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Hunk-O-Mania Male Strippers Chippendale's Style Male Revue Strip Clubs - 27 Reviews - 301 W 39th St, New York, NY - Other Reviews - Phone (866) 872-4865

Hunk-O-Mania Male Strippers Chippendale's Style Male Revue Strip Clubs

301 W 39th St (at Corner of 8th. Ave.)
New York, NY 10018
(866) 872-4865
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Hunk-O-Mania Male Strippers Chippendale's Style Male Revue Strip Clubs - New York, NY
Hunk-O-Mania Male Strippers Chippendale's Style Male Revue Strip Clubs - New York, NY
Hunk-O-Mania Male Strippers Chippendale's Style Male Revue Strip Clubs - New York, NY


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So my friends were visiting from out of town and they wanted to see some hot guys. One of them saw all the positive reviews here and decided she wanted to see male strippers. I ...


All reviews seem positive

Wish I had known about this place earlier 7/12/2010

So my friends were visiting from out of town and they wanted to see some hot guys. One of them saw all the positive reviews here and decided she wanted to see male strippers. I told her "no". I was not going to a male strip show. They literally dragged me here but since they were my good friends and were visiting from far away (Spain) I decided to be a good sport and go. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I first got there. The club itself was really nice and was decorated beautifully. It had a bachelorette theme. I saw alot of bachelorettes and birthday girls there. The show started with the host introducing the Massage Guys one by one. They were all like male models or actors or what not. Some of them were really hot. Then they would call the girls up on stage (usually the bachelorette or birthday girl) and then there would be an "act" Each act consisted of 3 guys coming out and dancing for the girls and then one guy would stay on and strip. I must say the dancing was actually not that bad. Everything was choreographed really well. It was like a scaled down Broadway show. Well sorry for the long review but in the end I did have alot of fun and was really glad I came. It turned out to be a really fun night!!! more

Great Strip Show, Extremely Hot Male Strippers 7/12/2010

I came here with a bunch of my girls for a bachelorette party and we had sooo much fun. I've never seen male strippers before but I can guarantee this won't be the last time I come!! The guys were sooo fine and so much fun to watch. Me and my girls had a blast watching the pimp do his pimp dance on the stage. Plus I really like the selection of guys they had. They had European guys with hot accents, All American Boy next door types, big bad pimps, sexy Asian hunks, it was really like a buffett of hot guys. Thank you guys!!! Pros: hot guys, lots of laughs, great dancing Cons: long bathroom line :( more

Hot Male Strippers!! 7/12/2010

I've been to plenty of male strip shows - some in Florida, some in Chicago, and one in Houston. NYC definitely has the hottest male strippers. The guys here are so fine and look exactly like the guys on the website. I couldn't believe how athletic these guys were. They were doing backflips and spins on their heads. It was so much fun to watch. Its not cheesy like the other ones that I've been to. Great times!! more

hmmm...turned out to be so much fun 7/12/2010

I was a little hesitant about coming here since I've never been to a male strip club before so I didn't know what to expect. However when I first got here I was really surprised at how pretty the club was. The guys turned out to be a lot of fun. I thought they were going to be gross but all of the male strippers were such fun dancers!!!! I stuffed them with dollar bills like a turkey lol. I highly recommend it! more

Had a Great Time Here!!! 7/12/2010

It was my cousin's bachelorette party and I had no idea what to do. My friend told me about this place so I decided to book a table here for 9 of our girls. It turned out to be a great idea!! All of the male strippers were so fine. They all had six packs and nice muscles. Not the big freaky types but like very male modelish looking type guys. The club itself was very nice. I loved the big plush couches and the lighting and smoke effects. I thought it was going to be a dirty place but I was so wrong. The male strip club really looked nicer than most of the clubs I've been to in NYC. I would highly recommend this place if you've never been to a male strip show before. The guys only get as wild as the girls want them to and they're all gentlemen. They know how to treat a lady and they know how to have fun. more

