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Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - 32 Reviews - 205 Wild Basin Rd S, Austin, TX - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (512) 328-0505

Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine

205 Wild Basin Rd S
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 328-0505
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Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX
Infinity Wellness Center Dr. Tenesha Weine - Austin, TX



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I am 83 years old and still in practice as a clinical Psychologist but thought I had come to the end of my career. I had been suffering and I mean suffering for three months wit...


I saw Dr. Weine for fatigue and immune problems. The short story is it was a waste of my time and money. The long story is that yet again, you have another practitioner in town...


I am 83 years old and still in practice as a clinical Psychologist but thought I had come to the end of my career. I had been suffering and I mean suffering for three months with pain in my back, side and ribs. I walked the floor at night because the pain medication did not stop the severe pain. I had visited and received treatments from five chiropractors, two accupuncture practitioners, and physical therapists and still continued to have severe pain without relief. Dr. Weine was recommended to me by a client. During my first visit she diagnosed the problem, made some adjustments and immediately I felt relief. By follwoing her advice and another visit I was almost fully relieved. By the third visit, only five days later I was totally free of the severe pain. She also made some tests and discovered that I had some other problems. She prescribed cleansing and supplements. I began to have more energy and resumed my practive. I have had an ongoing chronic problem with my lungs over the years. She recommended a holistic MD for my lungs. He was on the same wave length as Dr. Weine and relieved my lung condition after only one visit of an hour. I have recommended Dr. Weine to many of my clients and friends because she is sincere and very conscientious, spending extra time on the lab reports, etc. without extra charge. She was truyly a life saver for me. Dr. Coletta Long, clinical Psychologist. more


Dr. T. has saved me from terrible back pain on two occasions--one time she even made a house call because I couldn't get up from the floor. Her use of acupuncture needles has eliminated pain that no other treatment ever could. Her diagnostic skills are excellent, she is always up on the latest treatment protocols, her bedside manner is warm and upbeat, and I frequently refer my clients to her. I have known her personally and professionally for several years, and she is one of the best chiropractors in town. Dr. Pam Monday more

AMAZING DOCTOR!!! 1/26/2012

My health has never been better since I found Dr, Weine!!! I always call her first! She has incredible insight, EXTREMELY knowledgeable, and wonderful bedside manner. I always feel like I am her only patient. She also has an incredible spirit and is always connecting people. I never knew that all of this could be found in one incredible doctor. I would highly recommend that see her before going anywhere else!!! Dr. T, I appreciate you!!! Marcia Clark more

Execellent Care 1/26/2012

Tenesha is an excellent chiropractor. She is patient and and generous, intuitive and skilled. I've been seeing her for 4 years and always leave feeling much better. Thank you for all of your good work, Tenesha! more

Highly intuitive chiropractor 1/25/2012

I've been seeing Dr. Weine for around 5 years now; in this time she's seen me for everything from allergies, to peri-and post-menopause, to a wicked sciatic problem last year that needed extra long acupuncture needles. So I've benefitted from the chiropractics, the acupuncture and the nurtitional supplementation. If you want a healing presence who is adaptable with more than one model of care, she's the one to go to. One of the things that I really like about her is that when I come in with a question or tell her my body is telling me this about a supplement, she listens, then muscle tests and my intuition is often confirmed. more

Awesome! 1/25/2012

Dr. Weine is wonderful! I feel as though she really listens to what is going on with me not only through my words but through muscle testing and chiropractic care. She has picked up my pieces after good bouts of weekend warrioring with her accupuncture, chiropractic care and a referral when I need something a little different. Always available for my questions and concerns, I feel she goes above and beyond as a healer in our community. And I just love the vibe in her office positive, healthy and healing. more

