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Dr Padma K Horvit MD PA - 18 Reviews - 12501 Hymeadow Dr, Austin, TX - Surgeon Reviews - Phone (512) 258-2556

Dr Padma K Horvit MD PA

12501 Hymeadow Dr
Austin, TX 78750
(512) 258-2556
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Dr. Horvit is a great doctor. I've only been to her a couple of times for my thyroid. Up to now, I haven't found one endocrinologist that was worth going back to for a 2nd visit...


The Dr is very good and has changed her temperament over the years and we are very pleased to be acquainted with her, but her staff has crossed over the seven plains of hell and c...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/22/2013

Worst experience with a doctor I have ever had. Dr. Horvit, I suggest you get help for yourself before you try to treat your patients. The fact that you pass judgement without visiting with me first is completely unacceptable. more

Dr. Horvit is a great doctor. I've 5/29/2012

Dr. Horvit is a great doctor. I've only been to her a couple of times for my thyroid. Up to now, I haven't found one endocrinologist that was worth going back to for a 2nd visit in the city of Austin. She tells it like it is but I think she does it in a tactful way. She gave me some information that no other dr had given me about certain medications. I appreciated that very much. I've felt better than I have in a long time, as well, due to her. I haven't run into any problems w/ her staff to date. I highly recommend her. more

Good Dr / Bad Staff 1/10/2012

The Dr is very good and has changed her temperament over the years and we are very pleased to be acquainted with her, but her staff has crossed over the seven plains of hell and come back to evoke their fire and brimstone to all who enter their doors. If you have ever been to Dicks Restaurant and want to have a similar experience of insults and demeaning behavior spewed at you on the phone or in the office then this is the place for you! I hope the Dr reads these occasionally and sees that even though she is presenting a better bedside manner her reputation is still ill reflected by the few who surround her and continue to garnish these comments. more

The best of the bunch is right here! 2/13/2011

I have taken my daughter to no less than four endocrinologists before finding Dr. Horvit. She is a breath of fresh air! She is polite and pleasant and her knowledge and education are readily apparent.. She works one on with with her patients from the time she collects them personally from her lobby to the time she walks them back out. She spends a great deal of time with each patient, learning their history, reviewing labs, etc. She is one of the most competent physicians I have ever found and we could never begin to thank her for taking my daughter into her care and practice and turning her life around. I cannot say enough positive things about the quality of care and degree of professionalism this outstanding medical provider has to offer.... more

Fantastic Endocrinologist 12/4/2010

Like anything in life the relationship you have with others is important. Dr. Horvit is a well educated, precise and considerate doctor. As a physician I couldn't ask for a better relationship. more

Padma Horvit: great doc 7/20/2010

Dr. Horvit was recommended highly by People's Pharmacy (the one on North Lamar). I was pleased with her direct and forthright manner. She is focused on results and will run the tests needed to confirm potential diagnoses. Her staff are prompt to return calls with regards to medication queries. They are on top of the paperwork and the office runs very efficiently. Dr. Horbit does not coo, patronize, or exhibit a fluffy bedside manner; her brisk, honest approach is what I was seeking. This, and her up-to-date knowledge in her speciality (endocrinology) makes her tops in my books! Pros: honesty, straightforward, good standard of care Cons: might have to wait to get in, she's a popular speciallist more

Great Dr. 6/29/2010

I have been going to Dr. Horvit for over eight years now for insulin resistance. I was put on Glucophage, given discounts to see a nutritionist, and over time was able to reduce the amount of meds I was taking. About a year ago, I was able to regulate my sugar levels with diet alone-no more meds! I now only see her once a year to monitor my progress. I have never experienced her being rude when my numbers were not great on a lab, she mainly would give suggestions on how to improve those numbers. I also have not experienced any nurses that were rude either. On the contrary, when I have forgotten to get my labs done, they try their very best to get me in when there is a cancellation. I don't see the point to see the doctor when you haven't had your labs done since that is the data she looks at. It is my responsibility to keep up with the times I need to do labs, if I forget, it was my responsibility, not the doctors. The only reason I did not give Dr. Horvit 5 stars is because of the long wait if you do miss an appointment due to not having labs done. Sometimes you can't get another appointment four months. I considered leaving at one time for this purpose, but my OBGYN said that she's the best in town and if I'm already a patient, I shouldn't leave. Considering the fact that I'm not having to take Glucophage anymore, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Cons: the wait for an appointment more

