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Irish Mist USA - 32 Reviews - 872 Starkweather Street, Plymouth, MI - House & Apartment Cleaning - Interior Reviews - Phone (734) 451-2537

Irish Mist USA

872 Starkweather Street
Plymouth, MI 48170
(734) 451-2537
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I'm always sceptical of rating sites. If a company has been in business for a long time there has to be a reason. I looked at the reviews for Irish Mist and thought to myself th...


Well the reviews are correct. Yesterday i scheduled a carpet cleaning with this company. I as told I was the second stop which would be around 10am. Today at 9am they called an...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/24/2013

I live in Dearborn and received excellent service from this company and would highly recommend them to others. I easily scheduled my appointment only two days ahead and was able to get the time I wanted. I was given the window of 10a-2p and the van showed up at 1030. The equipment looked brand new and the service person was very friendly and polite. I have a 12x20 room and was quoted their $50 price by phone prior. Upon arrival the service person repeated the quote accurately and also cleaned our hallway and stairs without additional charge. He was in and out in less than 30 min and I was satisfied with the result. I strongly disagree with the other recommendations so perhaps their service has improved! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/17/2013

Carpet Cleaners from Hell !!!!\r If you would like to sample the epitome of rude, obnoxious and absolutely disrespectful behavior and manners, feel free to make an appointment with Mike and his employee Brian. We were actually amazed on their complete lack of work ethics and no regard for the customer and the fact that they are still in business. \r Keep away from Irish Mist. You will regret the experience. They had the audacity of threatening to put a lien on our house and call the police when we asked them to complete the carpet cleaning job. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/14/2013

Your servicemen were on time, and did a great job. We will be telling all our friends about your service. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/6/2013

Great Exp. from the office to the technician Brian. Thanks more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/6/2013

Thank you for a wonderful job, now my kids can play on the carpet again! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/21/2012

We scheduled the appointment for the Whole House carpet cleaning schedule a week before. The day of, I called to confirm it's 12-4 but Mike (the rudest, most disrespectful receptionist/manager I've spoken to) not only got the rooms wrong but he changed the prices to an extra $50. I asked how it changed from $100 to $150 but he continued to yell and stated he was frustrated. This only made him more aggressive & belligerent. I felt very disrespected & duped since this isn't what we agreed upon. I called again to cancel bc of the horrible customer service & because it was 3 pm & the man wasn't even here yet. Mike said he's charging a $50 cancellation fee even though it's not written on the flyer. I asked to speak to the manager & he stated he was the manager. He wouldn't let me speak to anyone else. This would have been the 3rd cleaning we commissioned them to do. There is no way my money would go to that company ever again. Don't go here unless you are EXTREMELY desperate & want to be talked to like you aren't human. If you do go there, request Allen. He was professional, nice & did a good job. Mike on the other hand, was a total nightmare! Shame on you Mike for your horrible customer service--you just lost loyal customers. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/13/2012

when I made the appointment was told they would be out 12-4, witch was fine, called the day of service to ask if I should put air conditioner on then asked if he knew what time guy would be here was told before 2, great! 3:20 called guy still wasn't here was told he was on his way. Called back after 4 talked to owner my time was valueable he replied as is mine, like I was wasting his calling him. He didn't want to listen to me, very rude, talked down to me etc. He needs to take a customer service coarse and learn how to treat people like they deserve to be treated. He will not be receiving any recommendations from me or my repeat business. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/20/2012

Well the reviews are correct. Yesterday i scheduled a carpet cleaning with this company. I as told I was the second stop which would be around 10am. Today at 9am they called and asked very rudely and rushed if they could move it up to 915am and I said no because I was currently at work, with a very annoyed tone in their voice they said ""OK we will see you at 10am then"". At 1030am I called the office to find out where they were and was told by the man on the phone that he would call and find out and call me back in 10 min. 30 min later they called and said they could not make it til noon or 1pm. I told them I would no longer need their services since I could not make it out of work to meet them again on the same day. I was yelled at that I have no respect for his business and that he would be sending me a $50 bill for services rendered, WHAT SERVICES!? The reviews are correct very rude, unprofessional and unreliable. Pay the extra money for a company who knows how to treat customers. more

