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India's Clay Oven - 31 Reviews - 7233 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Family Restaurants Reviews - Phone (323) 309-5653

India's Clay Oven

7233 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 309-5653
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India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA
India's Clay Oven - Los Angeles, CA


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I love this place. Their food is always delicious. They delivered my order sooner than expected and everything was nice and warm.


Hands down they have the best Indian food I have tasted. However Hands down they have the worse service I have ever experienced. They never once come to refill your water, they ne...

Editorial review from GrubHub 4/4/2014

by Lisa at GrubHub Provided by GrubHub
I love this place. Their food is always delicious. They delivered my order sooner than expected and everything was nice and warm. more

Editorial review from GrubHub 3/12/2014

always great and quick! more

Editorial review from GrubHub 7/11/2013

I love their Chicken Tikka Masala. Just delicious more

Editorial review from GrubHub 4/14/2013

by Tim at GrubHub Provided by GrubHub
Dry and tasteless tikka. The marsala tasted like Ragu tomato sauce. Shrimp pakora were soggy and cold. Nothing to recommend this place. more


Last night my boyfriend and a friend decided to order from India's Clay Oven. What a mistake!!!!!!! We were all starving when we put our order in promptly at 8:30, after being told it would take 45-1hr to deliver the food. LIES. At 1 hour I called the restaurant to check on the order. Kamal, the ""manager"" told me that he HAD NOT even started making the food!! I mean what manager says that to a customer? I thought he was kidding but no he wasn't. So I asked him how long it would be now - another 20 minutes. Okay, and I asked him to give the food to us at a discount, he offered to take off one dish for the delay. I would like to point out that they weren't even going to call to tell us they planned to be late. IT WAS A WEDNESDAY NIGHT PEOPLE. NOT FRIDAY! 30 minutes later I call again to get a waiter who knew nothing of the situation. I was given Kamal's cell phone. I finally got him and asked him where my food was. He said oh she must be there soon. She arrives, 1 hour and 45 TOTAL minutes later. I told Kamal that I would not be paying for the entire meal and he told me that now the food would be full price and she would leave with the food if I did not sign the slip. He said he has a legal recording of my order and threatened to challenge me on it. Please. The food was TERRIBLE. We ordered Samosas, awful. Chicken Massala, terrible. this cauliflower dish - not bad, but not worth the wait. The lentils had 8 lbs of salt added. AGAIN, NOT WORTH THE WAIT. I would stay away from this place all together. There are plenty of Indian restaurants in Hollywood and the greater LA area - I'm not even sure why this place is still open. I WOULD RATHER GO HUNGRY THAN ORDER FROM INDIA'S CLAY OVEN EVER AGAIN. more

HORRIBLE SERVICE! Mediocre food. 8/8/2011

First: Please do not confuse this place with ""India's Oven"" I made that mistake and had unbelievably horrible experience. Go to India's Oven on Wilshire. The food and service are better. Here are the highlights: 1. Server told my friend the cost for substitutions on their ""dinners"" was $2.50. It was $1.50 in the menu. But we let it go. 2. We waited 40 mins for food (but there was one server in the whole place so we were going to let it go) 3. Server did not make the substitution and got a little nasty when my friend insisted she wanted Saag Paneer even if she had to wait. 4. Server brought out full Saag Paneer and told us we got a full order. My friend asked if we'd be charged for the full order and we were told ""yes"" so my friend protested. We were told we would be charged half price bc she didn't know if my friend ate any of the dal being substituted. We protested. She said ""FINE! Don't pay for it!"" and stormed off. I thought that would be the highlight of the evening! WRONG! 5. My friend cuts into her chicken and it is pink in the middle and tough to cut. IT IS RAW!! We couldn't believe it! We call the server over to tell her and she yells ""WHY ARE YOU CAUSING US PROBLEMS!"" My friend calmly started explaining she wasnt causing problems, her chicken was uncooked. The server stormed away. She refused to come back to the table. 6. I attempted to get the attention of someone in the back and the chef came out. He refused to look at the food. Yelled that there was no way it was uncooked. He told us to leave with out paying and ""Write two reviews each of you so I can find you!"" That was his direct quote! This is my first review. I will likely follow his instructions and post another somewhere else. This was incredible! It just happened and I still kind of can't believe it. I also can't believe how many people sat in the restaurant and watched the whole thing. CRAZY!! I'm new to LA and I certainly hope all of my dining experiences aren't as action packed. The worst part was the food was pretty good :-( more


