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Imelda's Shoes - 71 Reviews - 3426 SW Hawthorne, Portland, OR - Shoes Reviews - Phone (503) 233-7476

Imelda's Shoes

3426 SW Hawthorne (at Between 34th and 35th)
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 233-7476
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Imelda's Shoes - Portland, OR
Imelda's Shoes - Portland, OR
Imelda's Shoes - Portland, OR
Imelda's Shoes - Portland, OR
Imelda's Shoes - Portland, OR


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I have always made Imeldas one of my stops while visiting Portland, and never leave disappointed. They have great shoes from funky to highly functional and all pretty comfortable...


Great shoes, great style.......too bad about the salespeople. I am glad to read that it is not just me being followed around the store as if I was going to steal something. I hope...

Horrible, Horrible, Customer Service! 9/8/2011

Bought my 70yr old mom a purse in June, for her birthday. Took the purse back in September, because the zipper fell apart AND the stitching on both sides of strap. I paid $260 for the bag. Needless to say, they would not exchange it, or give credit for it. They wanted to send the bag back to factory. When I asked how long?, the Mgr. said, ""she didn't know!"" After stating that I did NOT want this brand of bag, ever, and surely not for a gift. I told them to keep the bag! I'm going to dispute the charge and I am NEVER shopping here again!!! more

Imelda's on Hawthorne 3/6/2011

They have nice shoes at average prices but there are too many sales people for the small store. It feels like they are leering and it is awkward, in my opinion. Don't look them in the eyes! more

H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E 11/29/2010

I had the unplesant experience of working for this woman for a mere 2 weeks. That was all I could handle. I gave it my best shot. The owner is super greedy and has zero customer service knowledge. I had previously worked in shoes at Nordstrom and loved it. I loved Nordstroms liberal return policy, positive attitude and loved helping customers. \r \r I moved away and returned to the area and thought I would try retail at a local business. We were told not to leave the back room on our unpaid lunch breaks, not to let the customers touch anything, not to let the customers use their phones, made minimum wage and were told to basically presure people into paying way too much for shoes that were already at the Nordstrom Rack. It was the most unprofessional, uncomfortable work experience ever. I can't beleive that place is still open. Quite frankly, the owners a washed up old hag. Ick! Don't waste your hard earned money, go anywhere else. more

Unbelievably Bad 11/5/2010

Why would anyone in their right mind shop at this store? Their selection is not particularly good and their customer service, especially the return policy, is horrrible. With stores like Nordstrom available, it is amazing tthis shop stays in business. I gave it a one star rating only because Zero was not an option. more

a major bad experience - never retumomg there again 7/20/2010

I have bought a number of products at Imeldas and always very carefully as ihe return policy was no refunds, no exchanges if worn. I found that a little harsh and had never come across quite the vehemence with which this policy is enforced.\r \r Recently I bought a paid of ""walking shoes"" for Europe. I was actually coherced into buying them with a guarantee that they would be extremely comfortable and so they seemed in the store. Far from it once I put them on and started to sight see. \r \r They hurt but I couldn't just take them off and walk barefoot so I continued for a while and they were somewhat warn.\r \r Upon returning to Portland I asked if Imeldas could at least give me an exchange. They not only didn't believe me when I told them what the clerk had said, they were downright rude and agressive. \r \r I mentioned this experience to two colleagues and they had similar stories. Not shopping there ever again.. Cons: Do not stand behind their products and are rude more

Great Selection 1/3/2010

I have always made Imeldas one of my stops while visiting Portland, and never leave disappointed. They have great shoes from funky to highly functional and all pretty comfortable. The staff is nice and attentive, but not overly pushy. The only draw back is their return policy, but it's worth it. Pros: amazing shoes, nice staff Cons: return policy more

No service after check clears 11/23/2009

\r In the world today when you pay $114.00 for a pair of shoes should you expect them to last more than one week? I purchased a pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes (Patricia) on October 31st at Imelda’s on Hawthorne, wore them the next day to church; the airport and to 2 days of meeting in California. By the time that I returned 3 days later I noticed that the heels had started to peel; when I took them back to Imelda’s on Hawthorne two weeks to the day of purchase they told me tough luck and they thought that the shoe repair could not even fix them; that I had caused the shoes to peel. \r \r When I returned home I called and asked for the manager’s name so I could contact them directly. I called the next week and spoke to the manager, explained what had happened and that I was not asking for a refund just a little customer service. She told me that they would have to stand behind the decision of not to have the shoes fixed, it was a wear issue….well I have several pairs of shoes that I had for years, and nothing like this had happened before. \r \r The end of the story is that I have always recommended Imelda’s; and it was a great place to shop….guess I was wrong…. Or maybe if you are spending your money it is good…. But do not ever expect any service after the check has cleared. \r Pros: neighborhood Cons: customer service after you buy more

