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Huppe, Kimberly D, DVM Avon Lake Animal Clinic - 16 Reviews - 124 Miller Rd, Avon Lake, OH - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (440) 933-5297

Huppe, Kimberly D, DVM Avon Lake Animal Clinic

124 Miller Rd
Avon Lake, OH 44012
(440) 933-5297
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Huppe, Kimberly D, DVM Avon Lake Animal Clinic - Avon Lake, OH
Huppe, Kimberly D, DVM Avon Lake Animal Clinic - Avon Lake, OH
Huppe, Kimberly D, DVM Avon Lake Animal Clinic - Avon Lake, OH
Huppe, Kimberly D, DVM Avon Lake Animal Clinic - Avon Lake, OH
Huppe, Kimberly D, DVM Avon Lake Animal Clinic - Avon Lake, OH


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My beagle, Hudson, unfortunately could not resist a dark chocolate bar. This incident, of course, happened on my way to work early one morning. I was not really sure what to do....


Unfortunately all this clinic cares about is getting your money. They do not care about your pet, only how much they can up-charge you. They overcharge for office visits, testin...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/17/2013

Called for a quote for my dogs yearly shots. $250!! Made another call to Petco to see if they could offer any advice & they do it once a month for $54. I suppose they have a beautiful building they need to pay for, my dog doesn't care how beautiful it is or that it is close to the lake. more


Unfortunately all this clinic cares about is getting your money. They do not care about your pet, only how much they can up-charge you. They overcharge for office visits, testing, X-ray, surgery. You would think because you are paying top dollar you would get great service - WRONG! The staff is rude. Would NOT recommend this clinic to anyone. more

Hudson_Coleman 2/23/2012

My beagle, Hudson, unfortunately could not resist a dark chocolate bar. This incident, of course, happened on my way to work early one morning. I was not really sure what to do. I mean, we do call Hudson the “garbage disposal.” That beagle nose of his has gotten him in much trouble the past 8 years. I reluctantly went to work with much hesitation of what I would walk into later on that day. My husband left work early due to being sick. Bad for my husband, but I was very happy that someone would be able to be home with Hudson.\r \r I got home from work to find Hudson not acting like his usual self. He was not howling as I walked in the door and was lying in odd places in the house. I felt his heart racing and I just knew that he needed medical attention. I called out to my husband to call our vet to see what to do. My husband in a sickened daze called the vet.\r \r I spoke with Dr. Huppe on the phone and was told to meet her at the office in 20 minutes. I went to our vet and waited and waited. During this time, I am in tears, telling Hudson my goodbyes and what a great dog he has been, despite many objects being chewed to bits, but I left this part out. After 45 minutes of waiting, I called my husband for the phone number. As I was getting ready to call, my husband tells me “I called the wrong vet.” I was livid at my husband. I felt horrible for my dog and even more so for Dr. Huppe who was waiting on us. My husband called Dr. Huppe back to explain the confusion and she agreed to see us.\r \r Once we finally arrived, I was instantly put at ease. Dr. Huppe was so gentle, kind and compassionate. Hudson responded very well to her and allowed her to do her examination. During the exam, Dr. Huppe turned Hudson’s neck and he yelped (I don’t think dogs can scream but if they could, this would be a loud one!). Through Dr. Huppe’s accurate assessment, our beagle was in a lot of pain, and the symptoms he was experiencing were most likely to his neck pain, not his dark chocolate eating party. I left Hudson overnight to get fluids and IV pain medications. Hudson has never stayed overnight at the “doggy hospital”. I was very nervous but again I was put at ease by Dr. Huppe. I was also a little upset that I would not have my cuddle buddy that night!\r \r The next day, Dr. Huppe called me as soon as she got in with an update and to discuss the next steps in Hudson’s care. The treatment plan was agreed upon and I was set to get Hudson later that day. Once Hudson walked into the room, I knew that he was feeling better. Now Hudson is finishing his dose of steroids and is back to being his old beagle self.\r \r It is because of the care of Dr. Huppe and the other staff members at Avon Lake Animal Clinic that Hudson will now call this place his vet!\r \r more