Great Club 5/10/2010

I went on a Saturday night to this male revue show in the city with a group of friends from work for a bachelorette party. I was very skeptical about it at first, but didn't want to be the only one to deny the invitation. My bff was the one who put everything together for everyone. She had to buy the tickets in advance because they told her that they don't sell tickets at the door, so she bought a vip table package with a bunch of things for the bride. Our limo driver got lost and made us late, so we arrived 15 min into the show. As soon as we checked in, they gave us a bunch of passes for the things that were included in the package (champagne, lap dance, private dance, stage spot (?)...) and they also gave a veil for our bachelorette to wear. So far, so good.... As we got in, i was amazed to see so many women in one place. All types of women of all ages (even grandmas) screaming and literally going nuts for the strippers. Just seeing that was quite an experience! Although we were late, our table was still reserved in the front to our surprise and relief but I stayed low key for a while. It didn't take me long to figure out why the girls were so hyped. The Mc was making really funny jokes and introducing all the guys. There was a guy for each type of girl, from all over the world and they quickly started going around offering lap dances and catering to the women. The show then started with 3 or 4 dancers at time for each act. They had a navy themed act, then police officers, firemen, doctors... I was very impressed with the production and costumes and all (not cheesy like I always assumed). My friend was called up on the stage during one of the dancers acts (police) and It was the funniest thing ever. She was completely embarrassed and we couldn't stop laughing. They turned her upside down and all! After that she was loose and had several lap dances.... I heard bad things about other places, but we had the night of our lives! Not just for the hole male strippers thing, but for the overall experience. When the show was over we took pictures with the dancers and stayed a while for the club (it was included in the price). I don't think I could be a regular, but I don't regret having gone to this show. It's an experience we all should have. :) Just don't forget to bring lots of singles for the guys. Pros: Hot male strippers Cons: a little too packed more

Outstanding service! 3/22/2010

Just wanted say how impressed my party of 15 was with the show on Sat. March 6. It was such a fun time n the guys were great. Special thanks to David. One of the other waiters disappeared with $40. I had asked for ones but after about 20 minutes he had not returned. I mentioned my concern to David and he took care of it immediately. Whether it was a potential incident or just an oversight, I was quite relieved that David handled the situation with genuine concern and tact. He truely made my evening. Please let him and management know how appreciative I am. He's a keeper. Pros: Gorgeous dancers, beautiful club and attentive staff Cons: none more

Truly a great show! 9/16/2009

I see why they call this place the most popular spot for a bachelorette party in NYC--gorgeous, gyrating men stripping down to teeny, tiny thongs, an all-girl audience completely pumped and screeching with excitement, friendly, shirtless waiters and booze--it's really a perfect place for girls to just get crazy and feel wonderfully catered to~ As for the dancers, they all had incredible bodies, but of course, some of them had the usual kinds of faces you see on muscle builders. BUT I was pleasantly surprised to find there were 4 or 5 guys that were actually quite handsome (pretty faces, nice hair) as well! Two that stood out to me were Dean the Business Man (lol~ if you like the Wall St. Type, you'll appreciate this cutie's dance skid--he's also trying to become an actor, it seems, and let me tell you, he's got the looks for it!) and Bishop the European Nobleman (Hungarian, specifically~ He's from Hungary, I think and has that dark, mysterious, sultry vibe and starts his extremely impressive/athletic routine off with some beautifully choreographed moves--very classy somehow!)--I give them both top props!! Some of the guys (like those two) were really bringing it during the show--taking their performances/dancing/seduction seriously despite knowing that most of the audience didn't really care what they did as long as they were hot and almost-naked. I really appreciated the guys who made an effort--it was somehow more respectful to us ladies, because they were truly aiming to allure and please (as any male customer at a female strip club expects) rather than just showing off their bodies and lording it over their spellbound audience. The show attempts to cater to various women's fantasies. There are lots of guys in uniform, as expected (a firefighter, a cop, an airforce guy), a cowboy, the above-mentioned wall st. business man, a pair of felons, a 50 Cent-like black dude, a Hispanic guy... gah, I can't remember what else. @_@ It seems like they use different guys for different nights--here's hoping you can see Dean, at least, who was voted Playgirl's Playmate of theYear 2008 (and for very good reason)--you really haven't seen anything like his routine before! My suggestions to the Hunkomania staff: how about a little more interaction among the guys? It's hot seeing a guy being gorgeous on his own, but get some light, playful bromance factor in there and you'll have the girls screaming even more~ :P Good job, guys! Pros: Gorgeous nearly clad men Cons: pricey drinks more

