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Houston Massage Clinic

701 W Gray St (at Montrose)
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 253-0651
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Houston Massage Clinic - Houston, TX
Houston Massage Clinic - Houston, TX


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Pretty much every review on Ricks work is great. So it is a bit tough to point out anything new. Having said that let me say that he has been my massage therapist for over two y...


first of all i'm a massage therapist so i know quite a bit about trigger point technique, nuromuscular, touch with intent and how a massage experience should be. this guy was so t...

Living Social coupon buyer 9/15/2011

I almost did not buy this coupon based on the first couple of reviews that I read here. But then I read a few more and decided what the heck and so I bought one. First I really liked the idea of his on line calendar. I did not have to call and get voice mail and back and forth just to make an appointment. And , because I had to cancel my first two appointments due to business scheduleing I really like that aspect as well. Now , his office is a bit hard to find. But it does sit on the corner of West Gray and Standford it is just hard to see the 701. Parking , as is in Mid Town, is at a premium. His redpetion room/office is very clean and professional. I filled out an Information Form which I have never done in many of the massage places I have been to. We talked about what I wanted to get done which was to work on my entire back and shoulders and neck. He told me how he was going to do it including some hot towels which felt wonderful at the end of the massage. When he finished and I got dressed I went back to the reception room/office , he gave me two pages of stretches to do for my shoulders , neck and back as well as some cold Fiji water. I felt great. All of this for a 50% off coupon. Thanks Living Social. Maribel more

This guy is a joke. Terrible! 5/12/2011

first of all i'm a massage therapist so i know quite a bit about trigger point technique, nuromuscular, touch with intent and how a massage experience should be. this guy was so terrible i really considered leaving 20 minutes before he was done. i asked him to work primarily on my neck, pecs, arms and hands. so indstead of doing what i asked he worked 40 minutes on my back finding "trigger points". this joke must not know what those types of knots are because he didnt use the proper technique for communication for them. his style is very ubrupt and doesn need to be. when he put the towels on my back and then left to print something out i couldnt believe he still hafnt touched my neck once! or anything else i asked for. i called him back in and asked if he planned to work on it at all. then he sits me up, wrapped in the sheet to work my shoulders and neck. not obly wa this unnecisarrily ackward but also uncomfortable. if his technique i what they teach u in europe (which i what he said) they can keep it! after i got dressed i told him how i felt he didnt listen to my requests and wasted my time so he argued with me about it. hes a bad therapist and u will regret seeing him if u have any idea what a good massage is more

Don't purchase a coupon! You will regret it! 4/21/2011

I purchased a livingsocial coupon and renewed it during spring break. First of all, I was on time to my 12pm appointment. There was a sign on his door that said to return in 30 mins bc he was running late or reschedule. I decided to wait bc I had driven in from Tomball to get my massage. So when I finally get in there a little after 12:30pm he talked for about 20 mins to get me comfortable (he does this with everyone) and to probably waste massage time. He started the actual massage around 12:50pm and this lasted till close to 1:20pm. Right before he ended, he told me he was putting some warm towels on my back and when he returned he would continue to massage a while longer and make sure I was satisfied, however, his next appointment showed up before 1:20pm. So instead he just told me to get dressed and that was it. I was wondering, why didn't he ask her to wait 30 mins like I had to? So all in all, I would never go back. He's not a bad man or anything. He presents himself as professional, he is just probably tired of all these livingsocial coupons. I can't believe he ran the special again. His quality of service really goes down after doing so many 1 hour massages. Good luck with that bc he will talk your ear off to make sure it's less than 1 hour. I was very disappointed at my first massage ever. I didn't say anything to him about it because its a tad akward to say, "hey, why didn't you finish my 30 more minute of massage time?" when he's telling me to get dressed and leave. more


Do I even need to give him a star a all??? I'm pretty sure these good reviews are either from fake accounts or people who don't know what a real massage should be like. I bought the deal on livingsocial...ended up getting 2 coupons (based on these reviews) Went in for my first appointment. The actual place is a shack, run down little building, arriving there, he told me that "the people that bought the deal online better enjoy it because it's the last time he would do such a thing". Well...for 15 mins was talk, then he massaged like 40 mins on a specific area. Which in my clock says 5 mins short of what I paid for, but he said, that's all I can do. Well, I had a second appointment, since I had bought 2 coupons so I figured I'd let that be. Comes the day for my second appointment, he canceled it 10 mins before, then we rescheduled. OK, second appointment day, I drove form across town, knocked at the shack's door, he wasn't there, called, he didn't answer phone, emailed and waited a bit nothing.... I finally came home, and sent email asking for a refund. He replied but he didn't even apologized. I'm dealing directly with living social now to get my refund. I would stay AWAY from him, and quite honestly am puzzled with the reviews here ( that made me buy the damn coupons in first place). Do NOT be fooled, return it before you have a bad experience like me, it was a waste of time, money and gave me negative vibe. I have massages every 2 weeks or so, I have had probably some 50 massages from some at least 10 people. His ranked in the bottom for sure. Hope this helps some of you who are lucky enough to read this before choosing a massage place. more