Wonderful place in our Community 8/5/2011

I would like to thank you on behalf of my family and most importantly, Scooter, our golden retriever for the excellent healing and care you have provided. You have done an excellent job with Scooter from the moment we rushed in the door with two torn ACL's. \r Your surgery was a success and the after care was compassionate and supportive. \r \r In the year after Scooter's surgery, he struggled to regain his walking power. Under your guidance and suggestions we walked regularly to strengthen up the surrounding muscles, but going up the stairs was still quite an undertaking. He is such a people dog that he has to be in every room I'm in all day long, but his difficulty going up the stairs kept him on the ground floor for quite a while. I know it was very hard for him to be separated from us all night long. Eventually he gained enough strength to make it up the stairs, but he allowed himself only the one time, at night when the last person had finally gone up for bed. \r \r When Dr. Letosky suggested water therapy for Scooter, we thought it was a unique and quirky way of getting a dog to excecise, but we trusted her dedication to making Scooter the best that he could be. So one year later, when the program was up and running, Scooter hopped into the tank. Jodie was wonderful! \r You can tell how much she and everyone else at this establishment loves what they are doing. With Jodie's help and the water therapy, within 6 sessions Scooter showed noticeable improvement. If I had not been right there every step of the way. I would have thought there was some trick, but the water therpy worked miracles with him. Today Scooter is running after rabbits in the yard, going up and down the stairs and playing tug of war with our daughter. He still isn't 100% on the stairs, seeing as all the weight is centered on the back legs during that process, but going up them is more like a slight limp to him rather than a huge undertaking. \r \r All in all Scooter is a hugh success story for the Avon Lake Animal Clinic. Everyone involved with his care was, and still is, amazing. We are very grateful we have found this wonderful place in our community. more

Experiences Worth Taking with You! 8/1/2011

I have a Toy Fox Terrier & Beagle mix that I have always taken to the Avon Lake Animal Clinic. Recently we moved to Connecticut and we welcomed an adorable 6 week old American Bulldog puppy into our family! She is sweet, playful, silly, learns new things by the day,and is super curious. Along with her sill, playfulness and curiosity came a tumble and fall from the bed when she was 8 weeks old. She was crying and I was crying. I knew something was wrong and she was hurt. I was so scared and upset, I rushed my baby girl to the closest veterinarian emergency clinic. At that clinic I learned that when she fell she had broken her leg. It broke my heart to see my little puppy hurting. At that clinic my puppy was taken in for x-rays and the vet stated that they showed that the growth plate was not involved, and he applies a splint that didn't seem to fit very well, and she was able to chew at it. I asked if he was going to give her any pain medication or if I should ice it since it had already started to swell by her paw. He told me I should ""put aside my motherly insticncts and nurturing, she was just a dog!' I was very upset with this comment and knew he didn't care about my puppy as much as I do. She's NOT ""just a dog"", she is a part of my family. She is my 8 week old baby girl. This was not the kind of treatment or comments I have been used to hearing for the 5 years I went to The Avon Lake Animal Clinic with my Toy Fox Terrier. I was not going to except this now. After going home to think it over and calm down I decided to take my puppy for a second opinion. I was on a search fo find an animal hospital that was going to treat my puppy and me with the respect, care, and compassion I am used to receiving while in Ohio at the Avon Lake Animal Clinic. I was able to find an animal hospital (VCA hospital) that treated me and my puppy very well. They sent me to an orthopedic vet to assure that the break really hadn't disturbed the growth plate, which was only determined by a second x-ray from a different angle. At that time a molded cast was put on her leg to make sure that the bone was stabilized, and they fitted her for a no-chew collar. She is now 10 weeks old and healing very well. Today she got her cast removed and her leg x-rayed for the final time. The vet assured me that all is going to be fine, and in just the short time she had the cast on, her leg had grown. We are very grateful for the care our puppy recieved, and extremely happy that her leg is growing and all is well. The Avon Lake Animal Clinic truly sets the standards for what should be expected from other animal hospitals. In the event that it is necessary to find a new vet and clinic when you move, having the positive experiences from there makes it easy to determine the ""O.K."" from an execellent facility. \r \r S.M. from Connecticut formerly of Sheffield Lake more