Worst Dr I have ever meet 5/4/2010

One star is too good for this so-called ""specialist""! Cons: EVERYTHING!! more

She's good, thorough, honest 4/1/2010

Dr. Horvit is a very talented and thorough doctor. She explores every avenue and treats your concerns seriously. The office does look dated and she has a small staff but they are very efficient. I have never waited to be seen, unless I arrived early. Dr. Horvit greets me and takes my BP, using the time to talk to me about my life and health. She is honest, sometimes this comes across a bit raw. Dr. Horvit isn't very tactful, though I do think she works on it. .She will tell you, bluntly, that you are overweight. Then she'll discuss options to fix that with you. She will tell you bluntly that you are not managing your illness well enough. Then she will discuss how to improve that. I have always found her staff to be polite and kind. Never rude. Pros: very knowledgable, honest, efficient, Cons: lacks tact more

Awesome! 10/12/2009

She is amazing. She knows her stuff and won't hold anything back from you. She gives you everything you need to know from best case scenario, to worst case scenario. If you do as you are supposed to, and show improvement, she gets just as excited, if not more and lets you know she is proud and happy for you. If you get off track, she doesn't harp on the negatives, but definitely lets you know that you could have done better! I really like her and love that she knows what she's doing and isn't afraid to go after helping you no matter what it takes. Pros: professional, intellectual, friendly more

Have been a patient for nearly 10 years 8/3/2009

I've been seeing Dr. Horvit for nearly 10 years after a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. She and her staff have never been anything other than professional. She has a small practice--doctor, nurse & receptionist--and abbreviated office hours (they close about 1). That means it takes several months lead time to get an appointment, but it also means you are seen promptly. I've never seen more than a couple of patients waiting in the waiting room. Dr. Horvit herself comes to get you, takes your vitals the old-fashioned way (hand pumped sphygmomanometer) and gives you her full attention when she is with you. I don't know what the other reviewers are talking about, as I've never had anyone on staff treat me rudely. Pros: Prompt, professional care Cons: Need long lead times for appointments more

Did we see the same doctor? 5/25/2009

After I had made my appointment with Dr Horvit, I went on Google to locate her office. I saw some reviews, and read them all. I almost canceled due to these reviews, but decided to give her a try. Her office was small and dated, but adequate. The two women at the front desk were cheerful and pleasant. Dr Horvit came to the waiting area to collect me herself>I like this idea (she also took my BP manually herself :unheard of these days). She was nothing but pleasant and upbeat. She listened to my problem and asked lots of questions, and actually listened. She was up to date in her knowledge. I am a nurse by profession, and can recognize a good doctor in a heartbeat. I have no qualms returning to Dr Horvit for any further treatment I may need. more

One of the worst doctor experiences I've ever had. 4/28/2009

One star is the lowest rating I can give here, but I wish I could give -25. Dr. Horvit's staff is rude, condescending, and short-sighted, expecting all patients to fit neatly into a niche. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 31 years, have experienced no complications, and yet have never been treated as rudely as I was in her office and by her in particular. The first time I saw her, I found myself crying in my car afterward. The second time, I wised up and told her I wasn't coming back. Her response, ""Oh sure. If you think you'll be treated better elsewhere, you're wrong."" Dr. Horvit, I was right. I've found a wonderful, compassionate and thorough MD at another practice. I hope you and your hellish staff are sued and put out of business if you don't change your ways immediately and learn that you must treat your patients with respect. Cons: Everything more

She is a great doctor, and always on time 12/22/2008

After going to Dr. Scumpia for my hypothyroidism for more than a year and not feeling any better, I asked my OB/GYN for a recommendation and she recommended Dr. Horvit. Dr. Horvit changed the dose of my thyroid medicine, and I felt so much better. I also like that she has a very small practice and I have never waited more than 10 minutes in the waiting room (and that was usually because I arrived early). And unlike at Dr. Scumpia's office, you always see the actual doctor, not a nurse or physician's assistant. Yes, Dr. Horvit tells it like it is -- if you need to lose weight, she's not going to mince words. But after going to so many doctors who will just prescribe medicines and not tell me the weight is a problem, I prefer to hear the truth. Sometimes it is difficult to get an appointment when you want it because they are not growing the practice, but I prefer that to them hiring a bunch of physician's assistants and never seeing the actual doctor. Pros: Great doctor, always on time, great office staff Cons: She is honest and won't sugar-coat it if she tells you that you need to go on a diet, etc. more