great shoes & selection, some problems 8/19/2009

I have purchased many (10 or 12 pair?) shoes at Imeldas over the last 8 or so years. They have a great selection and constantly have new styles. The staff HAD horrible customer service, even for Portland, a YEAR OR TWO AGO. I made a comment to one of the staff around that time - ""wow, you're really nice and helpful - what's changed around here?"" and she told me that there had been a shift in philosophy and those with bad attitudes were let go. Since that time, I have not had a single encounter with strange or snobby staffer. Last year I purchased a purse and was assured that it would wear nicely even though it was cream colored leather, but it did not. When I brought it in 2 months later and tried to talk to a manager about it, she said that it was natural wear and had something to do with how I held the bag. Frankly, this was disappointing, and the manager didn't handle it too well, but this isn't we'll-take-anything-back Nordstroms! However, they still have some room to improve customer service. I have a feeling that it is a trickle down effect from the owner. Also, they have a Very clear return policy, which I've always had to sign separately. So I am VERY sure to wear my shoes around the house until I know I love them. more

Be careful - No return policy 4/28/2009

Be careful shopping for shoes here. This place has a terrible return policy for being in business for 13 years. There shoes are all over $60 or $70 dollars, so make sure the shoes that you get fit and feel good because you cannot return them for your money back. Nordstrom has just about the same sort of selections of shoes as this place and actually has a return policy. So it would be much more worth your money shopping somewhere else because then you have the chance to return the shoes if they end up giving you blisters. I bought some sandals here hoping they would look good for a dress that I'm wearing to a wedding. The sandals ended up not going well with the dress, so the very next day when I tried to return them, I could only return them for their stupid store credit. Even though I had them for less than 24 hours and never wore them. Now I have about $85 dollars worth of their stupid store credit which is such a waste, because they mostly have shoes and sandals with heels. Overall good selection of shoes, but be careful, because you won't be able to return the shoes that you buy. I've learned my lesson about this place and I'm never shopping there again... Pros: Good location Cons: Horrible return policy more

You've Got to be Kidding Me... 3/17/2008

Coming from someone who has spent that last seven years of their lives working in a multitude of different retail settings (a few being on Hawthorne) I ask you this:\r \r At some point, shouldn't one be adult enough to take responsibility in knowing what fits properly and what is comfortable? \r \r Blaming Imelda's for purchasing a pair of shoes in the wrong size is a lot like blaming the Gap for buying a pair of jeans that you're too fat to squeeze into. And speaking from experience, it takes more than one or two wears to break in a pair of boots. Fashion can mean pain, kids.\r \r And as far as retail staffs go, I've found the Imelda's girls to be nothing but friendly, helpful and honest.\r \r I know... It's scary and off putting when sales clerks try to help you and a complete and utter outrage when they don't help you enough, right? Yeah...\r \r Besides the outrageously high husband stealing rates, retail is supposed to be fun, Portland... lighten up!\r \r more

I live a block away, love to support local business and will not shop at Imelda's! 3/11/2008

I have shopped at Imelda's in the past. Of the 5 pair of shoes I have bought there only one was comfortable enough to continue wearing. Really, I bought two different pairs of boots there and they were killers. I sold them to Buffalo Exchange after two wearings. I've had the same experience as others have with young sales women looking me up and down and snickering. Shopping here is worse than going back to junior high. The sales women stand around, look bored, and when asked for help, give a great big sigh like its such a big chore to do their job. The other weird thing is that my husband bought a couple of pairs of shoes there in the past year. A couple of months later, he got a hand written note from the sales woman who helped him in the store. It went on to thank him for shopping and mentioned a couple of times how ""cute"" he looked in the shoes he bought in the store and hoped that he would be back. It was signed with the woman's name. He did not sign up for any mailing list so we both found it strange that it was sent to our home address. I am willing to pay more for products that I do not have to drive to buy. While I live a block away from Imelda's, I will not shop there! more

anyone who complains about imelda's obviously only drinks starbucks. 1/15/2008

Imelda's is a mom and pop store. If you want to shop at a store that pays their employees slave wages and bases its clientelle on suburbanites, then go right ahead. In fact, if you want to complain about a portland based mom and pop, then why don't you just shop at DSW. Gross. Imelda's has great shoes that go on sale down to bare bones nothing. I would rather portland not become new york city, wherin everything is big box because the mom and pops can't afford the lease. So calm down and go buy your shoes at target if you want a lenient return policy. Suburbanite. Pros: shoes that go on sale Cons: what's with the boxes of backstock on the store floor? more