BEWARE 6/20/2011


""Joy to my World"" 5/19/2011

I would like to convey the deep feelings, I have in my heart, for each and everyone who comprise ""The wonderful world of Avon Lake Animal Clinic and Care Center."" They have been so good to my family and to me. I can not envision what our life would be without them. Each call to them has been answered and each answer provided the necessary remedy for the health and welfare for ""all my children"" even to the decision to end a life, precious and dear, and loved beyond time and measure. We have had many added benefits. \r The list is endless. How grateful I have been for the emergency service that goes beyond the ordinary. I hope this does not sound exaggorated or two wordy. These thoughts are true and sincere and, if I may add just one mor ""Thank You"" it is for the priceless gift of friendship. The welcome I always receive when I enter the doors, the smiles and often warm hugs, that greet me and the kind words of help and encourgement throughout my appointment. I do not know of any other establishment that can match their team. more


I can't say enough about the compassionate care my pets have recieved since they have been going to the Avon lake Animal Clinic and Paws by the Lake. Dr. Dodson and Dr. Huppe have been outstanding. They take their time with the pets, explain treatment options, and include me in the decision making. I never feel rushed or confused when I leave. Dr. Krupka filled in at the last minute and was very kind and helpful as well. The front desk staff deserve recognition too. What a great group of people. It's great to be surrounded by fellow animal lovers! more

Bad Service 4/11/2011

We took our cat to Avon Lake Animal clinic when it would not eat or drink. The staff was unresponsive and generally rude. They charged us over $700.00 dollars to give the her an IV, medication and keep her over night saying that she would likely die that night. After we received basically a guess at what was wrong with the cat we took her to gateway animal clinic the next morning. She underwent surgery(from a much more professional Dr. Bob) and is healthy as can be to this day. This is a rather brief recap of what we went through, but overall I would NOT recommend this animal hospital. The service and care was confusing and expensive - A terrible experience for us and our pet! more

Best vet in Ohio! 2/25/2011

I have had 3 dogs and 2 cats as patients in this facility. The vets are GREAT, the assistants are WONDERFUL, the grooming salon is AWESOME, the pet resort is PERFECT! We have used all facilities many times and we are middle class and it is as affordable as you are willing to spend. Like the other reviews I have read, I have also experienced a loss of 2 of my dogs in the last year (same litter / brothers) due to heart failure. They were 13 years old. They were the love of my life and the facility spent so much time and energy trying to make them comfortable in the end. They were honest about the limits of what they could do for them. They even saw them for free a few times when I was panicky during the downhill process...they waited until I was ready to let them go as well. When I got the ashes, I also received a lock of hair and their footprint in ceramic. Unexpected and appreciated. They also sent a Sympathy card after. Copper (dog) who surgery for a cherry eye. Everything went great and was explained. Risks were also explained. Oreo (cat) was left for dead as a kitten (2 weeks old) and had warbles when we took him in. He received a original diagnosis of a electrical burn when we first took him in...that was 100% what we thought it was based on the sore on his lip. the next day he had a hole in his chin so we took him in. They immediately apologized and gave us a discount on the surgery for making the mistake! I didn't expect that. Even human doctors make mistakes...that's why its called practice. Oliver (kitten) that has had no issues except a snail in his hair when we first brought him in. We found him on the side of the road (3 weeks old) abandoned as well. they didnt charge an emergency price even though they saw us that hour. We knew he was safe (feline leukemia, fleas, ect..) before we took him into the house with all the other pets. I can honestly say they are great! We have seen EVERY vet over the last 5 years. They are professional, honest and kind. I read the bad reviews here and it seems people don't realize that pets are relatively inexpensive until something bad happens....then it is a whopper of $. Unfortunately its like that everywhere and pet medicine is not cheap. Vets are also doing the best job they can and like human doctors are not GOD. they can not save everyone and pets don't live forever. I cant believe the negative seems these people expected them to just fix a problem and when they couldn't, they got mad. They also don't want to pay? When someone (or a pet) dies, you still have to pay for the treatment!!! Vets wouldn't be able to exist if they worked for free. more

