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Incredible Pets - 45 Reviews - 8695 Highland Dr, Sandy, UT - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (801) 947-1234

Incredible Pets

8695 Highland Dr
Sandy, UT 84093
(801) 947-1234
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I have been to this shop multiple times and know the owner. Jim young has some of the best staff around the place is always spotless and i have never meet anyone so helpful when i...


First coupel times weren't spectacular visits.. the Birds there are amazing as always... \r I am a Fish person and they just lack in most every aspect there even after the change...

FOUND - Original Groomers from Incredible Pets 5/22/2011

FOUND Original Groomers from Incredible Pets Karen 801-944-0560 Blaine - Eden Pets - (801) 790-7387 Debbie - Lucky Dog - (801) 562-2167 more

New Ownership??? 4/13/2011

Don't go there to play with the Puppies or Kittens or Birds, because they are ALL GONE. The clean and tidy shop- GONE. Customer Service-GONE, so are the friendly familiar faces that were always so helpful and very knowledgeable. Experienced groomers? Also gone. Is this someone's new hobby or is he really trying to run a business? more

Self-Mutilating Birds and Half-Dead Kittens 12/2/2010

Do not buy pets from this store. Period. There should be no room for arguement here. I went into this shop to find some vitamins for my dove. A simple chore. I was greeted by the usual pet-store scent, but it was bright and (at least externally) clean. Then I saw the animals. I cannot speak for puppies, because I don't keep them. There were several Dachsund puppies in a large glass terrarium, and other assorted puppies the likes of which I couldn't identify. The bird aisle was directly across from the main door, so I followed the squaking and found myself confronted with large glass-fronted cages, each housing a separate species. After passing Sun Conures, Cockatiels and some finches I was confronted by two large Cockatoos. Beautiful birds, I thought. But once I looked closer, I saw that both birds had plucked their breasts completely bare, and that the larger of the two refused to stand on one of his legs. A bad, bad sign. When I turned away, saddened, from the birds, I saw a medium-sized cage with four kittens. I strolled over, hoping to drown my sorrow in their fluffy innocence, but it was not to be as I planned. One of the kittens, a pointed medium-hair, was completely and totally unresponsive to all stimulus. I briefely thought it dead until I saw its shallow breathing. I broke my personal values and reached through the cage bars and felt the kitten, and it was GROSSLY underweight. Of the other three, one was frisky and kitten-ish, one had some nasty drainage going on, especially for a short-hair, and the third... oh the third. Black and white, I assumed. The problem was that it's entire haunch was COVERED in feces and litter. This cat had some major digestive issues that weren't being addressed. I rushed out of the store, putting my bird's vitamins back in their place because I will not patronize this shop. Ever. TL;DR: Two very sick kittens and some self-mutilating birds make for a very unfortunate pet-shop experience. more

Good Advice 10/23/2010

Don't buy Puppies or Kittens from any pet shop. Find a breeder and not some one who just felt like having puppies cause they are cute or because they were an accident. Buy from a breeder who has been in the buisness and knows what they are doing. Make sure the puppy has its dew claws removed first shots and are at least 8 weeks old. And make sure you meet both parents ( they need to have good temperments and they should be healthy) and see where the puppies are living and who is raising them. If you are willing to spend the next 8- 16 years with that animal you should have the decency to spend the time to do the right thing. There are far to many puppy mills and back yard breeders ( people who accidently had the puppies) out there. And never buy a puppy in a parking lot because its either from a puppy mill or back yard breeders. Please spay and neuter your pets. Thanks for listening. more