Never buy your shoes here! 10/29/2007

I bought $224.00 boots, the most I have ever spent on shoes. It took some convincing and the sales person assured me it was an investment and they would last a long time, never telling me they were deer skin and fragile... even after prompting care instructions. I wore them for 4 hours to study and go to the store and I look down and they have knicks in the leather. I didn't fall, trip, or anything. So I call that day and the sales rep tells me to come in the next day when the owner is there. Well that is when I met the cold lady. No returns, it was my fault with the way I walk, an unfortunate accident she called it. I spent an 1/2 hour arguing. She told me she was a small local store and couldn't absorb the cost of the shoes like Nordtstrom or REI. Well, I get that but if those are her competition she needs to change something. SHe was so rude about it. Never go here, the sales reps aren't knowledgeable about the shoes and the owner is awful. more

My Attention-Getting Shoes! 10/26/2007

As someone who values terrific customer service, I fail to understand two things about Portlanders: Why in the world anyone would argue to make full-service gas stations self-serve (as if standing in the rain dripping gasoline upon my toes is a pleasure)....and why these crazy reviewers are complaining about letting the Imelda's staff help them find and try on shoes!?! I cannot be the only person who believes that describing my taste to an informed sales associate, and letting her present her wares is supremely preferable to rummaging through collapsible stacks on my own. My repeated experiences at Imelda's have been the height of fun and civility: Doting service, playful banter, and cool selections. Last time I was in, a whole gaggle of salesfolk and more than a few customers all got involved in my purchasing decisions re: footwear and jewelry, as did I in theirs. Not only did I not feel pressured, but an associate actually talked me DOWN from a purchase....pointing out that I could check out my wardrobe once home and come back for the shoes later if I was sure that they would really work with the outfit I had in mind. (Oh yeah....I went back. Couldn't resist. Bought more earrings, too.) Out on the town later that weekend, four men in one night came up to me and commented on how much they liked my shoes!! (No kidding. Imelda's-as-pick-up-line....imagine that, ladies!) As for the oft-maligned return policy....frankly, I'm grateful they're not recycling shoes someone else wore for a while and trying to resell them later to me. In addition, the prominently-posted policy is the hippest, frankest, funniest bit of business writing I've ever read. So read it--for the laugh, but also with the intention of honoring it if you plan to sign your name to it. (The number of you attempting to renege on policies you signed makes me cringe! Where are your scruples?!?) Then relax, quit complaining, and get out there on the town in those racy shoes!! Pros: hip, chic selection Cons: cramped environs, but lots of merchandise! more

I'll be in again...soon!! 10/24/2007

Being genetically predisposed to loving shoes, I am always on the hunt for the next great pair. I just found the next couple of great pairs all at Imelda's! I hadn't been there in awhile, but really ladies (and guys), I had fun! The staff were available, smart, fun (a.k.a. not pushy) and ready and willing to help me out (I literally tried on a TON of shoes) and made my shopping experience one of the most enjoyable I've had in a while. Their selection of fall goodies is nearly irresistable and I left with a new pair of boots that I can't wait to sport this winter, and a hat to match. And really, all this nonsense about the return policy? Know it, sign it, done. Not that hard...I'll definately be back soon, with a gaggle of girlfriends to boot! more

Great Selection 10/24/2007

I have faced a lifetime of embarrassment, no thanks to my genetics. My size 10 feet cause me to ask time after time in a sheepish tone ""Do these happen to come in a size...gasp!..10? Possibly even 11, cause they look a little narrow at the toe..."" The answer was rarely in my favor. While the frequency of a ""yes"" response has increased over the years, it still strikes fear in my heart every time I face the dreaded question. This is why it was a pleasant surprise when I walked into Imelda's for the first time. All of the boxes, sizes in plain sight, are out on the showroom floor. Rows of shoes with the answer right before my eyes!! While success is still not 100%, I now know straightaway if my particular fave shoe discovery is worth further exploration. I have found my safe haven. Thank you, Imelda's Pros: Cool factor, Ease of Shopping, Location Cons: Parking more

they won't give you the time of day 10/3/2007

reprehensible return policy, snotty salespeople-- they need to get over themselves. there are lots of cool shoe stores in town, and imelda's is not one of them. oh yeah, the owner's a viper. Pros: some interesting shoes, jewels and socks Cons: horrible salespeople, return policy and owner more