Aweful customer service!! When I was 5/18/2012

Aweful customer service!! When I was scheduling the appointment I asked if they could narrow down the time window a little as it would be better for me after 9am instead of 8am. They said ok they will go to another house 1st and me 2nd, which would be around 9-10am. Great I thought! In the morning the man showed up at 8:10, and was upset that I wasn't ready for him.. I asked him about a coupon I had, and he asked If I was gonna argue with him about the price? He told me I can call the office about it. What?! Totally obnoxious! I told him if he didn't want my business to get the heck out of here so he left. I called the office to let them know that their technician was totally rude, and the man told me that he already talked to him and it wasn't true, that I WAS ARGUING about the price! Again, what?! I am shocked that with fierce competition out there they are still in business. Probably not for long if they keep up with this attitude. Worst experience ever, and I deal with a lot of contractors.. - this one was by far the worst yet. more

RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!! 5/17/2012

Where do I begin. John came out and cleaned our carpet. shortly after he left we discovered spots that were not removed and traffic areas looked as if they were never even cleaned. We called and spoke to Mike, he was very rude. We had our carpet cleaned on a wednesday and he said he would have someone come out the following Monday to take a look at it. I told him I could not wait that long. I ended up telling him to not come back out that I am gonna report them to the Better Business Bureau and inform everyone I know to not use there company. He actually starting yelling at me and said he would see that his boss sued me if I did this. As I hung up the phone on him I could still hear him yelling at me. So thing twice before you deal with a company like this. I should of read the reviews first. I guess I will go rent a cleaner and go over the areas that they missed. If the owner or manager is reading this review you need to talk to Mike about his people skills. He is VERY disrespectful. So Mike, bring it on, I've already spoke to my brother. Who by the way is an attorney. more

Good Carpet Cleaning Company 3/17/2012

The gentleman that came out to our house was very polite and professional. He took his time and did an excellent job. We were a little surprised by their rate increase. For the last 4 years, they have always charged us 44.95. This time it was $ 55.00. He claimed that rates went up in February of 2012. Please be advised if you do get your carpets cleaned by this company, they count a hallway as a room. Hence,for the last 3-4 years we have always just had our living room and hallway done and were charged for 2 rooms. Our living room is only 11 x 15, and our hallway is 10 x 4. I am going to shop around this next time before I have this company come out again. So, that's my review. more

Great place to do business!! 2/2/2012

I'm always sceptical of rating sites. If a company has been in business for a long time there has to be a reason. I looked at the reviews for Irish Mist and thought to myself that since the business was local I would try them in spite of some of their reviews. I figured they had to have thousands of customers. Since there were only 16 reviews and usually people that are happy with a product or service dont write reviews, I decided to test my theory.\r \r I was correct. The person that answered the phone was polite and courteous. They scheduled me on the day and time I wanted (by the way I was in a hurry to have it done because I was having a superbowl party and they fit me in the very next day). They showed up on time, did a great job, and the price was very fair. more

Do not use this company 11/16/2011

All i did was call to inquire then maybe set up an appt... got an ad in val-pack the prices seemed good.. They are very rude on the phone then i stated i may call back i was still going to price shop, i was hung up on!!!!!! So i ended up calling another company i found in val-pack Capital Carpet, they were out this morning on time very professional and great prices!!! more

NO LUCK OF THE IRISH HERE..... 10/18/2011

WOW.....I should have read the reviews for this co. before I scheduled them to clean my carpets. I decided to ""listen"" to the reviews and cancel. The Man (Mike) told me that he would have to charge me a service fee and upon this I said,Is this stated on your website or flyer? He said, we do not have a website and we do not have to divulge this info. to you, its just like a Dr.'s office.. I said, This is not a fair way to practice business and I will not be using your service especially because of your prior reviews. Mike said that those reviews are not accurate and ""those people"" didn't have respect for OUR time. I proceeded to say that most of the reviews were people that actually USED your service not people who canceled. He then said that, we are in the process of suing due to the fact that people are writing reviews as such. I said, That is freedom of speech and everyone has the right to state their opinion. I could go on, however, I will spare you any MORE grief about this company. NEVER use them as you will have an issue....I would bet on it. more