*****************MUST READ********************* 9/29/2010

I went to buy my westie there. I am so happy i got her but....\r first off i put half down 3 days before i can bring her home. the 3rd day was up, i was so excited to get my new puppy. they ran me up for the remainding. they didnt give me a receip which at that time i didnt notice. i brought the wonderful puppy home and i got a call from the employee that rang me up for my ballance. He stated he ran my up for 27.00 instead of 227.00 and that he needs my bank info and my card info ""RIGHT NOW"". (he was calling on his own cell phone not the business phone)\r first off i work at a Law Firm and i didnt know if he was telling the truth. I deal with people that seal bank info. i didnt want to deal with that in my personal life.\r so i told him that i need proof because he need gave me a receipt. He got very mad. I told him i am not doing anything until i get proof that he only ran it for $27.00. \r my bank statments did go through that day so i was going to call him back the next day. i get a call back at 9 in the morning the next day. the employee again said ""you didnt call me back."" i said ""i need proof that you only ran it for $27.00"". he got very mad and said ""we called the cops and the cops are going to come after you because you arent paying this"". i sd ""this is your mistake not mine, you put it in for $27.00 not me!"" he got very mad he said ""i need your bank info or card info right now!"" i sd ""NO i am not giving that to you until i see proof""\r i got on my bank info and sure enough he did run it through for $27.00. i called back and asked for the manager. the employee i talk to earlier could tell by my voice it was me. he sd ""why dont you want to talk to me?"" i told him i want to talk to the manager. he would not give the ph to the manager which is Jim. he finally gave the phone to jim. I told jim that his employee was very rude. jim said ""well we have to cops involved."" i said ""why he ran it for $27.00 it is not like i made him run it for that amount"". i said ""i work at a law firm and that is not right how you are dealing with this"" jim then got very scard i could tell. jim was very nice after that he said he was sorry. i said these things happen it is okay. so i gave him my card info over the ph to run it for the right amount.\r the next day i check my voice mails. i had a miss call from jim that i didnt check. jim said in the message, ""Ms. you know we ran it through for $27.00"" (yeah i didnt even get a Receipt) and jim said, ""i called the cops call me back asap because the cops will be knocking at your door and i know you dont want to police report on you so call me back i know you dont want anything bad to happen to you so call me back.""\r i can beleive he said that to me!!!! it wasnt like i ran out of the store and stoll a puppy it was their mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate it there more

Their puppies do come from puppy mills... 9/20/2010

Please I ask all of you to stop purchasing animals from this place. Their puppies are all from mills and when they come back sick Jim will not seek care for them he tries to home remedy them. If they are terminal then they just sit in cages until they die. This man is barbaric. These are innocent animals that don't deserve to live life this way. If they are sick take them to a vet or have them put down humanely... he doesn't because it costs him money! I am not a previous employee just venting. I have never worked for him and I would never work for someone like him. Please help stop this deplorable situation by not purchasing animals from here. The fish and lizards might be OK but the puppies and kittens are not. Even if some are healthy what about all of them that aren't should they have to suffer? Don't be selfish, just purchase your animals from a reputable breeder or better yet from a shelter. If you doubt what I am saying google ""Lambriar "" on the internet and you will find they are a broker that sells the dogs from mills to pet stores and that is where these pets come from. STOP THE PUPPY MILLS dont buy from Incredible Pets. more

stop supporting PUPPY MILLS! 9/9/2010

By buying a puppy here you will have supported a puppy mill or dozens of them,the owner has no love for animals... only money i promise you.\r him and his employees may act like they know what they are talking about, or they will tell you all the nice things about an animal you are about to buy, but chances are that animal will have issues in the future, if it does not consider yourself lucky!\r take these consumers word when they tell you the issues they have had cause i know first hand they are ALL very true,the kittens there are the worst, they get lukiemia and most will die within days, its so sad and the only way to help is to stop buying here ALL together, if you try and report them the animal abuse dectective will be of NO help for reasons im not sure of!\r HELP THESE ANIMALS!!!! more

Horrible Pet Store 9/8/2010

i really doubt that those negative reviews were from ""disgruntled"" employees. i have had nothing but promlems with this place for years! in my family there have been 3 dogs purchased here. dog #1 was a puppy my parents bought for me for my 12th birthday... two days later she is sick, can barely move so she goes to the vet and we end up having to pay a lot of money to make her healthy. dog # 2 my mother bought a puppy for herself... once again a couple of days later the puppy is sick and my mom if to forced to fork out a lot of money to make the poor thing better. dog # 3 my brother bought a puppy from this pet store... same situation puppy is sick only the difference this time is she is going to have problems for the rest of her life! (puppy mill perhaps?). \r \r My reccomendation.... go to a breeder you can get healthy and less expensive puppies. more