Thank You Soo Much Guys! 9/14/2009

You guys are by far the best venue for bachelorette parties in NYC!! Dear Hunk-o-mania Hunks, I just wanted to commend you for the wonderful work you guys do, Ive been to other popular bachelorette party destinations in NYC and you guys are by far the best, even the club you perform in is beautiful, spacious and has a happening party afterwards. I brought a group 15 women to your show last Saturday night for a bachelorette party and you guys made it special for every member of the bride's family from her grandmother-in-law, to her mother-in-law, and of course the beautiful bride to be. Everyone was so nice from the young lady who answered the phones before the show, to the dancers, and even the waiters. I just wanted to thank you all and I will certainly recommend other girlfriends to visit your show and plan future events with the Hunk-o-mania. We definitely had a better time than the groom and his buddies did on his bachelor party and your show was definitely a lot better than their greedy private strippers who cut their session very short. Again, I can't say thank you enough but I will say thank you by referring you to many more brides to be and any girls who just want to have a fun girls' night out. Take care and good luck! Sincerely, Kimberly (the Vip table to the far right of the stage on 9/12/09). LPS I also wanted to commend the person running this business. He or she really understands Hunk-o-mania's target market and does a superb job ensuring customer satisfaction. Pros: Beautiful Men, gorgeous venue Cons: none more

A Must See Show in NYC! 9/13/2009

Amust see male revue show! The greatest place to watch the desperation of women come to life. I almost felt like a human-ologist. You get so into it, though, no one cares how pathetically desperate women really can be. Before going in, I didn't think any of the men in the picture were particularly my style. But when they start sliding out of their clothes and HUMPPING the floor/chair/couch/hand/air, that feeling sort of disappears, and they become beautiful, breathing, hard, sexx objects of desire. A couple very hot faces (Tyson!) added to this desire, but in general, just the mass of men prancing around like animals was sooooooo incredible. there were some much older ladies in the front row who sat there in happy silence....that was amazing in itself. We are still talking about this show, like, constantly. pretty sad, but if you talk about something this much, it obviously is worth it!! Pros: Sexxy gorgeous men more

Awesome Bachelorette Party 5/3/2009

This show is perfect for a bachelorette party...Strong drinks and gorgeous guys galore!! We took our friend here for her bachelorette party celebration and she had the best time ever! It definetely made the trip all the more special and she was able to go on stage 2 times with the guys and had a blast! The guys were great but the club was a little stuffy. We made it loud and crazy for our party though. We had fun, especially the bachelorette girl....and that is all that matters... thanks for a great time! Pros: Free entrance to the club after Cons: none more

The Hottest Male Revue Show Anywhere! 5/3/2009

This event was a fantasy come true! I went with my cousin visiting New York City for the first time as an adult (24) and she loved every hot minute of it. Ladies! They aim to please and perform for you non-stop. I'm usually a shy girl but when the host seated us to the front row, my inner freak brought the bad girl out. OMG! It was soooooo hot! One of the dancers kissed me and my cousin was brought up on stage to get some HunkOmania seduction. It was hot. It was hard for me not be jealous of her, but at the same time Citysearch gave us the VIP pass to be seated in the front row, where all the girls in the back, were jealous. At the end of the night, we wanted more of these guys and hung out with them at Element lounge. The music was great, the performances were on cue fullfilling every fantasy I've ever had. Though the drinks were a bit steep. they were really strong. Also pictures with these guys half-naked costs $20 for a whole group. But it was worth it. So if you are ever in Manhattan and in need of a girls night out. This is the hot spot and place to be. I rate this show off the scale high! Pros: The gorgeous male strippers Cons: Pricey drinks more

WOW 2/22/2009

we had a fantastic time. the guys were gorgeous, and the show was outrageous. my friends who got lap dances were very satisfied. i can't wait to go back. Pros: the men Cons: none more


