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Interbay Veterinary Care Ctr

3040 16TH Ave W
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 282-1961
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My husband and I lived on the Eastside for years and were never satisfied with the vets we saw over there. One in Bellevue, whose name will not be mentioned was so condescending. ...


Dr. Coffin is a good and thoughtful vet, but I won't take my pets there anymore because of the clinic practices . The amount you spend for simple procedures is unbelieveable. I lo...

Best in the West! 3/12/2012

My husband and I lived on the Eastside for years and were never satisfied with the vets we saw over there. One in Bellevue, whose name will not be mentioned was so condescending. When we moved to Seattle we asked various neighbors who they would recommend. We asked for both first and second choices. Even the one person who worked for another vet gave IVCC as their choice. We tried a different vet here first who we were told had lower prices because they had a bigger client base. Their staff was absolutely insufferable, snooty and gossipy about us right in front of us in the waiting room. If they're like that with people, how even worse would they be with animals? Obviously, we have not be back to them since! We lost our first cat to a degenerative spinal condition. Because the initial event took place on a Sunday we went to emergency vet. They were very hardened, not just with us but with another couple who were ahead of us. I was so relieved when we got back to IVCC. They treated us with compassion, doping our first fur person with meds so she would not be in pain. It was an extremely difficult decision to let her go. I must admit that in the beginning IVCC did have receptionist problems; they just kept leaving or being inadequate to the level of competence required. I am happy to say that asap they remedied the situation. As to cost, we have been offered payment plans when the procedure looked to be exceeding our means. We have been with Drs. Coffin and Mohamed, Veronica and Jason for 16 years now and through the kitten-hood to senior status with our current brood of three. They each have their own problems and personalities. The doctors treat them, and us, as individuals, meeting all our concerns and their needs with the utmost care and consideration. The time, personal attention, follow-up combined with everyone's education and experience makes IVCC the place to go on Queen Anne/Magnolia. They have our vote and we will stay with them! more

Compassion, Professional & Best in Class 1/25/2012

My wife and I were first introduced to IVCC through a recommendation of one of my wife's patients. We had a different Veterinary Clinic in the Magnolia area that we have used since moving back to Seattle in 1997. While it was convenient and closer to home, we always felt that the communication was minimal and that we and our pets were not recognized by name. We found it to be more like a public health clinic/assembly ~line whose primary goal was to process the animal and get onto the next appointment. Interbay Veterinary Care offers the Best in Class in achieving the goal of educating and making the Pet Owner a partner with IVCC to achieve the best quality of life one can offer their pet. Education and pet health awareness are key to the healthy life of any animal. Being educated in a pets health issues, helps us to understand how our animal may be feeling, good or bad. A recent example is being shown several articles on Dental Care for cats, and how the lack of good dental hygiene can lead to other diseases and a very miserable life. Seeing an abscess on an animal's tooth helped to transfer the pain from our animal to ourselves. I know I would not go for a day with that kind of pain, but many of us dismiss this vital issue. Our 18 year old cat, Frolly is now his 'old' self as a result of his dental cleaning and excellent post procedure treatment. Having worked for over 34 years as an Accountant and Senor Business Process Analyst , I know the critical key to success of any business is the paramount aspect of Customer / Supplier Relationships. (In this case the Pet and Owner being the customer, and the Supplier being the doctors and Staff at IVCC.) We feel that we are treated as if we were their only client. To me, the employees/staff are the most important part of any business. At IVCC we have found that the Doctors and Staff work together as a 'team' to achieve quality Pet Health and Owner Satisfaction. This enthusiasm for team spirit can only be achieved when the management staff offers compassion and care for their staff. How many times have you had: 1.) The door opened for you? 2.) Help out to the car? 3.) More than 30 minutes sitting with your vet and/or staff to discuss a health care plan? 4.) Being personally addressed by the staff when coming in the door? 5.) Being called at home to explain good and/or abnormal test results? 6.) Being asked about how you are feeling regarding the loss of a long-time pet? If you haven't been to IVCC, you better make your appointment now. If you've neglected your Pets health-care, don't worry, the doctors and staff are not about rejecting you, but making you and your pet become healthy again, making you a happy Owner. Our only regret is that we didn't start going to IVCC when we first moved back to Seattle in 1997. more