Dont read disgruntled employee's slander 8/25/2010

I have been to this shop multiple times and know the owner. Jim young has some of the best staff around the place is always spotless and i have never meet anyone so helpful when it came to buying a fish. I asked about the previous reviews and its the same two girls who got let go for being useless who writhe that garbage. I will never go anywhere else more

Left out important info but the pets are great 7/20/2010

Granted, this place does have some pretty terrible reviews. If I had read these reviews before ever visiting the store, I would not have my mini dachshund or my havanese pups. But that means that I wouldn't have my two little cutie pies, and my life would be sadder because of it. Both are really great pets - no health or behavioral issues (and it's been more than a year). I also recently purchased a bird from them. He was pretty friendly at first, but now he's acting really aggressive towards me. (It could just be me, and not because the bird is defective or whatever.) My only issues with the place is that they don't really give me vital information. For example, did you know that you can only have 3 dogs in Salt Lake City by law? If you have more than 3 dogs, then you need a kennel permit, etc. The salesgirl when I was purchasing my Havanese knew that I had 3 other dogs. And she said she had 4 dogs of her own. And yet, she failed to let me know that you can't have more than 3 dogs legally unless you apply for a kinda costly city permit. This is kind of basic knowledge for someone working in a pet store (kind of like if you went to a restaurant, and they tell you what ingredients go into a particular dish or how it's prepared). Even if SHE didn't want to get a kennel permit, she should have at least known this basic information for working in a pet store. Another REALLY important piece of information - dog saliva is extremely dangerous to birds. We have 4 dogs, so obviously if we had known that dog saliva is practically toxic to birds, then we wouldn't have purchased a bird! But they assured me that dogs won't really hurt the bird and to keep them separate and it's not a big deal. Hmm... I dunno but I think it really IS a big freakin deal if my bird can get sick or die because my dogs have been licking me and I didn't know this information!! I don't know the owner or his supposed harem of high school salesgirls, but that's his own personal business as far as I'm concerned. I just wish that in the future, the salespeople are a little bit more honest and forthcoming with their information. I'm sure that if the customers were given all this vital information, they would be a lot more trusting and appreciative of the staff and store. And who knows? Maybe they will choose to go ahead and purchase a pet despite its not so great qualities. But as far as all the reviews of the sick dogs - just an fyi, i adopted my third dog from the humane society and he got kennel cough. I got my first pup from a reputed breeder, and he got parvo. But both my pups from Incredible Pets have been healthy. So maybe it's not necessarily an absolute - that all dogs from pet stores get sick while all dogs from reputed breeders/humane society will be fine. I don't know if Incredible Pets really is crappy as far as paying attention to the medical health of animals there, but mine have been fine. (And I'm really sorry that a lot of you guys have to go through the heartbreak of having sick animals. It really is a tough time.) Pros: can play with the pets; great dogs (in my experience) Cons: they leave out vital information more

So Far So Good 5/22/2010

I just got a hampster today. So far the hampster is ok. I have read the reviews and still went to buy a hampster. I still dont know if i should of bought it or not because of the harsh reviews. Also my dog gets groomed there and they do a very very good job. My dog had sergury on her tail and has infections in her ears, they were very gentle with her and did a very good job. Pros: Good Supplies Cons: Dogs sit in their own waste sometimes. more


