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Idaho Athletic Club - 13 Reviews - 2999 N Lakeharbor Ln, Boise, ID - Fitness Reviews - Phone (208) 853-4224

Idaho Athletic Club

2999 N Lakeharbor Ln
Boise, ID 83703
(208) 853-4224
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Idaho Athletic Club - Boise, ID
Idaho Athletic Club - Boise, ID
Idaho Athletic Club - Boise, ID
Idaho Athletic Club - Boise, ID


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I signed up at the State Street Club several years ago. I really like how open it is and I never feel crowded. I've also been going to the Eagle Club during the last year. They...


I had a two year membership that I wished would just end! Despite the contract saying that I could cancel my membership if I moved, they would not cancel! I had to pay membershi...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/12/2013

I had a similar experience to C.E. They continued to bill me for hundreds of dollars even after I moved and sent in my cancellation notice. I will not give an opinion on the gym itself, but thus far their business practices have proven horrific. I hope they do the right thing, but so far they have proven utterly inflexible. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/24/2013

I wouldn't recommend Idaho Athletic Club, Their gyms are dirty, their rates are too high and their owners are greedy! Keep you money and go somewhere! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/18/2012

Before I go to the gym, I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself how beautiful and in shape I am in. And after I walk through the door at the gym, I realize how still out of shape I am.\r \r Thanks IAC!! =)\r \r I like their steam room with eucalyptus aroma. Burns my lungs. Also, as tempting it is to pee while in the shower here, I don't. So I really, really hope everyone else has the same common courtesy to do likewise.\r \r Salesmen: Friendly (don't care if they're crooks because if you agree to something, honor it)\r Equipment: There's a lot and they're constantly cleaned and maintained\r Lockers: Bring your own lock and they're a decent size\r Noise: Thankfully not too much grunting or moaning, whereas other places you close your eyes and you feel like you're in the middle of some gay orgy. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/18/2012

Great Customer Service! Very Helpful!\r Great Company and great atmosphere! No complainants what so ever. I highly recommend this business to my friends and family. With plenty of locations, I always find my way there! A place I can shed the pounds and maintain a healthier lifestyle. I frequent the State st. location. They have everything I need and so much more! Thanks IAC for everything!! <3 more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/10/2012

I absolutely love IAC! I have been a member since 2006 and have been nothing but satisfied! I have been to every single club, and enjoy different aspects off all of them. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help!\r I love the fact that there are so many clubs! I live in Caldwell, so use both the Caldwell and Nampa clubs. I work in Meridian, so I use that one before or after work sometimes. My parents live in Eagle, so, sometimes I just drop in there to get a quick workout in before I head to the family chaos. This is the only athletic facility in the valley where you can use all of the clubs. \r Those that post comments about cancellation policies obviously have never signed any contract of any kind, that they tried to cancel! Of course there are going to be hoops to go through! Can you just cancel your 2 year cable policy? Nope! Come on people!\r \r I highly recommend IAC! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/3/2012

CLEAN. This place is spotless. Ok.. full disclosure. I workout in the morning. So.. usually, it's emptier and everything is organized for the day. It does get a little crazy around rush hour (5pm-7pm) but that's expected at any gym. You will see the staff wiping down equipment and vacuuming. They always seem to keep things spotless.\r \r EQUIPMENT. High end and high quality. Using great equipment is huge when working out. You don't need to question if the equipment will work for you. All the weights are pristine as well as the machines. Love the treadmills with personal flat screens. \r \r POOL/SPA/SAUNA. If you workout in the mornings.. it's like you're own personal SPA day here. I run, hit the weights, jump in the pool, then the hot tub.. and if I still need that extra pampering.. i hit the Sauna. Seriously relaxing.\r \r The NEGATIVES: This is a gym.. it's a full functioning business.. without the salesman, they cannot function. Deal with it. I was fortunate enough to join IAC when they first opened and I locked in a pretty good rate. Every gym needs to sell.. Hopefully you get a great salesman like I had.\r \r Customer service has been ok. Can't really critic that since once I'm at the gym.. I don't talk to anybody unless I have to. But everyone has been cool to me. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/16/2012