How to self-actualize your business 101 9/27/2007

\r As a resident of the immediate Hawthorne area and a local business operator myself for over twenty-three years, I find it almost unconscionable to support anything other than that; with an exception being Imelda's & Louie's. Never had I seen so much turnover in all my life and lack of product knowledge amongst a ""well-established"" owner of a shop who has been in business over a decade. I find myself leaving with more questions than when I arrived, mostly how one can consistently produce a living off of selling Walmart quality products in cognito with the exception of a good 10% wavering. \r \r I often visit to humor myself with the lack of improvement over the years while the owner continually makes snide, unnecessary remarks to her week-long employees. As a fellow business owner I would suggest that this company's hierarchy invest in some management and humanitarian courses to establish a more people-friendly working and shopping environment, but again; I wouldn't hold my breath. Pros: Location. Cons: Lack of proper business etiquette. more

Will NOT support this business any longer! 9/26/2007

After shopping at this business for a few years I've noticed how bad it really is. I have had good and bad experiences. I always try to give the benefit of the doubt and see if things get better. I do not understand a business that cannot keep the same employees and therefore create good customer service. Call me ""old fashioned"" in that fact that I like shopping at the same places and seeing the same faces. Sure there might be a select few good employees throughout, but I began to question the way they treat them. I've witnessed on many an occasion the way that this one lady who is about the same age as me, whom I can only assume is the boss or owner, negatively talks to/treats her employees. I recently was shopping here and was doing just fine with one of the younger employees when she suddenly storms out from the back, talks to one of the employees by the register and on her way to the back decides to rudely butt in with the ""transaction"" between the nice younger employee and myself. I must say that it wasn't a pleasant thing. I've also heard customer bashing, so-to-speak, coming through the door while trying shoes on towards the back of the store. Shopping in other shoe stores and casually mentioning Imelda's brings up all kinds of interesting negative experiences or negative facts about the owner. I didn't realize how much negativity surrounded this business. I've come to the conclusion that I cannot disregard my personal morals in supporting this because of their good selection of shoes.(which in my opinion have been sorely lacking in taste these last few years) Basically, I've decided NOT to support a small business, local or not, who chooses to bully its employees and bash customers. Cons: customer bashing, employee bullying by boss, customer service, parking, not wheel-chair friendly more

Sadly, I don't think I'll ever be shopping here again. 9/8/2007

I purchased a pair of shoes here at full price on a weekend trip to Portland. After I got back home, I wore them about 3-4x before noticing that they had completely worn through the heel and part of the leather on the back of the heel! I've never had shoes wear out that quickly before in my life, and I was irritated because they were allegedly good-quality shoes with a high price tag.\r \r I called Imelda's to let them know and to see if there was any way they could fix them, or exchange them for a new pair which I'd take to a cobbler to have them preemptively put some kind of protection on there. The clerk I talked to was helpful and friendly, and assured me that all their vendors guaranteed their shoes for a year. She asked me to ship the shoes down to her so she could exchange them for a new pair. I asked if she didn't want me to send digital pictures first, just to make sure there would be no problem making this exchange, but she said from my description that it should be no problem to make the switch.\r \r So I went ahead and took the time and spent the money to have them UPSed down to her. A few days later I got a call saying they had their in-store cobbler look at them, and they said the shoes were ""too worn"" to make the exchange. I explained that that was kind of my point - the shoes had worn out that much in just a few wearings - and she said that I could try taking these to a cobbler and having them patched. So I asked if they couldn't just go ahead and have that done by the same in-store cobbler, since they apparently weren't making the exchange we'd agreed on. In a word, no. So I spent time and money sending them down there, only to have them sent back to me, still damaged.\r \r I can understand where they're coming from, but this whole transaction was such a pain for me and I felt very deceived - it soured me on ever shopping there again. Pros: Great selection of adorable shoes Cons: Nonexistent return policy and ultimately bad customer service more
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    This store is a haven for men and women looking for stylish yet affordable footwear. New shoes arrive daily and are always marked 10 percent off the suggested retail price....

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