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Although this may be an overlooked task, I feel that I must bring to your attention the outstanding customer service we received from Dr. Chapman. We are, of course, very delig...


I give this outfit a -5 rating. We took our dachshund in at midnight from bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Before anything was done, we were presented with a $525 quote for multiple...

sensitive to our needs 3/28/2011

Although this may be an overlooked task, I feel that I must bring to your attention the outstanding customer service we received from Dr. Chapman. We are, of course, very delighted to have has the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Chapman during our many recent visits relating to Ralph (our miniature Dachshund) and his neck pain. His professional, courteous attitude, expert knowledge, and patience in handling our pet were very important to us. In the past, I felt that other veterinarians were not sensitive to our needs nor provided the quickest and most effective treatment/solution to our problems. But not in this case, he handled our issues as if they were your own, and I am completely satisfied! more

compelled to write 3/21/2011

I felt compelled to write a testimoney for the great care and compassion you showed to me and my Wanda. We have been seeing you for routine vaccinations and the occasional emergency for years but when Wanda got cancer, your staff, in my opinion, went well above and beyond any expectation I might have had. Medicines were available as soon as I needed them and Dr. Doherty would call us from time to time to check up on Wanda. When Wanda took a turn for the worse, I was able to bring her in the same day and everyone cared for her as much as I did. It was very touching. Your staff sent a card to my home with more than just signatures. They wrote paragraphs about the joy of treating Wanda and even talked about her quirks and personality. It meant so much to me. Your team truly cares and you have done more than just treat Wanda, you have treated my entire family. more

loved my experience there 2/25/2011

I have been using I-20 for years and have even done a cheer in the Star Telegram on their service. They are always professional, reasonable and very caring. I think very highly of Dr. Welch and Dr. Doherty and their staff. They saved Francisco's life one night last year after he ate a sock. I will forever thank them for the love and concern they have shown me and Francisco. more

very professional and caring 2/24/2011

They have a wonderful facility! We will be returning for sure. We were pleased with the wonderful service and was particularly impressed with the doctor who came out to the front to greet us personally. They took care of us quickly and the prices were very reasonable. Can't say enough good things about them. more

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Lack Of Compassion, Money Grubbing 10/1/2010

I give this outfit a -5 rating. We took our dachshund in at midnight from bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Before anything was done, we were presented with a $525 quote for multiple test and x-rays. Desperate, we agreed and vet said she was dehydrated and would need to have IV and other treatments. Nurse returned with a printout quote for $2760.00. We asked to speak with the vet about why with bloody diarrhea and dehydration she would need plasma transfusions, blood filters, ect. etc. We simply told him we can't afford that and he said he would put together another quote that wasn't "The Gold Plan". I am thinking, How many plans do you shysters have? I get that there are different levels of care, but isn't it just ethical to give the care necessary that will result in the improved health of the animal? I simply would not trust these people as they come across as caring more about the money than your pet. You may get superb care from them if your pet is named "Money". more

DO NOT RISK YOUR PETS LIFE, go somehwhere else! 6/23/2010

We took our dog to clinic on a Sun & spent over $600 for multip tests with no clear diagnosis. Our dog was lethargic,vomitting & w/ bloody diar. The vet stated that if the dog had Parvo, then it would cost about $3000 to treat him & that they would keep him @ the clinic overnight. The Parvo test was neg though, so vet did more tests but was unable to get a diagnosis other than hookworms & an infection. She prescribed antibio & dewormer & sent him home. Within 5 hrs, our dog was so ill that he could not stand up. We rushed him back to the clinic & he died within 5 mins of being there. I asked the new vet why they sent him home earlier if he was so sick. She stated that the notes on the chart said they had "offered" hospitilization but we refused. They did not "offer" hospitilization. They told us that if our dog had a positive Parvo test, then they would hospitalize & it would be about $3000 but theParv test was neg. I returned the next day & spoke with the clinic mnger, & told her that the chart notes weren't accurate. No one told us our dog was so sick that he needed to be hospitalized that day or he would die. I also told her that we were NOT sent home with any paperwork as the chart stated. Despite acknowledging that the chart was not accurate pertaining to the pwork, she insisted that the remainder of chart was accurate & dismissed our complaints regarding the other discrepancies. She stated that we refused hospitiliz for our dog. We did not refuse hospit! I told her the only time hospit was discussed was when they were waiting for Parvo results but that test was neg. The manager told us that when they "offer" hospit, then that means they feel that hospit. is necessary. 1st of all, the only time hospit was discussed was while waiting for Parv results & it was something to be considered in future if the Parv was Pos. It was never discussed/presented to us that our dog needed to be hospit that day. The mngr insisted otherwise and blamed us and said that we refused hospit due to the cost. Ridiculous! more

Money-grubbers - plain and simple 7/28/2009

This place cares only about money. All they ever want to do is run unnecessary tests, and they never perform all of the tests that are needed in one visit. Why? So you have to come back and pay for another office visit. I'm changing vets and will never take my dogs there again. There are also so many vets there that none of them really "know" my dogs. They charge an outrageous amount for heartworm medication. more

