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Hudson Terrace - 48 Reviews - 621 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 315-9400

Hudson Terrace

621 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036
New York, NY 10036
(212) 315-9400
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I was celebrating my 25th birthday, and I wanted to do it at a nightclub, with plenty of bottle service and decent couch space. I chose Hudson to be the venue, despite knowing th...


The only cool thing about hudson terrace is. its on a roof. i've been there a couple times. i dont ever pay a cover and dont wait in lines. so both times i have been welcomed in. ...

Last chance for HALLOWEEN at HUDSON TERRACE ! 10/24/2012

Last chance to get tickets to Hudson Terrace's annual HALLOWEEN BASH - Get your tickets at TIXorTREAT,com NOW! Group Discounts are available more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/7/2012

When I find myself back in New York for business I am always a bit lost so I'm glad the service industry in the city is thriving. I saw no point in trying something new when I saw potential in continued business, so birthdaysandbottles,com threw an event for my guests at Hudson Terrace on a Saturday afternoon and the result was great!\r \r Surprisingly, the open bar option was available from early in the afternoon toward early evening and the starters we were treated to were on point. Everything was well prepared and the area really opened up since it was reserved for our party. It was beautiful, and the weather was perfect. The mellow music really picked up around the end of the event so guests were enticed to stay for the rest of the evening's festivities. I myself couldn't stay too late so I packed up a bit earlier than others, but I've only heard good things from the ones who did. Job well done guys, until next time! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/5/2012

What a ripoff! Paid $500.00 for ""VIP cabana seating"" for the Forth of July party to discover their version of VIP cabana seating is a picnic table and wooden chairs. Advertised ""dinner and servers"" when in fact is was a banquet of hot-dogs and hamburgers. $500.00 to watch the fireworks show and directly before the show starts they advise everyone to go outside to view the fireworks, WTF? $500.00 for a fireworks show from their rooftop and you couldn't see the freaking fireworks from the ""rooftop"". The servers (they did serve drinks) had horrific attitudes and stood around the bar speaking with each-other all night. The busboys were the ones doing ALL of the work.The shyster that arranged this show is an arrogant little POS that runs companies such as: - - - - - - - - - - His name is Eddie Miller and thinks he has the right to redefine words such as ""cabana"" into whatever he chooses. I would recommend staying clear of any event this person advertises. Not only will I NEVER attend anything that is associated with Eddie Miller but I will ensure that every person I know (and every person they know) understand this person is a scam artist. I would recommend Hudson Terrace NEVER again allow this person to organize anything for them as it is a direct reflection onto themselves. Shameful. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/15/2012

I hosted my birthday party here last week and it was great. The bouncers can definitely be rude sometimes but we had no problem. The staff is friendly and the music was a crowd pleaser. The best time to get there is around 1030-11 to avoid the long lines unless you have a party promoter-which I did. In that case you go in like a breeze. I def. had a great time thanks to ! From the start they are great to work with and really want you to have the best birthday possible. They take care of it all-the reservation, tables, and even a free bottle of vodka. def. sweet :) I would go back to hudson terrace :) more

When I found JSN Productions on Yelp, I 6/1/2012

When I found JSN Productions on Yelp, I instantly told myself that these are the guys I want to work with in planning my birthday party (5star rating on Yelp? YES!). I got a phone call from a gentleman named Josh and he made everything possible! Very nice and PATIENT guy to work with. VIP treatment @ Hudson Terrace the moment I mentioned JSN/Jeff/Josh. We got there a little after 12am and there's usually a $20 cover after midnight. There was 18 of us and instead of having only 10 people in for free, they let 15 in! I had an amazing night with friends. So if you're looking to plan a party without the hassle and work, let JSN do the it for you. All you have to do is get all pretty, show up at your venue of choice and mention your reservation set by Josh or Jeff. These guys definitely gained my trust and confidence in party planning (not the wannabe type of promoters where when you get to the door and mention your name the host tells you that you're not on the list.) I highly recommend them. Since I usually do my friend's birthday planning, I am so glad I found these guys because they will be my #1 choice from now on! Definitely looking forward to working with them again soon! more

Charge for Ice? What's next? Charge for a glass? 1/31/2012

I went there for an office party. I have no problems paying for top notch service in a top notch environment but I noticed when I ordered drinks on the rocks, the bartender added a $3 on the rocks fee. Charging extra for ice? Come on! They don't even do that at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bar. And I don't have to worry about some drunk idiot knocking into me and spilling my drink. Maybe next time I'll bring my own ice from the bodega and share it with everyone else. Oh yeah before you all post hate comments. I am very successful and would rather pay the $3 to the bartender as a tip... just don't like being taken advantage of. more