Great Find 1/25/2012

Dr. Weine was one of my greatest finds when moving to Austin. I really needed great chiropractic care and this turned out to be just the icing on the cake. She has helped me with hormone imbalance (thyroid), acupuncture (I am a triathlete and needed some help badly), as well as other guidance regarding training, nutrition, and overall wellness. If she ever could not help me with something, she knew someone who could and provided the references I needed to get answers, all while continuing to respond to questions I have had about continued care and providing more options. Love the energy of her office and her committment. Highly recommended. more

Dr. T ROCKS! 1/25/2012

I have had several issues with my feet from running. I was told by a foot doctor that I would not be able to wear heels again. What??! After 3 visits to Dr. T, was back in heels and have never looked back. Fast forward, Dr T. took me from a complete pain to zero pain after I slipped a disc in my back. Dr. T is gentle and thorough. I am was surprised on my first visit a few years back when she spent so much time getting to know me both emotionally and physically. Whenever anything doesn't seem right with my body, I always start with Dr. T. She has earned 100% of my trust. Not only is she trained in her field but she genuinely cares. I am shocked to see a review that was posted on October 31. Dr. T has only mentioned the herbs to me once because I had allergy issues. Presto - the herbal remedy worked like a charm. If you are thinking about a visit with Dr. T. I hope you pay attention to all the positive comments. You'll be glad you did more

Outstanding Healing Care! 1/25/2012

Dr. Weine was the first and obvious choice for me when I needed immediate help. Last Friday I had the misfortune of having some heavy sheet rock fall on my head while trying to help repair damage to the ceiling of my garage. After securing the earliest appointment we could get, the owner of my rental home drove me to Dr. Weine's office. Both she and her warm, gracious back office assistant, Carianne, understood the urgency and got me in even earlier than scheduled. The care and treatment I received calmed me down, eased my fears, and immediately began to lessen the pain in my head. She walked me through what she did and gave me clear instructions of next steps for my optimal care. The woman who brought me was so impressed with the quality of service and the healing energy of the office that, despite having a long standing relationship with another chiropractor, she's added Dr. Weine to her list of physicians to trust. Can't say enough good things about this wonderful woman. Her heart is in the right place and her head makes sure she leaves no stone unturned in her care for you. more

An Inspiring practitioner and woman! 1/24/2012

I met Dr. Weine a year and a half ago and my whole life turned around. As I was finishing my last year of school at UT I contacted Dr. Weine to ask if I could do an internship in her office. I'm still thankful that she said yes. As an intern I learned everything I could about her and her practice. Tenesha is an outstanding, brilliant and caring practitioner for many reasons. As an intern I got to spend 10 months in the back office observing and learning Dr. Weine's work. Immediately I was impressed with how realistic she treats patients. She truly understands the complete picture of healing a person from the root and never asks anything unreasonable - she doesn't expect anyone to drastically change their diets that day, throw away all their junk food, etc. She does expect you to follow her protocol but she implements it in a manageable way. Not only is Dr. W realistic but she also gives each patient her complete attention. Tenesha takes adequate time to learn each patient's story, test their body and then she takes her findings home to develop and write out the best plan of action to improve the patient?s health. I?ve also seen Dr. Weine spend extra time with patients during scheduled appointments, work through her lunch hour, work weekends and stay late to accommodate her patients? schedules and emergencies. Not only is Dr. W giving of her time but she has also done numerous pro-bono cases. Although Dr. Weine?s warm and caring personality is a diamond in the rough these days, her practice wouldn?t be what it is without her impeccable skills set. If you?re lucky enough to live in Austin you?re probably accustomed to holistic health practitioners, yet finding one that has everything Dr. Weine does is still unlikely. Weine spends many of her weekends attending seminars, flying to workshops, reading books and learning from others to further her education. She has a passion and aptitude for knowledge, bonded with a true mind/body/emotional/spiritual approach that keeps her at the top of her field. As a side note, after seeing Dr. Weine help so many people I also decided to become a patient. My body and soul have been transformed and I owe it all to the knowledge and care of Dr. Weine, she is one to be truly admired. Thanks Dr. Weine! more