Veterinary Care Like No Other 11/8/2011

I've been taking my nine year old dog Sydney to Interbay Veterinary Care Center since he was two years old. He had been a regular patient at other veterinary clinics in the city, but didn't seem to be getting the level of care that I really wanted him to receive. After all, he is like my child and his health and well being are extremely important to me. It didn't take long for me to realize that Sydney was in the hands of an exceptional team of veterinary professionals at IVCC. Not only are they the most thorough and informative team I've encountered, but they're also the most personable. Their high standards for all types of care, whether it be preventative, basic or more intensive are very high. This is exactly what Sydney needs. Not only do I know about the many attributes of IVCC from experience as a client, but I have also experienced their high level of professionalism and care from behind the scenes as a veterinary assistant. I have learned so much from Dr Coffin and vet tech Veronica as both a client and an employee. Based on what I've learned from them and the rest of the IVCC team, I'm able to give Sydney better care on a daily basis. This ability to give better care is very important, as Sydney suffers significantly from atopic allergies. As of recently, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. The battle has been intense to say the least, but also promising. Everyone at IVCC has been there since the beginning (the mass removal and diagnosis), and continues to be even after we were referred to an oncologist. IVCC may charge slightly more for their services, but I firmly believe that if you want a higher level of quality care for your pet then you have to be willing to pay more. After all, your pet is worth it. Sydney and I consider Dr Coffin, Dr Mohammad, and vet techs Veronica and Jason family. When Sydney is at IVCC, I can feel comfortable knowing that he is in the best hands. more

Exceptional Veterinary Care 4/24/2011

My experiences with Dr. Mohamed and Interbay Vet Care Center have been so exceptional I felt compelled to write my first Citysearch review! We had a very negative experience with another vet's office in Ballard (which will go unnamed) and so came to Dr. Mohamed based on the recommendation of a friend. She spent a tremendous amount of time with us explaining (in a very professional and non-critical way) all the errors that had been made by our previous vet with our puppy thus far in terms of vaccination schedule, advice about his teeth, etc. She then went above and beyond in discussing all kinds of options for vaccinations, microchipping, pet health insurance, de-worming, socialization, obedience, etc. in a very collaborative way being sure we knew all of our options without pressuring us in any way. This was all with a warm, kind, approachable, and professional demeanor and happened to also be sweet and affectionate with our puppy while doing so! After spending close to 2 hours with us (far more than was planned for as part of the initial appt) I felt confident that I could implicitly trust her in the care of my dog. more

Great Caring Staff 10/20/2010

We have had great experiences with Drs. Coffin and Mohamed. From just our cats' regular check-ups to a very difficult illness, we have felt that our cats receive excellent care and from empathetic practitioners. This level of care extends to their staff as well. more

Great Vet! 4/21/2009

This is an exceptional vet. Steve Coffin is an talented diagnostician -- he found a potentially fatal heart condition that previous vets had missed and we were able to start treatment that delayed the progress of this disease. He also discovered and treated a cancerous tumor on her leg with some amazingly adept surgery. Given the size of the leg and the size of the growth, I almost didn't believe it could be done. I also find their routine clinical services to be of the highest quality. The staff are professional and friendly and clearly nuts about animals. I trust them completely with my dog's care. I recommend them wholeheartedly. Pros: Great Diagnostician, Excellent Service Cons: None more

Recommended 12/12/2008

For those who have posted an are complaining about the price--since when is medical care inexpensive? Pros: accomodating service, conservative approach to medine, experienced vet more

Made of Money??? 10/16/2008

Dr. Coffin is a good and thoughtful vet, but I won't take my pets there anymore because of the clinic practices . The amount you spend for simple procedures is unbelieveable. I love my pets and want the very best for them, but each and every time I walked in their door it was at least $350 and as much as $1250. And if they forget to add something to your bill, look out! You'll get the snotty phone calls about your owing balance as if you are a dead beat. I would not recommend them to anyone, because the almighty dollar really does matter more than your pet. So unless you are made of money and enjoy the worry of whether or not you may or may not survive the sticker shock keep looking. more

