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Hudson Cafeteria - 84 Reviews - 356 W 58th St, New York, NY - Hotels Reviews - Phone (212) 554-6500

Hudson Cafeteria

356 W 58th St (at nr. Ninth Ave.)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 554-6500
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Hudson Cafeteria - New York, NY
Hudson Cafeteria - New York, NY
Hudson Cafeteria - New York, NY
Hudson Cafeteria - New York, NY
Hudson Cafeteria - New York, NY
Hudson Cafeteria - New York, NY
Hudson Cafeteria - New York, NY


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I had my 28th birthday at Hudson Bar. I wanted a place that was a good scene, dancefloor, good music, but no door drama. A friend of mine suggested I talk to Josh (at JSN Produc...


After hearing all the hype I was eager to see what was so great about the place. I was quite disappointed, the crowd was pretentious and overly done up- even for NYC standards. It...

Solid Birthday Party 11/23/2011

I had my 28th birthday at Hudson Bar. I wanted a place that was a good scene, dancefloor, good music, but no door drama. A friend of mine suggested I talk to Josh (at JSN Productions). There's a good amount of dirt bags in the promoting industry, but Josh came highly recommended from a good friend and he was a straight up guy. He told me all the positives and negatives about different possible bday spots. I decided to go with Hudson Bar and everything turned out great. I had a group of about 30 friends that came through and no one had to wait on line or pay a cover. Best part was that I got hooked up with a free bottle of vodka (only had to pay the tax on it) and got a table that fit about 8 friends comfortably. No cover, free bottle and a table at a nice place with good music and dancing = a no drama, good time. I had been to Hudson before and I really liked the place, but I always had to drop a name at the door or know someone because the bouncers can be tough, so I was hesitant in having my bday there because I didn't want to worry about guests not getting in and things going wrong. I gave Josh a chance and he came through. Bottomline, Hudson is a good place for a party, but definitely don't roll up without using a promoter, and if you use one, I would give Josh a try first -- see for yourself. more


Ok, so after reading reviews below, totally agree -- NEVER in my life have I been treated like I was from the little scrawny man at the door (and i'm not that tall), and I've been to MANY exclusive clubs in nyc. He was mean, nasty, disrespectful for no reason. I was heading there for a birthday party with my boyfriend. As soon as he saw him and 2 of his friends, he said 'bottle service' only. This is fine that he said this, but he had no reason to be nasty and mean along with it. Don't go here unless you want to party with 50 something year olds and overpriced drinks .... come on, this bar has been around for how many years? Go with something fresher. HUDSON HAS GONE WAY DONE. Pros: Hudson Hotel itself is nice, decent music Cons: Mean, little guy at the door, senior citizens, and overpriced drinks (this is not mandarin oriental) more

An indifferent manager unacceptable for Hudson Cafeteria ! 12/19/2008

I like Hudson Cafeteria very much and had been there several times before and always enjoyed the food there. But on Tuesday, 16 December 2008 I took two very good friends to have dinner there, I had a very unpleasant experience. \r \r Although the steak and the tuna ordered by my friends turned out to be pretty good and well prepared, the steak I ordered was a disaster. I had told the server clearly I would like it well done, but it came medium rare. I called the server and showed him my steak, but he expressed no apologies. So I told manager on shift about it, and he promised that my steak would be done the way I liked. After 25 minutes? waiting and my friends had almost finished their meals I asked where my steak was, the steak was delivered and the server rushed away ?I took a cut into it and it was still medium rare!! I was hoping to find the manager to make a complaint, but I felt so hungry at the time that I had to eat around the edge of the steak which was well done. When I finally had a chance to point out to the manager what went wrong with the steak, he did not apologize at all, but said ?but you managed to eat most of your steak!? We were all appalled and shocked to hear that. The indifference and rude attitude of the manager prompted me to ask him for his name. When the manger returned reluctantly 10 minutes later, he threw a piece of paper with his name on it onto the table and said ?if that makes you feel any better.? \r \r The point I want to make is that a good place like Hudson Cafeteria can not afford to retain managers with rude manners, because it will scare away customers. Even if I like the place, now I have to think it over before I want to go back again. Pros: atmosphere, space Cons: service, attitude more