Great Trouble-Free Birthday! 12/27/2011

I was celebrating my 25th birthday, and I wanted to do it at a nightclub, with plenty of bottle service and decent couch space. I chose Hudson to be the venue, despite knowing that it gets crowded and they're tough at the door. However, what made the party so great was that I went with JSN productions to plan the party. They did everything they promised and made sure my night was trouble free. Joshua from JSN was able to set up 2 free bottles, after I agreed to order 4 on my own, as well as more spacious cabana seating. I had a guest list under my name, and there was a representative from JSN at the door making sure that everyone got in with no wait in line. Throughout the night, Hudson tried to play some tricks of their own regarding the bottles I received, but anytime I had an issue, I texted Joshua's partner Jeff, and he would have it resolved instantly. To give you an example, Hudson gave me a bottle of champagne instead of a 2nd bottle of vodka - I texted Jeff, and within 15 minutes I had that second bottle on the table. Overall, it was a fun night, and I cannot be more grateful for JSN's help. I've already referred them to a friend of mine for their party and I definitely would recommend them to anyone else. more

""Dancing on the Table"" Good! 8/28/2011

I should say ""Dancing on the table"" Great! Hudson Terrace is a guaranteed great time. The club atmosphere puts anyone in a good mood even if it is raining like it was at my roommate's birthday party. It was absolutely no problem because the rooftop was completely covered. We got in so quickly and had bottle service all lined up thanks to Access Gotham. Had no idea that the Today Show hosted a wedding at Hudson Terrace until one of my friends told me. As no engagement is on the horizon for me, Hudson Terrace will remain on the short list for a great night out! more

Good times 8/14/2011

If you're going to plan a party, I highly recommend using JSN Productions. It's a win-win for everyone involved and it makes dealing with the logistics very simple. It was nice having a single point of contact and it didn't hurt that we avoided paying a cover :) more

JSN planned my party at Hudson Terrace! 8/10/2011

I had my birthday party at Hudson Terrace this past weekend and coordinated everything with JSN Productions. They were also easily accessible via email or phone and made sure everything went smoothly. I got my tables on the rooftop and received a complimentary bottle on top of the ones I asked for, as promised!\r None of my friends had trouble at the door and the hostess and waitresses made sure I had fun and that everything was going smoothly.\r One of the most well planned parties I've ever had OR been to! Thanks JSN!\r more

Great Birthday Party! 8/1/2011

JSN productions was the perfect match for me as I thought about planning my birthday party at Hudson Terrace. I loved the atmosphere of the space, but just needed a way to make it personalized without taking over the whole entire rooftop. JSN arranged everything with the bar to create as many tables as I wanted, and even added in an extra bottle of champagne on them! The reservation was set, and all my friends got in no cover before 11 because they were there for my birthday. Everyone had a great time, and everything flowed smoothly. Highly recommend them for any planning for events in nyc! more


I'm not one that usually reviews places, but this is the most over rated and most expensive lounge/club in the city- expensive cover charge for nothing more than a place to stand around with no atmosphere and terrible music- played the same crappy house music for 10 minutes at a time. Most expensive drinks in the city, and on top of that the glasses were literally miniature, the drinks were half water, and they automatically add a 20% gratuity, and then still expect a tip!? The staff doesn't give a damn about the customers- doormen, bartenders, workers carrying around ice buckets, etc. bumping into you. Please don't waste your time or money here. more


Never ever waste your time or your money at this bar. I paid 20 dollars cover. There were workers walking through the crowds of people with buckets of drinks, ice, or whatnot over their heads. One of these guys who worked there literally dumped a bucket of water on top of my head and back when walking with it through the crowd. I was soaked and my night was ruined. I cannot believe I wasted money on this place. I talked to multiple people who worked there who didn't seem to care at all about this and that I wanted my money back. Yes, when you go to a bar you expect a drink to splash you here and there when dancing in a crowd of people, but this was an entire bucket dumped on my head and it was absolutely ridiculous. Never go to this place. The staff is not helpful. No one even referred me to some one in charge who I could talk to no matter how many times I politely asked. Multiple staff members were rude instead of apologetic. The drink prices are ridiculous too for the small, watered-down drinks they serve you. Also, watch out, a high gratuity charge is added to your bill for every purchase, so don't tip on top of that, they just want your money. Never give this place your business. more

Birthday party through JSN 6/6/2011

Booked a birthday party at Hudson Terrace through JSN. I would absolutely recommend using their services as they helped arrange our reservation and even were able to add in a FREE bottle to our table service for the night. There was a representive there from JSN at the club that helped us get through the typical doormen nonsense (demanding you buy more bottles, telling you your group is too large, making you wait all night etc.) \r \r The club itself was super crowded for most of the night - to the point where it wasn't even comfortable. But the rooftop is amazing , the DJ was rocking it, and the crowd was there to party. Great club, good atmosphere. \r \r Club Positives: Great music, awesome view, great for a summer night, and of course an all out fun party\r \r Club Negatives: Paying for a table that the entire club is on top of you isn't worth the extra money, doormen are a pain\r \r more