Did not help 10/31/2011

I saw Dr. Weine for fatigue and immune problems. The short story is it was a waste of my time and money. The long story is that yet again, you have another practitioner in town who does muscle testing and then gives you a bunch of supplements to take. I don't find this to be anything new or special. Many practitioners do this. Some do it better than others. I personally was not impressed with Tenesha's techniques - she even tried to talk me out of taking a supplement that has been a LIFESAVER for me - a supplement that 2 MDs have endorsed (and yes, those MDs muscle test too). But from my experience, a pill or tincture or whatever is only going to go so far. The bottom line is I feel that Tenesha follows set protocols instead of treating each individual patient. But there's a lot of that out there, so she's by no means the only one who does this. The problem is the protocols don't work for everyone. Nor does selling supplement lines based on your blood type - which is what Tenesha does I can honestly say that I don't think she knows how to practice acupuncture very well, I'm afraid. I don't fault her for this, as she didn't go to acupuncture school, but I will say that I didn't receive any benefits from her treatments. So if you're looking for acupuncture, please go see someone trained in a 4-year institution. If you find the right one, your body will sing afterward. I promise. Having sad all this, my biggest issue with Tenesha has to do with her selling supplements. I kid you not, if you try to buy your supplements somewhere else, you WILL hear her displeasure about it. She really wants that money I suppose... Sad, really. I actually asked another practitioner in town about this particular issue; about what he would do if he recommended a supplement for me, and I bought it somewhere else. His reply was: ""I wouldn't be offended, that's just economics."" Point taken. And also, ironically enough, the best healer I've met in town has not one review on citysearch. So please, make an informed decision on any practitioner you see and don't just rely on reviews to do so... more

THANK YOU! 11/30/2010

Dr. Weine has been a blessing in my life. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I was having lot of trouble adjusting my medicine. When I meet her, she did several blood test and find out that I have Hashimoto, an autoimmune disease, the cause of my hypothyroidism. No body before did this type of blood test to determine the cause of the problem. Today, thanks to her I know that I have this autoimmune disease and I am working with Dr Weine to improve my condition. I am feeling great with her nutritional recommendation and supplements. Recently, I had a pain in my colon. Doctors didn't know what it was and send me to do a colonoscopy. I went to see DR Weine, and she told me the name of the condition. The same day she fixed it with deep massage and acompunture. I slept all night and I have been free of pain for 3 weeks. I can not be more thankful with the results... Thank YOU more

So glad I found Dr. Weine 7/2/2010

I took my one year old son to see Dr. Weine after he had been suffering with chronic ear infections from the time he was 10 weeks old. She adjusted him and recommended that we take him off of dairy and he has not had an ear infection since! He is now 2 1/2. He also suffers from chronic sinusitis and that is still a work in progress, but everything she has recommended has been very helpful. I recently had a baby and took him to see Dr. Weine to have his ears adjusted when he was two weeks old because of the history with his brother. He developed a cold, but she put me on a supplement since I am breastfeeding and it helped him tremendously. Even with all of the congestion, he never got an ear infection and even his pediatrician was surprised. I could go on and on. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Weine's treatment philosophy and she never pressures you into buying needless supplements. She is very thorough during the visits and explains what she is recommending. more

Love Dr. Tenesha Weine 6/28/2010

I've been working with Dr. Weine for almost a year now. I am so pleased that we've gotten my allergies under control with naturopathic treatments. I'm still a work in progress, but I am so happy to have someone I trust to hep me make a lasting change in my overall health. Pros: Patient, great perpsective more

Mind, Body, & Soul 6/28/2010

Dr. Weine uses a very diverse treatment philosophy that addresses the mind, body, and soul in a very objective way. These are the true elements of one's wellness and quality of life. Dr. Weine has such a clear understanding on how to address these elements that within only a few days she was able to change my life. Yes me, a fatigued workaholic in denial about what I have done to my mind, body, and soul. I was so tired and stressed out I did not even realize how odd it was to wake up half way through the night and stare at the ceiling with a racing mind. After getting me on the appropriate vitamin regimen, I began sleeping through the night; stopped drowning in caffeine cold turkey......yes I said, ""cold turkey""; and actually had the energy to exercise again. Thank you Dr. Weine for helping me realize there is more to life than work and also teaching me how to own my body again! more

