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Intimacy - Atlanta, GA
Intimacy - Atlanta, GA
Intimacy - Atlanta, GA
Intimacy - Atlanta, GA
Intimacy - Atlanta, GA


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I am going to set everyone straight out there! I have been shopping at Intimacy for as long as I've wanted a breast reduction aka my whole life! It has changed my view of "the gir...


Went there with my sister. It's ok but way too expensive. Anyone ever hear about some place in north fulton called Lingerie Mart?

Don't buy at Intinacy - Tyson Corner VA 12/3/2012

I was fitted at the Intimacy in Tyson Corner Va. I was put in a dressing room and was one of 3 people being waited on by sales rep. Her name was Harriett. I was fitted with a 36G, Prima Donna. When I wear them, I can't wait to come home and take it off. NOT WORTH THE $$. I also emailed them and never got a response. more

Well worth the money 2/6/2011

Good: During my first fitting I discovered I needed a size 32G.No one makes that size so they took a 34G and had it altered to my size. I got the optional strapless bra (removable straps) to go under my wedding dress and it was perfect. My mother and sisters are hard to fit also and went to Intimacy with the same great results. I have purchased additional bras and by rotating them, they have outlasted every other bra I have ever owned.. Bad: Sales person was a bit pushy on purchasing additional items.. Improvements: More dressing rooms.. Other: Following the recommendations on rotating bras and washing them with their detergent has really prolonged the life of my bras. more

Here's the honest truth! Ready or not ladies!! 2/1/2011

I am going to set everyone straight out there! I have been shopping at Intimacy for as long as I've wanted a breast reduction aka my whole life! It has changed my view of "the girls" and also given me beautiful and comfortable bra options. For all of you out there that are having problems with your bras! Go back!!! Intimacy is more than willing to work with you and try to find a solution to your bra greif!! You might disagree with one brand and fund another works perfect! I've been shopping at this store since before all of the media boom. Try to make an appointment as the store is very busy!! The fitters are extremely knowledgable and always give me an honest answer, even if it's not the answer I want to hear ;) They also bring in a large selection of bras in many colors and adjust them for the taking! They teach you about th different styles all the way down to how to wash your new garments! Don't forget the forever new wash!! Smells great and really does help rejuvenates your braziers! The next big thing everyone is complaining about is price. Come on ladies it's Phipps Plaza did you really expect walmart prices?! Besides that being completely silly I am a firm believer in "you get what you pay for!" I have had some of my pretty lace bras last me 4 or so years! That's pretty impressive given my bustful size!! Even still when your bras are getting tired and stretched out you can take them in for free alterations! That's right I said it FREE!! No other store does that for you! Anyway, I just didn't want all of these bad reviews to deter you from going to an amazing store. They will blow you away with their fit and product if your open to suggestion and have somewhat realistic requests!! As I said I am a loyal shopper and wouldn't trust 'my girls' with anyone else! Since shopping there I walk taller, look smaller, and can even find a bathing suit that will cover me up! Give it a try you won't be sorry!! more

Overpriced 1/23/2011

Went there with my sister. It's ok but way too expensive. Anyone ever hear about some place in north fulton called Lingerie Mart? more

BAD 12/27/2010

Bad: Went with my two adult daughters, none of us are happy, bras dig in, straps slip off of our shoulders, we were never told the bras could not not be returned for a full refund. I alone spent 164.00 on a bra that makes me look awful in my clothes, I was told I would be able to wear snugger garments due to the bra fitting propery, just the opposite now I cannot button any of my shirts. Also I ordered a cami with a built in bra I still have not recieved and it is over two weeks.. Other: We were told to come back in and have another fitting, all I want to do is get the damn things off my credit card. I wear Wacoal bras, they are great, would never purchase anything from Intimacy ever again.. more

Bad Experience 11/19/2010

Good: Nothing.. Bad: Rushed through the fit process and left with $600 worth of bras that make me look MUCH worse than the cheap bras I already had.. Other: I saved and saved and eagerly awaited my appointment, just to be rushed through the process. I do not recommend spending money on these expensive bras.. more

Good for women with unusual bra sizes 11/11/2010

Intimacy is definitely pricey and the store's atmosphere is kind of snooty, but it's the only store I can go into confident I will be able to find a reasonable selection of bras in my size (34 E). But if you have a more common bra size, you could probably do just as well at Victoria's Secret, for far less money. Most bras at Intimacy (at least the one in Philly) seem to be around $100. more

Not happy with my bra fitting 10/29/2010

I purchased two bras which my bra fit specialist said were the "right fit." They are way too tight, and I have had to purchase a bra extender to be able to use them. I spent over $200.00 on two bras and expected to come home and enjoy my purchase. On the survey you are given to fill out when you enter the store you are asked if you think the new bra will change your life. It did change my life. I am miserable in my new bras and continually think about how tight they are on me. There is no refund once you leave the store and if the tag is removed the bra is yours forever! more