WORST PLACE EVER!!!! I had booked a triple bday party here through a promoter and had 90 - 100 guests/friends coming, did not get ANYTHING we were prmised when we booked. We were promised ""VIP entry"" for our bdays per their website and our deal meaning our friends just had to say either of our names and get in no problem/wait on a separate line and we didn't have to wait in any crazy lines. We were promised what we thought was an amazing open bar deal = $50 for 2 hours includes everything except top shelf, but shots and red bull were included. A group of 15 - 20 people and 2 of the bday girls got there at 10:40 pm - they go to the front and ask where they should enter because it's their bday party and the door guy said ""that's great, we have bday parties here every wknd, get in the back of the line"" waited in line for almost an hour until 11:30pm only to discover the open bar is well liquor only - NO shots and NO red bull! I got to Hudson Terrace at 11:15pm and I am supposed to ask for Eddie Q at the door, I tell him it's my bday and he ignores me, I'm yelled at to get to the back of the line - so this so-called ""VIP entry"" is non-existent/nothing but lies! I wait in line for an hour and at 12:20 am finally get to the front of the line and 1 of the other bday girls comes down to try and get me in because it's 1/3 my bday party. So I asked if we could get open bar extended since I wasn't getting in until 12:20 am and they only extended it 15 min from 1 am to 1:15 am, was supposed to start at 11 pm. I said it wasn't worth it for me and my friends to pay $50 for open bar for less than an hour but we will go upstairs and just not do open bar then. The promoter previously verified the details of our party with Eddie Q at the door and Pedro the manager, and was shocked to find out plans were changed and was trying to, at the minimum, extend the open bar another hour for us. Eddie Q and other door guys said they cannot let me or my friends in if we are not doing open bar and I said it's not fair to pay for it if we will only be drinking for a max of 45 min and well liquor at that! The promoter gets there to try and salvage the party, at this point a bunch of my friends left during this that were waiting in line with me (keep in mind it is 12:30am at this point and I am dead sober on my bday). I was annoyed, and said it was not fair but mostly complained to the promoter, he tried to fix it and the door guys told him that I was screaming at them which while I had every right to, I did not and had about 40 also sober friends with me and witnesses with me to verify that I never once raised my voice, so they lied. We decided F this place, I was EXTREMELY frustrated with the disaster the night was turning into and re-routed my entire bday party to The Hill on 3rd Ave between 29th and 30th had managed to salvage the night (The Hill by the way is a gem! We were able to book a $50 open bar for 2 hours once we got there, no line and no mess, GREAT music - definitely recommend The Hill!!!!!!). I sent out a facebook email blast as I was leaving Hudson and all my friends quickly switched venues and so did the other 2 bday girls. I am now boycotting this place - so poorly run and unorganized, I am so annoyed with how Saturday went that I am dedicating today to writing bad reviews all over the internet. STAY AWAY FROM HUDSON TERRACE!!!! DO NOT BOOK YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY HERE!! more

JSN Planned the Perfect Party! 5/3/2011

I was planning a friends bachelorette a few weeks ago and came across JSN Productions. After reading all the reviews I contacted Josh and started the process. He suggested Hudson Terrace which was AMAZING. From the moment we got there we were taken right through all the lines and seated at our table immediately. Basically every had a great evening and the party did not stop until 4 am.\r \r The best part about JSN productions is that he was always available during the process!\r \r more

JSN Productions Is The Ultimate Party Planner 2/23/2011

JSN Productions recommended to have my birthday party at Hudson Terrace this past Saturday and it was FANTASTIC! Had a great time on the 2nd floor with no waiting in line and a free bottle! The 3rd floor was way too crowded you can barely move. We all had tons of fun and highly recommend Josh from JSN Productions to plan your next party whatever that may be. You can check out other venues they use at their website. Happy Partying :) more

Birthday Bottle Service Does it Right. 2/10/2011

Booked a birthday party through Birthday Bottle Service and Abe over there took care of everything from start to finish. He's got BBM so if you got a blackberry he'll always be right there to help you out. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. All my guests got in, we got a free bottle and ended up buyin a few more cause the night was goin so well. No matter if you do your party here or not, BBS (Birthday Bottle Service) are the event planning people to help you out. Ask for Abe. He's that dude. more

awesome place, righteous party! 1/26/2011

Celebrated my birthday here a week ago with a bunch of friends. I liked it a lot because 1. we got in fast, no problems at the door whatsoever 2. comped bottle of vodka and 3. the place is the perfect hybrid of a lounge/club. Drinks were fairly priced as well and they have multiple floors for different music genres, 2nd floor more dance/techno and the rooftop more top 40 and hip-hop. Use Josh from jsnproductions. com. He got us in for free and hooked us up with a free bottle. Thanks again buddy! more

Best Friday and Saturday in Manhattan 1/2/2011

Friday and Saturday Nights at Hudson Terrace Rooftop in New York City are hosted by EventigeEvents Elite Event Planning. The high-end promotions group always delivers with a gorgeous crowd, fantastic drink specials and a laid-back door policy, truly giving your night out a VIP experience. Please feel free to utilize the ""Eventige"" Guestlist for complimentary and expedited admission starting at 10pm. EventigeEvents Office Number is 646-998-5445 more
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