Huge thanks for Dr. Weine 6/28/2010

A few months ago I began a new exercise regimen that included heavier weights and more lunges and squats. At about the same time, I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I was talking to Dr. Weine about something else one day and mentioned the extreme pain in my foot. She said ""I can fix that; I do it all the time."" I soon saw Dr. Weine in her office, and she found that the root cause of my foot pain was a strained calf muscle. She treated my lower back and calves with acupuncture and deep massage, and after only three visits and some stretching exercises that she prescribed, I was back to my old self. I spent two weeks recently walking long distances in Italy, and had absolutely no problem with my foot. Thanks, Dr. Weine, for restoring my mobility! Pros: Excellent holistic care, focusing on total body/ mind health Cons: Not a one more

I love Dr. Tenesha Weine! 6/27/2010

A visit to see Dr. Weine is always relaxing. She listens to your needs and works to fix the problems naturally. Since I've been seeing her my hair has regained it's luster and I sleep through the night. I am so grateful to her! Pros: Listens to you. Fixes the problem! more

Dr. Tenesha Weine 6/26/2010

The first moment you walk into Dr. Weine's office a sense of calm overcomes you. You will fill out a very extensivepatient information form, which the Doctor will actually read. I felt right from the begining that Dr. Weine was very knowlegable and that she will help me get the results I need. She really listens to YOU. I have many medical issues and have been seeing Dr Weine for a shor time but I already have so much more energy and stamina. ( I take care of my 3 year old grandson alot.) Pros: Really listens to your goals Cons: Don't know any more

Thank you Dr. Weine 6/25/2010

I am very pleased and excited about finding Dr. Weine. As a cancer survivor and a middle aged woman going through a multitude of issues, I could not have asked for a more caring, sensitive, compassionate and knowledgable doctor than I have found in Dr. Weine. I am looking forward to a long relationship with Dr. Weine and her staff. Everyone at Infinity Wellness Center has been amazing. They are all very friendly, caring and helpful. Also the wellness center is a very peaceful, relaxing and comforting place to be. I have already recommended Dr. Weine to family and friends and have even told people who live out of town how pleased and excited I am to have found her. Pros: Caring, Compassionate, Knowlegable, Thorough more

Healing the Root of the problem 3/25/2010

I have to say that this is the most comprehensive Doctor visit that I?ve ever had. It also turned out to be life changing for me. I initially went to see Dr. Weine for a hormone imbalance, not thinking I would talk about the stomach pains and problems I have had for over 8 years, since after numerous other doctor visits nothing could be found. I gave up on fixing it. I had been miserable nearly every day until my first visit with Dr. Weine. She determined the problem - ?allergic to gluten? I have been gluten free for over 2 weeks and I can not express the amazing difference it has made in my life. I have to say with that her being so thorough in discovery and her effort to actually heal the root of the problem is what impressed me most. I would recommend her to everyone! more
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  • Infinity Wellness Center, owned by Dr. Tenesha Weine, is peacefully nestled on the edge of the Wild Basin Preserve in Austin, Texas. Dr. Weine practices holistically, and specializes in determining and healing the core causes of conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and headaches. She also concentrates on balancing female hormones naturally, pre- and post-menopause issues, infertility, and offers prenatal care as well as care for infants and children.

    Many patients come to Dr. Weine after they have not experienced results with other practitioners. Dr. Weine's success is based on her ability to discover the root cause of a patient's symptoms, at which point she will design an individualized program based on their body's chemistry - resulting in restored energy and enthusiasm for life!


  • Specialize in holistic medicine, including nutrition, chiropractic, and acupuncture, to treat conditions like fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome and more.

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