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Huntington Beach Transmission & Auto Repair

18451 Repair Ln
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(657) 339-0022
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We have 3 Jeep Cherokees and my Ford E-350. H.B. Trans rebuilt one of our Jeep trannies and did an EXCELLENT JOB at a FAIR PRICE. They are actually a one-stop-shop and we have had...


STAY AWAY! Went to these guys about a week ago to have a new clutch kit installed as I don't have a lift and jack stands are too small to get the tranny out or I would have don...

Ten Thumbs Up!!!!!!!! 10/26/2012

We have 3 Jeep Cherokees and my Ford E-350. H.B. Trans rebuilt one of our Jeep trannies and did an EXCELLENT JOB at a FAIR PRICE. They are actually a one-stop-shop and we have had numerous maintenance items done there on all our vehicles. Bob and Adrian are straight-up, courteous, and no nonsence. I am a responsible realist and my attitude sets my altitude. No shop is perfect. They will be as close to it as possible. We no longer go anywhere else! more

STAY AWAY! 8/26/2012

STAY AWAY! Went to these guys about a week ago to have a new clutch kit installed as I don't have a lift and jack stands are too small to get the tranny out or I would have done the swap myself. First off; about 3-4 weeks ago I called around different places to ask how much to install a clutch kit AND get my flywheel resurfaced. I was quoted $400 from HB Transmissions as well as a few other places. Again, this quote was for the install of a CLUTCH KIT AND RESURFACING FLYWHEEL. After dropping the car off; I get a call a few hours later and was told there were hot spots on the flywheel and do I want it resurfaced. I said yes; and I told them that is part of the quote of $400 I was given, I was then told no, its $65 more to do that plus my kit I purchased did not include the pilot bearing, only a FRPP TOB. The pilot bearing was only $15, no biggy. So from the original quote of $400 I am now at $481.16 with taxes. The car was done by the end of day; so I picked it up the following morning. I went on their website and found a 10 coupon which stated this: "It's great that you've found us here on the internet. For a limited time you can print the coupon below (CLICK HERE!) to save 10 on your next service!" Now; it may be vague when the coupon states "10 on your next service" because my car was in fact serviced. The stock clutch, throwout bearing, pilot bearing were replaced and the flywheel was resurfaced. Does that not count as a "service"? Well I'd like to think so; however the owner saw differently. Upon presenting the 10 coupon to him; I was told it wasn't a "service" but he will give me $25 off anyway. Hmmmm; should have been $48 unless my math is off but I'm sure it isn't. So my total was $456.16.... I got about 5 off!!!! SCORE! O wait; right the coupon was for 10 sad face. After paying more than what I was expecting and realizing I shoulda listened to my fiance and went to another place to save over $100, one of the mechanics started my car up; and brought it over. It sounded kinda strange but figured it was just the new clutch and it's been sitting for a bit, as he didn't warm it up. I get in the car; put it in first and let out the dies. I'm thinking; must be the new clutch, I'm not used to it and its a bit more sensitive than the stock one. Well I try again dies.... So I do it a bit faster and start going however; it sounds like junk and feels bogged down. Then the "Service Engine Soon" light turns on. I make a right onto Gothard then a right onto Ellis and pull over. I put the hood suspecting something isn't right and turns out my intake where the MAF sensor and inlet pipe connect is disconnected! The car was getting unfiltered and unmetered airflow! WOW. I quickly get the stuttering car back to HB Transmission where the owner is about to leave; I pop open the hood and tell him the intake is disconnected and ask why. His response; "we didn't open the hood or disconnect that, it was like that when the car was brought in". I'm moments away from kicking his truck and he tells me to see the manager inside, as he apparently has to rush out of there. I go in and see; Adrian, I believe. I tell him what happened; and same thing, "we didn't open the hood or do anything under the hood, it probably came apart when we took the transmission out". I request a flat-head screwdriver to fix it b4 I head home. A mechanic comes out and fixes it and clears the DTC code even though I told him I'll clear the code myself at home. I know they were under the hood; how? To disconnect the battery. The starter is very close to the mid-pipe and transmission so they would have to had to disconnect the battery AND my cd player's memory was cleared, in other words, yup the battery was disconnected... So I was lied too as they were definitely under the hood to disconnect AND reconnect the battery. Now; if the intake "fell apart upon taking out the transmission" that would mean three things: 1. The intake WAS together when the car was brought in AND was together when they disconnected the battery b4 starting to work on the tranny. 2. Someone obviously would have noticed the intake apart when reconnecting the battery as it is quite big and chrome, but didn't put it back together. Maybe assuming it was that way when it was brought in? 3. Test driving it after the clutch kit was installed; the test driver did not notice how bad it was acting? I find that hard to believe. The other scenario is that they took the intake apart; for what reason, I do not know. After getting the car home and adjusting the clutch cable w/ my firewall adjuster i inspected the car to make sure everything else is fine and there. Long story for just a day's worth of work but this is to say; DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS. I will NEVER go back to this place and I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone. I'm sure these guys mean well; but they definitely suck when it comes to quality. again; STAY AWAY. more

To Whom it May Concern: 7/5/2012

I have been using the services of HB Transmission for many years and I have been very happy with their service and products. I have had them repair my own personal vehicle with satisfaction. And I would highly recommend this trusting transmission repair shop to anyone. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/27/2012

Fast, Friendly & make you feel like Family! I wouldn't take my car to any other shop .. Extremely knowledgable and will always go that extra step to get your car done in a timely manner. :) more

