rooms are filled with fun memorabilia of Houston's past. No menu are present as Irma only services specials of the day. She uses the freshes...


Irma's is good Mexican food, but it certainly does not belong in the ""Best Cheap Eats"" category. Since there is no menu, I would recommend asking the price of each item before ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/9/2013

Just happened to be leaving downtown Lord behold we stumble upon Irma's as we were looking to get onto 59N. I'd heard about this landmark well I would guess so being it still has memories from years before I was born.The very domineering woman that appeared to be in charge stated that there were no menus.....REALLY.... Tea or lemonade salsa queso or guacamole beef or cheese enchiladas.OR chicken or beef fajitas .....Blank Stare....I wanted to leave but NOoooo I stayed being it was full of people one would think ah it's okay.So upon being seated I go to wash my hands and a employee is taking a dunk smelled I'm sick as I wander if she even washed her hands because when she open the swinging door to the kitchen it was filthy and a lady was drying silverware with a paper towel. Is there even a Restaurant graded dishwasher in this place or is there a sink like at my house. The domineering lady stated that they prepare food like you're at home.Well maybe at your home but not mine. My kitchen is clean. She was in my opinion not very honest and forth coming about pricing so when finished I ask for the check.She stated oh just come up to the cash register she give me the total....Blank Stare .WHAT the WHAT or you Serious.....Okay but never again.....A costly lunch that has me sick in my STOMACH????.......\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/9/2012

We had a great lunch here. They had a lot of unique and interesting dishes, and I'll definitely be coming back. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this place to check out. more

Completely taken advantage of! 3/21/2011

I struggle with this rating for the following reason: the food at Irma's, in my opinion, is GREAT! However, the prices and lack of information are ridiculous! At a table of 6 - we were told to ""just pay $19.70"" per person. This is when 5 of the 6 people had enchiladas! We had two orders of guacamole that were the smallest portions I have ever encountered - for $7 a pop! We were argued with when we asked to split the bill with the following rebuttal ""no one does that here"". I am so disappointed in the lack of professionalism and prices of the small portioned dishes, that I will not return. Very unfortunate due to very good food. Irma even followed us out to ""chat"" asking repeatedly if we were charged the right prices - we all assumed this was a guilty conscience. Sad, sad experience. more

I will be dinning there more often. 2/27/2011

I don't know what planet some of these critics come from? Planet Whiner I guess. We celebrated a Saturday dinner with my family for my sister's 60th birthday. They pulled together some tables to seat 17, four of them children. The food was great. No one complained and believe me these are not easy to please folk, they have visited good restaurants not just here, but around the world. The lemonade (fruit punch) was excellent. One of my sisters brought a cake and Irma helped her employees cut and serve the cake! Yes it's a little on the pricey side and you don't get a plate the size of a '75 Fleetwood Cadillac's hubcap?but then I don't like going home with styrofoam containers in my hands. Maybe that's why I'm not overweight. Some people have bad experiences and some don't. You always hear from them. In a world of negative reproach, when I have a good time I like to share. Thanks Irma. more

SYSCO-fied Mexican food for two...$42!!! 8/29/2010

*** If you value your stomach as well as your pocketbook, you would do best to steer clear of this tourist trap. No menu's, no prices except for the daily specials which are sent to you telepathically if you're on receive. Long story short, this place is the dumpers and if you want to continue helping Irma pay for her fleet of BMW 5 series and commercial property purchases, then have yourself a heapin' helpin' of $7 guacamole and $8 lemonade. more


A few friends and I were looking for a nice place to have a few drinks and appetizers before going to an Astros game. We saw this little restaurant near where we parked and decided to check it out although we had never heard of it. BAD IDEA! When we sat down I asked if they had a Happy Hour (as most places do in the afternoon) and the waitress told me ""yes"". We didn't really know what to order because there were no menus or item lists anywhere. A boastly woman from the counter shouted out to us ""What are you having?!?"". We all look around at each other perplexed as to how she expected us to order when we didn't know what was available. Since it is a ""Tex Mex"" establishment, we opted for couple of margaritas and a plate of bean and cheese nachos to share. Nothing extravagant. When we were ready to get going, we didn't receive a bill. We were told to walk up to a register. The loud rude woman at the counter rang up a bunch of things and then yapped my total to me! Uh, a little TOO pricey for 4 Happy Hour margaritas and a plate of bean and cheese nachos. So I inquired if she had remembered to ring up the margaritas as happy hour...maybe that was it. But she YELLED at me that they DID NOT have a happy hour and the margaritas were $12 each!!! And these LOOKED like happy hour margaritas, maybe ____ ounces. I was astonished!! I told her I was told by the waitress that there was a happy hour and she responded by telling me not to listen to the waitress that they don't know what they are doing and it is her restaurant so she can do anything she pleases. WOW! What a TERRIBLE way to run a business! I went ahead and paid the stupid bill but will NEVER EVER go back to this place and tell everyone I know never to go there. BEWARE! THIS LADY IS CRAZY! Cons: the owner is RUDE, crowded & dirty dining area more

