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Houston Garden Center

20080 Holzwarth Rd
Spring, TX 77388
(281) 288-7574
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Wow that is an awesome nursery after reading all this about Houston Garden Centers what a pleasant surprise to find high quality and people with real plant knowledge


Milkweed is treated with pesticides. Pleased that I recognized this before my caterpillars got too sick to save. Do not purchase this plant from them as it will kill butterflies c...

Milkweed bad 4/7/2018

Milkweed is treated with pesticides. Pleased that I recognized this before my caterpillars got too sick to save. Do not purchase this plant from them as it will kill butterflies caterpillars. Look for a nursery that sells pesticide free plants if you want to raise butterflies. do not purchase this plant from them (Houston Garden ) as it will kill butterflies Caterpillar’s. Look for a nursery that sells pesticide free plants if you want to raise butterflies. more

Houston Garden Center #20 with Joe 6/12/2017

I just left store #20 on US290. As I was leaving I asked the manager his name. He replied his name was Joe and I thanked him. In the matter of seconds I found myself under an aggressive attack by Joe, who as he put it, "you got a problem with me". During the next few minutes, Joe said I could get a complete refund (not requested) and that he didn't care about the sale (a value of about $200). And then he closed with telling me he had a problem with me. The center is very well-stocked, but I'll go elsewhere from now on. One other thing: The best, most helpful, and friendliest employee is a man I met in the parking lot. He struck up a light conversation and during my time asked at least two times if he could help me. I didn't get his name, but you recognize him by his missing teeth. Look for him if you must shop here. more

Don't Interrupt Idle Cashiers With Request For Service at HGC East Fwy near East Sam 4/14/2016

Isn't the definition of "poor customer service" Houston Garden Center? I asked the cashier to have my heavy bag of fertilizer taken to my car and she refused. It was almost dusk, the place was empty except for the other workers doing their job. There was no line. She demanded to know what my physical problem was. I pointed out the fact that personal medical information is protected by federal law, but I shared my age with her (60 years). That held no sway with her. I think I just interrupted these two employees conversation and I was merely an intrusive customer. Never again, Houston Garden Center! more

A Business with NO customer care 12/2/2015

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible! Avoid this garden center at all costs... And do not consider buying your christmas tree there either!! We purchased a christmas tree 3 days ago and got it home to find that it has some sort of disease that is in the interior of the tree. It looks as though the core of the tree has been singed. We discovered this as I was starting to put Christmas lights on it. Went back to the Houston Garden Center to ask for guidance and review other trees. Sure enough there is something wrong with the 10' tall tree we have purchased. However, Houston Garden Center will not allow me to exchange the tree. I called headquarters and to my astonishment, they were rude, abrasive and severely unhelpful. The owner, Matt Hooper will not return my call either. I just do not understand how a business can be so unhelpful, when they are the ones selling a bad product. I do not want my money back... I just want a healthy tree. It is December 2 today... I do not give this tree another week before it is decayed and brown... The tree costs $129, This pales in comparison to the money that they are going to lose by losing customers ( I already told 15 family members and friends and they are going to other places to buy their trees)... A simple exchange was all I was asking for... Now you will be reported to the better business bureau. more

Better know your stuff...beware. Zero Stars 12/12/2014

Asked how tall the azaleas we bought would grow. Was told 4'. Got home and looked them up, not 4' but 12'. Called the Garden Centers main office only to be told all sales are final. Pointed out that I pirchases them based on what I was told by their employee. Was told all sales are final. Should have went to Kongwood Garden Center where they stand behind what they say! Never again.... more

Go to National Tree and shrub 6/26/2013

Wow that is an awesome nursery after reading all this about Houston Garden Centers what a pleasant surprise to find high quality and people with real plant knowledge more

Houston garden centers-- horrible 5/30/2013

Purchased over $600 over the course of 6 months landscaping my yard with another 350 st. Augustine flats to go, I had $10 worth of stuff I needed to exchange, the humble location didn't care, the catch is that I loved shopping there and had gotten to know several of the employees, if even one had taken the time to be courteous to me, even without the exchange I would still go there but they did not care told me Hooper (the owner) didn't care, I will pay twice the price to go back to Lowes or HD, they said the owner counts on new business, not repeat business, good luck ! I'll never go in one again and will certainly pass on my feelings to all my friends! more

Stay Away From this Company 5/25/2012

A Zero! The worst company on the Gulf Coast. I needed a few pieces of grass and they said they would not sell the fresh grass until old grass was gone. The old grass was bone dry and brown (NO Green at all). more

Houston Garden Centers-Please Stop Buying From Them!!!! 5/10/2012

Today, I went to Houston Garden Centers in Spring to buy my Spring Flowers and Plants. The staff was unattentive and rude. I tried to ask for help more than once and all I could get is a hand point to the section I needed but I insisted! I then tried to get someone to help me with the large plants-No Luck!! Since I am ill and cannot handle placing the large plants in the cart, I proceeded to the front counter to get somebody, anybody to help. The guy working there, Sergeo, seemed reluctant to assist and proceeded to chat with a friend as I tried to get the final plants I needed. Since I was the last customer, I told the cashier, "If you want to go home anytime soon, someone needs to assist me." She was cordial and helped my get everything I needed. Her name was Alejandra. When I got on line to look up the company, I noticed that there was no corporate or contact information listed so I Googled the company and found lots of complaints simular to mine. I say, "Let's Stop Buying From Houston Garden Centers and Put Them Out Of Business!!!!" Apparently Kim or her Dad does not care about customer service or appreciation!! more