Really disappointed with this place. I ordered late at night so I think I got the food that was sitting in the ""clay oven"" all day! My meal came to $28 and it was enough for only one hungry stoner...I couldnt believe they charged so much and gave TINY portions, in little sample size containers. When I called to complain, the owner got very defensive and insisted they had been voted best Indian restaurant in LA. ha ha. He was very rude, and did not seek out a resolution of any kind. As a business owner, I find it really a turn off to see an owner who does not stand behind their product. I would find another place to go! more

Best Food, But the Worst Service 11/20/2010

Hands down they have the best Indian food I have tasted. However Hands down they have the worse service I have ever experienced. They never once come to refill your water, they never once come to ask how your food is, they never once come to see if you are finished. You have to flag them down to get anything done. Many restaurants are busy and I understand that, but here the waiters seem to purposely just ignore you. One time I went there were three people in the place and yet still the owner sat there having his own dinner and no one to serve us. more


I'm from New York, which has great Indian food. I have searched and searched for the best Indian food in town . And i mean from the the valley to the city. And I now drive from Agoura Hills to the India's Oven. Great food, one of the nicest looking Indian restaurants in town. And the many times I've been there, the service was great. So, I dn't know what the complaints are about. Maybe the writers were having a bad hair day. how many Indian restaurants have Zagat ratings. more

One of the best Indian Cuisine cafes in L.A. 8/29/2010

Athough I 'm still learning E-mail, its a pleasure to support this wonderful L.A. landmark cafe. It's a treat to come in sit down and have a great dinning experience with or without a reservations. The Indian beer is always cold and the Mango Ribs are over the top. Dishes can be fresh crafted for Veggan or Low fat \r and/ or salt. \r Thanks again for the many years or home delivery and catering!\r Hindu ICon more

Awful food, slow and rude 3/6/2010

The food at this place is truly awful. We typically go to Star of India, which is generally fine, but decided to try a new Indian place last night. It was a $60 mistake - everything was uniformly disgusting. Even the rice was poorly cooked and the tamarind sauce tasted like it was diluted with ketchup. Actually, I am overlooking the papadums which were semi-edible. To add insult to injury, the service was shockingly slow and the manager (owner?) was really quite the rude jerk. Pros: Still alive Cons: Just barely more

BRUTAL experience - DO NOT go here. 10/5/2009

I drive by this place all the time so decided to finally check it out and had a terrible experience. Service was slow, chicken was dry and when I incorrectly charged the manager was unreasonable and rude. The best part was when I said that I'd be sharing my poor review online and the manager told me to go ahead, their restaurants make $2.5mil a year so my opinions are insignificant. Cons: Everything more

Rude, angry greedy manager, average food! 7/8/2009

I received a gift certificate for the restaurant. We ordered more than the value of the gift certificate. The manager came to the table and said ""I don't have time to explain this... you need to order more or we won't make any f***ing money!"" Unbelievable! We had to order more, or lose the value of the gift. The food was just average at best, and extremely greasy. The plates and silverware were dirty with crusted dried food stuck on them! Yuck! No wonder the place was empty! I will NEVER eat here again. Pros: None! NEVER eat here!! Cons: Manager who came to the table to shout at us! Dirty plates.. more

Decent Food, Good Customer Service 4/11/2009

I've been to India's Clay Oven twice. The food is good (not great), and the customer service is very good. If you are accustomed to Indian food, I think you will agree that the food is satisfying, but definitely not the best as far as Indian food is concerned. However, if you are a first-timer to Indian food, India's Clay Oven is probably a good choice. I would definitely go again, especially considering I have not found better Indian food in L.A. Pros: decent food, good customer service, low-key Cons: Not the best Indian food, but good more