WORST VET EVER!!!! 8/21/2008

I recently moved to Seattle and found Interbay Animal Hospital on CitySearch. They seemed to have good reviews so I checked them out. To start off with, they charge you a new ""processing"" fee just to bring your pet in for the first time. A few months later my dog had an emergency, she was sneezing red. I called them and they said I could bring her in but that they would have to charge me for ""emergency"" time. I paid 100 bucks for them to tell me she had something stuck up her nose. I took her home hoping it would get better but it didn't so I brought her in again. Another 100 bucks for them to tell me the exact same thing. They suggested I put her under so they could flush out her system, something that may or may not work, they just didn't know. When they gave me the estimate of $750 I started crying because I couldn't afford it. Instead of suggesting some kind of payment plan, or anything I might be able to try at home, they basically looked at me as if ""too bad, nothing we can do to help you."" I went home feeling like a horrible pet owner, and like the vet only saw me as a giant ATM machine, not a person who absolutely adores her dog and needed help. I will never go back to this vet, horrible, horrible, horrible. They might have good service if you are rich and willing to pay exhorbitant amounts of money for absolutely no care. Cons: Service, Price, Everything more

Worst Experience of a Lifetime 4/26/2007

My dog has been throwing up for three days(going on 4) and hasn't been eating at all. Pros: Veronica was really informative and helpful. Thank you. Cons: The girl that was at the front desk. Shouldn't be working with LIVE animals! No heart. more

Best Vet in Seattle! 1/31/2007

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Coffin and his entire staff. I've lived in Seattle my whole life and have always had animals, so I""ve been to a number of vets. I never really had complaints with any of them until I saw Dr. Coffin at the Interbay Animal Hospital.. After the first visit I knew I had found the best vet around. He takes the time to explain everything and is happy to answer all questions ( and I always have a lot of them ). He treats ailments with medication when needed but is always cautious. This is something I really appreciate because I feel some vets are a bit too liberal prescribing medications that have potentially dangerous long term effects. I bring my cat and chihuahua here and have complete trust in the Doctor and his superb staff. As I said earlier, before seeing Dr. Coffin, I felt my vet was fine. So unless you absolutely love your current vet, I really reccommend a visit to the Interbay Animal Hospital. I can almost guarentee that you'll never go to another vet again. Pros: affordable pricing, great staff, always on time Cons: That it took me so long to discover this vet ! more

Excellent Kennelside Manner and People Skills too 6/22/2006

Our family has vets in both Seattle,WA and Mesa, AZ. Taking one of our Manchesters to Dr Coffin is always an enjoyable experience...not just a veterinary visit. He is caring and gentle with the girls (and boy) taking time to let them get acquainted with him during the visit. From a personal perspective, I enjoy talking with Dr Coffin about the latest research and trends in the veterinary field. Not only does he take time with the girls (and boy) but he cares about the challenges of maintaining the health when our dogs are spending time in two diversely different climates. I appreciate that the Interbay staff has also been very helpful in handling the challenges of fitting us into sometimes very short time windows due to travel constraints. All the staff appear to have genuine care and concern about the well being of our four legged friends. Dr Coffin has a good kennelside manner with our dogs and excellent people skills. Anyone looking for a veterinarian who stays current in his field would be well served to take their valued companions to Interbay. more

Completely impressed 3/23/2006

I recently took my 6-year old dog to see Dr. Coffin. As our dog was a ""new patient"", Dr. Coffin spent almost two hours with us. He examined our dog thoroughly and rather than forcing her up on the metal examining table, he got down on his knees and checked her thoroughly on the carpet where she was much more comfortable. He answered every question I could have had and I feel confident that as our dog ages, he will be right there every step of the way to assist in whatever way he's needed. A lovely vet. If only there were more people doctors who were as thorough and generous with their time. more

Nothing but the best! 9/25/2004

We have been taking our dogs to Interbay for atleast five years...We would never think about going anywhere else! The vet techs are great with the dogs and both doctors have been truly generous with their time. Nothing but great experiences...even when the news wasn't that good. Pros: Informed, nice staff more

Very nice clinic. 7/7/2002

We started taking our cat to Interbay animal hospital after he suffered a foot injury. The staff was very friendly and the vet techs were very patient with our stubborn feline. The clinic is very clean and tidy, we felt just fine about leaving our cat in their hands. The vets were up front about our treatment options and costs and we've had nothing but positive experiences with Interbay animal hospital since. more
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