I recently took my bird to get her wings clipped and her nails trimmed. I called before going in and one of the many ""managers"" told me that they clip Conures all the time. When I got there, I asked again if they were experienced because birds need special handling and my bird isn't very friendly to strangers. They told me not to worry that they could handle her. After a few minutes, the girl came out of the back with my bird on her finger, which was my first red flag because she doesn't let anyone else hold her. She was panting extremely hard, she wouldn't close her mouth, and she kept sticking out her tongue. The girl told me that she was out of breath because she got away from her and flew around the back room for a few minutes, which was ""extremely hot."" I knew right away that my bird was in shock. I checked her wings and they clipped 5 on each side. A normal clipping is 1 or 2 on one side. She didn't calm down for 15 minutes. She didn't yell for hours, which is very out of character for her...she is VERY vocal. When 30 minutes went by and she still hadn't yelled, I called the vet who recommended we take her in to get checked out. When we talked to yet another ""manager"" he told me that he couldn't reimburse me for the vet bill and that I should bring her back in to the store so he could ""try to coax her back."" Like I would EVER trust them with my bird again! When I told him that wasn't going to happen, he had the owner call me. The owner told me that all of this was my fault and his employees take no responsibility for the animals in their care After some arguing, he told me that aliens must have come down and hurt our bird and then hung up on me. The bill was only $56, but he refused to pay. Thank God our bird is okay, but she has been traumatized and is not the same as before. She is scared all the time. The vet said that they could have killed her. Do not take your bird to these inexperienced people! There is a place nearby called Ronnie's For The Love of Birds. Ronnie is GREAT! I will never take my bird to anyone else but her ever again! Cons: unqualified employees, poor service, poor conditions more

Sick pets everytime! 4/23/2010

I have bought numberous pets from Incredible Pets in Sandy and I'm thoroughly disgusted with them. \r The first dog I bought, a Shih tzu, has an inherited eye disorder. He had to have his left eye removed at 18 months old. At 2, he had glaucoma in the remaining eye. His vet bills have totaled 3600.00 so far and his meds are 75.00 per month. I chopped it up to a fluke, even though Incredible Pets GUARANTEE'S that their animals are free of inherited disease. \r The second dog I bought, a German Shepherd, is hyper-aggressive, and totally out of control even after 1 year of Dog Training and obedience school. Vet thinks she is puppy-milled and interbred. Cost for schooling so far, 800.00. Paid 1,000.00 for her. Bought a second German Shepherd shortly after the first. He was diagnosed with everything from severe Spiroketes, Giardia, and kennel cough within the first month of having him. 1 year later and I'm into him 1600.00 in vet bills and he still has diarhhea. I paid 600.00 for him. \r Swore I'd never buy another dog from them again...but I did buy 2 hamsters 3 weeks ago...dumb idea. Both of them are now dead of some weird abcess that developed in their neck. The first died 5 days after. \r I told the manager and I was told, oh, that's so sad. That's it. No offer to replace him.\r Now the second has died after making sure that everything in his enviroment was perfect and knowing fully well that it was nothing we did. My grandchildren are heartbroken. (The 3 rats I bought at Petco are alive and well 2 years later)\r These people shouldn't be allowed to keep or sell so much as a goldfish. Speaking of fish, all 20 I bought from Incredible pets died within 2 months. The 15 fish from Petco are alive and well 1 year later...with the exception of 1 that died 2 months ago. \r I'm taking all my vet bills, and my 2nd dead hamster to the Humane Society Monday and filing a complaint. more

Great Grooming and Customer Service 3/25/2010

been taking my dogs there for years, groomers are wonderful! Also I have small children that love to go in with me to see their dogs and the pets and the staff is always very friendly and safe with how they allow my kids to hold the puppies. Pros: Staff, variety of pets, birds, reptiles Cons: I prefer rescue pets but nice variety of full breed dogs more


I must admit, when I read the reviews I was very sketchy about going there. upon entering, I noticed that it was cleaner than any pet shop I have visited. The workers were happy and very helpful, and the animals seemed healthy and well taken care of. I voiced my concerns with Jim (owner) about what I read online and he seemed hurt and betrayed by it. I quickly made me feel 100% better about what I read and went on to give me excellent service and care with the puppy I purchased. Thomas, another worker, was really helpful and cool as well as very knowledgeable with all of the puppies that I was watching. He gave me great advice on food, shelter, training, and general care. I felt important in Incredible Pets and Grooming. They have made a lifetime customer out of me. Thanks Staff for the wonderful experience and the new little puppy! Pros: Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, customer comes first! Cons: no vets on site more