He's been my massage therapist for 2 years now 11/4/2009

Pretty much every review on Ricks work is great. So it is a bit tough to point out anything new. Having said that let me say that he has been my massage therapist for over two years now so here are the things that I like. He's been at the same location for years. He has terrific knowledge of the muscular system. He works one on on and by appointment only which I like because I like the privacy. But aside from these things what I like is that he does what I call spot work.For example , I was gardening one weekend and pulled some muscles in my lower back.Called made the appointment he worked on just my lower back and boom 30 minutes later I was out of there.Same for when my shoulders and upper back get stressed out. Call,appointment 30 minutes later,boom out of there. Or in a hot yoga class I pulled a groin muscle.Made the appointment he worked on the muscle boom out of there. Yes he is far more clinical than spa , yes you will be sore the following day , but after that you feel great. And , I like that he is the owner and works by appointment only and one on one... Pros: terrific knowledge, great hands, appointment only,flexible Cons: Like someone else said..I'll try to think of one more

Terrific knowledge..Strong the one on one atten 7/3/2009

I have used Rick's services now for the better part of a year and I have never felt better in my entire life.Period. I love his clinic simply because it gives me a chance to get "away" from everyone kids and husband included.Turn off my Blackberry and just zone out while Rick works his magic.I've had him to the house for appointments but there is just too much going on. It is just tough to relax. I love the fact that he does listen to what I say...that he can change his overall body work if he comes across a problem area....that he he is flexible in his work flow and can go back to an area that I might feel needs more attention. There is none better in my opinon.And I warn you...he is Pros: Appointment only...privacy...great hands and knowledge Cons: none more

Great Massage at my HOME!!!! 5/22/2009

My girlfriend has used Rick's service for quite a while . I finally got tired of hearing about what a "great "therapist he was yada yada yada so I made an appointment. He arrived at the appointed time. Brought his as well....we chatted for a bit...I explained to him what I wanted done and he walked me thru how he was going to accomplish the work...I felt totally comfortable... Once on the table Ricks hands went to work and before I knew it I was had to have been the fastest 90 minutes I have ever spent on a massage table...just incredible...and the best part??? I didn't have to drive I have been to his clinic in MId Town...nice ..clean..quiet etc...but in the end I have to drive home....It is just soooo nice not to have to drive after he works on you... Thanks Rick Jean Pros: On Time..Brought everything...Terrific Experience... Cons: zero more

The only massage therapist who really listens to his clients 5/10/2009

I visited Houston Massage Clinic after reading the many positive reviews here. I have a chronic lower back problem that has continued to bother me even after surgery and therapy. Visits to other therapists had yielded hour-long Swedish massages with cursory pokes at my lower back even after I specifically requested targeted deep-tissue work. While relaxing, these vists do not result in any real benefit. The difference between Mr. Juby and other massage therapists is that (wonder of all wonders) he actually listens! I went to his office after "throwing out" my back (again) and even with prescription painkillers, I could barely walk. We sat down one-on-one prior to the massage and I explained the clinical diagnosis and what I felt needed to be done. He applied a hot compress (which no one had ever done) then worked only on my lower back for the entire time. I admit the session was a little painful, but afterward I was immediately walking better, and the next morning was nearly pain-free. AMAZING. He hasn't cured my back problem, of course, but he is the only treatment that makes it manageable. Too bad I didn't find him before spending thousands of my own money on surgery. Pros: Knowledgeable, professional, strong Cons: I should have scheduled a longer visit! more

Gentle soul, Strong hands 8/18/2008

Last week, my back tightened up for no apparent reaon. I couldn't sleep lying flat. I was limping. The pain was so great, I could only see shades of gray. I promised my wife that if it didn't get better by the end of the week, I would go see the doctor. People at work suggested I get a massage. My wife had been to Richard Juby previously and raved. I called him and set an appointment for the next afternoon. What he provides is not your soothing, relaxing spa massage. It is a therapeutic, hurts right now, but you are going to feel great afterwards massage. Having him work on my back for thirty minutes was the best $30 I have ever spent. Within an hour, the pain was gone and the tightness was slipping away. Richard Juby is a miracle worker. If somebody said "Richard Juby is God", I would say AMEN! Note: Richard actually goes by the shortened version of his first name, but Citysearch won't let you post using that word. Pros: Everything. Great service, Outstanding value Cons: Cannot think of any more