I went to the show last Fri. with a group of girlfriends from work and had a fabulous time! The guys are very sexxy, the show is a real production with costumes and stuff (yet was not cheesy at all, which was great) and we had a wild time. I would highly recomend it. There were several groups of bachelorettes there as well who seemed to be having a great time, too. Its hillarious to watch women scramble to get on stage! If you are looking for a bonding experience with friends, try this. Since you may stay for the afterparty for free, we stayed and danced to some great music after the show. During my search, I've discovered that other companies advertize some of the same dancers from Hunk-o-mania but when you get there none of those guys are there. This place had all the dancers on their website and more...after being at other clubs in NYC that host a male revue, I can honestly tell you that this show is in a different level; all the guys are absolutely gorgeous and there are some many of them... Overall, my experience with Hunk-o-mania has been above par and I will definitely be returning! Pros: Great service, gorgeous men, strong drinks Cons: None more

Best Girls Night Out in NY 1/11/2009

We came in from LA and I surprised my friend with tickets to the show, but we were late cause my friend takes too long to get ready! LoL We didn't get to sit where our tickets were for, so we sat over at the side of the stage by ourselves. Which was good cause when they ripped off their thongs and showed their butts, My friend about fell out of her chair and kicked over another chair. The girls behind us were laughing at her. We had so much fun the first night, we decided to come back again the next night and not be late. The second night we were in the second row center stage table. One of the performers was eyeing me and being all seductive. Then he ripped off his wife beater and threw it to me. I caught it! LoL But they never pulled me up on stage. They missed out on a good lap dance from me! Haha I got a few pictures with them after the show at Club Element. My goodness, them men are HOT! The guys seemed very sweet and down to earth. *HUNK O MANIA* was entertaining and provacative without crossing any boundaries. It was full of energy and very entertaining. I would recommend the show for any group of girls looking to have a good time. more

The Best Male Strippers in New York, NY 12/17/2008

The best male strippers in New York City are at Element, nominated best dance club in NYC 2008 by Citysearch... Every male stripper in the show is gorgeous, there is a man for every woman's taste and fantasy: Men in uniform, the business type, rocker type, cowboy, etc...latin, blond hair blue eyes, dark hair green eyes, african american and even asian. I've been to other male strip clubs in Manhattan where you're lucky if you find one good looking guy, at this place you'll meet over 50 beautiful male specimens...A must see show!! Perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday parties or a fun night with your sorority... Pros: Hot male strippers more

HOT male strippers with gorgeous bodies 9/6/2008

These men were all HOT with gorgeous bodies. I didn't expect to like it, but it blew me away. It's a little embarrassing to admit how much fun it was - once you got past the cheese factor. With each new skit, it was like, so how long do we have to wait for the men to take off their clothes, and in what manner will they take them off? Will they take it all off - facing away from the stage? Will they throw their torn shirts into the audience? It is totally raunchy, the girls who get pulled up on stage better be ready to be be gyrated upon, groped inappropriately, and perhaps (for the lucky three) to see full frontal. Hot, hottie, hot. Have fun girls. Be careful for other women nearby throwing themselves at the men when they come out in the audience and spilling their drinks all over the floor. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy, and Hero both got my heart racing!! Wowza. And I was sober the whole time! more

Fun Bachelorette Party NYC! 9/6/2008

Last night I had my bachelorette party at Hunk O Mania show and was amazed to see how paramount their service was. Everything from my initial order on the phone to the end of the show was way beyond what I had expected. The other places were so rudely aggressive, including the people who answered the phones. The guys were not only extremely gorgeous but also very friendly and sweet. They sure knew how to treat us like princesses! This is the hottest male strip club in NYC and I can see why they've won Citysearch's best male "strip club award" in New York City! Truly is a must see for any lady coming to the NYC area, who would love to be completely entertained, and STIMULATED!!!! These fantastic men dance, and gyrate their way through the evening making us women forget EVERYTHING but them for 2 glorious hours!!! Pros: Gorgeous NAKD MEN, Great free afterparty! Cons: Only Fridays and Saturdays... more