great space, average food, small portions, expensive 12/13/2008

The setting and ambiance is 4-5 stars, the food is comfort food, taste is about 3/5, quantity is 2/5, price is about 1/5---$90 for 2 entrees and 1 appetizer and 1 dessert before drinks/tip. Service was good during our night. All in all, if it wasn't for the ambiance and atmosphere, there would be no reason to go here, unless you have an expense account or money is not an object for a $130-150 night with dinner and drinks in a place that is priced like a 4 star restaurant Pros: space Cons: price more

Fun place for dancing, but very annoying service 11/2/2008

Went with several friends on a Sat night. We arrived by 10:30 and got a table. So we were told by this waiter that as long as we order a bottle, we can keep the table for the rest of the night. But he didn't tell us that he would sneakily collect half-full glasses that we left on the table while we were dancing! The whole time we felt that he was rushing us to finish our drinks. My husband caught him collecting his half full martini glass twice and I also caught him fuzzing around our table and after realizing that there was nothing to collect, decided to take my unfinished drink.\r The DJ played a wide range of music and it was fun to dance. But it was very annoying that I and my friends had to keep an eye out for our drinks from the waiter the whole time and had to take our drinks back from his tray several times during the night. \r I had a good time overall, but mainly due to the company I was with. I think there are many other places that we would've just as much fun without the annoying service. Pros: Good atmosphere and music Cons: Bad waiter more

Great Dinner.. 10/23/2008

The four stars are for the impeccable service without the stuffy feel. Food was good too, not orgasmically memorable but good. Went for a friend's birthday and since I was the first to arrive I was able to tip off the hostess who had a signed birthday card waiting on the table in a matter of minutes, really nice touch. And with five diners, our food came out at exactly the same time, literally! Four servers swooping plates down like kamakazis! And they made some great wine suggestions as well. Overall, a great restaurant. Pros: food,ambiance more

big bad lloyd will never get a dollar from me 10/19/2008

ok where do i start. i have been to many hotspots in nyc over the years and never in my life did i have to deal with such a little weasel. a group of ten of us who all did not really know each other went out someones birthday. Usually when i go out i wouldnt mind buying a bottle or two. but this not we just did not want to. when we walked to the door of this oversized lobby bar we were treated like trash. this lloyd from entourage lookalike has no respect. my fiance and i are business owners and work hard and we had to be told what to do by some guy who spend his day probably handing out club flyers. our bar tab would have easily exceeded the price of a bottle but little miss sunshine did not want to let 5 well dressed couples into his den. it was not a group of ten guys it was five couple going out for drinks. anyway my point is i understand door policies but this little fella has no right to do what he does. he is a nobody working on minimum wage and probably sleeps with his clipboard. someone needs to get this guy some loving cause i thinks it has been a long time. Cons: the little guy at the door needs to GO more

Well recommend-GREAT NIGHT OUT! 10/16/2008

I have been here twice, once with a group of 4 girls and once with my boyfriend and BOTH times had an excellent night.\r It was a saturday and we arrived about 10pm and stayed till the very end. \r The music was brilliant and the crowd was great. The dancefloor was filled with a real mixed bunch. I would say this is for over 25's. \r The drinks are expensive but well worth it.....Definitely recommend. more

Great for groups of 10-12. 9/29/2008

Hudson Cafeteria was the host venue for a recent birthday celebration for a group of 12. The expereince was excellent with hearty food, prompt service and great cocktails. Ambience and decor were both exactly what we'd hoped for. Bonus treat: stick the person picking up the tab or birthday king/queen in a thrown at the head of the long banquet tables. Pros: Ambience, long banquet tables are ideal for groups Cons: Possibly a little pricey for merely good and hearty food. more