Great hands..Great knowledge and by appointment only..I love it!!!! 6/10/2008

Having Rick as my massage therapist really is like having my own personal massage therapist. I had looked for someone with strong hands for a long time and I think I had covered just about all the legitimate therapist in Houston when I came across his website. Since I do travel ( I am in sales) his website is terrifc. I can go there and make my appointment no matter where I am in my travels inside or outside the U.S.(since he works by appointment only he works when you set the appointment regardless of the time of day) he verifies it and wham , when I get back to Houston I have an appointment. I love it... I used him at his clinic (which is very clean and secure ,private and quiet) until about three months ago when I had him come to my house. His massage work left me so relaxed it was tough driving home. Now I don't have to worry about driving. Between plane travel and my spinning classes here in Houston it is terrific to have him work on my shoulders and neck..lower back...gluts..quads ... hamstrings, calves and feet.Incredible hands. While I am not a shy person by any means his professional draping allows me to completely relax and not worry even though he might be working high on my hip or quad (if you ladies know what I mean). He has worked out shoulders problems , peck problems , groin problems all very professionally. If your looking for someone with great hands , a focused interest in what your needs are, someone who is professional , then this is your guy. Pros: knowledgable, strong hands, private, I love "by appointment only" Cons: If there was a con I would not have ever had him come to my home or gone back to his clinic more

The Best Clinical Massage Hands on My Body I have found in HTown 2/28/2008

First , let me say , that like many , I love spa amenities. The soft cotton robes. The various waters to consume while your there , as well as , all the other things that might come to mind. Am I going to give those up? Nope. But , when my body needs the knots taken out , the trigger points removed , when I need the toxins worked out of my muscles , I turn to Rick and his very strong hands. He is , in my opinon , the best clinical massage therapist around. Having used his services now for almost 6 months I can honestly say that his clinic is clean and since he works by appointment only you start on time with his attention focused on you and your needs. No one walking up and down hallways or other doors closing or opening , just (as they say in an ole song) "the sound of silence". And trust me , when he is finished you will totally agree with me that he is outstanding and you , like me , will use him time and again. Thanks !!!!! Pros: Appointment only days or evenings , strong hands combined with great knowledge Cons: let me get back to you on the cons more

This is real clinical massage work 10/6/2007

Brad , my husband , is a cyclist and a spinner as well. He could not find anyone with strong enough hands to work on his gluts , quads , shins or least of all his feet. One evening while looking through City Search he came across the Houston Massage Clinic , made an appointment on line through the web site and went to see Rick. He came home exstatic and has used Ricks service ever since. So , after my pregnancy ,I began running to lose weight and get back in shape. When I began complaining about my quads , my hamstrings and my shins Brad sent me to see Rick . Nervous? Yep ! Never had a "guy" work on me before. But he is totally professional. He sat and listen to all I had to say about my aches and pains. Even had one of those anatomical charts that I could point out the muscles that hurt me on. Pretty cool. He told me , using the chart , what he was going to do , how he was going to do and that is exactly what happened. I was totally comfortable with the entire session and REALLLLLy felt great after. I warn you though. He is NOT one of these mambe pambe therapist. He can work on your entire body (as I have him do most of the time) or he can work on specific areas (like just my quads , hamstrings , shins , calves and feet) but in either case he WILL work to get the knots and tightness OUT. Period. Pros: You deal with the owner...professional...great knowledge...great hands...I can get p.m.appointments after work Cons: I promise I will try to think of one more

Best Massage in H-Town 5/15/2007

I strongly recommend this place to everyone. You get a one on one with the owner Mr. Juby. The nicest therapist I ever met. Makes you feel right at home. Very down to earth. I personally did not get the massage but my boyfriend did. He is soooooo relaxed now and would like to go for another session. The facility is very clean and cozy. This is the first time we experienced this. I give this a 5 STAR...... Pros: ONE ON ONE, PRICING IS GREAT! Cons: DIDN'T FIND ANY more

I fly into Houston on business each month and have tried several massage therapist... 4/22/2007