Terrible experience 12/9/2009

We work in downtown area and decided to try something new. Being of Mexican origin everyone asked me to pick a decent Mexcian restaurant. I had never been to IRMA'S RESTAURANT but wanted to for a while so I had a party of 6 from our office for a nice afternoon meal. The OWNER, IRMA is a Crazy person. She is like a split personality and while trying to be polite with her customers was yelling at another sitting at another table, who happens to be my friends, for no apparent reason! Even the food was not great but was pricey! I WILL NEVER GO BACK OR RECOMMEND ANYONE THERE! Beware of the madness! Pros: OWNER IS A LOONEY TUNES! Cons: Ruined my private meeting with our boss & collegues. more



not the way to run a business 8/21/2009

I think Irma's is deceptive. It looks like your average Mexican place, and it serves perfectly acceptable Mexican food. The lemonade is pretty good as well. But there's no menu. This is an issue because prices aren't disclosed, and the bill is shocking. I've paid $19 for a three-course five star lunch at other places. At Irma's, it cost about $21.50 for a drink + one course of chicken fajitas without cheese, sour cream, or guacamole. I would have guessed it was a $9.50 meal. Pros: food is pretty good Cons: sneaky business practices; way too expensive more

Great Mexican Food! 8/13/2009

Great "real" Mexican food! The dinning rooms are filled with fun memorabilia of Houston's past. No menu are present as Irma only services specials of the day. She uses the freshest local ingredients and has her entire family helping with her gourmet restaurant. Be sure and try the homemade lemon aide. more

Great Food ruined by Horrible Host 7/22/2009

We go to Irma's twice a month. We went before a ballgame and the host did not recognize me with a baseball hat on. We were next in line for a table and a regular (they were on a first-name basis) walked in 10 minutes after us. The same host said he would take care of him. After 5 minutes, the ""regular"" said to us, ""It sure does pay to know someone in here."" Next thing I know, the host seats them before us. He then had the audacity to say the other group had reservations, which was clearly a lie. I don't mind a host being cordial to regulars, but to skip over our group to take care of him will not be tolerated by our corporation. We at 701 Louisiana, will NEVER go back to Irma's because of his error in judgment. Pros: Food Cons: Host gave a regular OUR table more

Stay Away 5/9/2009

Two buddies and I went to Irma's on a Fri before an Astros game. We were surprised that there was no menu, but we figured it was a mom and pop type of place, so no prob. Nothing about the location, decor, or anything else would lead you to believe it was overpriced. I had the pork enchiladas, as did one of my friends and the other had the chicken mole. We all agreed the food was good, but definitely nothing special. Between the 3 of us, we had 3 magaritas and 4 beers. So when we get the bill, there's no itemization what-so-ever. The only thing written on the white piece of paper was ""$90"". We looked at eachother and thought surely that meant something else. We thought a high end estimate of each entree cost should be $10. So we get up to the counter and the woman indeed says, ""$90"". We asked her how that could be, and she pointed to a sign hanging over the register that said, ""Prices subject to change based on attitude."" We'd noticed the sign and just thought it was one of those joke signs that you often see in casual restaurants. I couldn't help but let her know that we felt ripped off. It's not just the money, it's the fact that it all seems to tie together to their benefit, not having a menu AND it just so happens the food is over priced. We asked her to split it up 3 ways and we started telling her what we each had. Mine was $30, one friend's was $23, and the other friend's was $27. Now, add up those numbers and tell me what you get. I got $80. So what happened to $90? We asked why they originally said $90. Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, you'd think the response would be, ""We're sorry, we must have added it up wrong."" But instead they chose to basically ignore the question. So I told the woman behind the counter that they should really let their guests know what they're prices are. She said they'd been doing it that way for 20 years. I told her that she was looking at 3 people would never come back. She didn't seem to care and we got out of there. So, unless you like paying about $16 for a plate of food that really is worth about $8 and is about as good as a Los Tios, then STAY AWAY. Pros: Food was fairly tasty Cons: Obvious scam more

Very Over Priced :( 2/24/2009

Went there for lunch. No menu and the waiter was rude. He rambled off the food available then just stared at us until we ordered. Both of us ordered 2 cheese enchiladas. When we received the bill we were shocked! A glass of tea and a lemonade were $3.50 EACH! 2 small enchiladas were $11 each. This was such a rip off! Don't go there and go to Ninfas better food, service and alot cheaper! Cons: overpriced and you don't know it until your done! more