Very Tasteful Male Strippers Show! 8/13/2008

I went to see the Hunk-o-mania male strippers show at The Element a couple of weeks ago for a girlfriend's birthday. Hunk-o-mania bills itself as an "upscale male strip show". I wasn't sure what to expect. I had only seen one male stripper before, during college, and the guy was not cute and he was quite cheesy and not a good I was pleasantly surprised to have a good time. The waiters are attractive men who walk around shirtless, in tuxedo pants, muscular torsos on display for all to enjoy. They happily interact with the patrons eg, sitting on laps and giving spontaneous rub downs. The performers did a really good job. As one of the girls described it, watching them is almost like watching, "a dirty boy band" perform. They've got choreographed acts and they lip sync, they just happen to also strip and be in incredibly good shape. The women at the club were rabid. There was screaming, yelling, clamors for private lap dances, and bills flying everywhere. And unlike female strip clubs, the women are actually encouraged to touch the male strippers as often and frequently as possible. It was quite the memorable event. I was particularly enamored with one dancer, Tyson, who kind of reminded me of a bald, Shemar Moore. The man was hot...and quite popular with the ladies based on the immediate raise in decibel level whenever he was on stage. He definitely knows how to work a crowd. Hunk-o-mania at club Element is quite the experience. I'd recommend it for a fun night out with friends or for birthdays, bachelorette parties, yada yada. Pros: Sweet Gorgeous guys! Cons: None! more

The fabulous men of USA HUNKS 4/8/2008

USA HUNKS. So I have been on a bit of a Citysearch hiatus, but my first review in a while shall be devoted to the fabulous men of USA HUNKS. We had a VIP table up front and center, right in front of the stage, to celebrate my friend's bachelorette party, and we were all dressed like hokers, in red tanks, black bottoms, fishnets, bright red knee socks, blonde or red wigs, and makeup to match. We even rolled up in a limo. We got lots of stares, and later that night when we got separated one of us got "busted" by the police and I was given $20 just to talk to a guy's friend. Free cab fare, at least?! The manager at USA HUNKS set everything up for us, greeted us with a hug and kiss when we got there, and hooked us up! Champagne, drinks, HOT men, HOTTER lapdances, and lots, LOTS of dolla bills. But seriously some of the men were totally swoon-worthy, and freakin STRONG. They were lifting up and swinging around girls of all sizes left and right. Poses were scannnndallouuusss~~~ I'm no saint, for sure, but some of the things they did made my mouth drop wide open. Haha. But really, a truly awesome time with GREAT service, in more ways than one. ;-) Pros: The Hot Gorgeous Men Cons: None more
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  • Bachelorette Party Male Strippers Hunk-O-Mania is a Chippendales style male strippers club & male review show Voted #1 by Citysearch Viewers, performing live in NY's most stunning venue "Element - Times Square", 305 W. 39th St. NY, NY every Fri. & Sat. from 9pm-11pm. Nominated the #1 Bachelorette Party destination on the East Coast.

    Also appearing in Atlantic City, NJ every Sat. at 9:00pm-11:30pm at 507 North Arkansas Ave(corner of Bacharach Blvd.).

    HunkaMania male revue of male strippers, male exotic dancers - a high-energy, audience participation male strip show that caters to women & bachelorette parties of all ages. Indulge a bachelorette party fantasy; a birthday or a girls' night out. Male strippers, male dancers & hunky waiters will cater to your every need and make your night exciting & fun.

    Tickets sell out fast!
    To purchase, call toll free: 1-866-872-4865


  • In Short
    Twenty-five dollars gets you into this den of female delight, and another $20 buys a turn at the "hot seat"--an audience member's chance to participate in one of the sexy stage shows. In the meantime, a slew of hard-bodies cater to an eager crowd below, with strokes, kisses and back-rubs. After the show, Avalon turns back into a nightclub, but not before dancers pose for snap-shots and hand out complimentary calendars to every lady in the house.

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    Mon 10:00 AM-11:30 PM;Tue 10:00 AM-11:30 PM;Wed 10:00 AM-11:30 PM;Thu 10:00 AM-11:30 PM;Fri 10:00 AM-11:30 PM;Sat 10:00 AM-11:30 PM;Sun 10:00 AM-11:30 PM
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