DO NOT SHOP HERE!!! 11/18/2009

I bought a dog from them who was not up to date on his first round of shot. (like it says they are in the CONTRACT!) My dog is now sick and they wont do a thing about it because I refused to let them treat him because they didn't even care to get him his shots in the fist place. If they had done the right thing my dog would not be sick now!!!! Pros: There are not any pros about this place Cons: They do not care about their pets!!!!! more

""Healthy"" kitten dead within week!!! 9/27/2009

My teenage daughter bought me a Siamese kitten to help me get over the loss of a cat I'd had for 10 years. The day after we got the kitten. Immediately, it was apparent that the kitten was sick. Her eyes were watering, she had runny stools and she was lethargic. Upon calling the pet shop, I was informed I could get a new kitten or they would take care of her at the store. I asked if I gave her back, would they seek medical care for the kitten. The owner replied, ""No"" that is was not cost effective. I'm not a heartless person, so there was no way I was giving that poor little kitten back. A day later I took the kitten to the vet. Among other things, she had pneumonia. We got her on fluids and antibiotics. Unfortunately, she was too ill. I watched her suffer all week and then she died in my arms. daughter was told his kitten was immunized and healthy. My next kitten I adopt will be rescued from a ""humane"" animal shelter. more

raising awareness 8/6/2009

Just the memories of working at this store put me in a state of utter disgust. The store owner was and still is in a mass amount of debt. Because of his debt problems he refused to treat the animals with proper medical care. So needless to say numerous of them died. The worse experience I had there was when my manager sent me to the back room to feed a sick puppy. when I got back there I saw a jack russell terrier that had worms and was starving to death, honestly it was one of the most grim things I had ever seen. Over all it wasn't just the animals that were treated poorly, the female employees were objectified and looked at as eye candy nothing more. I can't tell you how many times I was mistreated in a sexual manner at this store. The men that run this place are absolute pigs and they use this so called ""business"" as a dating service. I'm writing this review to simply aware customers not only how cruelly the animals are treated here but to save a lot of young women from cruel intentions. more

Very Good Store. 7/30/2009

I had some issues with a dog I bought at this premises. There were issues not related to health (the animals are in good shape as far as I see), and James, as well as his son Chris, worked very fairly to compensate for the misunderstanding. They are both friendly, and trying to upgrade the pet industry. They offer a proactive paradigm that involves a triumvirate relationship with the animals, the owners, and the customers. I recommend them wholeheartedly. My name is Gary Gilliam, and I recommend you give this place a fair chance. Most arguments against them are visceral and they deserve a better review then they often receive. Pros: Good animals, will compensate for issues. Cons: None really. more

Inexcusable behavior by staff 7/29/2009

My in law's were out of town and asked me to take their dog in for grooming. In the past when they had asked I had been instructed to take their dog to incredible pets in sandy. I dropped the dog off at 8:30 AM with the instructions for my in laws about how to clip her. About 2 hours later the groomer called and asked if we had an appointment to groom the dog. I told her that my in law were out of town and I assumed they did because they asked me to take her in. The groomer was very friendly and said that they would groom her and call me when she was done. At 5 PM I hadn't heard form them and called to inquire about when she would be done and the groomer said we could pick her up at 5:15 PM. I picked up the dog and paid for the grooming. The next morning I received a call from the groomer telling me that after a conversation with the store manager that they were very surprised that to see the dog there for grooming and asked me why I took her there. She than proceeded to tell me that the last time the dog was groomed there my in laws had a bad experience. I told her that I knew nothing of it and it was never mentioned to me. She then told me that they were going to send a bill to my in laws for a tip since I didn't leave one. I told her that I did not own a pet and did not know that I was suppose to leave a tip and thought that it was very tacky that she would even consider sending them a bill for a tip and that I thought she should reconsider. She then said ""you are a b$%#@ just like your mother in law"" an hung up. more
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