I concur with comment on this page: Don't get a membership at IAC, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE KIDS. Their daycare service, especially at the Meridian location is managed horribly. The Meridian Daycare Manager,\r Kathy, is consistently rude to members, her staff, and the children she supervises. She is a common joke among mothers who utilize the daycare for being a rude, unhappy person who seems bound and determined to make all those around her feel the same. When we have, at various times, complained to management or the front desk staff about her behavior, we are all told that they know there is a problem, but can't do anything about it. I'm cancelling my membership because I don't feel comfortable leaving my children to be cared for by such a person. I'm not taking my business to a gym that so obviously disregards the feelings of the members. It says a lot about how poorly the entire company is managed. Take my advice, take your business elsewhere. more

Horrible! 4/23/2012

I had a two year membership that I wished would just end! Despite the contract saying that I could cancel my membership if I moved, they would not cancel! I had to pay membership fees from my new home in Taiwan! They also would not let me pay the $75 cancellation fee. I went straight for my copy of the contract, which unfortunately I left in storage at my parents home. They don't get around too well and they couldn't find the document. Thus my hands were tied. Disgusting rip-off. They would not even accept my Alien Residence Card as proof of living in another country. They just wanted their money. It's so sad because I did enjoy going there every morning before I moved. Warning: The copy of the contract they had had 48 months written in (in pen not typed) which had not been there when I signed the contract. They added it later, but it's not worth the plane ticket home to rummage through my stuff and prove it. more

Only care about the $ 12/5/2011

Requested a hold on the membership through the winter in person at the desk. The attending individual said it was ok and to come in when I wanted to get it going again. My automatic withdrawls were stopped, no by me, so some paperwork must have been done. No contact from them for months even though my phone number was on fil. Then I received a post card asking me to call Anthony. Tried calling numerous times with no success or call back. Finally went in to get the membership going again and was told there were huge late fees and penalties for not paying. \r When I told them about the hold they acted stupid, I'm assuming it was an act, and said that was not thier policy. They refered me to Anthony again and finally got in contact with him. He was an absolutely rude person and was not going to give me any credit and discredited the story. \r None of the workers at these place have any training and can't answer a single question. The worker refers me to the manager, who then refers me to the GM who in turn says, ""Call Anthony"".\r \r DO NOT EVER USE THIS GYM! They only care about money and will lie and cheat to get it. more

Lack of respect for clients 10/22/2011

Idaho Athletic Club has made it clear that they are in it only for the money. While their personal training program can be effective and has been for me, the management of the program is careless. They assume that trainers are like underwear and can be changed on a whim. They give no consideration to the relationships people form with their trainer in reaching their goals. Do not sign up for their trainer program. Find a trainer on your own and if you need the equipment they have just have the trainer come with you as a workout buddy. Better yet, find another gym that values their customers. more

Pathetic and Shameful Business Model IAC 9/26/2011

Idaho Athletic Club has no integrity. They do not deserve a dime of your money and they are cold selfish people in the corporate office. Employees are taught preditory contract techniques. Employees are also negligent in customer service areas, and what's worse, the corporate office refuses to take responsibility for the false information that their employees give. They make a lot of revenue off of unjust charges from bad information and shameful fine print techniques. Couple this with a careless staff and heartless/humanless business model, you're in for one of the most scetchy contracts of your life. Point being, there are plenty of gyms that deserve good business, Idaho Athletic Club is NOT one of them. They are bad business. more

Instrumental in my Great Results! 4/19/2011

I work nearby so I use the gym on my lunch breaks. Not only is the location of the Lakeharbor ID Athletic convenient but the positive atmosphere has been instrumental in helping me get tons stronger prior to a surgery! I'm indebted to the staff and facility for the great results I've had. And it sure doesn't hurt that the classes are awesome and the club has a pool. I also love that the club has a coffee shop and a PT clinic next door, just in case! more