Thanks first of all to City Search... I will try not to sound like some sort of shill for the Houston Massage Clinic but it is going to be tough. First...It was really nice to finally find someone who would listen to me about my aches and pains. Second... he really does have terrific knowledge of muscles and how to work on them.... was sooo nice to put my face on a soft cotton towel instead of some sort of tissue paper ....then I was surprised to feel another soft towel being used to wipe off any oil left as he finished an area and moved to another...OOO and when he finished working on my back on went hot moist towels...they felt felt incredible as he worked on my gluts and hamstrings , calves and feet...and surprise...reflexolgy on my feet and came the towels and he finished work on my back...I felt absolutely terrific...when I walked out and into the waiting room he greeted me with a bottle of water...went over some after massage things I would need to do .. all of this for 60 dollars an hour...I was stunned...I have found the man...OO and for any woman worried about a male working on you...he told me exactly what was going to happen and it happened exactly the way he said...I felt totally comfortable with him working on me...thanks sooo much Pros: professional...great hands...great knowledge Cons: ghhheeezzz I can't think of any right now more

My Legs Have NEVER felt better 2/19/2007

I happened across Houston Massage Clinic while scrolling thru City Search looking for a more clinical type of massage theraphy. I am training for the MS150 and was hurting... This guy knows gluts... quads...ham strings...calves ... shins and question about it....he worked each area professionally and when he finished my lower body felt absolutely wonderful. It was amazing. Ooohh almost forgot the other stuff...he is the owner so it is one on one service ... mid town location... quiet...clean...what else??? He DOES know his stuff no question about it. I did like the fact that he took time to listen and talk to me and then outline what he was going to do in the way of work on my body. That helped to put me at ease before ever getting on the table. I'm going back. No question.. Sarah Pros: Strong Hands...Great Knowledge.... One on one service...easy to talk to Cons: you can't walk in have to book ahead more

If you haven't been ...You don't know what your missing !!! 12/22/2006

Just finished a one hour session at the clinic and while I am sure everyone has their favorite massage therapy place , I'm telling you , if you haven't had this guy work on you ... you don't know what your missing. He definetly listens...understands what you want and then puts you on the table and makes it happen ... I can verify that he is NOT a Fu Fu kind of therapist. I'm telling want your body to feel better want those knots gone...this guy is the man...No question I'll be back... OOOOhhh man shop..very quiet and private gotta go...Pat Pros: strong hands...good on one sessions... Cons: none more

Great Work 11/29/2006

Very nice place to go. Best place i've been to in Houston. Also provides good advice after the massage on posture, lifestyle, etc... Will be coming back for sure. more

Thank you !! Thank you!! Thankyou!! 11/18/2006

Soo much to say...soo little town( which I like) appointment only(which I like) you don't have people tromping up and down the hallways...or hear other voices...there is time to talk about areas where problems exist. and he is easy to talk to..having never had a male therapist work on me before , like some of the others have mentioned here, I was a bit nervous. He went over each area that he was going to work on which was great for me. Put me at ease. WARNING !!!! VERY strong hands . He is NOT your fluffy, easy stroke therapist by any means but when he is finished , you have NO knots and FEEL wonderful ... I also like the last few minutes where he asked me about areas that I felt I wanted re-worked it really made me feel like he wanted to make sure I was happy with the work and I was. I made an appointment for my husband and another for myself. OOOO no selling either. No programs. No specials just $1 a minute. Trust me. The best $60 I have spent in a long time. Pros: One on One attention...strong hands...very good knowledge Cons: his appointment book fills quickly...I had to call two days ahead to get an appointment.. more

Has to be one of the BEST body therapists I've been to in Houston !!!! 9/22/2006

I wanted to wait until I had been to D*I*C*K several times before I wrote anything here in city search. I have been to him now 6 times over a 6 month period and each time I must admitt just gets better. A small shop in mid town. Very convienant for me. Quiet. Clean. He has a through understanding of the muscular system. He actaully wants to know areas that YOU the client need working on.I like the fact that we chat before the session begins and then before the session ends he has what he calls "Go Back areas"..areas that I feel I want more work done on. I never thought I would feel totally at ease and comfortable with a man working on my body but he is great and I am very happy to write this. Pros: Knowledge...his abiltiy to apply the knowledge he has...Appointment only I love that Cons: none more

In Our Home.. 7/30/2006

Just a short note here to say that we called D*i*c*k and set up an appointment at our home this past Friday night. He arrived on time...with table and sheets and music...set things up and gave my wife and I ( we agreed) the best massage we had had in quite some time...when he finished he packed up and was out the door...this was a great idea...and he was terrific..the reason for the astriks??? can't use his name on city search...they consider it offensive but it is his name... Pros: arrived on time..professionally dressed..great hands and pressure...brought everything with him.. Cons: didn't think of this before... more
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  • Houston Message Clinic offers upper and lower back work, sports, deep tissue, pregnancy and Swedish massages, stress relief and pain management. Receive service in the clinic and at your home.


  • Licensed massage therapy sessions focused on stress relief, relaxation and pain therapy.

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