The Best Little Secret in Los Angeles 1/12/2009

I've been a regular patron at India's Clay Oven for about 3 years and am continually impressed with the wonderful food, staff, and atmosphere of this restaurant to this day. As a vegetarian, I've found few restaurants in this world that suit my very discerning palette, but India's Clay Oven offers a generous vegetarian selection that assures me that I've missed nothing from my carnivorous days. Over the years, I've introduced at least a dozen friends (carnivores and vegetarians alike) to this restaurant, turning them into regulars as well. My fiance who now considers this her favorite restaurant , even took me there for my birthday recently.\r The Benghan Bartha (eggplant) is not to be missed, perhaps my favorite of all with its rich spices that I can imagine as I write this. I never liked eggplant until I tried this dish. Skip the rice and order the Parmessan Naan instead. India's Clay Oven does Naan perfectly and you'll be trying the garlic and onion Naans quickly as well. The Saag Aloo (spinach) is also a must have and was the previous champion on my list. But be prepared to eat more than you expect because it's simply that good!\r A huge part of the warm and friendly atmosphere is their choice of perfectly chosen music and their outstanding staff led by Kammal. The ambience was one of the first hints that this would be on my dining top list even when I first stepped into this restaurant. There's always a perfect music playlist consisting of Indian inspired downtempo and ambient grooves. When in doubt, ask for suggestions from Kammal. Unless you don't mind the valet, parking can be tricky so arrive a little earlier if you're meeting friends. Even if you get lucky and park in front, soaking up the pleasant of this restaurnt isn't the worst thing in the world. With it's bright lights, this isn't a first date place, nor a romantic destination. But everything else.... Pros: Food of the Gods! Warm and cheerful staff. Outstanding background music. Cons: Parking is tricky unless you valet. A little too brightly lit. more

Amazing Indian Vegetarian Food! 8/22/2008

I recently tried India's Oven one night after work with a girlfriend and was so amazed at how good the food was. I'm a vegetarian and absolutely love Indian food and love love love spicy food. They cooked the curry to perfection and the samosa's were absolutely to die for. I've lived in the area for a few years, but this was my first time trying India's Oven, I will most definitely go back and likely put them on speed dial so I can order more take out! The servers were also so nice and knowledgable I absolutely love when I can ask questions about a dish and get a thorough response! You must try this place, believe me you'll be a die hard loyal fan right away! Pros: Curry, Service, DELICIOUS Cons: none that I can think of more

Extremely Rude, Unprofessional, Madman Owner, Average Indian Food 6/9/2008

I've both eaten in the restaurant and ordered delivery. I had a terrible experience with my last delivery but was optimistic enough to try again. We ordered food last week and we were told it would arrive in 30 minutes. After 1.5 hours I called the restaurant and greeted fairly rudely but was told that the kitchen had been busy and that he would tell the driver to put me first on the delivery route. When the driver arrived after a TWO HOUR WAIT I asked if I would be receiving any token discount and he said I should and called the owner. He also noted that I was the LAST delivery (although the owner told me I would be first). The owner hung up on him and would not speak to him about it or to me. The driver called him back and put him on the phone with me. He initially denied that he was the owner or manager and told me simply to take the food or else. When I asked his name he told me that I could call him anything and would not give me his name. He yelled saying that I didn't have to pay if I didn't want the food. I've never experienced such rude or unprofessional behavior. We, of course, did not accept or pay for the cold, average Indian food. \r \r Too top it all off, I checked my bank statement today and they charged me for the food that I did not receive! Pros: Average food Cons: Rude service, lack of professionalism beyond belief, slow more

OK food 5/28/2008

This place is below average to average at best. I live down the street so, its walkably close. There are better in town at a short drive away. Pros: close to my house Cons: service, so so food, dungeony interiors more

Decent 6/28/2007

I liked this place. The food was good and the atmosphere was good for groups. But it is by no means the best Indian food I've ever had. It was good and it was nice to find a decent place in America (after living in London for half a year, I have become addicted to Indian food. The Indian food in London is really good.) I thought the food was fresh and the Chicken Korma and Nan was really good. Parking in that area isn't easy but it never really is in LA. more

$25 for no food, and no service. 4/30/2007

Even though we've had one bad experience with India's Oven earlier, the three of us went there for a working lunch knowing we could get a quiet corner for us to discuss business. \r \r They have recently launched their 'All you can eat Buffet' during lunch time and we decided to give it a try. We came back without any food after paying $25. \r \r The food tasted stale and was not even warmed up. Unfortunately we realized this only after taking the food on our plate. When we pointed out the quality of the food and our doubt that it was not fresh, the manager's response was, ""Well, you're entitled to your opinion and we value your inputs but since you've got the food on your plate you will have to pay for it"". \r \r We requested if we could try their a-la-carte in stead and his response was, 'As long as you will pay for the buffet'. It was a humiliating experience for the three of us. We were treated as if we were trying to steal food from them. \r \r We left without eating and had to pay-up $25 (he gave us a discount as we had not eaten any food, otherwise he would have charged $35.5). Pros: Ambience Cons: Bad food, Bad customer service. Try India's Grill on La Brea in stead. more
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    The turquoise-and-peach dining room is filled with roomy Naugahyde booths, where faithful patrons sit and stuff themselves on ample portions of inexpensive east Indian fare. The...

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