Best medical office staff in Austin 9/17/2008

I went to several other clinics before settling on Dr Horvit. The main reason I switched to Dr Horvit from the previous clinics was the disorganized and mismanaged staff. Dr Horvit's office might not be fancy with an in-house lab, ct and ultra-sound. In fact, the office is kind of ugly, but the staff and Dr. Horvit are great. They have great early morning hours that are very convenient for me, as I don't have to miss work. They are always in a good mood, and willing to help. An actual live human answers the telephone at their office. Another thing that I really liked is that Dr. Horvit is young. To me, that is a definite plus. Pros: the staff Cons: the waiting room is ugly more

Go somewhere else! 8/18/2008

I found Dr Horvit, herself, to be compassionate and straight forward and willing to get the job done. I felt very happy after seeing her that I'd finally be well. It's her nurse who is a nightmare and you have to get through her to get to the doctor. She is such a b**ch. She will degrade you and humiliate you on the phone until you feel like crying. She will make you feel like a child who forgot her homework. I'm an adult with children and a job and a life that's not always easy. That witch has no earthly idea about me, my health, my life. I've never heard a compassionate or kind word from her. I could go on for pages about how much I hate that woman and how she should lose her job. But Dr Horvit's practice seems to be doing well so I don't see her nurse getting her dues anytime soon. If you want to be treated like a misbehaving child, by all means, go see Dr Horvit. If you want to cry because your labs didn't come back the way they predicted and they've decided it's all your fault, sure go see Dr Horvit. If you want to wait for months to see a doctor when you're not feeling well, then she's your doctor. Pros: The doctor is compassionate and knowledgeable Cons: Her staff will make you want to hang yourself more

Dr Horvit is not the best or even good 6/11/2008

I would never return to Dr Horvit. I don't find it at all helpful that a doctor is rude. Part of being a good doctor is being able to communicate and to be able to form a patient/doctor relationship. Dr Horvit is easily angered as well and I find her need for an anger management most necessary. There are plenty of endocrinologist in town that are better than Horvit. When I left she said,and I quote, ""Go ahead, who are you going to go to? You already came to me because you didn't like the others."" That sort of unprofessional and immature display of rejection sent me out the door super fast. Glad I did. She read my labs and sent me to MD Anderson and when I got there they didn't know why this doctor would have done that. My take, she is not as good as people think she is, at least not when it comes to papthyca. I went to her only because my endo went on sabatical (then thankfully returned two years later). The previous endos were located toooooooo far south. I only went to Horvit because she was located near my house and for only one year or 4 visits. Otherwise I had no issue with the previous endocrinolgist I used. I encourage those who have heard that this doctor is so good to look for other doctors. She just isn't worth seeing. When it is your health and having to pay so much to keep it, no one deserves to be treated poorly and no one has the time or the emotional capacity when ill to play games with a doctor like this. Shame on you Dr Horvit. Pros: Perhaps if I were in a need of a doctor and she were the only one left, then that would be a pro Cons: Terrible disposition, not good for paptyca patients,probne to playing games more

Endocrinologist lacking tact....but good 3/10/2008

Dr. Horvit is tough, honest, almost on the edge of rude but she does her job. Pros: Knows her stuff. Cons: NO bedside manner!!!!! more

Makes you feel terrible 4/24/2007

I don't slack off on trying to control my type 1 diabetes, but I'm only human and, as such, I sometimes screw up, as all humans do. ONE TIME AND ONLY ONE TIME my A1C reading was above 7.0 and Dr. Horvit reamed me a new you-know-what. Do you think that made me confident in controlling my diabetes? Do you think that made me want to impress her by achieving the bestest ever A1C reading in the whole wide world the next time I went to see her? Nope. more
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