Very professional 12/13/2011

My experience at Huntington Beach Transmissions was great! As a woman, I never felt pressured to buy something I did not need. Everyone was professional and my car has never run better. more

Great service. 12/13/2011

Ive had problems in the past with other shops taking advantage of me with giving services I didn't need to my vehicle, but this place put me at ease and made my experience worth while. I would recommend this service center to others. more

20 years 12/6/2011

I've used HB Transmission for over 20 years. I live in Mission Viejo and I will drive to HB, and see Bob or Adrian if I'm not sure what's going on with my vehicles. In fact I have declined new car warranties for the past 4 vehicles I've bought becuase of them. I do not trust dealerships. Always have had positive experience at this place. Honest, professional and reasonable. more

not professional 9/4/2011

upon taking my car they said they would contact me in a couple days after 3 i had to call them to find out anything, again after a few days I had to call and they said should be ready on wednesday, they called me at 4:30pm on wednesday to let me know it was ready so no way that late to get there and when i picked it up thursday my remote would not disable the alarm, after setting the valet to get it home my spare remote worked fine so I open my remote that didnt work to find it wet inside, but they said in the 2 weeks it never left the car, pure bs, they were not informative or professional and apparently liars to boot, when acsc contacted them on this they told them that they left the remote on roof and maybe it got damp, there was still wet circuits in it when i opened it not just slightly damp sorry more

unprofessional and liars 9/4/2011

Very unprofessional and Liars, sadly recommended by ACSC, after taking my car there they said they would call me in 2 days on the third i called them and they had found nothing yet, several days later i called them again and then they asked permission to do repairs, and said should be ready on wednesday, well they did call at 4:30 pm no chance to pick up that late and when i went in on thursday the remote i left with them didnt work and I had to set the valet to drive it home and my spare remote worked fine, so i open the one they had and it was glistening wet and starting to corrode they said it never left car but when ACSC contacted them they said they left it on roof, that was alot more than simple dew in remote more

Exceptional customer service at affordable prices; we have always been very pleased with their honesty and integrity. 11/3/2010

I have recommend Huntington Beach Transmission to dozens of people. They are a real hometown shop, kind of like a mom and pop shop, and I get that really safe feeling from them. I feel like I am talking to my brother or dad about my car and don't feel like someone is trying to snow me. I feel safe with their service, and I have probably used them for about 9 years. My parents go to them also, and there are several friends I have referred to them. If you bring your car in they will offer to take you back home, or to the mall, or work, or wherever you need to be. There is a real feeling of security, and they make you feel safe about going there. Especially as a woman, I feel safe there. I don't feel like it is a big box shop. The repairs are excellent. If I ever hear a rattle or clank, I just bring it right back to them and ask if there is something not right. They will take it for a test drive, and they will either say it needs to be adjusted and do it, or that it is normal. My car is 15 years old, so it does make a few more knocks and rattles than others. I never feel bad about taking it back in to them and asking them to check something. They stand behind their work. My whole family is thrilled with them. They are like friends or family now. Mary-Lou Jonkhoff more

Rock bottom prices; good and friendly service. 10/1/2010

I have been using Huntington Beach Transmission about 2 years, and I have never had a problem. When they say they are going to do something, they do it. They never go over the quoted price, and the service is excellent. Everything is always fixed; I never have to take anything back. They have serviced my transmission, done a water pump for me, and some other things. They have also worked on my girlfriend's car. It is easy to drop off and pick up the car, and there is no haggling. They are very honest and trustworthy. more

Honest and reasonable. 9/2/2010

I've been going to those guys, at Huntington Beach Transmission, for many years, at least 15 and maybe 20. I went there well before they moved to their current location. I used to do transmissions myself, but when I find someone who is honest and reasonably priced, that is where I go. When people can explain the work that they are doing, I go there. Some places just take the car behind a wall, and can't explain what is going on. Huntington Beach Transmission can explain exactly what they are doing to the vehicle. more

Really good experience. 8/24/2010

I went in to Huntington Beach Transmission, and Bob diagnosed the problem. I had an idea of what was going on, so I gave them a list of what I wanted looked at, and Bob found some other things as well. They were pretty thorough. They fixed everything that I asked and even fixed things I didn't realize were a problem. They were very thorough but won't put anymore than what is necessary into the diagnosis of a repair. They are fair at coming up with a true list of what needs to be fixed. more

They do great work. 8/9/2010

The people in the office of Huntington Beach Transmission are very friendly and helpful. The quote is always really close to the estimate, and the work is great. They did a really good job on my Cadi. Everything works out when they are done. I have used Huntington Beach Transmission for about 5 to 7 years. They have very competent and skilled workers. They are all ASE certified, so they do a great job diagnosing every problem. more
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  • From minor repair to complete repair service, your vehicle is in good hands at Huntington Beach Transmission & Auto Repair. Auto experience and service you can trust in Huntington Beach, CA and Fountain Valley, CA. For complete auto services, look no further than Huntington Beach Transmission & Auto Repair. From minor repair to major work, the experts at Huntington Beach Transmissions have the knowledge and experience to handle any job. Foreign and domestic vehicles are welcome. We work on all makes and models, including Ford, Chevy, Cadillac, GMC, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, KIA, BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche, and more.Call us today at for your FREE estimate. We've been in Huntington Beach since 1963. The ASE certified technicians at Huntington Beach Transmission & Auto Repair specialize in transmission & Auto Repair of all imports and domestics.