My stomach is still recovering 9/22/2008

The Hudson Cafeteria is a beautiful place. It follows suit with the hotel, which is exceptionally nice. I took a date here because I have been to the lounge numerous times and find the atmosphere of the hotel to be both fun and impressive. Getting to the point - the restaurant was a little pricey - which is fine and expected at a hotel like this. However, sub-par food is not expected if you are going to charge $26 for a piece of chicken. This very chicken made me sick and I am still recovering. I didn't even have a drink at dinner so there is nothing else to blame. P.S. - The medium to small sized chicken came doused in some wierd sauce that made me feel like I ordered it at Applebees. Whatever vegetables were served with it were basically inedible. In summation - I will never eat here again. I honestly don't know what the other reviewers were thinking with positive reviews of the food here. Even if I didn't get sick the food was unacceptable for a fancy restaurant in a fancy hotel. more

Hudson Hotel Bar 8/16/2008

The bar was empty when we arrived. We came with a group of 6 people, were seated at a table and proceeded to order in excess of $300 over the period of 1.5 hrs in individual drinks. When 2 more of our friends arrived they were denied admission (in an unpleasant manner) because we did not get bottle service. One bottle was approx $300, so we already fulfilled their min. req. We would have spent a lot more had we stayed. There are numerous better bars in New York with less illogical entrance policies. The bar was still pretty empty when we left. I would not recommend this place. more

Carefully review your bill! 8/7/2008

The atmosphere is gorgeous, service is fine, food is good. However, I have been there twice in the past two months and each time we were charged for items we did not order. The first time we were 3 women and were charged for 5 entrees and two extra drinks. When we told the waitress there was a mistake she immediately responded ""I know"" and took the bill back without looking at it. This week we were two couples and were charged twice for the drinks. When we told the waiter the bill was incorrect he just took it away and corrected it. No apology...Look carefully at your bill. We live in NYC and eventhough this is beautiful rooftop dining, we will not be returning more

Overcharged credit card 7/4/2008

Friends and I had drinks at this near empty bar. After spending close to 70 on a pitcher of mojitos we decided to order four more drinks and opened a new tab. My friend returned her cocktail as it was undrinkable. The waitress agreed that people send back that particular drink all the time and got her a new one. The bill came to $68 for four drinks which we tipped $12 - totaling $80 for four drinks. When I got my credit card statement they charged me an extra $18 which was not represented on the receipt I signed. So rude and fraudulent. I'll never go back here and I work across the street. Such nerve! Pros: Nice atmosphere, good location Cons: Overpriced, rude, fraudulent more

Great food, atmospere and service! 4/14/2008

I was given a China Grill MGT. gift card and we decided to use it here, and I am glad that we did! The food was excellent (butternut sqaush soup is amazing) and the wine list was fabulous! Pros: Atmosphere, service & food Cons: a little pricey more

Great for breakfast 12/10/2007

This is a great place for breakfast. The high tables by the windows get a nice light. Food is consistently good and service is nice. Just a cool place to have a civilized breakfast. I had gone for dinner once but it didnt leave any impression, I don't even remember what I had ordered... more

Beware of bad aftertaste 11/3/2007

There is no rating. The short ugly thing at the rope is spoiling the entire vibe. prices are outrageous, bartenders are amateurs and waitresses are rude. the clientele is mostly out of towners, tourists and clueless idiots spending $18 on a watery cocktail. (me included, but never ever). yeah, almost forgot: the music is bad too !!! no talent, no taste and no class. Cons: the entire place is a con more

Perfect for Cocktail Lounging and Chilling 10/2/2007

I've been here a few times and I loooove this place!! The decor is unbelievable. The music is amazing, every time i go there there are different DJs spinning, the volume level is not too loud so you can still have a conversation. The cocktails are great, my favorite one is the Ginger Martini with Canton. The drinks are quite expensive but there are many hot guys willing to pay for them, so who cares! It's really nice in the summer too but still cozy in the winter, I highly recommend it, one of my fav places in the city. Pros: The cocktail drinks Cons: A bit expensive more

