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Il Bastardo - 86 Reviews - 191 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011, New York, NY - Steak Houses Reviews - Phone (212) 675-5980

Il Bastardo


191 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011
New York, NY 10011

(212) 675-5980
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Il Bastardo - New York, NY
Il Bastardo - New York, NY
Il Bastardo - New York, NY
Il Bastardo - New York, NY
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The first time I came here was with a group of co-workers and we all had a great time, the service was excellent, everyone enjoyed the food and the wine suggestions were very good...


This is a restaurant that’s claiming to be better than it is. The food is ok, not great. My waiter didn’t have a clue about wines. The ravioli was as hard as a brick. The chai...

Good, simple Italian in Chelsea 1/26/2012

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This sprawling (seriously, it's huge) space in Chelsea on 7th avenue is really a surprisingly good option for a casual Italian dinner in the area. ... more


This is the first time I have ever written a bad review on anything. We just came from this restaurant. I think that is the name for a very good reason. After we finished our brunch we waited 30 minutes for someone to come to clear the table. After the long wait someone from our party went to find a member of the wait staff to let them know we were waiting. Still no one showed up. We went to find someone again and finally some one arrived to the table. We told them that there were two birthdays and we would like cake for them. Another twenty minutes past. We complained to the waiter about the long wait and he became argumentative. We asked for a manager. Ten minutes later the manager showed up. He told us the weekend brunch was quantity over quality. So if you want to go somewhere that you can pay regular price for a poor quality food and service come to this restaurant. more

There's better out there. 6/11/2010

This is a restaurant that’s claiming to be better than it is. The food is ok, not great. My waiter didn’t have a clue about wines. The ravioli was as hard as a brick. The chairs were very shaky and needed repair. The prices are too high for the quality of the food. I have no plans to go back. Cons: Quality & Prices more

What a gyp! 12/16/2009

Nice to see an $18 prix fixe meal that includes dessert......However, when dessert time arrived, all we were allowed to have was a tiny scoop of lemon sorbet. We asked if we could pay extra and upgrade...NO....we asked if we could have one dessert instead of 3 orders of lemon sorbet....NO.....Now, in my book, that's a gyp!! They've lost my business, as well as the business of my 2 dining partners..... Pros: quiet, not too crowded, good food Cons: Is that dessert?? more

A repeat customer 10/21/2009

The first time I came here was with a group of co-workers and we all had a great time, the service was excellent, everyone enjoyed the food and the wine suggestions were very good. My husband and I came here again recently and yet again, everything was excellent. I'll be back Pros: decor, service, food Cons: none more

Great Restaurant, Met our Expectations! 3/8/2009

My friend brought the Il Bastardo wine to a gathering over the summer (we liked the wine and got a kick out of the name) so when we found out recently there was a restaurant in Chelsea we HAD to go. It was a girls nite out, we had 8 in our party for a Saturday. Made reservations the day before - 45 mins before we had to be there, I called to try and push our reservation a half hour due to some of our party running late (and public transportation). They were very accomodating and when we got there the table was ready and we were seated immediately in the back room. There was so much room, it was nice and intimate, the ambiance of the place was great. We got 2 bottles of their Il Bastardo wine, (they gave 2 pieces of bread with balsalmic dip, olives and butter) appetizers and we all got different entrees which everyone loved. A few people got coffee and there were biscotti cookies on the table after dinner. There were zero complaints about the food or wine. The price was very reasonable. After tax and tip we spent about $40 a piece. We weren't in any kind of super rush so it wasn't as big as a deal to be there so long (2.5 hrs) and it was also a Saturday night at prime time for dinner...we only saw our waiter when he brought us our food. I don't recall him checking on us to see if we needed anything in between but it didn't really affect our opinion of the place (and there appeared to be a young man in a suit walking around if anyone really had a problem). It didn't seem like the food itself took long and he was patient when we took a bit to make up our minds when we first ordered. That is definately better than being rushed out! Besides we were gabbing so much we hardly noticed the time until we asked for the check. I would definately go back again and recommend this place if you are not rushing and going to have a relaxing meal in an nice setting. (Note: It was also our first time walking around in Chelsea and it seems like a fun neighborhood.) more