Will Not Return 4/22/2012

I am a mature customer who was using coupons before it became the thing to do. I had four saved ads to the HGC with coupons. When I stopped in at HGC to purchase plants on 04/21/12, I realized that they all had expired on the 17th. I made my selection anyway and asked when I checked out if they would take the coupon (something other stores have done for years if you ask); I was rudely told "no"! I then asked if a new ad with an extended experation date would come out on Sunday? Again, I was rudely told "no"! I then asked if a new ad did come out on Sunday; could I bring the receipt back for an adjustment to my bill? I was abruptly told "no"! This last time the sales person gave me a look to indicate that he was done with me and my questions. On Sunday (4/22/12) a new ad came out in the newspaper for HGC with coupons that don't expire until April 24th. I have worked in retail for a number of years as a manager. The customer is not always right but the customer is always the customer. I was treated rudely and with total disrespect. HGC should spend more money on hiring better employees and training the current ones verses running useless ads and television commercials where they promote their business but want provide contact information on their web-site. What are they hiding from...their POOR Customer Service, perhaps. more

Houston Garden Center 1/6/2012

Two stores with signs prominently hung advertising "Now Hiring" refused to give an application for employment to my son-in-law. It took four non-English speaking employees to locate one employee that could finally understand what he was looking for, and he was simply told "No". My hat goes off to anyone that can find a corporate phone number with a human to answer the phone or anyone that will answer at any center phone number. I will shop Wal-Mart in the future. more

I will never go back to a hgc 12/8/2011

Their so rude when you ask for help they don't even want to help you I once shop there and there was a manager named bonifacio he was so nice and helpfull 2 days ago I return and they have a new manager that's rude all she does its say I don't know or points over there more

Nonexistent customer service 11/4/2011

HGC pretty much has a monopoly on landscape in Houston, such a pity. No consistency in what's in stock, no one can answer simple questions ("where are herbs?"), no phone numbers for stores, no way to contact via website. Today I called the number posted at store to complain, and got perhaps the most convoluted response I've ever received concerning customer service issues -- you see, the problems are all mine because a) it's perfectly reasonable to wait 15 minutes for someone to come out of the store to load the mulch I purchased (no one ever showed up, I loaded it myself -- yet again) b) the reason no one could tell me where the herbs were was because "we only get them in the spring?" Response to my statement that fall was a perfect growing season for oregano, rosemary, parsley, etc., was a repeat of, "we only get herbs in spring". Even if they had NO intention of changing their herb options, she could have at least said, "I'll pass on your suggestion to the management." No, she had a response to every one of my queries explaining why my expectations were unreasonable, and why all my concerns were simply my personal problems. The problem is that in the past half dozen years I've spent thousands of dollars at HGC -- much of it while holding my nose at the horrible attitude of everyone at their shops (I've been at three, and they all have no idea of how to provide even minimal customer service). Well, I have made a new resolution: I shall search out, drive great distances, and do all I can to avoid this sham of a landscape store. I suspect that a majority of their sales go to contract landscapers, and that they're really not terribly interested in my $2,000/year purchases. I'm betting that if you are a contractor, you have a direct line to their business, and customer service actually exists for those buyers. The beauty of a free economy is that I can vote with my feet, so no more trips to HGC. I, for one, will retire my trowel before I support their operation with another one of my dollars. more

I agree Terrible Customer Serviee 10/5/2011

First of all I NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE and Then SEcond No one Speaks English...3rd You can't find Corporate Office to SAVE YOUR LIFE more

terrible customer service 9/24/2011

all I want to do is call pearland store and ask if they have anything for fall garden yet. cannot find number on web site. called several locations to only get voice mail. corporate office voice mail. no help on web site or phone. only way to find out is to drive out to store and ask in person!!!!!!!! more

Westpark location is the WORST 5/21/2011

This place was the absolute worst place I've ever been to for customer service. No English speakers, no help with finding what I needed, but plenty of rudeness from the employees: faces were actually made when my husband and I asked for help. I will never go to this place for anything and will be sure to tell everyone I know how abysmal the service here is. This is NO way to run a business. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere other than here!! more

** 4/10/2011

How do you find a corporate address or phone number? After 30 minutes I know the names Matthew and Kim Hooper but not much else. The phone numbers at the stores don;t answer or take messages. I just bought grass that is absolutely dead. more

Bait and Switch company 3/2/2011

Houston Garden Center ( all of them) is by far the most dishonest company in Houston, even worse then some of the car companies. They false advertise prices and stock on TV and on the side of the trucks at their stores ( .88 cent grass squares ) for example. And like the others have said, very few English speaking workers. I would rather drive to Home Depot in Alaska then shop at one of these stores again. I wish the BBB would investigate them. more

Rude and tried to rip off 2/16/2011

This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I asked for 4 bags of an item. The woman charged me for 2. I caught the error and asked her to re-do the charge. She did everything she could to refuse which I did not allow. Then the manager came out and yelled at me. Never go here. more

TICK infested Christmas Tree 12/30/2010

I purchased a christmas tree from their Katy location. A few weeks later I found ticks all over the dining room where the tree was. I saw the ticks crawling off of the tree and onto my carpet! I had to return the tree (a week before christmas) and was told to contact Matt Hooper. I tried to reach him > 15 times over 2 weeks and left him multiple messages. I never heard back from him, the receptionist hung up on my husband several times and said that she "didn't have time to deal with this". They have no customer service at all! I could never get a hold of the "only person that could help me" and no one would return my calls. Not only did we not receive a refund for the tick infested tree, we were treated rudely and were unable to speak with anyone who could assist us. Be cautious if you choose to shop here and check your merchandise for critters. They have no customer service, will hang up on you, and not return your calls. I will never again shop at the Houston Garden Center. more
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