word to the wise: STAY AWAY 9/20/2007

wow where do i start; i went on a wednesday night to this spot, got there and was very impressed with the look of the place. right from the start things went downhill; keep an eye out for this chubby little asian dork manning the door with his clipboard, he is a very serious character, all 5 foot 3 and his potbelly and hipster glasses, never cross him or you will be sorry. i was there to meet my friends, who were already inside, and we're talking to each other across the velvet rope deciding what to do, all under the hawk eyed gazed of this pudgy asian chump. we go to the adjoining/ second half of the bar across the hall, and accidentally sat down for a minute at an empty table, and some nasty waitress, all glossed up and fake-tanned (actually they all were) comes to say 'table reserved', without even looking at us, just pushing chairs back in there orig. positions. none of them were friendly AT ALL. then we go to the bar only to have $10 beers, and $18 mixed drinks! (3/4s which is ice, mind you.) bar manned by robot-blonde fun-boy who could give a sh** about anything. and to top it all off, we all find a table, but are short one chair; i go to get another chair, bring it to my table, halfway there a squad of c*** waitresses ask me ""what the hell are you doing?"" like i had 3 heads. i explain, and they say sorry abso. no way to bring another chair. i dropped it with a loud clattering, and told my crew f*** this place im out. \r sorry this is so long, but you gotta know, people - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT THIS ****HOLE, TRUST ME. more

Grease the door boy's palm if not a hotel guest. 8/24/2007

Getting in is easy if you bribe the pearly gate?s keeper. Once inside, Hudson Bar?s decor may remind you of that milk commercial where an obvious sinner expires, finds himself munching a cookie in a Heavenly environment, only to discover he is really in Hell after reaching for an empty milk carton. Hudson clientele parallels the bar?s facade, since everyone looks Heavenly fashionable and Manhattan-chic, but unfortunately at least half is bridge and tunnel. Obnoxious Staten Island brokers with $2,000 in their pockets but zero cash in the bank are only outnumbered by hopeful single women socially munching on edibles, without a clue that the cash cows courting them have no milk, since are all B ull. Got taken? Pros: Great for watching courting ritual of pretentious people. Cons: The shame of admitting Hudson Bar entertains me. more

Nice table, but where was the service? 7/16/2007

Wife and I invited another couple to the Hudson Hotel Cafeteria, as we wanted to try something new and the hotel is just around the corner from our apartment. We requested outdoor seating and the host accommodated us once we got his attention. Nice table. We were not impressed with the ten minute wait for our grim server, whose greeting was, 'Ready?' Drinks took another ten minutes--and, yes, I saw the place was busy, but when wine is $18 per glass, how about hiring the right number of staff people? We ordered several appetizers, including the lobster cocktail, which was a miss, and the crabcakes, which were quite good. I tried my wife's mixed greens and tasted a disturbingly warm salad.\r \r The presentation of the tuna was excellent and my friend polished it off in about five minutes, so I suspect it was good. We ordered two $38 Kobe skirt steaks, served sliced with a brown sauce that I must have missed in the menu description. A delicious, though pitifully puny, twice-backed potato accompanied the steak. The entree was average at best, and if it really was Kobe, perhaps it was a from a cow named 'Kobe'. For half the price, we get better beef with any brasserie's steak frites. My wife's pasta was so forgettable that I had to call her just now to ask what she ordered.\r \r The espresso was burned but the dessert was very good, so the evening ended on a pleasant note with our friendship intact despite the below average dinner. Overall, Hudson Cafeteria may have some appeal for tourists who want the NYC experience of a unique setting and a huge tab. However, for those of us who live here, I recommend going around the corner to Whym for excellent comfort food at literally half the price. At least Whym is still trying. Pros: Cool atmosphere, outdoor seating Cons: Service, food, value more
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  • The Scene
    Apart from the photos of flaming heads, this grand, dark room is sedate by the standards of the baroque Hudson Hotel. All but a handful of the tables are long communal ones...

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    Sun-Wed, 6:30am-11:30pm; Thu-Sat, 6:30am-12:30am
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    Midtown, Clinton