They killed my cat 4/23/2010

Over the course of 15 months my cat lost approx. 3 -4 pounds. For a 12 pound cat that is a lot. Every time I took him in they tested thyroid. Every time told me he was borderline and that I should just encourage him to eat. Kept mentioning all kinds of other tests but never ordered them or discussed price. Instead they charged me for worm meds, anitbiotics, numerous blood tests for thyroid, urinalysis...never tested for the kidney problems he was having. The night he was dying I had already spent almost $300 for the same ired treatment, and I had to take him in very late at night. An old more experienced vet told me that he basically had large, tumor filled kidneys and that he should be put down. So they put him down and creamated him and had the nerve to charge me another fortune. If they had properly diagnosed him 15 months ago maybe he would of had a few more years he was only 10 years old. Pros: Close to home Cons: Expensive, no experience, unnecessary care more

Do your research!!!! 1/4/2010

This is a hard thing to write about a place you trust with a pet you LOVE. My dog fell very ill very quick, and when I called to bring him in, the girl on the phone was more concerned about who refered me so they could thank them than with the care of my dog. When they were able to get him in, they brought us to another room where the vet came to talk to us. She brought in a couple of x-rays and started to explain that he had a very large tumor that would require surgery. She then looked at the computer and told my wife and me that we qualified for a discount since we were a PREFERED customer. Let me remind you that I have never been in this facility before... She then informed us that my dogs condition was stable, and they would operate on him the next day, that he would be fine, and they would contact us before he went in, and that the surgery would cost $2,000.00. I recieved a phone call at 7a.m. to tell me that my dog had died at 4 a.m. that night. The vet that call told me that he had reviewed the x-rays, and lab work and informed me that he probably would not have made it through the surgery. He continued to tell me how much pain my dog was in and how bad he REALLY was. It seems to me that we were lied to about the condition of our dog so they could charge us the $2,000.00 for a surgery that he would not have survived instead of the $780.00 they charged us. All that being said, I was informed that another vet was fired for not bringing in enough surgeries/money. Knowing this makes me sick to see what some people will do for a dollar at the expense of an animals care, and the people that love them. STAY AWAY!!! Cons: EVERYTHING more

Beware 8/21/2008

I have three cats and have taken them to the Avon Lake Animal Clinic. I was very disatisfied with their diagnosis (or lack thereof) of a very unusual disease/condition that one of my cats developed. They pulled teeth unnecessarily (to the tune of $700.00) and failed to diagnose the primary problem with my cat. After receiving RAVE recommendations about The Landings Animal Hospital, I took all of my cats there. Dr. Laura was fabulous! She made the diagosis of my sick cat, and treated him appropriately. He has not had a problem since. She has also seen my other two cats for well-care and I have been very happy with their services. \r The staff is rude and acts as though they are doing you a favor by seeing your pet. They are expensive, and I believe that they are trying to recoup some of the money that they are spending on their new pet day care facility. I think people are fooled by how nice the building looks. \r Beware....I have heard of many incidents of animal/patient neglect there...this came from one of their own employees. This is sad. Pros: Beautiful Facility Cons: Expensive, poor diagnosis, poor quality care more

I will avoid using this business in the future if possible. 8/1/2008

Most (but not all) of the vets here are good but I've had very poor experiences with dogs boarded and vetted here. I had one vet tech who was encouraging a male Cairn who had been neutered less than a week previously to jump as high as he could! I was NOT impressed. I've had a vet here vaccinate a seriously ill dog. more

GREAT Animal Clinic 10/26/2005

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the Avon Lake animal clininc. There are a few doctors there and all are great. I take my dog there for yearly exams and then I take him to Jackie for grooming and she is great and very reasonable priced for bathing. PROS: Super clinic CONS: more

Great Doctors Here 9/9/2005

From my bird doctor to my cat doctor, these people are the best and pay special care to each animal. I have been going here for about three years now and I will continue to come here as long as I am living here. They are there for you 24/7's. They are open very early and close late PROS: Everything! Great hours! CONS: Nothing more

I trust these care givers 9/4/2005

I have personally benefited from the expertise of the staff of this animal clinic. It has a caring staff of doctors who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We need emergency care on a Sunday and were met at the clinic by one of their many doctors and our beloved schnauzer recieved the best care. They offer care for all kinds of animals, not just cats and dogs. They are the best! more
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