Good, but pricey 8/29/2010

I mentioned needing new bras so my wonderful husband surpirsed me with a $100 Intimacy gift card. I'm sure he thought that would get me a couple of new bras. I scheduled my fitting and went in. They did not have me on their schedule, for some reason, but it wasn't a problem; they worked me right in and I had a salesperson before I even finished filling out my information card. I was put in a dressing room and my salesperson got to business. She asked me to remove my shirt and right away pointed out all the things wrong with the bra I was wearing. My size was way off. She left and came back with 4 or 5 bras. I LOVED 4 of the 5. She brought several others for me to try and spent a lot of time helping me find just the right ones. Ofcourse, my favorite one was $130 and I just couldn't bring myself to pay that. I came home with 2 bras that are the most comfortable I have ever owned and are very pretty as well. I don't know where some of the people posting here got their price information but the realistic range is the cheapest, most basic bra at $69 all the way up to about $150 or so. The two I bought were $76 and $82. I do suggest that you don't just choose from the ones the salesperson brings you. Ofcourse they are going to bring in expensive ones for you so they get more commission. Be honest with them and say "I can't spend over x amount" or just get fitted and go out and look through the store yourself. The two I ended up buying were not ones my salesperson initially brought in for me. I'm happy with my experience and my purchases but I will try to take my new size to a different store to see if I can make it work with less expensive bras. more

Disapointed 6/22/2010

Good: After the experience I've had, not much!. Bad: I wasn't told until I was at the register that there was no cash or credit card refund and I had 4 bras. I was a little embarrassed to say anything thinking I'd be happy with my purchase. Ibelieve there should be signs in the fitting rooms and out in the front of the store on the return policy. I think it is terrible to have the sign at the cash register and tell people then. I was told that this is their "sales policy" and they will not tell customers ahead of time as that could be a "turn off".. Improvements: Honesty. If you don't have the right size say so. I bought my bras back and met with the store manager and found out the bras were too big. She still wouldn't give a credit card refund for 2 that still had all the tags on, never used. I did have 2 made smaller to fit, but haven't received to see if they fit. Selling the wrong size is really bad and I really feel I should have been able to get my money back for 2 of them.. Other: There aren't many stores that don't do a cash/credit card refund. There is something wrong with a store that has this type of return policy. I will not ever shop there again and I will not recommend it without a warning to be sure you are happy before you actually buy.. more

Don't bother if you're on a budget! 4/21/2010

Rediculously overpriced wal-mart style bras. Nothing molded. Only lace-style bras. The cheapest one in the entire store is $110 and they suggest you buying ATLEAST 7, so unless you intend on shelling out enough money to feed a 3rd world country for a few crappy bras, then just stick to Necessities by Sherrie in Snellville. more

Bad Experience continues.... 4/30/2009

Good: When I was finally fitted correctly, the bras are great.. Bad: Inconsistency. Lots of errors. Had to go back many times. They have totally screwed up my account. I have a balance that they have wrong in their system. I have had to pull all receipts and show how much credit I had. The woman who fitted me in November made a mistake in size that I didn't realize for a couple of days. I wore two bras so when I went back and they admitted they were wrong they wouldn't take them back because I wore them! They altered them but it isn't right for the bra prices.. Improvements: Although they are very nice, some are more knowledgeable than others. I have been several times and get different people each time. Some are great, some not so much. Disappointed in the number of problems I have had with fit and quality considering the high prices. A bit pushy at times with certain bras and bra types (lace vs. t-shirt). I ended up with too many lace bras for the wardrobe I have.. Other: Overall, the bras are good quality (still not sure they are worth the high price - you feel you are getting a great deal when a bra is $61). Just disappointing as it should be ultra customer service for this type of specialty store. Maybe mine was a unique experience, but it is based on several visits over the past year and a half.. more

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I must, I must improve my bust! 10/14/2005

Go to this store! I try to avoid anything stamped with Oprah's seal of approval, (the ensuing hype and rush makes it impossible). But I'm very glad I was fitted. NOTE: if you are a bit of a prude, like I am, be prepared. You WILL need to drop your blouse and show your goods to the fitter. The dressing rooms were great, and the fitter was excellent. She told me what to look for and how a bra SHOULD fit. What I was not prepared for was the price! Wow! $90 for a bra?! Give me a break! However. This will include a lifetime of free alterations to the band. They will keep your information on file so you never have to worry about your bra size again. The customer service rocks. I recommend you go at least once. more

The best undergarment store 9/20/2005

The place to go when you want to get fitted properly and wear comfortable and elegant underwear. Even if you are happy with your current undergarments you probably can get a better fit just by going there and being fitted properly. Wide selection, knowledgeable staff and beautiful garments make this the place to shop for undergarments in Atlanta. more

Custom Bras & Service 8/5/2005

I normally would not consider spending more then $30 on a bra, but this store was recommended to me and I think it has a well deserved reputation for having great products. Intimacy carries a wide variety of bras in all size, even half sizes. The staff was very friendly and helpful, it was nice to walk out excited about my purchase. more

The ONLY place for great bras in Atlanta 7/8/2005

Well worth the trip and expense. Intimacy will measure you completely and help you find the PERFECT bra. I am busty (understatement), and I have a very very hard time finding a bra to even fit me, let alone look nice and be comfortable. I am a 38G, so you can imagine I am not going to find a bra at my local stores. But they carry down to A cups as well, and I have seen them do a great job with smaller women as well as larger sizes. When you go in, they measure and fit you. If they are busy, they will take your name and your cell number to set you up for a fitting. They call you when your appointment is up. Go shopping at Phipps Plaza or just go have a coffee or sushi. The salespeople are wonderful and the store is lovely. The selection is just amazing. They carry over 75 different sizes of bras with band sizes from 32 to 44 and cup sizes from A-JJ. Then they can custom alter in stock bras to enhance fit, style selection and comfort. Padding, lifts, cushions, extra straps, you name it. They even repair bras purchased at their store. Who knew you could even do that? The prices range from about $45.00 to about $80.00. It may seem like a lot, but to wear a well-made, large cup bra that fits perfectly and makes me look 25 pounds thinner, it is so very worth it. Their website is You simply must give them a try. more
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