Health and Safety Issues Can't Be Ignored! 3/4/2011

I have been a member of IAC for a few years never really had any issues until February 28, 2011. I was chemically burned over 90% of my body using the hot tub at the Lake Harbor facility. What has occurred is a loss of body hair,patchy red rash spots, extreme burning and itching and of course the smell of the chemicals as they reverse and eventually exit the pours. This club has been contacted on more than one occasion to provide my health care provider a list of the chemicals and amounts used in the routine maintenance of the hot tub, those efforts as of this review have gone ignored. My doctor is trying to establish a method of treatment. Currently I am prescribed a cream designed for extreme cancer radiation patients and it is having little success. It is interesting that in the year 2000 the great state of Idaho decided NOT to continue regulating Health Club facilities because they are considered ""semi-private clubs"" not ""Public Pools"", so they are EXEMPT from regulation and state jourisdiction. So these club owners can be as negligent as they wish with little reprocussions. As of this review, the problem still exists at this club. Efforts were not made to drain and correct the chemical situation in the hot tub.\r I guess you could say ""BUYER BEWARE"" when joining, before using any of these facilities please check out the ""Clarity, Color, Smell and Temperature"" before using these facilities. I am very much concerned for the many innocent people who have unknowingly fallen victim to this situation. If you are a member of IAC and have had recent exposure to this situation you need to contact CENTRAL DISTRICT HEALTH 208-375-5211, and also the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU 208-842-4649 and please see a Doctor for treatment, their could be other complications caused by this neglect. In my opinion it is time these guy's step up and take responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of their club members above selling new memberships!. In one day I have racked up in medical bills twice as much money as my yearly membership fee's, I don't want you to be next!.It is my understanding that the staff at these clubs are responsible for the monitoring of these chemical levels in the pools and hot tubs, that in itself is very scarry!. Idaho law needs to be changed and your local legislator needs to hear your voice and make these organizations accountable for their actions!. Thank You for your attention!\r \r more

Great Classes! 11/30/2010

I signed up at the State Street Club several years ago. I really like how open it is and I never feel crowded. I've also been going to the Eagle Club during the last year. They have some challenging classes and I like that there is an indoor track. Idaho Athletic Club has done a great job cleaning up this club since they took over. more

Reaching out to the community! 11/17/2010

Reaching out to the community!\r \r IAC just finished up a campaign called 'Pet Food for Fitness' with Idaho Humane Society to raise food for the pet food pantry at IHS. The results were amazing! Great job to all the members for donating food to feed the homeless pets of Boise area!\r more

Best of Boise 11/1/2010

I've been with Idaho Athletic on State street since it opened. Their trainer Chaya Martini was voted Best of Boise 2010. If your an early-bird try one of the 6 am interval,cycling, or strength classes. If you prefer evening, try Bootcamp, Step or Zumba with classes at 5:30 pm or 6:30 pm. This gym has members of all ages and staff is very friendly. more

Stay Away 4/9/2010

I also have problems with cancelling the membership. Problems began when I called to switch credit cards on the account. Guess what, they started to bill both credit cards for one membership. When I contacted the corporate, they could not see for a long time that I was double charged. When somebody was able to comprehend, they blamed everything on their ABC financial company and said to call them. The ABC did not try to listen at all and told me to call ID Athletic Club. In January Corporate started their ""investigation."" One month passed and nobody contacted me. I had to call again. This time I said that I want to cancel my membership and get the refund for the months I over paid them. I was told that I could not cancel the membership until they finish the ""investigation,"" because it would be impossible for them to issue the refund. The issue started back in January. Hello!!! It is the middle of April! Where is my refund and cancel my membership. I can donate my money to better organizations! I guess I have to bring to the small claims court...just to make my point! Pros: no pros Cons: worst customer service more

BEWARE 4/8/2010

I also had a quick talking salesman. I did file a report at the BBB and was told only that they would like a face to face meeting and that I as an adult am responsible to read my contract. I had a 3 year old ready to leave the facility on my lap, two other young kids looking the gym over who are too young to attend, yet think its going to be for them. I explain to the salesman I do not believe I will use it. He explains that if I do not then there is a 75 dollar buy out fee and you are out of the contract. I was a frazzled mom in that moment and he knew it. Before i could catch a breath i was being told to sign here, here and here. I couldn't sign it fast enough because I knew my three year old was done, as was I.\r \r If you are here for the same issue, please file at the BBB. They have a website and it is very fast and easy.\r \r They currently have 50 complaints and only a B- rating with the BBB. And if you are military (as they say you can be released if you are) make sure its the one being deployed that signs the dotted line. I'm at home alone with 5 kids while my husband is in Iraq. Being a totally un-kid friendly place I can't break away and I dont have extra help to do so. I guess they count on the frazzled mom with the kids who just sign because they trust. They get my money.. and because we dont go they dont have to employ people to run their facility.\r \r Buyer beware! Don't put your money here. Cons: fast talking salespeople more

Beware 11/23/2009

Idaho Athletic Club lied to us about being able have a ""Summer"" membership. Surprise you really signed up for 24 months! Lame. Beware of the sales guys that just want to get you to sign up so they get their commission. For more info see: idahoathleticclubreviews dot com more

Horrible Club 3/16/2009

Don't join this club. They will not let you cancel your membership. I was in a major accident, and money was tight. I tried to talk to financial companies, managers, etc. They would not cancel my account. Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything more
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