Uh Oh! What happened? 2/3/2009

After eating here more than a year ago, I booked a reservation for a business meeting with my boss and two others. I guess the fog of time must have dimmed my memory of the place, either that or the restaurant has gone downhill. My first visit, I recall a lovely meal in a lovely setting with attentive service. My most recent visit was nothing like the first time. It was the first week in February after a blizzardy day. The hostess seated us at a chilly front window table, rather than the cozy intimate back room. Do they not have a coat check, we weren't even asked. My fault? I could have spoken up. Next, the bartender failed to deliver a decent round of drinks, my scotch and water was just that, no ice. The second round included ice in a separate glass, the third time was the charm and my drink arrived as expected. The waiter was inexperienced, had to read the specials from a list, pronunciation was an issue, no upselling of the needed sides (meat on a plate is a bit lacking). The shared appetizers arrived but without sideplates, we reappropriated the bread plates for the task (where was the bread anyway?), and soon after, three different members of the wait staff attempted to place sideplates. Coordination? The entrees arrived and so did additional utensils, things were looking up! But sadly, the pork loin special was overcooked and tough. I was afraid to ask what the others thought of their meals. Thankfully, we had a lively and fun conversation through the meal, so the evening wasn't a complete loss. I did feel the need to shoot off an email to my colleagues the next day to apologize for the restaurant. We would have been better served at the Outback. This could be a good restaurant with experienced well-trained personnel, but sadly no. Pros: Atmosphere is nice Cons: Unprofessional wait staff, incompetant bartender, clueless hostess. more

My 'Go To' Place! 1/12/2009

I adore this restaurant. This has become my "go to" restaurant this past year. it's one of those places that I feel comfortable bringing anyone to have a great meal in a beautiful place without it being pretentious. It's perfect for a date, for groups, for families, we've done birthday parties, new year's here... really spectacular. The food is consistently delicious and always exceeds my expectations. The service and staff are wonderful and helpful. The drinks are kickin' and the bar tenders are great. I've even met the owner a few times and he's delightful! I'll be going back here again and again! Pros: Ambiance, Sangria, Delicious Food, Great for groups, wonderful service Cons: That it's not next door to my apartment so I can go there more often. more

mmmmmmmm good 10/21/2008

I was looking for a place to have a birthday dinner and found the name while going through some options. It was a GREAT find, the food is sooo good and the prices are sooo worth it. I first went their with a friend and it was perfect for just two people, I went there again with a gp of 10 and it was perfect for that too. I has more space then it lets on for everyone to eat and drink comfortably. The wine list is definately amazing and the cocktails are just on point. The only problem is some of the portions are kinda small, but it is still quite filling. I am definately going there again for one of my birthday guest's birthday celebration, so they definately got some customers from me...just a week after taking them there. Pros: Ambience, food, service, drinks, the whole nine yards Cons: some of the staff never knew too much about wine more

good food! 7/16/2008

enjoyed Il Bastardo immensely,while waitstaff seemed confused as to what they should be doing , our waiter appeared experienced. food was great: arugala salad was absolutely delicious; the veal was tender and breaded appropriately; the desert of cheesecake was perfectly creamy and sweet. waiter made good selection with brunello, though the cocktails could use help(mojito simply wasn't the best)... but when the $180 bill came for two people, i was more than happy to pay. great time, trendy but relaxed scene, especially in the summer. It's a bit mind boggling, as the waiter was nice and the management was nice, but the host at door he has bad attitude. Pros: Food more

Great Brunch!! 7/2/2008

Ahhhh I'm loving this website, finally I opened an account after a long time reading other people's comments. I'm eager to rate as many restaurants I know, especially this one. I'm new to Chelsea and I've been to El Bastardo only for brunch (btw don't u love the name!? lol) The brunch was adorable, I sat outside with my boys and the service was very good. The best thing though was the unlimited drinks, I got so waistedddd maybe that's why I have such good memories of this place lol more

My weekly outdoor hangout 6/15/2008

My friends and I have been going to Il Bastardo at least once a week for the past 2 years. We particularly love to go during the summer when their outdoor area is open. We have always had great food and love, love, love their sangria. Since I never cook in my tiny kitchen, it is nice to have a place to go to where everyone knows me and I don't even need to look at the menu anymore. Pros: Ambience more

Great place to go for a group dinner 6/15/2008

I was desperate to find a place that would accommodate my birthday party. We called a bunch of places (think Stanton Social) only to be frustrated and pretty much laughed at. One of my friends suggested Il Bastardo, so I called up and was able to get a reservation for 12 people. Without knowing what to quite expect, we ended up having a terrific evening without feeling rushed - - we did not end up leaving until after midnight. The back room was great and very intimate. Definitely plan on going back there. Pros: Great Place for Groups - - Back Area more

Don't go!!! 5/30/2008

My boyfriend and I dined there last night with much regret. The service was HORRIBLE!!! We waited for sometime for our waiter to even greet us at our table, not to mention never once checked on how we were doing throughout our meal. Our condiment plate seemed as if it had come off of someone else's table, and the shrimp on my dish was translucent as if it had not been cooked. I had asparagus in my dish, that half of it was over cooked, and half of it undercooked. The waiter also watched me pour my own wine, then later came back and picked up the empty bottle and attempted to pour the empty bottle of wine that he had just seen me pour out. We had better service from the busboy, who actually asked us how we were doing, and even brought us the dessert menu. The fastest thing that our pompous waiter did was bring us the check, peer over our shoulder to see his tip, and pick it up. I've had better service from a hotdog vendor. Pros: still trying to figure that our Cons: horrible service, food sub-par more