Horrible experience!!! 7/27/2009

I took my puppy to this clinic today because he was very sick. He had been throwing up, had diarrhea, and would not eat. When we got to the hospital they took him into the back immediately. When we saw the vet she said that he was doing better than he had been when we first brought him. She gave us hope! She wanted to run tests on him n they came out negative but she said that she was still going to treat it for parvo, even though it came out negative! She threw in another treatment as well "just in case". The nurse hurried into the room and made me signed the release form asap. And when we got our puppy he was practically DEAD, he was not breathing!!! I cannot get that image out of my head. He was in my arms motionless, after they had just told us he was doing better!!! We told the nurse n she took him to the back n the vet came back out and said that he wasnt going to make it. Not even five minutes later he was dead.... All this vet did was tried to get as much money as possible. Even though the puppy didnt make it we still had to pay close to $400. I wouldnt have mind the cost IF the puppy had made it. When she was telling us he died she even mentioned that when we had first brought him, that he was too far along to help him!! Why couldnt she say that at the beginning??? They just put my puppy through more suffering by doing all those tests. This people are heartless. I cant believe there are people like this, how can they live with themselves. I was horrified by their treatment. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY!!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND TAKING YOUR PET THERE!!!!! more

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TWO bad experiences 2/11/2007

I have been here about three times..and I liked this place because it was convenient and open 24 hours. They're a little bit pricey but I'll admit I think the veterinarians here are nice and knowledgeable but because of their poor service I am definitely NOT coming back here again. I can find lower prices and the same quality of vets elsewhere. I took my cat there last week and arrived there just before 1 PM. I asked for her vaccinations to be done and a bath. They told me it would take a few hours and would call me when they were finished. But by 6:30 PM they still hadn't called. I call them and they tell me she hasn't had her vaccinations or her bath yet. Their explanation was..there are two sides of the hospital and they somehow forgot about her. They offered to reschedule the bath for free.. When I told them that I don't have the time to run back and forth since I'm a full time student plus I work everyday, they told me the best they could do was get her done by 9! I regret agreeing to that offer because I would have been much happier spending my money somewhere else. My poor cat had to sit in a cage for 5 hours because of them. All in all it took them more than 8 hours to finish her vaccinations and a bath when it shouldv'e taken only a "few". I also went there in November of 2006 and paid with my credit card. They call me in February saying the transaction wasn't processed and I'll need to be billed again. When I went up there, I was told one of the technicians accidentally delete all the transactions for that day. It does not take three months to notify me of this..especially since it was a human error. Sorry but that is their loss and I am not going to pay them back especially after all the mistakes they've made with me. more

Overpriced for Services 1/9/2007

Brought dog in w/ stomach ache during normal business hours. Dog was kept overnight and given antibiotics. Released the next morning supposedly better. Received a bill for $850. Dog still felt bad a couple of days later and taken to another vet. This vet charged $30 and gave Zantac and put on diet of chicken and broth and dog is fine now. more

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Great care - Is your pet worth it 3/23/2006

One of my dogs recently had a growth on his bum - one of those nasty ones that you think might be something, but you are almost afraid to have it checked out because you don't want any bad news ones. Our regular vet is at the I-20 Animal Medical Center, and although we didn't get to see her, the vet that did take care of us was kind, compassionate and my dog even liked her. He had surgery the same night to remove the tumor. At well over $300, it was pricey, but when we found out we had gotten his cancer early, it was money well spent. more

State Of The Art Vet...Very Expensive 9/13/2005

I have used this Animal Hospital a few times over the years due to emergencies. Each time I was immensely Thankful that there was a Vet open 24 hours a Day! This Facility really is top notch! It is always extremely Clean and the Staff if GREAT! Everything is really State of the Art....they use the newest technology and are Incredibly Knowledgable. Although I wish I could use them as my full time vet, they really are quite pricey. So I use another vet for regular check-ups and shots. But, in an emergency I would not hesitate bringing any of my pets to the I-20 Medical Center. Not only do you get 24 hr care of your pet, you get the Very Best Care there is. more

animal clinic 8/27/2005

A friendly and caring place when a emergency rose and a pet had to be taken here. They were gently and efficient when it turned out to be more serious than we thought. It helps that it open 24 hours as like kids pets don't choose only day time to have an emergency. more

glad they're there 7/31/2005

If your pet has an emergency on a sunday or the middle of the night, you're going to end up paying a lot of money to have them cared for at the I-20 Animal Medical Center (think hospital trip prices). However, if you're a pet owner and your pet has an emergency in the middle of the night or on a sunday, you will be so very glad that this clinic exists. They put your mind at ease and do a great job with the pets. They have doctors there at all tiimes, and if your pet stays overnight you can call and check on him or her. Great resource. They also offer regular vet services, but I've never used them. more

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OPEN 24-Hours!! 7/20/2005

I had a pet emergency and it was after hours so I was so glad to find this place. They are reasonable on prices and they are very friendly. They acted fast in my case and I was very pleased with their doctors and staff. I have since used them as a regular vet for shots and check ups. It could have been a lot worse if they were not close to my house and open 24-hours. They have a wonderful animal hospital! more
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