This Company Should NOT be in Business!!!!!!!!!!! 8/12/2011

I received their ad threw Valuepak mail, I decided to get my whole house and my mothers home done as well not to mention we refereed 2 additional customers to them.I called and set up an appt. and requested ken to service the homes because he did a good job with my sis home.Originally I spoke with Tim (very nice) to setup service with Ken. When the day for the carpet cleaning came someone called me and stated that they were on their way (not ken), I told them I requested Ken and before he comes by let me call the office.The gentleman said OK no problem.I called and was rudely told to hold and about 2 min later a guy by the name of Mike answers.At that point I asked to speak to Tim and again rudely states Tim is in Florida and what was my problem, and hurry up because he is busy.I couldn't get a word in, very abrupt with me. I began to explain to him that I requested services by Ken, then he interrupted me and said WE DO NOT PROMISE ANYTHING (yelling)!! and I said I was not told that.I simply just wanted services from someone that I saw did a great job.I never called with the intentions of canceling services.I simply just wanted to see if it was a mix up.After, my entire conversation with him was him yelling at me and I could never get any words in. At that point,I decided to cancel services and he (yelling) said he will be charging me $39.95 x2 for a service fee (I was never told about any cancellation fees from Tim).Which again I never called to cancel just to see if it was a mix up.After being talked to liked that, why would I want to spend money with a company like that.Then he hung up.About 30 mins.Later I heard a knock at the door and when I open the door 2 invoices fell out the door for $39.95. I am appalled on how I was treated! They should not have someone like him representing their company. more


I received their ad threw Valuepak mail, BIG MISTAKE, first red flag, when calling for an appoinment, couldn't get a word in, very abrupt with me. It took three days for my carpet to dry, it was soaked!!! my back room dried with a yellow stain,which when calling back they said it was my fault , making many reasons why and very very rude about it. I was hung up on, when I called back to talk to the owner, I was informed I was talking to the owner. When I called the other numbers on the coupon the same person answered ???? NEVER NEVER would I use them again or recommend them, I cannot believe they are still in business. more

VERY RUDE.... NO RATING if I could! 1/21/2011

I got an ad for this company through the Valuepak mail. This morning I called to inquire about a service, and: 1. The man answering the phone was VERY RUDE and put me on hold right away. The beeping on the hold line was enough to make me want to hang up. 2. Once I finally got to talk to someone, he was, once again, RUDE... treating me like I was special because I got to talk to him! 3. He was not answering any of my questions on what services, specials, prices they had going... he just started scheduling me for next weekend. 4. When I said I wanted to call back to make sure my day was clear for the day he automatically started to schedule me for, HE HUNG UP ON ME! I don't even want to know how poor the cleaning service would have been if it is based on how horrible the customer service is. more


I just called to make an appt because they did my moms carpet and I try to always use local when I can. I apologized for waiting so long before the holiday and the guy said ""that's ok...we've been busy since the that things are cleaned up people can spend money."" I said ""Oh...ok."" He said ""You disagree"" I informed him I don't need to agree with a company to have them clean my carpets...he seriously said ""YES YOU DO WE ARE A NON DEMOCRATIC COMPANY."" I asked if he was serious (never even saying if I was or wasn't, but voted for Synder)....he said and I quote...""Yeah, we hate democrats they are ruining our country."" \r \r Yeah, when your company goes under from all the bad reviews and the fact that you've got someone intoxicated or ill answering your phones...blame the government. more

DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!! 11/1/2010

I am sitting here at 6 p.m. waiting for my carpet to be cleaned!!!! I was told they would be here between noon and 4 p.m. I called 6 times during that time and Mike assured me they hadn't forgotten me. Mind you --- I have 4 complete rooms of furniture on my front lawn. Mike stated he couldn't get ahold of the driver but he would be answering the phone until 5:30 p.m. --- not to worry. Well I just called Mike --- and guess what????? NO ANSWER!!!! Believe me, they haven't heard the end of this --- they will be sorry they messed with the wrong person!!! Next I will call the BBB - STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Don't Use Them 6/15/2010

I get my carpets cleaned every other month and have used many different companies and Irish Mist is the worst company I have used. They left my carpets soaking wet, and when I called the manager he was extremely rude. Don't use this company unless you what to be treated like dirt"" Cons: They are rude and did a horrible job more
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  • Here at Irish Mist USA, we specialize in carpet and duct cleaning. With years of experience and tons of happy customers, we can have your home or business working efficiently in no time. Call today for a free estimate!

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