Drink the Sangria if you'd like to replicate a brain aneurysm 3/6/2008

I went there to meet a client for drinks. Had no food, and we each had 2 glasses of sangria. I awoke the next day with the worst headache of my life, which lasted until 7 pm the next evening. No amount of aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, water, caffeine or greasy food could make it go away. My client also left the restaurant sober, and had the same experience. DO NOT drink the sangria. It is a mixture of grain alcohol and pure sugar, and I could not open my eyes until 2pm the next day because I had such a terrible headache. Epic. Otherwise, the interior of the restaurant was like a dimly lit weird 70's decor, like a cross between the regal beagle and the lido deck. more

What an interresting night 2/16/2008

This place made me regret not staying in.... the Mexican staff knew little about either Italian food, wine, and even more so service..... very carefree attitude on the part of the staff... We got seated... waited quite a bit before someone took our order....I felt lucky to have gotten the correct food, and not to have gotte yelled at. The management needs a LOT of work....learning how to hire staff that knows what they're doing .... This restaurant won't last long... more

They're under the mistaken impression that they are not a cheap "steakhouse lite" McItalian joint in a lame neighborhood 11/15/2007

I was seeing a movie in Chelsea last saturday so I called ahead to see if I could get a table for two in an hour, at 8:15. I was told they weren't taking reservations, but to just come by because they'll have room. I get there at around 8:05, find the front room with at least four empty tables scattered about the floor, and I'm told it'll be a 45 minute wait. The empty tables are "all reserved" apparently. Since it's 8:05, I wonder when these four different parties of between two and four covers with be arriving. When I say that I was told to come by and there'd be room, the hostess takes an exhausted tone claiming to know nothing about it. No apology, basically doing everything she can to make sure I don't ever spend another dime in their empty at 8 on a Saturday Italian theme-park restaurant. The food is fine and cheap if you're stuck in the limbo neighborhood of seventh avenue and the 20's, but you're never going to "plan" on this place for any reason. So why do they do they think they can have attitude? You sell seventeen dollar steaks. Relax. Pros: Low prices, food is fine. Cons: Very rude staff. Not worth the aggravation of speaking to any of these people. more

Same exact food but much better service next door at Sette 11/13/2007

A little tip: It's a little known fact that Il Bastardo and Sette (which are directly next door to each other) LITERALLY share the same kitchen... So, go directly next door to Sette, instead of Il Bastardo if you care a ton about service. The menus are identical. The difference between the two? Service and atmosphere. Il Bastardo is larger and more modern looking, and the crowd tends to be a bit younger (people in their 20s). Sette on the other hand is a candle-lit, white-table-cloth restaurant with a decidedly more grown-up feel and clientele. Il Bastardo has hit-or-miss service. Last time I was there I had a lovely and attentive waiter. But, I once took my parents there, and the host was obnoxious. He was a total diva -- constantly shouting, making juvenile jokes, making fun of names on the reservation list, laughing at the highest volume you can imagine, and generally disrupting our meal (which thankfully was delcious). On another occasion, we had a spacey dingbat waitress. Whoever is hiring at Sette should take over and apply the same standards at Il Bastardo. At Sette, the waitstaff is consistently charming, attentive and socially appropriate! Pros: delicious filet mignon, rigatoni with eggplant, pera salad, etc., nice atmosphere Cons: sometimes obnoxious or flaky service more

"You screwed me, " said the waiter 10/31/2007

Honestly, last night was one of the worst experiences I have ever had at a Manhattan restaurant, make that any restaurant, anywhere. We were subjected to the MOST obnoxious server I have ever encountered. He was angry about a table mix-up (the fault of the hostess & manager, not my friends and I), berated us repeatedly, and when he finally deigned to take our order after making us wait 30 minutes, informed the table, "You screwed me." It was outrageous, unbelievable, not to mention HOSTILE. I will never, ever set foot in this place again. If we had not been such a large party we would have left, but it would have been near-impossible finding a place on Halloween night in Chelsea. A tip: Le Zie is infinitely better, and close by...and sans rude Italian servers. Pros: Attractive space, good location in Chelsea Cons: Outrageously rude Italian waiter - not worth the risk of horrific service more

poor customer service, decent food 4/25/2007

After getting seated immediately, we proceeded to sit and wait at least 20 minutes before we were offered water and able to place our drink order. Then it took forever to finally receive our drinks and for our waiter to come back to take our food order. Salad was so-so, pasta was decent. Plates were never cleared after we finished each course and so after waiting around again, we finally managed to flag down someone so we could just get the check and go. The place wasn't crowded so we wouldn't go back for dinner based solely on the poor customer service. Maybe brunch is better there? Pros: food was ok Cons: poor customer service more
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  • Pasta, steaks and seafood star at this Chelsea restaurant with an Italian-heavy wine list and a private party room.

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