Just OK.... 2/6/2009

Like with any other restaurant, I read the reviews before heading out to Irma's. It's true, they have no menu and their strawberry lemonade is delicious. Pros: their lemonade Cons: service & price more

Best Pork Enchiladas I ever had 10/28/2008

My friend suggested this place and I have to say after reading the reviews, I was not too hopeful. I warned her about it, but she assured me she knew people who had been and loved it. So, we dediced to make up our own minds. I am so glad we did. So, now I'd like to address some particular issues from earlier reviews: Yes, it's true, the waitresses are not fawning all over you trying to make conversation, but certainly they were not rude, and they provided good service while the place was very busy. Yes, it's true, there are only a few options offered, and no menu. Apparently, the options change daily, and are made with fresh ingredients. I did not think the portions were too small, and even took home a doggie bag. It is not cheap, but I've paid more for less. They do charge for their queso and does every other restaurant I've ever patroned...have to say tho, the queso is very nice with meat, tomatoes and peppers...not at all like velveeta!! The food was excellent, like homemade, and no fat and grissle. Ya know, sometimes you get what you pay for, and I thought this was worth paying for. As for the person who made reference to Irma's car....not sure why she shouldn't be trying to make money? The soup kitchen is around the corner if you'd like a free meal, Irma is a business woman and should reap the rewards of providing a good product. It is the American dream. Anybody know a guy named Bill Gates??? This is now on my list of places to take visitors. Pros: Food & service Cons: Price if I have to give a con, but honestly it was worth it more

employee not washing hands 10/6/2008

I went to irmas for the first time, food was good but a bit pricey.I went to the restroom when I was finished and waited for someone to come out of the only stall they had, it ended up being our server who walked right by the sink and out the door. She did not wash her hands! EW! more

Best mexican breakfast i've ever had!!!! 8/21/2008

As a native Texan, I've had my fair share of breakfasts at ""hole-in-the-wall"" mexican restaurants. On August 18, 2008, after trying to get OUT of downtown Houston, I stumbled upon Irma's and to my extreme joy, the sign said ""Open""!!!! My best friend and I walked in and were quickly told to pick a table while we were taking in all of the novelties in the building. Our greeter, who turned out to be Irma, not only took our order, she also asked what brought us to Houston, how we found the restaurant and where were currently live. She advised that while they do not have a breakfast menu, they would cook us anything we wanted. We told her that we just wanted some good mexican food and to surprise us. She did just that!!!! Not only was the food exceptional, but the other waitstaff was friendly and checked on us as well. It was awesome to see her collectibles from floor to ceiling as well as original newspapers showing everything from Kennedy's assassination to the current politics of Houston!! The only disappointment was that her restaurant closes at 3pm. We would not be able to make it back for lunch. I travel to Houston only about once a year, but I will make sure to detour to Irma's each time from now on!!!!! Go, but make sure you have enough time to check out everything there is to see!!! Pros: The greatest Mexican food breakfast ever!!!! Cons: A little expensive, but TOTALLY worth it!!!! more

Worst Mexican Restaurant in Houston 7/17/2008

My boyfriend and I decided to grab lunch there today (7.17.08) after hearing about it from some locals. We stood for about 10 minutes before someone finally ushered us to an already seated table while we waited for that table to be rushed to another. There were 3 other groups that walked in behind us, also having never been there. The service was horrible and when I asked for a menu, I was rudely answered in Spanish by a server walking by, not even stopping. Pros: Close to the stadium? Cons: Horrible food, service, WAY OVERPRICED!!! more

Over-rated RIP OFF 7/10/2008

This place is very over-rated. To add to the misery of all the other reviews, Irma's double charged my credit card! When I call, I am greeted by a very unfriendly & quite arrogant person. I don't see how this place is going to ""make it."" What once may have been, is no longer!!!!!! ................................ more

Barely better than average tex-mex not forgiven by extremly pricey addons. 6/30/2008

Pros: Fresh food cooked daily Cons: Poor service, pricey entrees and pricier appetizers means zero value for your money. more
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  • AUTHENTIC HOME-COOKING REQUIRES NO MENU! We feature 16 new items every day, depending on the chef's culinary inclinations and the availability of fresh local ingredients. That means you won't see a menu in sight. Instead, your server will provide the day's rundown with every delicious detail. Check out below some of our most popular selections. Be sure to try our famous Carne Guisada and Irma's Limónada.. Breakfast and Mexican


  • A legendary spot, it largely maintains its charm thanks to Irma herself, who makes you feel like a valued guest. Order the lemonade.

  • 3/11/2012 Provided by Citysearch

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